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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Inventions Needed Law Enforcement 01 31 2012

Inventions Needed 01 31 2012

Law Enforcement

1.      A Video Badge that is a video camera and sound recorder.  Officer’s actions are to be monitored and recorded on a tamper free record.  Background:  More officers would break up drug houses if they had one of these.

2.      The Belly Gun:  This would be a stomach mounted flat gun.  So that if an officer is overpowered while in pursuit of a criminal and down on the ground being beaten he may pull the pin and the Belly Gun shoots the person on top of him.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Update:  As of the 07 27 2012 camera's like this is being used by the Port Washington Police force.  Video evidence with regard to the attitude of those encountered by the Police force will be proof positive.  I believe this will also help the officers lead happier lives as what they experience is not isolated to them.

You werent telling your girlfriend to flirt with me were you

They say the most common reason given for killing someone in the United States is given as, "He was looking at my girl."

You have every right to look at, approach and talk to women.

So what do you do when you talk to a woman who does not appear to you to have a man and he approaches looking pissed off?  This is a very unique type of American Satan you are dealing with and believe it or not they work in pairs or more to steal your soul.  So when approached I would go right over the top and accuse back,

"You weren't telling your girlfriend to flirt with me were you?"

"No.  Why would I do that?"  the young man said as if he got caught in the headlights for the first time ever.

"If you were telling her to flirt with me, we got a problem, like you dying!"

Believe it or not this might cause far fewer homicide deaths.  Why?  Because you are telling them right away that you know what they are up to and you are not going to put up with it and therefore they are unlikely to try this on other people and use it as a justification to do harm to them.  What you are doing by standing up to them is curbing their bad behavior and this helps them become better people who do not desire to steal souls.

This actually goes on quite a bit and is one of the oldest tricks in the world.

Satan is a reality told to us by Jesus Christ in the Bible.  It is very funny that we hear little mention of the term in our modern world.

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Her nose was pointy

Her nose was pointy, made to pick away at statues!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper: Here is what the critics are saying about The Voya...

The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper: Here is what the critics are saying about The Voya...: Here is what the critics are saying about The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper!!! “Enjoyed the style…no rip-off! Enticing! Loved the techn...


“Someone Semite is trying to Dim Mak my nuts,” I thought as the ethnic Doctor held them and asked me to cough.  Dim Mak is a bonafide martial arts term that means to kill someone by just touching them.

Isn’t it bad enough they used to bite the testicles off the crucified?  Why are they obsessed with men’s genitals anyway?

The answer is very simple; a human man is very different than them.  It is something they cannot be, I wonder?

Then I realized an epiphany that I have titled,


Just wave off any question a patient has as if it is baseless.  All you need to do to say something in response to a patient is, “No that is not related to that.”  Or laugh smugly and say, “No that doesn’t cause that.”  And after that ask the young man to drop his pants and show you his nuts for inspection.


What is really going on here?  You go to the doctor who is dependent minded and he can’t wait to see you!  Why?  Because he knows that he can use what you have inside you to heal the sick and dying.   


The true meaning of the origin of the medical symbol is one of a tribesman turning a sickening type of parasitic worm out from under the skin of another person on a stick.  Hence what you see is the worm on the stick.  Modern doctors do not want you to know the dangers of parasites, fungus or viruses.  And the medical profession has been corrupted by the dependent minded ever since they said that the meaning of the that medical symbol is something other or different than one good man removing a parasite from another by turning it out on a stick.

The dependent minded do not heal by modern means, instead 1. They seek to create an annuity stream by giving you long term drugs.  And 2. They thrive on what is disseminated from you- the patient.

I learned a long time ago if you want to achieve optimum health, strength and fitness don’t disseminate anything!  (When I am using the word disseminate I actually mean ejaculate but the revelation is that they mean exactly the same thing!)  So why should you not disseminate?  Because it cuts the dependent minded off from you when you don’t!  It turns the tap or secret FOUNTAIN OF LIFE off for them. There FOUNTAIN OF LIFE, is what they drained from you, and it is DONE!  (But you still need it for yourself so don’t do anything stupid as an alternative means to turn it off permanently.)

The Doctors always say they are listening to your testicles.  That is not true.  They are either trying to Dim Mak them or trying to provoke dissemination!  It is no coincidence that after you leave the Doctors office you will see a very horny woman walk on past you!  Do not tap your FOUNTAIN OF LIFE and pour it!!!!

