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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween: Halloween 2016 in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin 10 30 20...

Halloween: Halloween 2016 in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin 10 30 20...: Halloween 2016 in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin 10 30 2016 There is a small park where I live in Whitefish Bay right across from the Whitefish ...

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Religion is providing a false sense of happiness in the afterlife or a second life to those born mentally defective in this life

Religion is providing a false sense of happiness in the afterlife or a second life to those born mentally defective in this life directly due to the pagan drug of religion alcohol.

If they didn't promise you happiness later on they would not be able to fend off the retribution of causing you to be mentally retarding in this life.

So what happens to those born mentally defective in this life?  What do they need and desire?  They need a REFERENCE to what happiness will be like in an afterlife or second life.  So who do they choose?  Someone that was born normal in this life!  Someone who made all the requirements to a right of passage to manhood or womanhood!  And they label that person a schizophrenic.

A false sense of reference is created in this manner:  "That man there."..."Or that boy there." ..."Is what you will be like in the afterlife or a second life Johnny!" said the single mother or dolt father.

But what else do they do that is degrades the human race?  They state that we are all born in sin, and that Jesus died for all of our sins past present and future.  Now what does that provide for?  An endless stream of profits to the legal system by those who were tempted by it and those who were born confused and mentally defective again, from the drug of religion alcohol.


So Sarah in the Bible took slaves to replenish her life.  How does that work?  The beast of a person watches everything you do in its minds eye because it can't form its own conscience.  And why does it like to bother you while you are working?

Because if you are happy and relaxed while you are working it becomes miserable because it feels like it is working!  And it must be absolutely unbearable to them!  Every second of every day!  When you relax while you are working it, the living beast, no longer feels a sense of ownership of you or possession of you.  (Another word for that form of possession is demonic possession!) It no longer has that sense false sense of REFERENCE of happiness in the afterlife or a second life!  Delusion built upon delusion.  And that is very dangerous to that person.

It amazes me how a lowly employee for a brewery can afford to live in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin, but they do and in large houses too!  Someone like that, someone who promotes a life of painful mental retardation pagan sin, shouldn't make more money than a teacher.  And Rabbi is indeed the word for teacher.

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At some point in their lives, perhaps intuitively they always know, that happiness is never going to come their way.  So what do they resort to?  Victimizing that person of reference!  And that is why someone labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud is up to 13x times more likely to be a victim of violence than a perpetrator of it.  But that person who is taught to live off the mind of that person of reference might even believe themselves to be a real normal human being victimized in schizophrenia!  Not even close!  But I wonder if some of them claim to be disabled because of that?  And indeed that is listed in the DSM, having thoughts in your head that are not your own.  Believe you me I would like to keep my thoughts private to myself.  I would never try and graft or imprint them on a mentally defective person against that persons will.  I didn't do this to you the alcohol religion did!

But when the truth cannot provide a sense of personal happiness Satan is necessitated to believe in delusion of self based on delusion of self.  Eventually all of those dead ends in that persons life lead it to the confused state of Alzheimers. And indeed there is reference to that happening in the Dead Sea Scrolls.  But wouldn't it be great if we had a way to prescreen them to keep them out of the government of our democracy and the management of our workforce and the education of our citizens and the adjudication of our people, and the Healthcare of them?