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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The other day I quoted the Bible on Isreal and Judah 08 31 2013

The other day I quoted the Bible on Isreal and Judah 08 31 2013

What does that quote tell us?  It tells us that Israel and Judah were not the same country at one time.  I confirmed this rather quickly, see link.

Israel and Judah

Here is the quote.  You have to have a literary mind that appreciates poetry to get some of this.

Nehemiah 13:15 “In those days I saw people in Judah treading winepresses on the Sabbath and bringing in grain and loading it on donkeys, together with wine, grapes, figs and all other kinds of loads.  And they were bringing all this into Jerusalem on the Sabbath.  Therefore I warned them against selling food on that day.”

This is the article I wrote with it in it.

That quote implies that Jerusalem and Judah were not the same!!!

But Jesus Christ is sometimes said to be from Judah?  That is not confirmed by my research.  We know that he is from Nazareth.  That is north in Israel on the Israel and Judah map above.  It is not shown on that map but it is to the lower left of that inland sea.  It is about 40 km north of Samaria on that map I referenced to.  He was far north of the Border!

His opposition to the Romans would only make sense in the realm of my understanding of it if the Romans Conquered this area by coming from the South first.  But in order to do that they would have had to travel by sea first.  I seem to remember them traveling by land in conquest, and that would mean they dropped down from the north and would have rolled through Israel before Judah?  I will have to look that one up.

What I am finding is that there was a conflict there and the Romans are said to have been invited to solve it.

Conflict that invited Romans

But that doesn't really make any sense.


All of this is based on irrefutable evidence in the Bible that Jesus Christ and the Bible are against alcohol.  For example in the story of the loaves and the fishes in order to feed a great many people two bottles of wine are thought by me to be diluted with water!!!!  That is how I read and interpret that!  It means that life becomes easier without alcohol?  That problems are solved easier without alcohol.  That the reason the people could not be fed was because of alcohol (wine.) I just have interpreted it that way for a long time and hence am I often leave out the reasoning for the understanding for it because it just seems like the common sense interpretation.  Hard to understand but you have to think about it like a grandmother breaking any bottles of your grandfathers that she found.

Interesting Tidbit I found:

"Because the Jews rebelled against the romans and even massacred a roman legion and that's one of the reasons why the romans destroyed their temple and expelled them, with many jews resettling in Andalusia spain."

That is 350 miles south of the Basque region of spain.

98% of Irish are said to have a Spanish gene.

Something about the Murphy family shield looking very similar to the "Lion of Judah"

Lion of Judah

Murphy Coat of Arms

The Irish had Kings 500 years before the English did.

And Schizophrenia is indeed thought to be a sign of Royalty.

Anyone connect the dots?

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Why you use drugs and the hippocampus 08 31 2013

Why you use drugs and the hippocampus 08 31 2013 (hippo campus  or hippo-campus sp?  It is important enough to be truncated to one single word!)