I like the old meaning of the word gay, which means to be happy and silly.  So therefore I believe that a man can be happy and silly without being a homosexual.  In effect the best fathers are happy and silly with their children.  I also believe that you can be anti-Semitic without being anti-Jew.  What am I getting at?  I am defining Semitism to mean those who believe in being dependent on the semen of others!  I am defining Semitism as being those who therefore believe in living off what I have defined dissemination to mean! 

The gist of my belief can be summoned up by this statement regarding dissemination, “That’s right there what’s in my nut’s pouch is mine not yours!”  Einstein said it in oblique terms and did not articulate what he meant by it, “God does not roll dice!”  I just did articulate what he meant by it!!!!

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Last night I ate at an Italian Restaurant 01 29 2012

Last night I ate at an Italian Restaurant 01 29 2012
As I looked at the menu one item said Pesto.  I know what exactly what it means and yet for some reason never know what it is.  “Pesto. What the hell is that,” I always ask myself when I read it on the menu.

I ordered a medium pizza and my dinner date ordered a bowl of spaghetti.

I ate the whole pizza because it was so good.  The crust was the best part.

Then the waitress came and asked me if I would like some dessert.  And I realized again for the umpteenth time, “The worst thing a person can do after eating such a large meal would be to eat dessert!  Why?  Because all that sugar from the dessert would be sitting right at the pancreas because it was the last thing in my mouth and as the large amount of food just eaten will not be moving through my digestive process quickly.  That is probably one of the causes to diabetes.  As would be anyone who overeats and then drinks alcohol.  Why?  Because again the alcohol liquid is pooled right there at the pancreas because it was the last thing in your mouth, while the large amount of food slowly makes its way through you.”

I told my date just that and said, “There is one thing they will never teach you in medical school!”

Then there was a young Italian man sitting at a table nearby.  He had a xylophone voice.  As I heard him speak I thought, “That is what cannoli's are for.  To shove in a kids mouth like that to shut him up so no-one has to listen to him in public.  Cannoli, that sounds kind of like Can- Only.  They should change the name of Cannoli to Shouldonli, as in SHOULD ONLY LISTEN!”

PS when I got home that night I took some Aspirin Powder in a glass of water and some fiber mix in there too so that the blood going to my stomach did not cause a heart attack or divert blood away from my brain while I slept.  You can indeed wake up with a hangover from just overeating and indeed overeating can kill you in your sleep for just that reason.  And if you wake up with a sleepy head after overeating and not drinking alcohol what does that tell you?  It tells you that you have just had a case of oxygen deprived brain damage!  Add alcohol to this mix and it is much worse.  You should seek to like who you are and not damage your brain!

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Note to self, research origin of dessert.

Pleasure Princess 01 29 2012

Pleasure Princess 01 29 2012

There is no greater threat to the world than a woman who can’t have children.  Why?  Because she projects her sterility unto the world.

The other day I was watching a talk show program when a woman doctor was telling about the one hundred or so variations of the human papilloma or wart virus.  She told of how some cause vagina wars and they have to be treated!    So much for the old medical doctrine they always professed when I was in grade school that, “The vagina is self-cleaning.”  Some of the other papilloma or wart viruses are also known to cause ovarian cancer.  I am not sure what she said about how many women have these viruses the percentage of the population but I believe it to be greater than 10 percent.

I had to then seriously ask myself whey they never wanted to tell “her”.  And immediately I realized the answer.  I realized what the men who kept this “De-emphasized” already knew and it is this, “To tell her” anything you face a wrath like has never been known before.

The wrath you experience when you cross her; a sterile woman is the equivalent of the HOLY GRAIL!  If it is not indeed the HOLY GRAIL itself.  And it does make sense that it is the cause of the HOLY GRAIL.  Why?  Because if a woman can no longer have children her power of creation would well up inside of her until it expanded outward.  And she would have to project her defeated power of creation unto someone and that is indeed the HOLY GRAIL.

100 of those viruses, I believe the woman doctor said that we don’t know what they all do!  Well we do not what viruses do!  They can link to our DNA and cause genetic change, even babies born with Aides!  Born with Aides can then be termed a genetic defect, right?

