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Saturday, March 31, 2012

I am putting pressurized sharp cheddar cheese on my rice crackers and this is what I thought

I am putting pressurized sharp cheddar cheese on my rice crackers and this is what I thought,

"You know what's sad?"
"When the can runs out of cheese."

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Inventions Needed Trailer train solar cell trailers 03 29 2012

Inventions Needed Trailer train solar cell trailers 03 29 2012

I got to thinking as I was buying new running shoes because I lost one.  I settled on the lightest pair I could find.  Like I said I got to thinking,  "What if instead of a boat trailing behind my car I had a trailer that was full of solar panels?  What if I had an electric car and the solar panels on the trailer helped power the car?  Now we are getting into some very interesting engineering dynamics?  The actual car could be made very light.  And indeed trailers are very light.  My boat trailer does not weight much at all, less than 300 pounds I am not sure the exact amount but I was able to bench press it once when I was under it and I do not remember if it had the extra 300 pounds of boat on it.  But what if an electric car could have two or thee such solar panel trailers behind it that were linked to the motor/battery of the car via cable.  It would seem that trip length before discharge and stalling without power would no longer be an issue.  Of course the panels would be amorphous which means that they capture light in low light conditions and I believe also in poor light to panel angle situations.

Sounds like something that might be on the horizon.  "The Solar Train Car".  Kind of sounds like that old Saturday afternoon music program doesn't it?"

Anyhow, it would eliminate one of the limiting factors with regard to electric cars.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Hoan Bridge must hold the record for the bridge with the most pot holes

The Hoan Bridge must hold the record for the bridge with the most POT HOLES.  Doesn't everything in our country feel about the same way, like it is filled with POT HOLES.  

I would say that I find this hard to understand but I would be patronizing you like everyone else does.

I look at the POT HOLES in the bridge and compare them to the eyes of our leaders and again I could say that I make no comparison but I would be patronizing you like everyone else does.

Does it not seem that some people have money for expensive foreign cars and newly built mansions in subdivisions and yet for some reason there is no government money for anything; the result being that our greatest assets fall into negligent disrepair? 

 I am not going to say that negligence is in any way connected to our leadership because if I did I would be patronizing you like everyone else does.  What does it take? One of these structures to collapse and kill people, like some famous politician, before allocation and resources change for the better.  Wait the first part of that last SENTENCE already happened.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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 ps. His mother loved him.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Curb Wood Art The Dog Cage Table 03 17 2012

I was visiting my sister three weeks ago and she asked if I would make her a table to go around her dog cage.  She is always setting things on it and wanted to protect the cage.  When I asked her how much she wanted it to hold she told me 200 pounds.

A few days later I drove past some discarded dining room table slats.  The laminate on top had water damage.  Carefully I stripped the laminate off and designed and hand crafted a leg base for this table.  I think you will agree that it is very beautiful? 

I reinforced the top with strand board and structurally located supports.  The legs are made from cedar two by fours.

The trim pieces are also from Curb Wood.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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What does it mean to be Gay 03 16 2012

