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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Our Currency is going to end up about as much worth as a banana peel 04 30 2015

Our Currency is going to end up about as much worth as a banana peel  04 30 2015

How many teachers did that mentally retarded kid give a nervous breakdown to? 04 30 2015

With Regard to Fraudulent Representations 04 30 2015

With Regard to Fraudulent Representations 04 30 2015

What should be illegal can and always will be made illegal!

What should be a legal action can and always will be made a legal action!

The infantile minded need to see it that way as of yesterday!

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Frank Psychosis what is that? It is when you say something so truthful it makes the retard cry 04 30 2015

Frank Psychosis what is that?  It is when you say something so truthful it makes the retard cry 04 30 2015

Nothing can be more American than that!

That is exactly why we have freedom of speech!

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Validate the Drunks Runt Son as Royalty in the United States or you don't get ahead in life 04 30 2015

Validate the Drunks Runt Son as Royalty in the United States or you don't get ahead in life 04 30 2015

Validate the Drunks Runt Son as Royalty in the United States or you don't get ahead in life; that is what Corporate America is today!

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So we have those who torture in the United States 04 30 2015

So we have those who torture in the United States 04 30 2015

It carries a lifetime prison sentence even though it should be the death penalty!  Somehow George Bush propagandized it so that he would have immunity from sentencing?

And what if there are foreign ethnics here who have tortured United States Citizens?

It means we have to take control of the foreign nations that they are from as if they were prison camps!

And they will be getting off light because a Crime Against Humanity has a sentencing of the death penalty in most nations in the world.

Not one infantile minded Supreme Court Justice is able recognize that George Bush committed a crime deserving of life in prison?  You are a crying shame!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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How can you send a man guilty of stealing a loaf of bread 04 30 2015 updated

How can you send a man guilty of stealing a loaf of bread  04 30 2015

How can you send a man guilty of stealing a loaf of bread into a gay boy drug freak prison without a gun?

That is illegal because it is cruel and unusual punishment and therefore unconstitutional.  And I don't really care what some 90% mental capacity supreme court judge has to say about it as being standard.  If that is what the most intelligent women in this country believe then they should have never been granted the right to vote; much less hold a position of judge on the Supreme Court.

That Presidential candidate named Carson declared that a lot of black men come out of prison gay.

So how does it happen?  How is a man converted to homosexuality in prison?  It is a vile female concept isn't it?  And then to make the airy assertion that it is normal?  You are filth and a crying shame in one!

Nothing illustrate the defect of cognition between women and real men more than this issue!

And yes it is my belief system that a man always has the right to protect himself from being effeminate via the use of deadly force!  Alway's and without judgment or being subject to the least of due process!  That is my belief and you are not going to get cute with me and force me to take a narcotic (psychiatric drug) because of it.

I know that a lot of you only got to where you are because of the network of family connections and it really shows because of your infantile personalities.

The standard should never be where can we place my spoiled daughter in a position of importance!  A world of men operates on right of passage, that means that you rise to the level of being a man by accomplishing what a man is expected to know.  Ie. You don't get to be an investment banker without the ability to type.  You don't get to be an engineer without ever once using a wrench to tighten an oil pan plug.  Get it?  When you leapfrog you do not represent the world of men but the world of the infantile minded queer!

Should a cold hearted apathetic dog faced woman that condones homosexuality ever be allowed to work in a male prison?  Never!

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So once in there Big Moe  crushes their testicles and the lack of testosterone makes them effeminate and more likely to be homosexually seduced?

I can hear her already that is just normal interaction.  No take it out of that context...view it as if it were the only punishment alone and it is cruel and unusual.  Now put it back in the context of being incarcerated with homosexuals and it is doubly cruel and unusual and therefore unconstitutional.  The person stealing the loaf of bread can likely be reformed but the Big Moe never can, so it is a waste of money and ineffective punishment!


Banning all Cock Suckers and Sodomite Recipients from Professional Sports 04 30 2015 updated

Banning all Cock Suckers and Sodomite Recipients from Professional Sports 04 30 2015

Why the because of the semen containing testosterone (and other concentrated life energy factors) not endogenous to individual.  It amounts to the use of steroids!  And because steroids are illegal and should be it also means that acts of homosexuality involving semen "reception" should also be illegal.

No proud and brave American son should ever be drawn to a career like that in not only false competition but mandated homosexuality as a means to compete.

That is supposed to be professional behavior and teamwork?  As yourself how those people would work together if put in the same factory?  Violent outbursts, etc..  You get it, there a national shame!


I also have a problem with overly aggressive women in the workforce.  Is a straight laced "Virgin Mary" supposed to compete with a semen sucking whore on a dance team?  That isn't fair and also a national shame!

And there is a quote in the Bible somewhere, those who sleep with the same ______are all of the same mind and those who sleep with the same___________are all of the same body.

There is also a quote in the Quran whereby they assert that they fortified Jesus Christ with their Holy Spirit.  I don't like the sound of it! It sounds like they thought that if they talked to him in his head that they transferred energy to him?  Very similar to where it tells that Jesus was tempted by Demons after his incident with John the Baptist.

By this same definition do you see how all performance enhancer (testosterone) users are really cock suckers?  Let me put it this way.  Adolf Hitler took a pill made from German Soldiers feces in order to cure a stomach ailment.  That is right they defecated in buckets.  It is the exact same gestalt of product and use isn't it! 

And I know that hammer headed socialite aristocrat has no other dream for their child than to play a fairy game for work.  Can you imagine a little boy believing that when he picks up his baseball bat and glove that he is really going to work?  What a spoiled delusion!  "Where are you going after school?" asks his dog faced mother.  "I am going off to work."  "Don't forget to bring the new glove and bat your father bought you.  I have dry cleaned and pressed shirt for you on the doorknob for you too!"   Tell me how that isn't an infantile minded son that always will be that way?