Why couldn’t “they” tell her the truth? 1. Was it because she was so unhappy that they knew she would no longer want to live if she knew?  2.  Was it because she was so unhappy that sex was her only source of joy in life?  3.  Was it because it they were the cause of it by having sex with her, advocating having sex with her, and abdicating that there is nothing wrong with having sex with multiple sexual partners so they could then get a chance to have sex with her?  4.  Or couldn’t they tell her because they knew there was no wrath greater than her.  5.  It is a given item of knowledge to me that they did not tell her because there was an element of self-pity that they projected unto her. 

Number 4 on the list above resonates from Biblical times!!!  It sounds like it has…archetypal comparison to the seven headed hydra in the Bible who steals others children.  And when we get to the reason why the Catholic Church is Pro-Life, it is because those priests know that there is no fury greater than these women, who cannot have children.  Why is there no greater fury?  Because these women did not have a strong father figure or mother figure and hence they did whatever they wanted to in life and that included being promiscuous at a young age.  And what does such sex with multiple partners more likely cause one to get?  The human papilloma or wart type virus of which there are more than a hundred strains.

I have to ask myself two more questions;

1.      Does a version of this filth based virus cause her to have inflammatory/hormonal based behavior or mental problems? 

2.      Does it create offspring who are dependent minded or lack their own soul? 

I think both of these are true!  I often ask myself why the ancient Jews took promiscuous women out to the edge of town and stoned them to death!!!!  If one looks at the whole of the Bible as revolving around this one passage from the Bible it makes cohesive sense.  Jesus a Jew said to the Pharisees who brought him a prostitute and asked him what to do with her…they were going to stone her…he said that they shouldn’t stone her and that she should go forth and sin no more.  I know have to ask myself, “Would Jesus Christ have made his way to the cross if instead he had picked up a rock and walked with them?”

Then I have to ask myself just one more question, “Did the ancient Jews know that such women gave birth to the dependent minded (old term for them was Satan) and by stoning the whores were they trying to prevent this from happening?”

We have to side with Jesus Christ at first on this issue though, right?  Because until you can prove something or know the true reason you shouldn’t take such action, it would have been brash, irresponsible, violate due process, etc. to stone a woman for being a whore!

I have no doubt in my mind though that the ancient Jews had some sense of knowledge about the dangers such women posed.  A woman who bore the virus could indeed rise to great power and money if she slept her way to the top.  And what would result would indeed be children born of the virus.

My mother and father are beautiful people.  Is it no wonder I face the wretched voice of the UNHOLY GRAIL! 

My new novel ‘The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper’ is light and humorous, it can be found at:

But if you don’t like books you might like songs try track 21 at link below,

If you hear voices read this article and then stick your tongue out in the origin you believe the voices are coming from and you will find immediate relief.  But don’t stick your tongue pointy straight out, stick it flat out like a baby does when eating apple sauce.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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PS you can find antiviral products at this website and they might help you become more like yourself or what your true self is like.  You might go through a withdraw process that is painful but when you are done with that you will feel like healthier than you have ever felt before when you have detoxified yourself.

God and Country 01 29 2012

God and Country 01 29 2012

Any religion that does not recognize the reality of Satan, as told by Jesus Christ in, in their weekly mass and admonish Satan with set phrases in its weekly mass will not be free to practice.

Any religion that seeks to paradise this is guilty of heresy and all members must leave the country.

What is the reality of Satan?  It is the reality of the dependent minded.  Newt Gingrich said that the main reason that he was running for President was to protect religious freedom.  Today we have Voodoo and Wiccans recognized as national religion.  They both worship something that is less than the human ideal.  And they both can easily be defined as being Satanic.  This country was founded on the basis of God and country.  Satan is the exact opposite of God.  This country was never founded on the basis of Satan and Country!  For Newt to recognize the legitimacy of every religion does indeed mean that he is Satan himself.  Why?  Because he legitimizes Satan.  To believe in Satan means that you are Satan.  To deny the existence of Satan also means that you are Satan.

All religions that do not recognize and admonish the reality of Satan will face a 100% tax as will all secret societies.  Secret societies can be deemed the equivalent of a Satanic religion.  Members affiliated with such societies past and present should be barred from serving in public office of our country of God and Country.  Fraternities and Fraternal societies have a long history of hazing and hazing members not of the fraternity- some of these have resulted in death.

What happens when they graduate from college?  They continue this secret activity of hazing.  Why?  Because they have learned to be evil and live no other way.  Most likely they were dependent minded since birth.  So where does it end with them after college?  Do they run out on the street and harm your child?  Do they create drug and crime networks to continue to practice Satanism against others not of their secret society, fraternity or religion?   They represent the exact opposite of what this country was founded on and what it stands for.