What does it mean to be Gay 03 16 2012
Does it mean that you don’t like women?  There are plenty of women that a man would not like and should not like.  So if you don’t like a certain woman do not use her as a model for your sexual orientation.
So you do not act like a “professional” wrestler?  Does that mean that you are Gay?  In no way shape or form!
Because you are not as strong as other males does that mean that you are gay?  In no way shape or form!  What it often means is that energy has been drawn from you to make them stronger earlier in life.
So you identify with your mothers loving personality more than your father’s?  Does that mean that you are gay?  In no way shape of form!!!  It means that  you’re likely to grow up to be a better man than one who doesn’t!  That is provided your mother is a good woman and not a witch.
So, when you find that something is very funny you laugh like a woman does?  Does that mean that you are gay?  In no way shape or form!  As I look at the eyes of many people on television I do indeed see the spirit of a woman in them.  Sometimes it is a good woman and sometimes it is a little brat woman.  But those women spirits are in us men.  (Reminds me of the painting about  a “Dream catcher” I have been trying to finish.)
And even if you look at men that does not mean that you are gay!  You might just be comparing yourself in terms of strength.  All men do this!
Okay here is where I go to the extremes.  Some males have had their souls stolen by evil women and the eyes of such men are that of the women; and that is indeed what makes them gay.  So in reality they are not gay.  But maybe if they did not have the soul of a woman present with them they would have no soul at all.
So you are molested by a priest and everyone treats you like you are a girl or should be, I am thinking of the book Lord of the Flies, does that mean you are gay?  No.  It means that you and your soul have been abused and possessed!  Your true soul is not gay.
So your mother is a wiccan of the coven and demonically drove men crazy and stole their souls for you as a child?  Does that mean that you are Gay (and by Gay I mean homosexual).  Not necessarily but it does mean that you are likely to have many problems in life and will often seek to solve them by victimizing others.  You will feel that you are god and this is your right.  You have been raised to be a dependent minded person.  So you decided what you are!  It is not too late for you to change.
And some of us should deny what someone has tried to teach us that we are!  Do not believe what others tell you that you are, that is how Satan wins; by defining you to be something less than you are; by limiting your potential by masking it with that stolen from someone else.
So you have a transgendered soul because the women of the coven drove a human being out of their mind to form your soul.  How do you then develop your own soul?  I would think that you would be able to.  You might try seeing every issue from both sides.  You might read what Jesus Christ had to say.   I think it can be done but I do not have your affliction so I do not know.  Even if you were an alcohol baby I think it is possible to develop your own good soul.  It involves creating things yourself, learning as you go, someone good encouraging you to try and try again when you fail, looking at your work and developing a belief in yourself.  Gaining respect of people independent of what you believe them to be. Having faith in yourself and God.  The desire to trust in yourself and not in others, (that is the nature of the development of personal responsibility.)  And respecting everyone.  And standing up for yourself when you are not respected.  It is a shame that the good people in the world are the ones who are abused and harassed the most.  Be good and hold your ground and you will be preserving the human race.
I have written about what I think that gay people are many times.  I think many gay men did not have a strong father figure and desire that accompaniment later in life.  You should seek a woman first and then find good friends to do guy stuff with, or better yet- be the father you seek to have.  A good woman can be like a good work horse in your life for you- at least that is what we men hope for.
I see a lot of witch boys are in the world today(adults sons of witches) and her is what I say aloud to break the demonic possession they try and cast upon me, “You spend your whole life searching for a father rather than being one.”
I saw a gay woman on television the other night and I thought, “You need to break your hold on your starter soul.”  How a woman can do this I do not know, other than those matters of personal development and achievement I listed above.
I am not anti gay.  I am anti those who would demonically possess others for their soul!  And that is indeed how I feel many gays are created.  And it was not their fault in any way they are that way!!  So they should have the same rights but only to a point.  And here is why.  They should not be allowed to marry because it sets a standard that condones soul theft!  They can love each other and all that, but I would rather see a world where no one is ever labeled schizophrenic in the creation of others children.
And when even one gay man abuses an adopted son it means that it is something that should never have been allowed to happen.  I am thinking of the Survivor guy. 
And then there are the gays like Jeffrey Dahmner who like to sexually abuse other men.  Believe it or not man Jeffrey Dahmners are men or boys or souls who were possessed by evil women of the occult coven.  I can think of no other reason why a man would want to harm and torture others like this.  If a young man is curious and ended up with a Jeffrey Dahmner he might become almost emasculated and then would indeed be created to feel like he is a woman by an evil witch boy (like Jeffrey Dahmner).  This sort of man could try hormonal replacement therapy and would likely find out that he is not gay at all.
Some who are demonically possessed have no idea that they are demonically possessed.
And what of Gays who openly taunt me in public?   I believe men who are taunted by them have the right to spew out any kind of hate speech they want to fend off this influence or demonic possession!  But do not say it in an angry manner.  Just keep your cool and let them hear and understand the words, “You search all your adult life for a father rather than being one.”
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Ps. I did not wake up to write this stuff, I started watching that damn television while I was eating my Oatmeal and got pissed off.
And if there are misspellings or poor grammar it is because I would rather do something else than take the time to check over something I did not want to have to write in the first place.  Lost words in sentences is one of my common mistakes; it comes from the unholy coven holy grail women trying to interject into my thought process and writing.