Is it because you think you are going to wake up the next day a different person?  But what if that was exactly what happens?
The hippocampus, drug use or exposure during development and sexual orientation.
Alcohol et al. cause the hippocampus not to develop during teen years when the teen drinks.  The comparative loss is substantial.
Men’s brains are bigger than women’s, hence the hippocampus is bigger than women’s.  Is this the reason some males don’t become men in terms of sexual orientation but instead homosexual- their hippocampus does not grow during puberty because of exposure to alcohol and other drugs?
And what of women?  Their hippocampus is larger in proportion to the size of their brain as compared to men; so drug use during teenage years greatly damages their hippocampus therefore their hippocampus will be more the percent of how a man’s is with respect or rather in proportion to the rest of his brain?  Hence she is a man in a woman’s body? 
But it would be a pseudo male brain because it isn’t as big in total as a man’s and also because the structure of the body relates differently to the physical world.
What have I just used there in those previous paragraphs that many dropouts eschew?  That logic is based on Algebra, isn’t it!
So you use drugs and wake up some day and say that you are of a different sexual orientation and it was not a matter of choice.  Based on my theory are you right or wrong; just base your answer on this theory.
Isn’t all that drug use really a form of witchcraft?  Look at what the effects of it are!  How can you say anything different?  I wouldn’t be surprised to see an uprising based on current scientific knowledge, along the lines of, “You poisoned my son!”  “You poisoned my daughter!”
Now what if all the boy’s that you grew up with had a hippocampus that was damaged by the time of birth and you didn’t.  When puberty comes around they will be handing you the drinks and trying to get you hooked on drugs????  Yes they do!
What if a cadre of world leadership was jealous of American Ingenuity?  It comes from the minds of men.
When I talk to people I ask questions.  I met a man from Columbia.  I asked him about the heroin produced there.  He told me that he went up in a plane once and someone showed him exactly where all of it was being grown.  He said there was a lot of it!  Every single dose of that is likely headed to the American market.  And one hit makes an addict for life.  It will kill a person!
So Barrack wants to bomb Syria?  Barrack is from Chicago!  Chicago has an epidemic of heroin abuse.  It was also the h311 center of the Italian Mafia and the defeat of Prohibition.  There were also senator’s seats being sold in Chicago by Russians Influence.  And what do we know about Afghanistan?  Near Russia?  Russia had the opportunity to destroy those poppy heroin fields but didn’t.  Columbia had to get the starter SEED from somewhere didn’t they???  Somebody sells them the agricultural equipment and the fertilizer.
You could poll the average person on the street and they could not tell you why we would bomb Syria.  I don’t know that I could either.  I am not satisfied with the answers and explanations we are hearing.
So how was the Irish Republican Army defeated in Ireland I wondered?  It is very simple, the circle of poison principle.  A mother and father drink before conception and the child is born to be feeble minded, they have just lost their cause haven’t they!  They have been converted to be dependent minded.  Why do I mention this?
No one can explain to me why we are going into Syria.  But we have been lied to by the media with regard to heroin fields.  We were told that they were camouflaged and could not be found.  That isn’t true.  Everyone one of those plants can either kill a person or make them dependent minded.  Drugs compromise brain development in many ways.  You don’t become an adult man when you don’t have to solve problems and can readily seek a form of escapism that alters your brain structure.  It can be thought of as not liking yourself to the point that you do not want to live your future potential based on your past memories?
What am I getting at?  Why aren’t we using Napalm to strike those “heroin” fields???  The only reason has to be because it is that Chicago Crime Center drug money that put Barrack in Office and he is afraid to defy it!!!!  Germans settled in Argentina heavily.  I often wonder if a bad base of people in Germany is operating through Columbia to defeat the United States?
If I were President of the United States I really would not care if there were Civilian Casualties if I napalmed Colombian Drug fields.  We didn’t care when we Nuked Japan twice did we?  They attacked our homeland!  Anyone that would die in relation to the Colombian drug fields would indeed be considered to be an accomplice to a War against the United States.  Those drug field workers are indeed war criminals.  I think that the good man or woman in Columbia would breathe a sigh of relief to see American Bombers coming to free them from Satan!

Do I also believe there is something wrong with Colombian Coffee that can create tachycardia? 
When someone is robbed of their future that potential lost is never realized by anyone; it is a form and action of spite isn’t it?  Can you see the pill box of the eye’s narrow as they look at you in spite!  Do you know what it feels like absent the look?  Can you sense spite from a distance?  And what observation can we make with regard to the cognitive structure of those whom we don’t even know that “Spite” us.  Do I sound like I am being paranoid.  “You say that people you don’t know spite you?”  To answer that I use the comparative technique Jesus Christ used by asking a question to answer a barbed question, “Do not those that grow hectare after hectare of poppy heroin fields spite honest Americans?”  That kind of answer causes what is called cognitive dissonance in the person that asked the question.
You have just read something that I wrote.  A family member once told me, “You have your own thing going on there.”  And I often hear things like, “You are in your own little world.”  I think some people like this stuff.  It is my mind and this is how I claim it?  How do you claim your own mind??  Do you believe that you can do so through spite?  If so it might be a sign the damage is irreversible?

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Atrazine part 2 The Circle of Poison 08 31 2013

Atrazine part 2 The Circle of Poison 08 31 2013

The use of Atrazine is said to make the corn sweeter.  So therefore it also makes the yield of corn syrup greater by preventing the oxidation of the sugars in it!  Corn Sugar and Corn Syrup about the same thing.  And here is the catch...corn sugar is also used to ferment beers.  But not only that all grains going into beer likely have the atrazine contamination?  The Nazi Death Gas?

And again it is pure speculation on my part that the conversion of the hydrogen cyanide by the Isoamine molecule is an attempt to keep the herbicide "floating" or near the soil surface, thereby causing more poisoning of our aquatic systems.  And that is indeed how a specialty chemist thinks.  "This chemical will subsist in the groundwater for quite some time so how can I keep it near the soil and in the plants."

The conversion via the isoproyl alcohol the same effect as Isopropyl alcohol being used to removed water from your gas tank that is caused to form by condensation in the cold of the winter.

It has to be a major component of runoff into lakes and rivers near farms and golf courses.  And indeed if you ever take a Kayak down the Milwaukee River you will notice where the stench is stronger.