Newt Gingrich was adopted.  I have to ask myself, “Do Satanic mothers put their children up for adoption when they cannot hear a soul present in the child?”

My new novel ‘The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper’ is light and humorous, it can be found at:

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Word Games Joe Paterno 01 28 2012

Joe Paterno

Joe Pattern o

Joe the pattern of a zero.

Isn't it funny that he died so soon after he was accused?  It makes one ask many questions:  Such as, "Did he overdose on his lung cancer medicine?"  or "When the light of justice shines on the wicked their time is up!"

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Television Performers Rights Bill 01 28 2012

Television Performers Rights Bill

Bill to address television performers and actors remuneration 01 28 2012

Television Works:  Rights with regard to royalty income of television performances should revert to the actors after 5 years.  Such actors are to then be included in the royalty stream of the rights of such television productions.

All future television programs are to be stipulated that those who appear on that program get a percentage of the future proceeds of that programs annuity stream upon rebroadcast.

The writer will receive triple the percentage of the actors.  The producer will receive double the percentage of the actors.  Crew members will receive 20% share of the actors share.  Proceeds to be received are to be allocated based on the gross income of the rebroadcast.  That figure forms the basis for the participant’s share of income.  The more participants the less each share would receive of such total.

Why am I being so hard on the writers and producers in terms of comparison to their rights now?  It is very simple there have been very few written works that can be considered classics today in my point of view.  What we see presented on television was not written into literary from and published in literary form first.  Therefore I would question the merit of its literary quality.  Literary quality should indeed be the standard by which television programs should be produced upon instead of the standard of “what appeals to the lowest human denominator and will sell well because people like to believe in reinforcement of all their faults.”

What I have been told it that writers “Channel” American citizens to obtain their material for their productions.  “Channeling” is indeed a form of witchcraft and the early Americans hung such people!

Also to be included in such bill of rights sharing would be this; if an American can make a valid and provable assertion that they were indeed “channeled” for the creation of a television broadcasted program they too get a percentage of the gross proceeds going forward.

Initially all that is required to share in the gross proceeds going forward is proof of a diagnosis of schizophrenia and a documented family history of the disease.  Such individuals are to receive the same percentage as the actors.

The share allotment is to be standardized whereby any person can apply to share in the rights on a government maintained website.

A party subject to the rights can at any specific time chose to forfeit his share or transfer it to another member of the group.

The name of the bill might be entitled the, “Why was Shakespeare mad at the scribes bill.”

Opponents of the bill will proclaim that they are protecting the interest of the trade name.  I would assert that opponents, who are likely current beneficiaries of the royalty stream, have no idea what the person believes in; in the case of rights to the works of others that they own.  I would indeed assert that their interest is in most cases contrary to that of the original writers, actors and performers.  I would then clearly state that current owners of such revenue streams do not represent the original work.  How can you claim to be consistent with someone whose stardom and life was ended shortly by drugs or tragedy?  There is no way that you can because you were not there for them to effectively prevent it!

Opponents to the bill would proclaim that I have no evidence with regard to my assertions.  Sometimes the best evidence to be considered is indeed what is termed Empirical Evidence.  Prima Fascia real world evidence supports my assertions in every way!

All recipients are to state what they intend to do with the money and how they will spend the monthly royalty check, they must itemize how it will be spent.  However those participants who have been deemed to fall under the channeled provision can make light of how they intend to spend the money, whereas those who are not must be very serious in there descriptions and not make a parody out of how they spend it.

So therefore each program would have a list of royalty beneficiaries. And next to each name would include the status of such beneficiaries.  The third column would be their constantly updated percent of gross royalty.  A fourth column would then be for how they intend to spend it.  A fifth column would indicate their age and if they are available for acting positions if they are an actor.

Automatically to be included in the list are the names of the “Channeled” members.  They are to be included on every list by default.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

My novel "The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper" can be found at:

The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper: The Auctioning of the movie rights to my novel The...

The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper: The Auctioning of the movie rights to my novel The...: I plan on auctioning off the movie rights to my novel "The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper" on Ebay. There will be stipulations as to how ...

It should be illegal to sell water for profit 01 28 2012

It should be illegal to sell water for profit.  Why?  Because it is a Prima Facia conflict of interest to the health and welfare of the American Public.