What is and should be the penalty for making a fraudulent representation as a Supreme Court Justice?  At the very least confiscation of all personal assets as in racketeering.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Humor 04 29 2015

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Humor 04 29 2015: Humor 04 29 2015 So if you don't buy the fertilizer with the weed killer in it do they add dandelion seed to it? Thomas Paul Murphy...

Humor 04 29 2015

Humor 04 29 2015

So if you don't buy the fertilizer with the weed killer in it do they add dandelion seed to it?

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What is Normal and what is Religion

What is Normal and what is Religion


  1. Conforming to a norm, standard, regular....
  2. The unusual average state, level, etc...”

ISBN 0-7172-4535-7 The New Lexicon Webster's Dictionary of the English Language 1987

Homosexuality is not normal for the human race. The human race is a heterosexual reproduction race that means that Homosexuality is not the usual or average state!

And just because your mother raises you to be a homosexual doesn't mean it is normal.

When you give special rights to the abnormal you violate the rights of the normal guarantied in the Constitution.


Man's expression of his acknowledgement of the divine.

A system of practices relating to the sacred and uniting its adherents in a community.

Something which has a powerful hold on a persons way of thinking, interests, etc.”

ISBN 0-7172-4535-7 The New Lexicon Webster's Dictionary of the English Language 1987

Under this definition all religions today that sell alcohol are null and void because the human mind is the most sacred thing that there is and alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere. Also any religion that promotes the use of drugs is not a religion per that same violation of the sacred and divinity of the normal human mind. An addictive substance has a powerful hold on a persons way of thinking however it is an artificial hold and not a belief system of the pure unaltered human mind. To get a person addicted to drugs is not a religion even the most argumentative debate club member knows that! It's criminal activity!

You do not want freedom from religion you want a belief system that is religious and negates all other fraudulent religions! To declare freedom from religion is the equivalent of saying you want freedom from a belief system. What you really want is the power of that which isn't truly religion to disappear from a democracy. In fact when you state that you want freedom from religion it really is a religious belief. What you do not want is to attack the Constitution that allows the right to practice religion. What you really need is to disqualify that which is not religion from being classified as it.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I go downstairs to my bandsaw and cut at toy gun out of wood and sell it for $10 online. I don't see how it can ever be said I did something wrong

Theme: A bad person driven insane through the ineffectiveness of their own meanness! 04 28 2015

There is one BANK that has NEVER issued me a credit card 04 28 2015

There is one BANK that has NEVER issued me a credit card  04 28 2015

And it is the same bank that used the actor, in commercials, that starred in horror movie where a couple visit Chicago and everything turns out wrong from them!  And no one wanted to help them.

I want that bank to lose its charter!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Hubris is the Voice Hearers best weapon against the 6od's 04 28 2015

Hubris is the Voice Hearers best weapon against the 6od's 04 28 2015

(Plus bonus article “What is Hebephrenic?”

You have heard the phrase, “Hubris is the enemy of the Gods,” and now I will tell you why.

It is never that you don't like “you” but the odd freak that is with you that doesn't want you to like you. Their energy pattern will even change your facial appearance! Just look at the before and after hearing voices photo comparisons! Your appearance will even change from being forced to hear a “different” voice! (We are getting into what the Catholic faith asserts when they say they gave Jesus all their pain and suffering! To give means to transfer.

Always know that they are with you because you are good and normal and that is what they seek to be.

Hubris or Pride brings your original appearance back to you! Pride is not a sin, it is the true reward for PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and achievement! To call it a sin means that you Envy personal development because you feel that you cannot. So in effect one who asserts pride is a sin bears false witness against themselves. And there are indeed those who were given everything in life who have false pride, false pride is a sin.

But HUBRIS brings your original appearance back to you and that is why it is the enemy of the 6ods. I use the spelling 6od's to make an emphatic point.

In ancient history non heathenized rabbis (means teacher) marked the mentally retarded on the forehead first with






Then they cut it off so the person would die.

6od is bad scribing penmanship for 666. That is a retard! 6Od or God therefore is a mentally retarded or heathenized person!!!!


Or another interpretation might be the “good” the Rabbi's sought to victimize in order to use as learning muses! And this is indeed consistent with the son's of darkness from the Dead Sea Scrolls. But in this case God means true human and better! (How many psychiatrists are Jewish or Jewish equivalent today?)


Either way the gestalt is a retard learning directly from a human soul.

So take a deep breath and feel HUBRIS; it kills them for it is the enemy of the 6od's!

As you do this the voices will resort to humor to prevent you from staying in the brain wave of Hubris!

The U.S. Is not being managed like a democracy but rather a “Collecterate!”

Perhaps all Government functions throughout the world accept social security to those who hear voices need to be eliminated! Now that is HUBRIS! The people who believe in the exact opposite of that receive millions of dollars in political handouts/gifts!


Your human reason and human conscience are the essence of human life and that is why they are drawn to you and to possessing it! To prove that they are better through cheating? Your very existence threatens every fiber of their self esteem! By defeating you and your human mind through attrition they attempt to prove a lesser species/animal; is better! If they had what you have cognitively they would not need to bother you (molest your mind.)

Only about 1 to 2% of us and our honest families belong here! The parasite hates itself and transfers all aggression from that self hatred onto you! Again the Catholic faith declaring what a scapegoat is for at virtually every mass!


Can you remember when someone was jealous of you as a child? Can you remember when the parent of another child expressed jealousy towards you? In adult life this same archetype of person does to by pretending to fulfill a role better than you do or they want you to believe better than you could!


Bonus article element “What is Hebephrenic?”