And also likely creates satanic individuals or satanic potentials via oxygen deprivation to the hippocampus.  (A circle of poison.)

And again with respect to human health testing it takes a lot to poison an adult male than it does a single one of his microscopic sperm.  And what do we know about alcohol- it goes directly to the placenta in a womb of a pregnant woman to a higher concentration than her own per of the double self.

That is a very interesting concept isn't it?~  The pregnant woman as the DOUBLE SELF!  In contrast then to the woman that gave birth or lost an ova through menstruation being thought of as the SPLIT SELF.

Are you getting the picture of the syphilis jaw bone woman creating a witch boy our of her German, Italian, Slavic, oriental son?

For over 50 years- that would take us back to ~1960 with enough lead time to poison someone or a people to be part of a new circle of poison by the time Kennedy was assassinated.  I bring up Kennedy because his brother Ted Kennedy introduced the Circle of Poison legislation.  He died of brain cancer.  I have to whether he was demonically possessed to drive off the bridge in the Chappaquiddick incident.  It takes very little influence for someone without their own human soul to be a part of your mind and quickly derail you! The Puritans who fled England and formed the basis for laws in the United States believed in demonic possession.  A demon in those days was likely a fetal alcohol syndrome type person or what we know today as an autistic person?

And was that German Chemical Company Farben that produced the base molecule of the chemical weapon part of East Germany or part of the Soviet Empire of West Germany on the side of the wall.

Make no mistake about it Atrazine is a modification of one of the most horrific chemical weapons from world history!  Any Jews get their comeuppance yet? The founder of the Soviet Unions mother was Jewish so you indeed have a tribal conflict to address?

By this time in world history there may be only 1% of us that are still truly human beings!  Those whose souls have been taken and split up like the forbidden fruit!

The standard of testing another chemical against sperm health would never have held up to allow the commercialization of many of our modern chemicals!!!!  They would never have been approved because they would not have met that standard!!!  A great majority of chemicals and pharmaceuticals would be and should be banned based on that standard!

And I don't believe you should be able to put a parent that killed one of these autistic babies into jail. Is that indeed what the cause of black infant mortality is in Milwaukee?  There is no way to tell at birth if a baby is autistic or not because they do not look like the fetal alcohol syndrome baby, although you can indeed see some facial features are the same as they age.  Even God from the Bible called for the death of certain son's if you want to accurately interpret what Catholicism should be.  We are only human and very few of us would have the patience to raise a mentally retarded child.  So what is the pro life belief system of the Catholic Church and the sexual molestation of children?  It is part of creating a circle of poison community!  The Roman Catholic Church came from the Roman Empire where they did indeed drink wine and indeed leaded wine, both known to cause mental retardation- circle of poison people!  Keep the public in the dark with what the reality really is and label them baby killers? How many of those woman who are forced to put that baby up for adoption were drug abusers and hence that child has a oxygen deprived hippocampus or the mind of Satan?  It facilitates the second rise of the Roman Empire doesn't it!  It wasn't Holy either it was horrific!

It is having our own minds that make us human and not that our physical form is the same as everyone else.  Dumb jocks get that name because their energy is diverted into athletic talent and away from thinking.  And that too is part of the Circle of Poison in the United States- the lucrative salaries of professional athletes!

And all of this was exactly what the circle of poison that Ted Kennedy introduced was trying to prevent!  If Ted Kennedy had been more successful with his circle of poison legislation we would have fewer of those autistic children today, because the chemicals that create them would not be in our environment.  We would still have those created by alcohol and they have been with us for a very long long time!

The other day I was listening to a program about the foster care system in the United States.  It told of how, per my memory, 30% of foster children become pregnant in their teenage years, and that 40% of the boys end up incarcerated in prison and those are just ballpark confused figures unverified from my memory.  These are people whose life's were abused!!!  And those foster parents received money for taking care of them?  With those statistic that is not taking care of someone.  Think of it a different way, what if you knew your child wasn't going to be put in prison for sure when you gave birth to, contribute to national crime, do the devils bidding for him/her, die a miserable death, it what would you do?  And why do women have to give up their babies in the first place, because of men like that who can't support them!  Another circle of poison!!!!

But one foster parent said, he had no idea where they went after they left him and there was no way to find them.  He also said something like this to the foster care agent, "Are you not going to check my wife and I for alcohol and drugs?"  To which she replied, "We can't even go there!"  Just ask yourself about all the abuse of children that we have uncovered and then ask yourself what about those children that could not be aborted?  Are circle of poison people also human cannibals?  The Roman Emperor Caligula was!  That does not meet the standard of a human being!