Not having clean water to drink is often the sign of being a third world country.

I believe that the origins of the soft drink industry were inspired by Snake Oil Salesmen. 

Isn't it a crime that our water is so bad in the United States today that if you swim in it you could get sick and die!!!!

When the major shift happened that soft drink companies started to package and sell water a red flag went up with me and I was irate.  You should be too.

What can the sale of water for profit only lead to?  A scarcity of clean water for everyone.  The very technology that is used to bottle such water contributes greatly to water pollution.  In fact it is the main source of water pollution.  What am I speaking about?  Plastic bottles synthesized from oil derived resins,  Oil obtained energy used to create the bottles, mercury in the air from coal used to produce the same required energy and the oil spills that are caused as a result of this need for energy.

I don't even like to drink out of plastic bottles.  I was proven correct when the bottles bearing the number 7 on the bottom of them were banned.  I can tell you that no plastic bottle is as good for you as a glass bottle is to drink of.  How do I know this?  Because I can taste the plastic in the water and not the glass, it is just that simple.

Selling water in bottles is just part of the same process of selling you what you should not have to pay for.  They did it with cable TV and then cable TV monopolized television.  It is sickening and an abuse of our rights.  Why?  Because they are making a business out of something that was a deemed to be a function of government.  They are making a business out of something that was supposed to have more regulation by government.  It appears are pro business conservatives are really the filthy liberals in our country.  Liberal- the word comes from liberation.  In the case of the Republican party they are liberating themselves from responsibility and the oversight of being regulated.

It is like this, after the American public starts to wake up from the dangers of junk food then we see Corporate America start to profit from selling clean water.  That is not fair and you know it.

Are we really a third world country when we do not have clean water or have indeed sold clean water for profit as a business at the "neglection"of keeping our waters clean?

Buy my book: 'The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper' here:

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

New York City was founded by the Dutch West Indies Company 01 26 2012

New York City was founded by the Dutch West Indies Company.  Their goal was to make as much profit as possible in the shortest amount of time.  (Source Public Television, Burt Wolf)

When I was in college I always wondered what qualifications you needed to become a specialist on the New York Stock Exchange.  I heard a man on television say at that time that you had to be born into it. 

Two premises one conclusion; New York City was founded by the Dutch West Indies Corporation, therefore in order to be “born into” being a specialist it meant that you had to be Dutch.  Why?  Because that is the likelihood of the legacy of lineage that would have existed in New York City founded by the Dutch West Indies Corporation.

So what have I just established; that we have essentially a secret culture that runs the New York Stock Exchange that perpetuates the goal of extracting as much profit as possible?

For all the New York Stock Exchange Transactions and money flow as we look around can we say that it has benefited the country or would it be more appropriate to say it has extracted money from our national economy?

Dutch and Germans are highly related.  In fact Adolf Hitler gave the Dutch special type of consideration.

Mitt Romney is of the Mormon religion.  Mormons had a tradition of Polygamy- a man having more than one wife.  I find it very interesting that not too long ago in our countries history a man was charged with having, per my memory, some 40 wives.  This was in the last 10 years.

Is there a connection between the Mormons and the Dutch or the Dutch West Indies Company?  I have to ask myself this.  Are some Mormons decendent’s from families of the Dutch West Indies Corporation?

Mitt Romney???  What does the name Mitt sound like to you?  It sounds like a catchers mitt to me.  What is a catcher’s mitt symbolic of in terms of religion?  Have you ever heard the expression “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never ever let it go?”   Do you know what it means?  It is the archetypal symbolism of someone who experiences the descention of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit that is being referred to in the Bible is indeed the disembodied soul of a man that trumps and creates Immaculate Conception of a soul in the fetus of a woman.  I know that some people are indeed raised to catch hold of the disembodied soul that is disseminated from someone and not let go of it.  I have to wonder if Mitt was indeed raised to catch hold of the soul of another and not let go.  Why do I wonder?  Because I know that it is the primary means that the “upper class” use to create wealth.  They deprive the person whose soul they have caught onto from having it themselves.  Those people are indeed labeled as having a fragmented soul, the “exacting” term is schizophrenia.