It means that you drove those who are talking to you in your head stir crazy for (illegible word) you! You didn't intentionally do this however! It occurred naturally as you strived very hard to maintain the integrity of your human conscience and reason! It is as if they are attempting to slither out of it! In effect they made themselves your own personal comedian by attempting to demonize your mind! Now can you see why they would get so pissed at the dynamic of that that they would have to label you as having a mental illness? They went so crazy that all they can do is say things that you think are hysterical, they made a mental slave of themselves of happiness to you and they want to negate that! They want to empower themselves though the opposite construct; your human mind being a literary (scribe) muse!
The person labeled hebephrenic just reasserted the natural order of normal mind versus defective, good King versus jester, Prophet versus fool; teachers son versus junkie/drunks son.

Special Bonus

Children (in families with a history of hearing voices mental illness) need to develop a special mental dialog for what they do when they are working. Calling tools something silly only in their minds and not verbally. This throws off those who are attempting to ape you while also tempting to verbally better you after aping your mind. A child will come to learn what part of their conscience can indeed be trusted!

A child will often be defeated from the focus of personal accomplishment by the coldness of not being verbally proficient with what they are working at? An adult wanting to intrude into the happiness of the brainwave of the working mind to stifle it? A child doesn't need to articulate a working and relaxed brain wave! To do so would be an unhappy parent stealing their childhood! So whatchamacallit and thinga mo bob are good ways for a child to think of tools while using them and indeed the child knows exactly what they are called and what their names are! However their focus is on the happiness of learning to use tools! Finding a oneness with the physical world rather than depersonalization through labeling? You used the tool better but the pinched nose woman wanted to prove you didn't so she attempts to discredit your verbal ability?

Something like that.

Take a deep breath and feel that Hubris!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Monday, April 27, 2015

African Carribbean Immigrants to the UK have a 6 times higher rate of Schizophrenia 04 27 2015

African Caribbean Immigrants to the UK have a 6 times higher rate of Schizophrenia 04 27 2015

The word that describes the cause is Imperialism.

Now you know that I know that Schizophrenia is medical fraud; the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud.

So what does that amount to?  UK based national racism!

Charles Summers, an American Abolitionist, stated it best in one of his speeches.   To the effect of the slave masters vocabulary coming directly from the minds of his traumatized slaves!

It is relevant in terms of the Dontre Hamilton shooting. 

So if I told you they wanted to eliminate blacks you would ask me why.

My answer would be that Imperialist UK has its sights on the Great Lakes!  And they want to start it in Milwaukee?

Look at the gestalt of this next image:

That is the gestalt of a fat English satanic seeing woman's cork hole.  Right there as a marker in the heart of Milwaukee!

It is orientated as if she has her sights on the Great Lakes.

It is also a British Flag!

The Irish have not had a flag since 1916!  Puts WWI and WWII into perspective.

That orange on the flag signifies Irish traitors to Great Britain!  That is why I have never bought that Irish Flag and I never will!

Match the orange on the Irish flag up to the orange on the British flag sculpture and you get the idea of the satanic money maker they use to take their money as well as conquer nations and men.

Put's the goal of normalizing gay marriage into perspective too.  They want to make it like it is in China whereby a woman doesn't succeed in business unless she has sex with the business mans son.  Accept it is more like the story of Lot where they want to have sex with your son before he makes it; normalization of homosexuality in marriage!

They're here, they're queer and they are full of junk DNA.

The UK has many of those Caribbean Islands as part of their domain.  Indeed they pumped the U.S. full of pot from Jamaica.  The blacks feel a great sense of nationalism with the UK.  UNTIL!  Until they move to England!!!  Then the truth comes out!

So how mentally depraved are the English really?  Due to Queen Victoria's influence on the U.S. all the boy's wore dresses and the girls pants here, until about 1920 when someone had the idea to ban alcohol and sober up the United States.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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If your cognition is reactionary and dependent minded to a human being you should not be officiating in Government

Alberta Lessard looks like a True Saint to me 04 27 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Pro Life Movement promotes Promiscuity 04 26 2015

The Pro Life Movement promotes Promiscuity  04 26 2015

Because it legitimates children born out of wedlock through the mandatory keeping of them; the pregnant mother is made to feel absolutely no shame!  None whatsoever!  Great way to get women voters to vote for you!!!

And what does it mean per the Lutheran religion when if you don't believe in their God you are subject to eternal damnation?  It means you will have the mentally retarded children talking to you in your head.  It means that you refused to pay the Reverend money on Sunday!   And that amounts to extortion doesn't it!  That also makes it s a British/Roman Invasion.

So Scott Walkers dad, a Reverend, believed in the Lord and ended up with Depression in 1996.  What are the odds Scott will get it too?  And what are the statistics of someone with Depression committing suicide?  They are fairly high aren't they.

And we don't know why Scott Walker dropped out of College, could he already have had a bought Depression, just like his father?

So he spends his lifetime trying to prove what can never be true really is true?

But this is who you highly value in the United States?  This is who you would give oodles of money to? 

People want to believe in religion over government?  Why?  Because they can pay for forgiveness in religion versus having to be punished for a crime by Government.  That isn't the worship of Jesus Christ it is the worship of Baal!!

Have you noticed that Great Britain see's this coming already and put up the we don't want any migrant immigrant workers sign?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Quote's of the day 04 26 2015

Quote's of the day  04 26 2015

"How much would we have to pay you to not be criminals?"


When you are out in public and an effeminate male gets rude or crass with you here is a good response,

"I am not the one that was with my mother too long."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The Problem of Non Utilizable Fat 04 26 2015

The Problem of Non Utilizable Fat 04 26 2015

You ever see a fat bear or animal die of a heart attack from overexertion?

But when a fat person diets they almost go into a diabetic comma because for some reason that fat stored in their body isn't utilizable.

So that is the nature of a problem that needs to be addressed from that research standpoint.