The Circle of Poison being those with the Satanic mind creating more like themselves and having a leader of a school of thought do their thinking for them; AKA schizophrenic.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Atrazine the most widely used herbicide and is found in all rural groundwater what is it 08 30 2013

Atrazine the most widely used herbicide and is found in all rural groundwater what is it 08 30 2013

I heard on the radio that the Chemical Atrazine is found present in all rural groundwater, so I had to see what it was.

The European Union banned its use there in 2004 because of its persistance in groundwater.  How long does it take to degrade in groundwater???  I have not found the answer to that yet.

Atrazine at Wikipedia

But the simple answer of what it is found here:

Hydrogen Cyanide at Wikipedia

"Hydrogen Cyanide has been absorbed into a carrier for use as a pesticide.  Under IG Farben's brand name Zyklon was used in Nazi concentration camp murders during the Holocaust."

Okay I just want to say one thing, those that make this should have never been given a chemistry set, limited liability nor entrance into the United States!

Remember this is the most commonly used herbicide in the United States.

What farmers have told me is that the gene for a herbicide is placed directly in corn seed.  Now there is no gene for hydrogen cyanide, right?  So is it in some molecular form placed in the corn?  Corn farmers tell me that they no longer have to apply herbicide because it is in the corn.  Without doing the tracing and just looking at the logic based on premise that ...

There are 76 million pounds of it applied every year!

I do not know what the remedy to Zyclone B poisoning was or what it contained.  But here is what I have found regarding degradation of Atrazine.  "Atrazine is susceptible to rapid transformation in the presence of reduced iron-bearing soil clays, such as ferruginous smectites."  What does that mean exactly?  How do you reduce an Iron-bearing soil clay?  It looks to be disinforming terminology??? Ferruginous means IRON. 

Smectites   (smectite reference)  are types of clays to which montmorillonite and  ( Montmorillonite reference ) and Saponite  (Saponite Reference). 

So per my laymen translation it is iron rich clay.  So where the groundwater is in contact with iron rich clay it Atrazine might be reduced more quickly.

But here is something very interesting.  Just yesterday I was at Lake Michigan fishing.  It was hot and I scooped up some water to drench my head and back with.  What did I smell in the water?  IRON!  I have never smelled that in the water before.  Now granted I was near some rebar that was rusting in concrete but I don't believe it would be that concentrated in the water next to it in with the waves coming in.  Which leads me to the question is Iron being added to the water to denature Atrazine?

Like I say a lot of this is speculation.

So if you poison our water do you also have a time frame for conquest of the United States?  And who are the companies that produce atrazine, the most widely used herbicide in the United States?

But what else regarding Atrazine? "It's endocrine disrupter effects, possible carcinogen effect, and epidemiological connection to low sperm levels in men has led several researchers to call for banning it in the U.S."  Endocrine can be thought to mean hormone system.  So if you believe my theory of sperm dominating egg to a high degree causing a male to be born instead of a female (loose description of theory) then you come to the conclusion that 1 in 54 boys being born with autism in contrast to 1 in 252 girls being born with autism has to do with weakened sperm.  Rhetorical conclusion with start of paragraph.

There are also links to it and feminization.

There are also linkages to ectopic programmed cell death in tadpoles.

Farmers have also told me that when they used to apply herbicides they would get it on their arms and get a rash.  I have also heard that rural communities today are said to have much lower IQ's.  And what else have I heard?  That investment bankers out east are buying up as much farmland in the U.S. as they can.

We might have to make some changes and take away's???

Ethylamine is used in the production of Atrazine and it is produced by the combination of ethanol (corn alcohol, used in gasoline) and Amonia in the presence of an oxidative catalyst.

Isopropylamine is also part of the production of Atrazine.  It is also used in the production of chemical weapons.

Isopropylamine reference at wikipedia

So if it is in your corn it is also in your corn syrup that forms the basis of your soft drinks???  I spoke with a gal that works at a grocery store and she told me that whenever she drinks soda with corn syrup in it her hips ache and flare up.  Am I the only one that believes her?  Am I the only one that thinks this is the reason.  Short hand chemistry it is Isopropyl alcohol with amonia in the presence of nickel or copper.  You can look those two up.  ~ the chemical weapon sarin gas.

If you have ever talked to a chemist you will find out that they try and make you feel less intelligent than a car salesman tries to.  I can tell you that everyone of them that I met, and I met and worked with quite a few of them,  loathed me in the same manner as Satan loathed Jesus Christ!!!!!

A specialty chemist will look at you and tell you that it is all organic chemistry and you don't know anything, etc. etc.

Have you seen children that are born with what can only be described as  newt wood eyes?  