Santorum made a good point tonight that Romney wants Medicare to pay for prescription drugs and as Obama does too.  Ron Paul made a very interesting counter point that we were a lot better off when we did not have so many prescription drugs.  What do government prescription drugs indeed facilitate?  They facilitate and legitimize the stealing of souls by the race of wealth creation.  There is a lot of profit in making zombies to do your thinking for you.  First you steal their ideas and skills and then you make them pay for drugs so they are happy zombies.  Prescription drugs sound a lot like the Dutch West Indies Corporations goal don’t they?  Dutch are highly related to Germany, Hitler even believed they were a better race.  Is it no wonder that German pharmaceutical companies wrote the manual on how someone could be diagnosed so that they were mandated to take the drugs they make?

Let me tell you what I think of the financial industry and what it has done for our country.  It has done very little for our country!  It siphons more money from our country into the hands of the dependent minded of wealth creation than anything else.

Ron Paul made a good point tonight that we don’t need Government Business relationships.  I won’t believe him until he tells us very shortly how intends to act on the ideas he is professing.  I have also believed for a very long time that Government business relationships are the cause of corruption.  Do you know what the greatest Government business relationship is?  It is the Government lending money to banks to lend to businesses and citizens.

Let me tell you what I know to be true with regard to the Mormon Religion.  The Mormon religion is based on money and polygamy.   I can not remember the exact wording in the book of Mormon but you can as for one from the Mormons and they will send you one for free.  You do not have to read very far into the book of Mormon before you will understand, if you know the nature of the dependent minded, that the name Mormon comes from someone chanting More Money to someone.  Or Moroni?  Moroni sounds like an Italian name to me.  Do you know what the voice the first Mormon likely heard was from?  Do you remember the character from the old black and white television series titled something like The Bowery Boys?  There was one Italian looking kid in there and he would always say how good the Cherry Cola was.  With kind of that New York type of brogue accent.  That is exactly the type of origin the voice of the first Mormon heard.  He did not hear the voice of God!  He heard someone saying that his name was Moroni or More Money!  That is it!!!!  The voices a schizophrenic hears do not come from God and the voices a schizophrenic hears are exactly no different than the voices of God that were heard and mentioned in the Bible!  Who was God likely to be in the Bible?  Maybe it was someone who was of the power of Immaculate Creation who descended from the same lineage as Jesus Christ a Jew.  (We are all Jews.)  And I believe in the Bible it tells you in circumspect words that Jesus Christ was a descendent of Abraham. (If it wasn’t Abraham it was another official type Jewish Tribes name.)

What does it indeed mean to be a Semmite?  The word semmite indeed comes from the archetype of Immaculate Conception.  Now there are good semites and bad semites and I believe that we are all semmites, even Arabs.  All human beings are semmites.  So what does it mean to be a bad semmite?  It means when you catch that falling star that you never let it go and therefore you steal a soul.  What does it mean to be a good semmite?  It means that if you get a dose of that holy spirit from heaven you just go on about your way and not bother the person whose soul that you know it came from in any way.  There is an extreme difference in the types of semmites that are out there.

Many of those who work in the financial industry are indeed semmites of the bad bread.  Can you imagine someone that learns everything in life from the soul of another person that they grow up along with?  That is not a bad thing per say.  It is only a bad thing when they seek to steal the intellectual property of the individual later in life, like when they go away to school or find a job in a different city.  Now let’s take this one extreme step further.  Can you imagine someone who had no soul of their own all their life; except the only one they know?  “The only one I know,” is indeed the lyrics to a song, it’s a pretty good song too.  But what happens when you have someone who was dependent minded all their life when it comes time for them to support a wife and family?  Here is what they do, they team up on a neighbor whose thoughts they have heard and listened to and they mentally chant to them until they drive them from their minds.  Those people become victims and are put on medicine.

The book of revelation tells us of “Jews who are not Jews.”  Jews who are not Jews is indeed what the Bible is defining as a bad Semmmite!  You cannot read a more anti-Semitic book than when you read the conclusion to the Bible, “The Book of Revealation,”  “Jews who are not Jews.”  I do indeed have great faith that the true meaning of being a Jew and semmite is that you do not bother the one whose soul you hear.  That you do not seek to disenfranchise them from their knowledge.  I have faith in good Jews and maybe some who read this will be compelled to be better ones and indeed try and not to condone the practice that I have termed being a bad semmite.  The only way this happens is if all who are victims of Schizophrenia are freed.  This could happen in one second!