Fat being stored energy.  But that human form of stored energy doesn't seem to be utilizable?

Because of toxins from specialty chemicals in our body?  Fat cells sequestering them?

Or perhaps parasites and tape worms?

There is also lower abdomen putting upward pressure on the digestive secretion organs of liver and pancreas and making them not as effective?

Poor circulation from being spoon fed stolen ideas by the zombie television.

They were critiquing Dr. Oz, but Doctor Oz has the right mindset to question the medical community.

Now the body using energy requires a healthy cell mitochondria.  Are there chemical substances that shut down a healthy cell mitochondria and bind to receptor sites of it?  Without a doubt we are inundated with them.

And what did I read that in South Dakota they added Adderall to the drinking water because it made people feel better?  I didn't even look up that chemical!  Some hippie in Government has no right to taint your drinking water, that is a felony to add a foreign substance to food!

Okay one more point on water.

I never understood why they added fluoride to drinking water.  And I have heard every argument and know the basis for those arguments and I still don't get it.  But here is a little note of research that I came upon the other day, when researching arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis (means scarring, and my Aunt had it) and mercury and aluminum poisoning.

I am 48 years old and I couldn't stand it when we went to the aluminum can.  And I couldn't stand it even more when we went to the plastic bottle!

I can't find that piece of research I am looking for but it equates to the symptoms of lyme disease mocking the symptoms of MS.

Reference: (Prescription for Nutritional Healing, second addition, James F. Balch M.D., Phyllis A. Balch C.N.C.)  Specific book identification number ISBN 0-89529-727-2  Great book!  Don't care if you buy it or not, instead go get high on pot, forget to sweep your floor, blame everyone else and die in a accident from impaired depth perception of marijuana use.  They all approve of you.

And the fact that when two chemicals are added together in water they then readily combine in the body to produce something toxic.  And both those two chemicals are added to our water, one of them is fluoride.  And it was started in Nazi Germany.

I will have to look this up and re read from the original train of thought to be able to figure out what it was that I had discovered.  But I don't have time right now, I have to buy some bread to eat for breakfast. 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Chinese Invasion 04 26 2015

Chinese Invasion 04 26 2015

What would prevent the Chinese from coming across the ocean on a freighter boat and unleashing platoon after platoon from it?

Instead of those boats filled with electronic cargo that doesn't work and plastic goods made to fail they would be stock full of Chinese soldiers?

How many ships like this do the Chinese have?

They sell us a bunch of disposable crap and then they want to displace the United States dollar as the world currency?

Any semblance of freedom they have in their economic structure they owe to the United States pushing them to democracy!

Any technology that they developed came from American minds conceived in FREEDOM!

You can pull that currency trick with us if you want to but we will cut you straight off and you will revert to worse than what you were before.

The only way we ever defeat the Chinese is to clean up our country pretty good!  That means vetting our financial system of unfairness, eliminating substances that cause mental retardation and cleaning our environment, striking down the divine right (illegal title of nobility) of limited liability.  Divine right is the equivalent of communism.  We had a big problem with it in U.S. history however it got slicked to us by FDR along with an illegal repeal of Prohibition.

It would be easy for China to take us over because a great many already have the liberal communist mindset in the United States; they would just bend over backwards if it happened.

We see the threat of Communism by mayors that can't manage and judicial system that can't punish whining that gun control is the answer.  Gun Control is Communism too!

But look at the gestalt of all of this.  Do the Chinese ever want to thank us for the positive role model and influence we had on them?  No they want to conquer us! First they want to create economic hardship by devaluing the dollar.  Sounds a lot like Bernie Madeoff's plan too?  Isn't that the bad kid?  When they learn from someone they then don't want anyone to know that they actually learned from someone and it motivates them to destroy that someone!  Now I am indeed getting into a psychological archetype perhaps of a cognition that is based on defective human DNA and I didn't want to do that.  But what that represents is those who were not disciplined from a spoiled will at a very young age because no matter what was said or done to them it would not have been effective in curbing bad behavior.

I also want to comment on WWII veterans being mocked and spit on in Florida.  Those WWII vets, in fact every vet, out to be given the latest .45 caliber machine gun and 10,000 rounds of ammo each.  And that is Jeb Bush's state?  Ivy league filth whose family money came from a bank transfer from Nazi Germany, who those WWII veterans fought against.  Look at this very carefully.  There is always more than two sides in every single war!  More likely a dozen sides in every war!  That is how wars should have been analyzed and taught in grade school history.  Like a little puzzle, how many sides can you find in this war?  Every single instance of conflict leading up to it both internally in countries as well as externally represents a different side with its own interest.  That is exactly how your mind works to interpret it as you read about Wars in history.  The problem starts with bad forms of Government.  The problem gets a lot worse when good forms of Government are corrupted by bad people.  A good form of Government ought to be able to stand up and righteously declare, here is why you are wrong and the problems that you have are ones you created for yourself.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, April 25, 2015

U.S. Walkie Talkie Invented 1951 Sony Walkman Invented !1978

I think of the Sony Walkman as a small portable FM/AM radio

27 years after the Walkie Talkie invented by the U.S.???

The Walkie Talkie had the technology to receive.

According to this the first portable radio was developed in 1920

Makes one wonder about international alliances formed after WWI and WWII.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Humor 04 25 2015

Humor 04 25 2015

“Hey fat faced kid, here is a stein of ground up corn juice.”

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Scott Walker is a Teetotaler 04 25 2015

Scott Walker is a Teetotaler 04 25 2015

That is what it said in the newspaper this morning.  He tricked me with his beer and brat luncheon picnic?  Are we sure about this?  That he has always been one?

This news revelation makes me want to cry.

I have been a teetotaler for at least 15 years now.

And sure I hear voices but the reward one experiences in life is when you tire them out? I also believe that if humanity were drug free none of us would be hearing voices.