I want to know who was the expert that approved this for use in the United States?  I want to know who allowed in the U.S. after it was banned by the European Union!!!

search for who makes it

It is made by Syngenta a Swiss Agrochemical company.
Norvatis is the largest producer it is a Swiss Company.  About Novartis

I find this very disturbing!!!  What else do I know?  That schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world committed by those who hear the thoughts of the schizophrenic and can't stand it.  Isn't that nice, I am walking on a merry path in oxygen rich woods and there are people that are cursing at me because I was not born with the compromised hippocampus of the Satanic?

Atrazine has been used for over 50 years by farmers in the U.S.  It is used on golf courses too.  I was always short of breath on golf courses, always!!!

Anybody make the connection here?  This oxygen depriving chemical was first used in WWI?  Then during WWII we had people gone completely mad and angry at others?  My speculation is that it caused birth defects or hippocampus damage to people in Germany.  After all how do you become a voyeur like Adolf Hitler was said to be by the art institute that rejected him for painting his naked niece as an entry?  A voyeur being one that see's the thoughts of others in his mind rather than basing his decisions on his own memory?  And one cannot base decisions on their own memory if they have a damaged hippocampus. And one of the ways a hippocampus is damaged is through oxygen deprivation to the brain.  And if that isn't what hydrogen cyanide does I don't know what I am doing here on earth.  It halts cellular respiration by interfering with your blood iron.

If I don't go fishing tomorrow I am going to take an Iron pill before I go and work out with free weights.

What would my personal recommendations be?  Drink nothing with corn syrup.  Filter all your water in two different ways.  Just dig those dandelions out in the spring.  Something about how we need a new laundry detergent that is environmentally sound and still gets are clothes cleaned and not ruined.  Evict everyone involved in the Chemistry and Pharmaceutical industries from the United States.  Evict all members of the lineage of alcohol and tobacco families from the United States. I don't know, if we can't evict you because no one will take you what do we do about you to prevent you from screwing us up again?  Gee we ask you to promise not to right?  Bomb chemical plants into the ground in Switzerland and Germany.  Don't drink alcohol for the exact same reasons.  Put solar panels on your rooftop and generate your own electricity.  And all women should supplement with iron five days before their menstruation to two days after.

Do I know that there are high ranking officials in the United States government who know what I am writing is true? Yes I do!

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Mafia Freak Children 08 30 2013

Mafia Freak Children 08 30 2013

Okay you will probably nail me to the cross for this one but somebody had to publish the truth.

One in 88 children is born with autism today.  The percent with Autism for boys is One in 54 for girls it is One in 252.

They no longer call it mental retardation but the fact that it costs $60,000.00 a year to take care of one tells a different story!

What we know about alcohol is that even in very small amounts it causes birth defects.  Those birth defects are usually linked to the hippocampus area of the brain.  The hippocampus is responsible for establishing memories of what one is told and is supposed to learn.  The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is damaged in Fetal Alcohol syndrome.

There are 3,953,590 babies born in the United States every year.

That means that 44,927 are born with autism.

The fact that it affects boys more than girls means that their is likely something wrong with men's sperm!  And I am going on the theory of sperm dominating egg makes a male.  So if one drinks ones sperm may indeed be tainted to autism.  But more likely than that over just a few generations there has been a weakening of the vitality of human beings being able to reproduce.  Not only does alcohol affect this but all forms of air and water pollution.

Why did I title this article Mafia Freak Children?  Because it was the Mafia that defeated Prohibition!!!

You can thank them for every disease that has been linked to alcohol as well as drunk driving accidents, an unemployable work force, etc, etc. 

So you are going to have to make the decision a man would with regard to the issue.  And it does not involve retribution to someone that wasn't afraid to tell you the truth.  That is an epidemic number of people.

They say that they do not know the cause of it?  Baloney.  You can tell that they spend very little money of the research of it compared with the cost of treating it that they know exactly what causes it.

Rather than break the news to you they changed the terminology of the disorder so that you would not be offended.  They made it politically correct.  What President of the United States had this done?

You want to know how big a problem it is?  Do an internet search and try and find out how many children in total have autism in the United States, good luck finding that number.

I read in the paper the other day that two special education teachers walked off the job just before the school year is about to start.  What does that tell me?  That no one has the patience to teach these children!!!!  So what happens next?  You can hire someone to take care of them in your home or you will have to take care of them yourself.  And that means you will not be able to keep your job in the heavy polluting Corporate world.

I wonder how many parents that have autistic children believe that if they had another child that it too would be autistic or normal.  Another question I would ask is do autistic children pose a risk to normal children in the neighborhood?  The answer is quite simple isn't it?  Bullying is at epidemic proportions too.  Are their children that are bullies who should also be diagnosed as being autistic?  All of them should!  If all of them had been the United States would have never been bullied to end Prohibition.