Being a semmite and getting a dose of the Holy Spirit could indeed be exactly the same as someone having a seizure.  It makes sense doesn’t it?  If the disembodied Holy Spirit or soul of immaculate conception hit you would indeed have this experience.  When I was younger I jerked off a few times.  And I can tell you without a doubt that I have never seen a woman look more like an angel then when I jerked off to her.  It was like she had a halo!!!!

But anyway back to my condemnation of the financial industry.

Does Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama want to keep the prescription drug benefit because they live in advantage on stolen souls and the stealing of souls is facilitated by antipsychotic medication?  Ron Paul made an interesting comment tonight that when there was a problem back in the sixties the people of the village were able to handle it.  Do you see how that fits into my story?  The comment is out of context in any other way then how I am referring to it regarding soul stealing.  Santorum also made the comment that neither Barrack Obamas health care plan nor Mitt Romney support someone who has a pre-existing condition.  Do you know why this is?  Because the dependent minded like to victimize you at a point in your life so that you cannot live off the Government disability.  Why do they do this?  For two reasons, 1.  They want you to keep thinking for them and you are not likely to do so if you have a free ride.  And indeed you should get a very free ride in luxury in this world if your soul was stolen, because it is just fair.  2. If too many peoples souls are stolen and they go on disability the government and the people would get wise to the soul theft crime.  3.  When you are medicated in your early twenties and made into a zombie the independent minded get to be blissfully happy in life.  Why?  Because they don’t have to listen to your think anymore, they can just have a delusional view of themselves until the day they die!  That delusion is one that America has been forced to live and it is wrecking us and the world.  The independent minds are silenced when indeed they were the source of all good thought!  The independent minds were the minds that were formed through caring and love from their parents.  The dependent minds sat and waited like they had a catchers mitt to get lucky and opportunistically steal the soul of someone.

One last point regarding Mitt Romney and it is the greatest contradiction that you will ever hear.  He says that he made all of his money; that he earned it.  Then he say’s that his trustee made all his financial decisions for him and that is the reason for why he could not give immediate answers.  Let me tell you one thing, if you are a financial person of financial acumen and stock market acumen you never let another person manage your money!  Never!!!  Why not?  Because  if you are a financial person you love making those investment decisions yourself!!!!  Romney the contraction!!!

I have to ask myself what connection Romney has to the insult to our history The New Tea Party.  They just call it the Tea Party.  It kind mocks American History doesn’t it?  Who is behind the Tea Party?  It is the financial industry.  Do you know who runs the financial industry?  It is those who grew up dependent upon someone else’s mind.  Do you know who drives people from their minds?  It is the Holy Grail!  And the Holy Grail is not Holy at all.  It is just a collection of wives who married idiot head dependent minded people.  (She married the dumb jock, he wasn’t good enough for the million dollar unwarranted salaries of professional football, so she drove someone from his mind so that her husband could presume to be someone of status and importance.  The truth is that they are all DOLTS.)

If I were to draft a bill concerning Wall Street it would contain a provision that no business is allowed to take inventory or control the price movement of stocks.  In order to make this bill effective it also means that no one can manage the money of a another person.  Why not?  Because when they do they have a pool of money and that can be used to manipulate price.  Have you ever played poker against someone who has a limited supply of money?  It is very hard to win.  Why?  Because they just keep coming back and playing the next day!  Banks and investment firms indeed have a limitless supply of printed money from our government to play this game with.  And what happens when they lose?  They still have a limitless supply of Government money because the tax payer ends up bailing them out!!! 

If you take a look at our Dutch West Indies Company and its goal to extract as much money as possible and then look at our national debt, you can pretty much put two and two together and see what went where and to support who!!! Corporations played the game of the dependent minded dolt in management and board and now we owe all that money!   That is the way it adds up!

PS if you were to want to stamp my head and hand with a tattoo indicating that I am the cause of the apocalypse you are very welcome to do so.  It would not offend me at all.  Do you know why?  Because I know that I am not a dependent minded person.  Indeed quite to the contrary I am an independent minded person whose soul was stolen by the dependent minded.  If stamp me it only asserts that there is the existence of such people and I know that I am not one such dolt.  But you have been stamping people like me for quite some time in this country as being labeled mentally ill when you stole their souls and labeled them schizophrenic.  So I have to ask you this, “Who do you have left to blame other than yourself, a dependent minded person.”  As far as I am concerned you can stamp my wrist and forehead and those of everyone like me who you labeled schizophrenic.  Why? Because I know that in our absence you are nothing.  But wait I take that back, don’t you dare violate my rights as a human being even for one second in this manner.  Why not?  Because after you get rid of us like Hitler did you will only seek to make more of us to fill the void in your hollow dependent minds that don’t have anything to be dependent too!  Did I just make a very interesting point?  After all the Jews were killed in Germany by the Nazis did they have to then drive people crazy and form pharmaceutical companies to hide this fact?  People, Americans are pretty easy to convince.  And they are even easier to convince that they are something they are not when they are told to take pharmaceuticals.  Did Nazi Germany set its sights on the United States after WWII or was it hear all along in the form of the Dutch West Indies Company?