Thomas Paul Murphy

How to end the Drug Problem Extremely Quickly 04 25 2015

How to end the Drug Problem Extremely Quickly 04 25 2015

Offer a $10,000.oo reward for anyone who has had drugs pushed at them to come forward and tell who the pusher is.

There could never be money better spent than that!

Drug dealers will also need to be deported because the righteous citizen that received the reward will be at risk to be victimized by them.

But that reward does it rather quickly and it redistributes the wealth of this country to the truly righteous who belong here.

I have believed this since I was in the 4th grade and I am 48 years old today.

It starts with the hard drugs then eventually the  reward concept will progress to alcohol, breweries and stills.  The 21st Amendment that repealed the 18th Amendment of Prohibition because per our Constitution every Amendment made to it must conform to 2 criteria.  The 21st did not because FDR's sent his son to procure import rights to foreign liquor in conjunction with the 21st Amendment.

If you wonder where all the bad people in the world came from they came from brain deformations due to parents use of alcohol pre conception, while conceiving and while pregnant.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

She that is Empowered through Delusion 04 23 2015

She that is psychologically empowered through delusion:

“He can’t do that all by himself he needs a big strong man to help him.”
That is the type of female that would want your son turn gay.
Are the voices bothering you while you are attempting to work?  Remind them of something by using this thought directed at them, “Right about now you would be fired from ANY job in this country!”
The end logic to that is that, “The public is king!”
So indeed if the public accepts a man drugging and raping 24 women then the King has adjudicated hasn’t it?
And the next part is horrific; what happens when we get a bad king?

Thomas Paul Murphy

Black Humor 04 23 2015

Black Humor 04 23 2015

"She's got stray voltage between her second set of terminals."
Thomas Paul Murphy

A Police Officers Wife 04 23 2015

A Police Officers Wife 04 24 2015

Clean it up.

They say a Police Officers wife has a hard life.

I wonder how many are victims of domestic violence or the mean threat of domestic violence.

A cowering life with no way that they can come forward!!!! A cowardly mother creates a mean cowardly son doesn't she? Can you here him in the wood pile talking to you?

You cans see the apathy on an unhappy “woman's” face and it can't be masked by rudeness, obnoxiousness or moxie. It's still there!


Name one religion that doesn't promote mental retardation causing alcohol at mass? You would think that there would be at least one?

Do you equate the threat of violence to mental retardation?

Your not going to be allowed to self medicate with alcohol!

Makes you wonder if there is a support group for former Police Officer wives and girlfriends (daughters too???)?

I can tell if a woman has been emotionally abused.

Impaired reaction time is mental retardation because the word retard means to delay- as in delay reaction time. Alcohol is labeled a depressant it is really a narcotic. But to be truthful, we all like the whole truth and nothing but the truth don't we? To be truthful the English language needs a word for a drug that causes mental retardation. We desperately need that word. Retardive Substance. Puts it in a completely new light doesn't it. Person X was using a Retardive Substance when they organized a gang. Etc..  (There might be a word Retardate but it lessens the meaning, "Retardive" is much stronger, accurate and meaningful.

To delay immature emotions until you can project them onto someone else? That is a person that didn't grow up!


Devil's Advocate Section

“Perhaps a really spoiled woman does need a crack across the mouth so she doesn't endanger her family with her spoiled will? How many people wouldn't be mentally retarded today if at the first sign of it they had it disciplined from them? I mean who am I to interfere with your family life with this?

That poor woman might not have a husband at all without a crack across the mouth to keep her behaved? She needs to learn that the sex isn't going to be any better than it is with me! I control the neighborhood! Nobody messes with me!”
End of Devils Advocate Section


Corrupt law enforcement amounts to treason. And treason has been punished with the death penalty???


Adultery or cheating on your wife is the worse form of emotional abuse there is! It goes right to the top in Milwaukee with Mayor Barrett hiring Flynn. Granted the head of the Police Union who stated that the officer who apparently provoked and then shot a homeless man did nothing wrong is no better.

And when a group of guy's go out drinking at night, there will always be a bar whore to show up. And one of them will have sex with her. Much like the Romans drawing straws when they invaded Israel. And he comes home with gonorrhea on his breath. He also sires a fatherless child which is likely to be a source of crime or possible gay and joint the police force when he is older. Why does he do it? Misery loves company! He get's gonorrhea on his breath and therefore brain and she is sterile from vaginal warts at a very young age.

He likely sleeps in a separate bed from his wife so she can't hear him crying at night.

I would send the lock stock and barrel of this group into a cold turkey detention camp.


New Article starts here.

“You're Gonna Burn to Death!”

Smoking cigarettes causes forest fires! Oddly enough Initial Asian immigrants sell a lot of tobacco cheap! They used to claim to be for the land but it doesn't hold up to logic does it!

Perhaps people who smoke shouldn't be allowed to hunt, obtain a license or visit nature areas.

California is experiencing a drought. What would be the next deadly thing to happen is if all that dry land caught on fire. And California is known for its forest fires. With California likely to go up in smoke you would think that Cigarettes would be banned. But no they want to legalize pot to create more potential fires from the lit joints? Honest to God if you kid walked around waving a lit match everywhere he went including the car everyone would say that you are the weakest parent in the history of the world! The odds of a wild fire are extremely higher with a drought?

Your gonna burn to death aren't you!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 04 23 2015 at:

What did I just flush out there?  The Tavern is the greatest source of emotional abuse a woman has to face in her life.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Invention Novel Electronic Servo Motor 04 21 2015

Invention Novel Electronic Servo Motor 04 21 2015

This would be a motor whereby coils located biaxially to a ring of metal or magnetic rods with a hub in the center.

It would generate tremendous power!

