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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Cause of Autoimmune Disorders Explained 11 14 2012

The Cause of Autoimmune Disorders Explained
I was listening to a radio program on NPR today.  Susannah Cahalan spoke of her mental illness like symptoms as being caused by an autoimmune disorder that attacks the NMDA receptor in the brain.
75% of victims of the disease are women.  Average age is 20 years old, a woman.
Treatments:  Steroids and immune therapy.  Suppress immune system.  And flush out of the system.  Igia treatment and plasma rethoresus.  New and improved treatment.   IGIA plasma from a 1000 donors.  Oral and IV’s over a period of many weeks.  Her treatment cost a million dollars. (Unsure of spellings in paragraph)
What causes these things?  The Bible alludes to the cause very clearly when it states though shall not eat of the flesh with the life blood still in it.
Does the treatment she received also allude to the passage from the Bible?  Yes!  It included giving her fresh and clean blood plasma. 
Does the saliva of a person contain white blood cells?  Indeed if they can swab the inside of your cheek and get a DNA sample from it there are all kinds of lose body cells in your body that can be transferred via saliva.
So now we get into the whole of a person being represented by a single cell theory.
What is my point?  What if a white blood cell from another person, swapped through spit, attacked her immune system?  All it takes is a perforation in the digestive track, such as diverticulitis, an open sore on the mouth, or a scrape in the mouth.  Indeed it can be thought of as the same way one can die quickly from being cut and getting the blood infection septicemia.
That white blood cell attacks your brain in autoimmune disorder because it is from a foreign flesh and does not recognize it. Be very careful of who you swap spit with!
But per our Bible it is not just spit, it is animal flesh uncooked too.  But here is the real humdinger; the milk of a nursing mother contains all of the antibodies a baby cow needs to keep it free from disease in its early life’s stage.  I am not suggesting that she drank some kind of impure milk, but it could be the case.  What I am instead suggesting has to do with reproductive fluid exchange either from a woman or a man?  If the nursing milk has such antibodies what does reproductive fluid contain?  Or even placenta?
All of those items contain cells that are very similar to that of your own body but might indeed attack your own system if given the opportunity.  I don’t even like it when someone breaths smelly breath in my face.
What this woman described in relation to her decline sounds a lot like the dementia syphilis patients undergo.  And that word does indeed have the phallic symbol in its root because it is a sexually transmitted disease.
I would want to know if she recently kissed someone or had sexual relations with someone before the onset of this autoimmune disorder.  I cannot resist the tail of the zealot temptation for crudeness by writing this, “Doctor Ruth would just come out and say it, ‘Where you a cock sucker’”.
A possible cause of demonic possession throughout history?  It could very well be true.  Manufacturing poisons was indeed part of evil culture throughout history.  Demonic possession is a very real phenomenon despite Susannah Cahalans disbelief.
The question then becomes who is missing what she gained back after she gained it back?  She might not ever know.
Susannah when you grunted like you did you completely missed the opportunity to run faster than humanly possible.  I missed the bus to class one day back in the late 1990’s.  The bus driver lifted his nose at me through the glass bus door and floored that bus.  He accelerated past the speed limit in a 25 mph zone.  I got pissed as all hell and I took after him with my zippered up gym bag in my grip.  Now my quadriceps were indeed very strong in college from weight lifting.  I could indeed push a tow truck up hill all by myself when I worked alone a night when it was a job that usually took four cigarette smoking dolts who liked to show pictures of their old ladies riding rocking horses to me.  Needless to say I caught that bus in one eighth of a mile and made him open the door and let me in.  I can tell many superhuman stories like this.  But I had to have broken a speed record in that sprinting.  The fastest humans in the Olympics top out at about 27 mph.