And I know of plenty of Italians that can not stand alcohol!  God bless them!

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Anyone Catch that the new Casino in Racine would boost the employment numbers for Republican Paul Ryan?

Anyone Catch that the new Casino in Racine would boost the employment numbers for Republican Paul Ryan?

Think of it when you here him bragging next time there is an election.

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Oblivion A Cappella Album Notes and links

Oblivion The condition of being completely forgotten.  A capella- singing in the manner of the church, it has the feel of country and soul.  A Cappella music without the use of instruments- the power of pure voice.  Concept: music is pure voice.

Oblivion A Cappella CD Notes 07 10 2013
At one point in history there was a conflict between what was considered music; pure singing versus singing with background instruments.  Up to that point pure voice was considered the standard.  The spontaneity of these recordings is evidence of that conflict today.  That conflict can be thought of more as a competition.    One stands on it’s own for better or worse and therefore more legitimacy whereas the other proclaims a team is needed to make music, and the influence of the lack of vocal talent is masked.
All of my music has some element of religious exposition and the divided soul in it.  The mental illness that is really a form of demonization.  Shouldn’t have taken money for my Catholic School Education if you didn’t want me to relate the validity of my personal experience from it as learned from reading the Bible.  Songs come to me as an expression of my life and work experience.  Lyrics come to me like the cool breeze at the end of a hot day that reconciles what one has done as a form of reward?
Track 1 Tiny Clover  This song is about Ireland.  And the cold hearted from the west that encroached upon it and colonized it.  It is from the point of view of the innocent asking the question or the reflective comparison of what is not as great as what was?  That which is Irish and yet does not have the same substance as Irish!
Track 2 Granny Freak This song illustrates the validity of personal experience those with the divided soul face in life.  It is about a woman that speaks to the child in her womb while at the same time mocking the life of a man.  The Irish were once said to have had a conflict with a race of women?
Track 3 Moaning With Wilson A song meant to be humorous; an operatic parody.
Track 4 Florist Leach  A song about being approached by a woman that had been drinking on the beach.
Track 5 Mrs. Barrels Roadblocks  This is a song that reflects how fragments of a divided self covet the dependence they would like to keep imposed on the divided self.
Track 6 Your Projects A song about the reality of those that did not have a father to imprint them in a loving manner with basic skills.  My father was a Tech 5 Sergeant in the Army Corp of Engineers.
Track 7 Resentment of Ability This is a song about jealousy and how far some people will go to maintain a delusion of false superiority.
Track 8 Lord Comes Down  This is a song about the honor system and how one believes in themselves even when the odds are against them.  A belief in oneself and how a higher power or sense of God keeps one striving to achieve greatness and the comparison to those that one knows are a fraud.
Track 9 Mean Daughter One wonders what makes the mean daughter and this song asks the question.
Track 10 Nooky Nook  A hokey and kitsch parody of polkas you might here sung at a wedding.
Track 11 Ruined Good This song is about women and their makeup and how water color paintings tend to run.  Spite against the painter.  Ode to Van Gogh or da Vinci?  A balancing act of the painter to the yin force that believes it is the hidden influence for the painting.
Track 12 Dominican This song has the feel of the nuns that dance with roller skates under their long dresses.  But more important than that it is how some souls are coveted and the people are not to marry for fear of losing a connection and life failure.
Track 13 Old Master
Track 14 Son of Man
Track 15 Granny Fieldcorns Boy  This song relates the nature of the school bully.  And how an urban bully is much the same as a rural one.
Track 16 High in the Tree
Track 17 Wayside Nuns A fictional song portraying how one from an unknown side of religion might experience life or odd discipline in the Church or lack of it.
Track 18 Cherry Cheeks  This is a song about the children who are overweight fat in the face and also mean.
Track 19 Mocked This is a song that reveals the nature of false authority.
Track 20 Elohim A song about the name of the Jewish God that is never to be mentioned. I said it!
Track 21 God She Loved My Soul a song about the nature of God.
Track 22 Love and Hate  This is a song about how different people view love and hate.  A young woman once said to me, “Hate is too close to love.”  On years of thought about the matter I sang this song.
Track 23 Nobody Like Me  A song about how some people feel different in our world today.  As if the times have changed for them in a way that they should not have.  Living in a reality of unreality whereby most people you meet lack basic common sense.  As if one is living in the present of an odd future lost in chaos.
Track 24 I Need You
Track 25 The Dead This is a song about the divided soul.  It is like the cat that waits with the baby for the chance to smother it?  Or the divided self that mocks the worker and then leaves the soul when the work is done; as if it too was a worker. A delusion of fragments of self as being self?  Or indeed negative imprints of self leaving the self after a mocked day of work.
Track 26 Keep Away This is a song about the plight of minds that seek to become faster than that of the divided self.  In an odd effort to get ahead in life.  A validity of personal experience.  An exposition of how shadow people would like to defeat the human soul in order to trade places with one.