A common servo works by a coil propelling a metal rod inside of it out of it when electronic current is applied.  The servo motor is a series of these coils mounted in an encapsulating ring.. ..encapsulated ring of metal or magnetic rods mounted on the circumference of a hub.

I don't know if anything like this exists exactly the way I am envisioning it.

Usually the coil of a motor is on the hub and the magnets the exterior.

Potentially an electric motor like I am reference could seamlessly transition into and electric generator as well as braking system.

The conceptual problem being the continuity of the loop around the fixed projectiles at circumference.  However this could easily be solved by incorporating  partial loop into the timing of the firing.  Thereby increasing efficiency at a constant.

Potentially one servo on top could fire and the axis spins much like representation of a hammer coming around in a circle on the circumference, or there could be multi coils.

There would also need to be a way to configure this motor so that...not that heat is dissipated but that it is never generated; thereby ensuring maximum efficiency.  This aspect of the engineering would have to be fixed and mechanical.

Perhaps it could also contain a momentum energy generated capacitor breaking circuit whereby energy from the capacitor is fed into the coil so that the servo is "ruddered" to run in reverse or break; again a timing issue of coil firing.  But the capacitor ensuring braking charge.

How did I think of this?  Translation synthesis; I was "winding" guides on a fishing pole today.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 04 21 2015 at:

The way for it not to generate heat might be something call an "ion draw" system or "Ion bleed off to electricity."

I wonder if Women ever stop and reflect about how mean to people they were during their Period 04 21 2015

If the U.S. Government doesn't regulate fraud in the Stock Market then every

If the U.S. Government doesn't regulate fraud in the Stock Market then every individual who lost money in the stock market should be compensated for their loss by the U.S. Government to be paid for via a wealth tax.

You either regulate to return of capital or you return the capital.

And the same should hold true for U.S. Individual Investors that lost money due to fraudulently represented Chinese Stocks.

It should be a handshake and a lifetime networked indoctrination to wealth (gift and theft at the same time)  by the corrupt.  Hidden in financial assumptions about the equivalent to the low assumptions a spoiled child has to make.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 04 21 2015 at:


The Dumber they are the Faster they Grow 04 21 2015 updated

The Dumber they are the Faster they Grow 04 21 2015

The year was 1988 and I was working at a gas station to put myself through college. One of the dirt balls had a friend who showed up to visit him. And he told of a story of how he had sex with an English teacher while in Whitefish Bay High School. The story sounded like rape. This fellow also told of how he punched a girl in the back of a white van in the nose because she was upset and how it bled. He mocked how she cried.

I just don't understand George Bush no guns in School Zone law. And it stems from my belief that a person ought to be able to use deadly force to protect themselves against rape and or threats to their personal fertility. The logic is that if rape likely leads to sterility of a woman then a part of herself, an extension of herself has somehow been murdered. You truncated her family line at her! That amounts to genocide when it is allowed to happen on a broad scale.

I have seen dumb jocks carry women off to the snow banks to be sexually assaulted. I was a late bloomer in life and I learned that if you try and help you and up in the same dangerous fate as the person they are currently victimizing.

I believe that every single teacher has a right and duty to carry a handgun to school. The dumber they are the faster they grow. I have seen 5th grade children the size and strength of adults pose a violent physical threat to teachers.

I believe that anyone who has a family history of hearing voices should be allowed to carry a handgun to school.

That bad seed among us likes to establish a standard of forgiveness for themselves that is contrary to the needs of community.

Now there were some good Irish people that worked at that gas station too. One told me a story of how when he was a boy another boy was on top of a boy and sexually molesting him. He said he ran right up and kicked him in the nose and split it wide open! “Didn't the teacher do anything to you?” He shook his head and said, “Nothin,” as if the teacher approved.

Far different times we are facing today with private schools coming to fruition via the Scott Walker voucher system. Had that incident happened in a private school that Irishman would be facing far different consequences for his actions as the money and influence of wealthy parents would have protested and him likely get expelled for being a hero.

Now there is also an strong element of parents getting their children to qualify for learning disability so that everyone can share in the taxpayer money that is being granted to those families at the expense of the good.


I was going to make this next part a separate article but I am getting arthritis in my wrists so I will add it here.

“Mobile Cell Phone Psycho's”

The cell phone was a technological successor to the pager. And anyone who knew about the pager knew that they were sold in the poor parts of town. And that they were used to facilitate drug deals and drops between networks.

If you ever watched the old Clint Eastwood movie there was a psycho that made 'Clint' run from phone booth to phone booth and if he didn't make it there in time he said he would someone would die. That psycho was typecast because of his witches like chin? From my personal observation that chin trait is indicative of a pedophile!

Now some children don't identify with the protagonist fighting crime but instead they identify with the psycho! They want to be like the psycho! For some reason....

Anywhere you go today you will see someone talking rudely and obnoxiously on their cell phone. As if they are trying to verbally dominate an entire public domain that they are in!

Are psycho's created by parents that drink alcohol and use drugs and then have children? You can't tell me otherwise.

The funny thing about that movie is that after justice was served it became very quiet and one could hear the peace of the seagulls singing again; peace.

What did that cell phone accomplish? It upped the drug use to the point where everyone is addicted and wants to legalize it. In effect that would create amnesty for every bad person that every screwed with your child's mind and got them addicted which in turn caused delayed mental development in them.

So what am I really getting at? Perhaps cell phones should be banned. Also wireless networks should be banned to. Also when someone hacks your computer the operating system should tell you the exact address it is happening from and the police should arrive to remove all that computer equipment and perhaps entirety of personal assets for the crime of racketeering. What I am getting at is perhaps that person talking rudely on the cell phone has made some bad choices in life and they really don't want to be with the person on the other end of the cell phone do they? They want to leave an imprint on the public in the immediate vicinity.