When I was in college I swapped spit with a lot of women.  I worked at a gas station were a moldy old dog left ripened crap on the floor overnight that I had to clean up.  Not only that the pot head nephew of the owner came in every weekend and grinded the same moldy body filler off the tow truck and redid it; a lot of moldy dust.  I too had a problem getting enough air in my lungs to provide oxygen to my brain.  I often felt short of breath and light in the head but that did not stop me from passing the CPA exam right after earning my degree and double major in accounting and finance.
There are indeed those in this world who are not as gifted in life as the rest of us.  In fact most of their lives they are exactly like the state of mind that Susannah was in during the active stage of her illness. And they are indeed dependent on the souls of others throughout their lives.  And if given the chance they will seek to ruin that person.  There I said it again and am not afraid of the consequences.  Jesus Christ he said it too.  So there.  And read the whole book of the Bible in terms of soul theft and you get a better idea as to what the book of revelation is referring to.  The occurrence of Satan and the instance of wine drinking Romans conquering Israel plus, the Romans conquering the pagans druids who were based in Western England who stuck a knife in the chest to divine the future.  The fabric of soul theft is rather adequately explained in the Bible.  Jesus, a Jew, said “Protect your crown!” and Yarmulkes are worn!!!  If you do not believe in the evil of soul theft than you also ignorant to the development of human potential.  Not only that if you are a good person and cannot fathom all the crime and corruption in this world might the soulless indeed provide the explanation.  And there are indeed a great horror of crime going on right under our eyes.  And yet as we go through our daily lives we always think that is people who live somewhere else don’t we?  It is people that live somewhere else that do that stuff and there is no point in trying to define criminals and the criminal minded in any other way than that?
The reason that they treated her with the blood from a thousand donors is because as being disease free and a wide representation of a healthy human genome it would displace what can only be thought of as blood or genetic material from a demonic sort attacking her immune system.  Do you not see that the cure defines exactly what the cause was?  I mean we don’t pour water into our cars engine block oil filler tube in order to make it run better.  You put new and clean oil in there and indeed full synthetic if you can afford it.  Along with a premium type oil filter.
And if you, an Irish woman, did not indeed swap spit maybe you had a coming to fruition of resident genetic strength?  Too bad that none of us are very good at integrating those remnant DNA’s without that idiot mind to go with them.  And indeed I do believe that as, again per the Bible, some of the race that Susannah Cahalan alluded to when she spoke about believing that she was on television are indeed all of one mind as the Bible describes.  Indeed those who sleep with the same woman are all of the same mind- that is exactly the swapping spit autoimmune analogy, told to us by good ole Jesus Christ a Jew.
I have no doubt that Susannah Cahalan has an intelligence that is of the genius status.  What does she believe the phrase, No genius is free from the teachings of madness means?
And what the heck do you think those who take the podium in the Bible and call themselves the God of Hosts are so pissed about!!!!!!  Have you ever read a God of host’s text in the Bible1?  They condemn nations to plague and death and misery at that proverbial podium!  They are sticking up for other hosts, just like I am.  The modern new Bible would read like this, “Autoimmune disorders, I’ll tell you about autoimmune disorders…………………………………………………………………………!!!!!!.....!!!”
Not only that I have a theory that ust Irish, some of us have dependent minded with us all throughout school.  They aren’t listening to the teacher they are one with you in your soul.  And indeed were they funning Susannah Cahalan during her ordeal by pretending to be a wolf inside of her?  I also know that this is part of the mischief of the Satanic feeble minded who are indeed one with the body and mind as per the Bible.  Susannah is lucky that they did not beam a nonlethal microwave based weapon at her to try further her illness and prevent her from recovering.  Or how about a good ole legacy medicine that makes ones tongue stick out of their mouth numb like…surprisingly enough…just like a mongoloid.  Can’t imagine why a mongoloid would want an upgrade to their life and body.
I had that fire in my head all throughout childhood along with gritting teeth at night, I believe it to be due to a leaking port nacelle engine.
 If false authority comes after me and says otherwise I will beat them with that Bible; sayeth King Thomas Paul Murphy J

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