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Self Defense against someone who is not of the legal capacity to make their own decisions 08 30 2013 Update #3

Self Defense against someone who is not of the legal capacity to make their own decisions.

Should the liability to a human being be the same with regard to them killing someone of legal capacity to make decisions for themselve’s as it is with regard to someone that is not of legal capacity to make decisions for themselve’s. (Them’s Elf’s)
What happens when a man drinks alcohol?  Two things, first his brain becomes deprived of oxygen and second his testosterone peaks!  If that is not the recipe for worldwide violence and conflict I don’t know what is!!!
Is there any difference between someone who can be considered permanently not of legal capacity to make their own decisions and someone that has self induced themselves to be temporarily of not of legal capacity to make their own decisions?  I would say that there isn’t!
Okay so I haven’t sold you on my idea yet concerning alcohol drinkers because everybody is believed to do it.  But should that be the standard?  Should the standard be that people are allowed to test how good they are at making decisions for the rest of us while they are deprived of oxygen to the brain and also having peaked testosterone- and hence aggression?
Okay so that isn’t clear.  What about someone who has injected themselves with heroin and comes after you?  That is more clear isn’t it!  But should there be any practical difference between the two?
Now let’s say they are hopped up on the mind altering LSD and they come after you?  Now it is very clear isn’t it?  But are not the two previous drugs also mind altering?  Of course they are!
Were we born and given life to seek to find forms of escapism from life?  It is like wanting to be dead isn’t it?  To take the pain of life’s memories away is indeed the nature of drug users?  Would it not be better if they were forced to “bite the bullet” and society as a whole was forced to confront the issues with regard to them?  Solve that problem so we can get on with a better vision of the future.  Should we not seek to solve the problems that affect everything before we can branch forth and address the problems caused by them?  That is how a man confronts problem solving.  My dad might have liked to call it pragmatism.
Okay so that is one issue.  But let me ask you this, “How much is the debt of the nation and where did it come from?”   It is in the trillions.  Should we not worry about it just as we worry about paying off a car or house?  We don’t, do we!!!! We worry about it on a personal level but not on a national level.  Why?  It has to do with us believing ourselves as a nation to be of greater capacity than other nations?  Is that still a valid belief?  I can hear you already I am not patriotic.  Would it not be the responsible thing to do as a nation of men to make sure that we always lead the world by integrity so that we can truly always compare ourselves to be better than other nations?  I am saying no one is guarding that gate.  When I was an Associate Analyst in Equity Research I attended many conferences for publicly held corporations and corporations planning to go public.  At all of those meetings alcohol was indeed served.  Does it make any sense at all for the banking function of the United States to be made by individuals who have chosen to be of compromised legal capacity to make decisions?  Stand back and think about this!!!  How many managements of United States Corporations have gone bankrupt because of they made the choice to function under compromised legal capacity?  I could name names but I won’t.
Does not the management of a corporation have the fiduciary duty to make decisions based on a non-compromised legal capacity?
And what is it when they do seal deals or whatever and make agreements based on a compromised legal capacity?  Are they not celebrating their inability to make decisions?  Isn’t that a mockery of United States Capital and our dollar!!!  Yes it is!
Can there be some function whereby the management of a Corporation can be removed because they are making decisions for shareholders based on a compromised legal capacity?  Would that not improve our competitive position with foreign nations?  How would we do that?  All those expense reports could be audited.  This person bought a drink and made this decision that bankrupted the Corporation.  This person bought a drink every day and the company went bankrupt.  I sound like a sissy don’t I?
Now let’s say that for some unrevealed reason a child was raised to be of adult age and not have to make decisions based of their own volition.  Maybe he sat on his grandmother’s lap while she taught him how to be a witch boy by mumbling to him through a jaw full of syphilis.  Let’s say you are go out for a run and there is that adult waiting for you.  Somehow because of his grandmothers jawbone teaching he knows where you will be.  And for some reason he believes that you are responsible for his day not going peachy? (All per a tradition of family teaching.)  Is that person not dangerous?  Is he/she not a closet member of our society that poses a great and unpredictable risk to the rest of us?  Has that person indeed had to adapt to a hippocampus that was damaged because of alcohol during conception?
When I was a boy we visited a family friend’s house.  They had two mentally retarded children.  If I say that they pulled my hair and tried to bite me is it fair to me to say that they attacked me?  And indeed they smelled like a viral cesspool of diarrhea germs from their mouths.