Which really means that they don't have any reason to be there. Could be nice to a good person and ask them out to lunch with you could you, you had to team up with those who are detrimental to your well being and then attempt to indoctrinate a public domain in that very same way.

So the cell phone created the genetically defective from the drug use it facilitated.

That is how I see all this. I really don't care if you disagree with me.

I might every well take a time out from this writing. Someone else in this world can help carry the torch. It still should be the home of the brave and the land of the free shouldn't it?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 04 21 2015 at:

One more word on the pro-life movement and the 8000 private school sexual molestations by priests.  I think that the church has a mentally defective framework as to what the sanctity of human life means.  The children up for adoption being put up because their were drugs involved in the parents marriage that ruined it?  And they claim the sanctity of life while turning their should on 8000 cases of sexual molestation by Catholic priests, many of that amount leading to sterility?  Schizophrenia or psychosis is more readily defined by a belief system like that than by a person whose conscious mind is attempted to be dominated and victimized by heathen voices.  A heathen would have no desire to have children to raise himself would he.  He would forsake the concept because of a bad role model from his own mother or dominant female in the formative years of his life?  A heathen wouldn't want you to have your own children either he would want you to have someone else's.  Look at the conflict there.

Monday, April 20, 2015

There is only one way out of organized crime and it isn't giving drugs to people that don't like you 04 20 2015

Bankrupting a Democracy by 04 20 2015

Bankrupting a Democracy by 04 20 2015

Bank's loaning money to companies that hire 3 times the workers they need to get the job done at 3 times what the pay level should be.

You get the wrong people in the banking industry and they will end up burning our Constitution over our ruins.

It is all liberal and organized criminal idealisms that are not fiscally responsible and sustainable.

The money is being squandered and wasted and not to the benefit of legitimate citizens.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 04 20 2015 at:

A Person becomes mentally disabled from hearing voices I don't see how they should ever loose their house because of that 04 20 2015

A Person becomes mentally disabled from hearing voices I don't see how they should ever loose their house because of that 04 20 2015

You made a good faith effort in the Business world and were normal up to that point in time?

Voices don't come from animals do they?  Animals can't speak.  Therefore it isn't animals that are speaking to you.

I say that bank, part of the business world,  eats the loss for all eternity!

In the very near future science will openly prove that when people say they are hearing voices that those voices are actually coming from other people.

To be truthful if that happens to you and your family you should never have to worry about any food or shelter requirements not being met.  Nor should it ever end up being a financial impediment for you not being able to get married.

I am asserting that is a race with DNA in their brains that isn't likely homosapien but rather Denisovan or Neanderthal or perhaps a gene downregulation from drug use that affects the serotonin regulation;  that is talking to us.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 04 20 2015 at:

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Power to Inseminate Envy 04 19 2015

The Power to Inseminate Envy 04 19 2015

Penis envy doesn't go far enough as a label to explain the dynamic of the character.

How many child molesters are really envious of the potential power to inseminate of that boy?

It is a female jealousy just as Penis Envy is.  However Penis Envy serves as a layer or wall for you to really understand that it is really Envy of the Power to Inseminate!

So a woman is Envious of the Power to Inseminate.  She bears a son who is raised by her to have that same Envy of the Power to Inseminate?  And what does he become?  A sexual molester of fellow boys?

This archetype of a woman does not instill the Power to Inseminate in her son as a normal parent would, instead with her it is about teaching dominance or the power to dominate.

Any man of able body can get a woman pregnant.  But the Power to Inseminate has a greater connotation than that doesn't it?

Lets look at the definition of Inseminate.  Synonyms or how the word is used connotatively are to Instill, as in to Instill with knowledge.  To Enroot and idea.  To Plant a seed of knowledge.

In ancient human civilization who had the Power to Inseminate?  The teacher did didn't they and they were called a Rabbi!!!

Do some of us hear voices because women were impregnated without being inseminated with knowledge?  In other words neither the biological father or mother had the power to teach their own child anything?

Okay switching back to the literal meaning of the word.  Should males of mentally defective IQ level even be allowed to inseminate a woman?

As you watch professional sports on television do you ever see a hint of this construct in this article?  Do you see the gestalt of it or a bad trend?

Have you ever seen women that were jealous of a mans Power to Inseminate?  A woman like that would seek to make it mean something that didn't offend her?  Hence she would marry a man that could not teach her anything or even try to; a man that did not have the power to inseminate her.

But what would she seek to do to intelligent men that had the Power to Inseminate?  She would seek to drug them (psychiatry) so as to negate the construct from being a threat to her sense of self?


Have you ever seen a male or female not being able to comprehend how you learned something?  They are one level down from us aren't they!  Not only do they not understand how we can think for ourselves.  They want to wave everything that we think of off as nonsense.  Because we have the power to synthesize as the apex of analysis?  What does that mean?  It means that we have learned so much in life that we know how to draw conclusions without having to list or articulate premises.  Our minds work on a string of premises and we get to the conclusion extremely fast!  Now I am explaining to you what a Prophet is.  What it means to be Prophetic or a Prophetic thinker.  It means you are a normal human being doesn't it.  The part of a human brain that allows a person to think based on premise structure is the hippo campus.  Why?  It is responsible for the memory and learning.  The diseases that take a big hit to the hippocampus are mental retardation, Alzheimer's, other genetic birth defects.  I will add dyslexia (have trouble reading because you want to deny the meaning of words because of a memory defect, attention deficit disorder, can't pay attention because you can't learn by listening so you seek not to pay attention, probably aren't even able to remember (memory) that you should be paying attention.  Alzheimer's is the pinnacle of it isn't it?  At a late stage in a persons life they become violent because reality isn't conforming with what they want to believe it to be, in effect they and their families suffer horribly because they were willfully spoiled because of a brain defect and a lifetime of denying that brain defect with detrimental alcohol.  A block head right?  That is essentially a mean old man that has Envy of the Power to Inseminate isn't it!  Do you want such a man around your children?  Can we indeed create written tests that can define who has Envy of the Power to Inseminate?  Absolutely!  But that isn't how money is made from the tree is it!

