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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gay Marriage The Constitution and Natural Selection 09 10 2014

The reason we have the gay marriage issue is because a lower faction of our Government made public policy based on marriage.

Should every individual have to prepare their own tax return? Hence a man makes the money and a woman declares none in a marriage? That would be anti working family, you know the kind that plans on having children and raising them to be good people compatible with living under the Constitution!

Marriage is really an act of religion and hence congress can make no law that respects it! But there were made laws through the Treasury and tax code concerning it!  So in effect it was the spoiled child putting forth its will and tugging on the purse strings of the Constitution and our Freedom in that manner!  Per our Constitution none of those laws are legal! Why? Because they respect religion!

I don't believe a gay couple who will teach their children about the sodomy, fellatio and cunnilingus should receive a tax break under the qualification of marriage! Marriage is male and female; the founding fathers did need to debate on it! It is like saying we need to legalize elephants living in our homes with us? It is so absurd a concept with regard to the Constitution that they never would have believed it would have ever come up as an issue!

The integrity of this country was founded by MEN and the laws written by MEN! It is not for the criminal or defective minded. And the label of schizophrenia does not mean you are criminal minded or defective minded it means you are a victim of those who are that should never be living among us! That thing with a 20% smaller brain size that is also mentally defective at birth believes it is better to torture than to kill! She would create a mentally defective person by drinking alcohol during pregnancy and then expect to receive a national award when she teaches what will always be a defective and therefore potentially dangerous person because of that brain structure, how to speak. Sure you might not see the bad brain structure right, it might occur little by little over time like it is today!

So the problem here is that we have made laws that respect religion and those laws are illegal!

She has to chose a much more trustworthy partner in marriage when there can be no laws written that respect it; doesn't she! And that favors rule by intelligence in natural selection doesn't it! And that preserves the beauty of humanity! And it works the other way to, doesn't it! If no one chooses her to marry natural selection has done its job hasn't it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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