Now I have brought up various scenarios to think about.  Here is another one.  Let’s say that you are attacked by a person with an IQ of 50?
Is someone’s IQ lower when they are abusing substances?  If a person’s reaction time is less is not a function of lower IQ.  It takes them ten seconds for the fist to be headed your way instead of one?
Okay now the devil’s advocate (defense lawyers) defense to all of this in court.  But what if you had a pirateer dictator that poisoned the conception of everyone to be born exactly that way?  Then they should be the one killed in defense before they create more.  But what if those born under their rule were not smart enough to even know what happened to them?  “I was just born this way!  Everyone was except you.”  They might say, which means that you are the oddball?
Now let’s say that a man has an IQ of 50 and is drunk and you are attacked by him?  Should a drunk with an IQ of 50 be allowed to have children?  Are we all to act like it is the greatest thing in the world to happen?  Like having to attend the “Lord of the flies” grade school birthday, buy them a present and sing happy birthday to them?  Isn’t that exactly what we see on the television set?
I do not believe that the law reflects the nature of a hidden reality.
Now this is what happened to me two nights ago.  I got home from fishing with my boat late and night.  There was a skinny man with curly hair hiding in the bushes across the street from my house.  He popped out of those bushes with a German Shepherd and it was headed across the street to attack me before he pulled back on the leash.
When a human being is attacked by a dog how can we not say that is deadly force?  How can we not say the owner is responsible and also a participant to deadly force?  I do not believe that any human being should ever be attacked by a dog.  I also believe that when a dog bites a person that person changes because of the DNA in the plaque of the dog’s teeth!  I have seen many people that are very lethargic for the entire rest of their lives after being bitten by a dog!  And in Nazi Germany they used dogs to hunt Jews?  They do not belong on the United States police force.  They have not abated the drug problem because it has not been abated.  I also believe that people who have lifetime low grade sickness and dullness have it because they have a dog or cat in the house.   My father believed the same thing that pets should never be kept in the house.  I agree with him!
Now to play the devil’s advocate.  What happens if a person is drugged unknowingly with LSD and they become violent are killed by someone defending themselves or the public.  It was not their fault?  Can we indeed say that the intent of their behavior might always be consistent with their will?  Can we say that they might have been compromised in some other way in order for them to become violent with that igniting element?  So indeed there would appear to be a base level problem that needs to be addressed?  A man might stand back and take a look at this one and say the way to prevent it is with very stiff sentences for those that are found producing such chemicals- like death!  Can you buy it at a pharmacy with a prescription?  Are their drugs you could buy at a pharmacy with a prescription that would do the same thing to a person?
Now let’s say that Grandmothers bad wisdom tooth child is waiting for you at the end of the block with the German shepherd, the bulldog or whatever?  He is quite clever isn’t he?  That is a lifetime bully that got clever isn't it?  It wasn’t him that attacked you it was his dog off the leash!  Not his fault at all.  A little secret, when the owner of the dog doesn’t’ like you the dog doesn’t either!  Should any citizen of the United States ever be subjected to that?
It is an issue that we are going to have to address.  Autism is indeed said to be at epidemic proportions.  I would hesitate a guess to say it is higher in Wisconsin the beer state and California the wine state.  You can do all of that you want but you don’t have the right to be aggressive to those that do not believe in it?  And if you don’t believe in it doesn’t it really mean that YOU believe in peace?
Now what if those who did not have the legal capacity to make their own decisions became the majority rule of the United States?  What if a child was born that wasn’t?  They would be highly envious of him.  What if the decided to victimize him?  What if through some form of witchcraft their minds with damaged hippocampus’s, thereby unable to process memories of their own, saw scenes of his/her life through their minds eye.  Now let’s say they were that way their entire life.  Now if someone is indeed that way their entire life is it fair to say that they do not have the legal capacity to make their own decisions?  I contend that people who are labeled schizophrenic are indeed victims of such a race of people. 
Okay you don’t believe in the context of the argument because of the last paragraph.  But let me ask you this, would you want your children to be confronted by the archetype of person mentioned in the majority of this article?  Maybe on several historical occasions you have already knowingly chosen to have them elected as leaders of the free world?

Under current law you are just as guilty for a verdict against you in defending yourself against this archetype of a person compared to one that is of the legal capacity to make their own decisions.  

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 08 30 2013 at:

PS.  If you have ever seen a German Shepherd rear up on its hind legs at you, you know for a fact pepper spray is not a viable option to stopping one!