Debbie Lesko 03 16 2012

Debbie Lesko

Freedom of Religion does mean that you can control others not of your religion.  That is where Religion has proven to be not under God and abused.  How many parents would say that their children being molested by a priest is freedom of religion.
Most women are harassed in the work place, belittled and have low self esteem because of the employer.  Therefore employers should be required to provide health coverage for the morning after pill.  As a matter of fact employer’s health coverage should cover all health related aspects of a human being.  And if they try and weasel out for various reasons then the government should pay for it under Medicare.
The only true religion is the belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the belief in Jesus Christ does not have a religious name, it means opening the Bible and reading from it to understand yourself, it cannot be taught!  Reading is what needs to be taught.  Any named religion has proven itself to be invalid as a religion and should be taxed.
Freedom of religion has lead to satanic abuse of people in our society.  Abuse is a crime and it is not a religion, it is a crime.  Freedom of religion does not absolve people from guilt in crimes they commit even if they are in the name of their religions.  Freedom of religion does not mean that you are able to engage in witchcraft against the innocent in our society; because that is a crime.  Freedom of religion does not mean that we can legitimize soul theft under the name of psychiatry: that is a crime.
Also: I believe that the satanic are created by parents who drink alcohol and abuse drugs.  My father gave up drinking before he ever met my mother and conceived me.  That is probably why I have a soul and the dependent minded satanic do not!  If I were president I would bring back prohibition in some form so that the dependent minded are not created by this metabolic insult. 
That is right you dependent minded angered me so much that I am going to do you a great favor as President; I am going to see that another one of you is never created again!  Yes I hear your cries for help- alcohol babies.  I see your puffy mongoloid like Irish faces and I know that you were alcohol babies.  You bother me for my soul and that is it! 
The morning after pill?  You dag right we should have it!  Why? So metabolically insulted dependent minded babies are not created!  But you know what? The world has gone too far in this direction and all the chemicals and drugs in our environment have created a plague of the dependent minded satanic!  It might be too late; banning alcohol might not help you or the human race survive in all its beauty!
Senator? Debbie Lesko looked like she had witches eyes to me!  That is why she would want more dependent minded to be created.
And Rick Santorum needs to stop using my ideas!  Why?  Because he is likely to not put forth the true spirit of what they represent if he were in power and that degrades the principals more than anything else.
When this country was founded it had no idea of what kind of religions would be developed.  Indeed quite to the contrary Wiccans were hung in early America.  That is what our founding fathers believed to be true regarding religion.  All those molesting catholic priest would have been executed like they are in Iran!  Isn’t it funny that the United States wants to go after Iran when Iran is a lot like early America?  What the U.S. does not realize is that if we attack Iran we will be in WWII against Iran, Russia, China, etc.  And God will not be on our side!  Why not?  God is not on the side of Wiccans!  God is on the side of the good who try and emulate the deeds of Jesus Christ!  Why?  Because emulating his behavior preserves humanity!  And humanity is in the image of God!  And God is indeed a man! 
Invasion of privacy?  Our government needs to crack down on every defense contractor who has legitimized surveillance technology under the guise of Home Land Security.  A lot of people need to be in prison because of this!  Once they surveil you they become very jealous of you because they realize how much smarter you are than them.  Then they fixate on you in hatred as if you are different.  The difference is that you were raised by responsible parents who did not drink!  But if we cannot put all of you in prison for this you might lose some of your rights as citizens in this country.  You are guilty of a crime and have now created a new class of citizen- the second class citizen!
Not only does surveillance technology invade privacy, much of it also creates ill health effects that lead to death!  That is murder! 
Ravi a man on television used surveillance technology and was just found guilty on our television.
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Television Promotes Drugs 03 15 2012

Television Promotes Drugs
Isn’t funny how the things that our television personalities have the most enthusiastic intelligence concerning is illegal drugs.  They all know what that stuff is right away.  When the topics come up on a television programs it is the thing that they are most fluent concerning.  And they speak with pride and confidence about their knowledge.  And if you look carefully you see that they are proud to know more about this than anything else.

It tells us something about how strong of character they are in their personal live with regard to being tolerant with this crime committed by friends, family, associates and people they network with!  So much for networking, right?
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Weak Minded Freaks 03 15 2012

Weak Minded Freaks 03 15 2012

When your best asset is your strong mind the weak minded freaks will seek to use it against you by marginalizing all that you do.  Then when you too believe their hatred for yourself they seek to put you on medicine so they no longer have to hear you strong minds thinking.  They then blissfully believe themselves to be you.  When you come of your “mind poison” they then use non-lethal voice modulated weapons to harass you.  United States Colonel John Alexander admitted that contractors working with the United States Defense Department had developed this capability in 1991 on late night talk radio.
What does this technology promote and what has it promoted?  The weak minded nation that we have today.
How do you break a demonic possessor’s hold on you?  Think something like this, “His father was proud of him.”  Really any complement about them that they know is not true makes them very irritated.  Why because they know that it should be true and isn’t.  When you teach them plain truths like this regarding themselves they hate themselves and become even more dependent minded to you- in effect they hate you more. 

Critics of my philosophy would claim that it is this way all over the world so there is no point in protesting.  I would counter to them by saying, “And yes there were weak minded in Hiroshima and Nagasaki who thought the same way that you did.”

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Henrietta Lake near Waterville Wisconsin 03 13 2012

Beware the following imagery is very graphic.  I photographed these two deer near Henrietta Wisconsin.  Someone ditched the one in a plastic bag and the other looks to be a natural type death.  It makes a point about Chronic Wasting disease.  There were Vultures on high that likely poked through the black plastic bag and had already eaten out the eyes.  Three local residents were picking up roadside waste in the area when I stopped and they were shaky from the sight.  I asked if we should call the DNR regarding the one in the plastic bag.  And they said the DNR does not come out for that.  My premise was that they might want to study it.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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What happened to the Middle Class 03 13 2012

What happened to the Middle Class ? 03 13 2012

The rich looted the souls of the middle class in this country by what amounts to human genocide.
That is why we have the Spanish Speaking illegal aliens in this country.  It is because the smart middle class can see right through the rich and that they did not earn their money.
The rich do not want to hire black people to mow their lawns because if they did we would not have illegal immigrants in this country.
I’ll give you a clue the rich stole the souls of the sons and daughters of the middle class Americans for money and labeled them schizophrenics.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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