And one final point regarding the Dutch West Indies Company its presence in New York and connections of the Dutch to Germany and New York turning Jews away so that Adolph Hitler took it as justification to do whatever he wanted to them?  Psychiatric medicine is the modern equivalent to the soul theft of genocide.

I am not out to harm anyone.  And I do not want to see anyone harmed.  All I would ask for is that I could earn a living from the skills I learned from my loving father and mother, the skills I learned from reading and learning.  All I ask for is that I could earn a living from quietly listening and learning from what I see.  Do you know who is with me that will that seeks to keep me from doing this?  It is indeed the horror of the women from the Holy Grail who chant men from their minds and steal their souls.  But to be fair to those women, who would you trust other than the soul that you lived with all your life, that is all you would trust.  You would not have faith in others like yourself that you married, you would still need that soul you heard and grew up with.  You would not trust the dependent minded like yourself that you were comfortable marrying because they were like you.  You would only trust the stolen soul that you torment to raise your children.  You would hold onto that falling star because it is far more beautiful than anything you ever knew in your life.

Romney and Financial firms did not earn their money our national debt paid for it!!! Not only that whatever good accomplishments they claim credit for were not thought of by themselves they were what they received in their catchers mitts from stolen souls.  That is how the middle class has been drained.

And another thing I heard that 10% of Republicans are Hispanic.  Is it any wonder?  It was under a Republicans watch that they were allowed to trespass into our country.  Sure they like Republicans, they pay them cash under the table form our national debt!  Sure they like Republicans, they let them bring their families into the United States by looking the other way when they were in the office of the President of the United States and Governor’s of Texas.  What that 10% Hispanic population is going to realize is that the money to pay them could run out very soon, why?  Because there is only so much that we can borrow.  Who are you going to blame when the money runs out?  I have agreed with Santorum that illegal immigrants should be shipped back to Mexico.  If they can not then make Mexico a better place like the United States used to be what do we need them here for?  If they fled Mexico to the United States does it really mean that they were cowards to institute change in their own country?  I tempted to think we give them guns and send them back to Mexico to straighten the place out, but everytime we give someone guns they use them against us.  Do you know what Mexicans are used for in the United States?  They are an endless supply of cheap labor that is used by the Dependent minded to ruin the lives of those they are dependent minded too, in a word filth.  If you just look at how much money Scott Walker wastes on his blue shirt television commercials you get some idea of how much money is given in corruption to illegal aliens.   Bad semmites, Satan, the dependent minded, are all the same terms used to describe those whose greatest crime was to hide their true existence from the world.

You can come and lock me up if you want, you can even nail me to a cross!  I am not a bad person and neither was Jesus Christ who spoke against you.

They often say that one symptom of a person being mentally ill is that they believe themselves to be like Jesus Christ.  Do you know what one of the best things about Jesus Christ, a Jews, is that I like, “He drove the money changers out of the Temple.”  God bless him for that, all those who Occupy Wall Street and those who would draft a bill for financial reform.  Let’s send the Dutch West Indies Corporation back to Nazi Germany to reunite with the Dutch West Indies Pharmacuetical companies!  Alchemy or pharmacueticals is another form of money changing that Jesus Christ would also drive from the Temples if he was alive today.

When the Book of Revelation is speaking about Jews who are not Jews I believe they are speaking about the Republican Party, at least I would like to believe that in faith that there are  people who are good.

I believe in fairness.
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Note to self, research the Dutch West Indies company.  Look at family names of members of the company.  Also research via reference names from the founders of the Mormon religion and cross reference lineage to that of the Dutch West Indies Company.  Then move cross linking lineage comparison forward to cross reference the family names of the individual specialists…. Wait I don’t have to do any of that because everywhere that I go in life I am confronted with Satan.