I will assert that which sexually molests the body would also molest the mind and the converse being true; that which molests the mind with voices would also sexually molest the body.   Both of those are indicative of Envy of the Power to Inseminate!  I am making a unity of mind/body philosophy from a different direction.

The voices start up when you are thinking because they are envious of your power to inseminate!

So you are a female and read this and felt like you were completely left out?  Not indeed, if you are the daughter of a man who had the power to inseminate and a non mentally defective mother.  Then you indeed see it from the perspective as you being equivalent with a male that has the Power to Inseminate!  Better you see it this way than be on the other side in envy of males that have the power to inseminate.  I mean better to see yourself as a female with the power to inseminate meaning the ability to teach because you could learn for yourself than that which looks at Man as the non defective image of God in envy.

This is my belief system.  You can attempt to pick it apart all you want but it will still be my belief system. 

Does that which has Envy of your power to teach your knowledge want to see you hooked on drugs?  Yes?  Why?  Because it needs to believe it has the power to inseminate happiness in other people; that that power doesn't need to be based on happiness from achievement.  It is the Devil as a Salesman isn't it!  ("The Devil as a Salesmen" would make a good title for a story.)

Am I defining what I find to be a threat to the human species and why?  Yes.

They would like to define someone who thinks and writes like this with phrases like, "He has all kinds of problems."  That is really a wish of a belief system.  Again like the spoiled will of a verbally fluent pre Alzheimer's person?  I took one look at his face, how he spoke and the content of his speeches and knew right away what he was.

In the foundation of the United States it wasn't the mentally defective asserting Divine Right over a monarchy was it!  It was those with the Power to Inseminate asserting that those of Divine Right (unaccountability) were mentally defective.  When you are unaccountable for your actions it really means that you don't like people.  That you feel they human beings are a nuisance?  It is really an accurate projection of your self isn't it!  It is how you define yourself by how you relate to other people.  Now I am getting into falsely propagandized constructs of who is really social and who isn't, and that is another article.  But the conclusion from synthesis being that someone who hands you drugs (drinks) is indeed antisocial.  Lets see if you can fill in the missing premises.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 04 19 2015 at:

ps.  I could not write or think of any of this if I were on psychiatric medicine.  Are you glad it was written or not?  The voices have not wanted me to write anything like this for about 25 years now.  Envy of the Power to Inseminate.

The Seven Heads or Trumpets of the Hydra???04 19 2015

The Seven Heads or Trumpets of the Hydra???04 19 2015

So I was looking to see how much a Dollar could give you in Italian currency so that if I ever found myself in church I could put a small amount of that in the collection basket to be emphatic.

I didn't find that Italian Currency conversion.  But I remembered what a Jewish man sitting next to me in the sauna once said in a Conversation, that Catholicism (Christianity) and Judaism are very similar.

So then I decided to look at the Israel currency.  And I looked at it I saw the symbolism that I hadn't seen before.  Those seven candlesticks look like they have a trumpet cone on the end of them.  Look at how the necks are articulated to look like a dragons segmented neck?  To me that symbolically represents the Seven Heads of the Hydra as well as the Seven trumpets of the hydra in the book of revelation.  I don't like to write stuff like this, but as a person who has heard voices for 24 years I find that imagery HORRIFIC!  To denominate your currency on a HORROR like that makes me very sad.

Don't know what I am talking about?  The Bible tells of how Jesus was tempted by demons (voices) after John the Baptist tried to drown him.  It also tells us that when one of those voices is defeated by man it roams around and looks for 6 friends to join it!  It gets people to gang up with it.  And how does it do this?  The Gospel of Mathew tells us this, "Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is unless the son decides to tell a friend."  That is symbolic of recruitment. 

Unified right there in the currency?

Again If I did not hear voices that prevent me from earning a living I would not write any of this.  My German Grandmother, nee Isabel Roth, was also made very sick by them.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 04 19 2015 at:


What sense does this make 04 19 2015

What sense does this make 04 19 2015

So you have a credit card and you run it up to the limit.

Then all the purchases of everything you buy in life after that are only what you can afford after paying that principle and interest.  In effect for everything you buy, once you have that balance, the banker gets the same thing, and he has not done any work to earn it.  He is just the guy that gets to sit in the clerk window, gazebo, ticket box or whatever it is called.

It just goes to him.  If he could reinvest it then you would earn interest on your money comparable to that which you pay; but we know that he can't or you would.

I also believe that the Untied States  Citizen should earn a higher rate on his daily interest than any foreign county does on our debt!  I don't see how any legitimate American can't agree with that.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Every Italian as their own Registered Charity 04 18 2015

Every Italian as their own Registered Charity 04 18 2015

When I was writing my first novel I went to the Marquette Church on Sunday.  I believe it was around Christmas.  I felt sorry for the celibate priests at the altar, as I too could be one myself.  So I put $5 in the collection hat when it came around. 

For about a week afterwards the voices seemed to lessen while I finished the novel.

The same phenomena seems to apply when you visit one of their restaurants or grocery stores.

So what is the point?  There ought to be a database of Italians listed as charities so that every morning when I get up I can tip one of them from my home computer and then it will get quiet with regard to the voices and I can get some work done to my true ability!

So indeed I like this idea; I think it might work and also bring about world peace.

If every Italian were listed as their own charity then I could donate to them first thing every morning and the voices would get quiet and I could get some work done to my true ability.

Whatever money I have I would be willing to give to charity for that!

I am not a racist, I would have or would marry a hot Italian woman if one was interested.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015

Maybe that daily fee could some how come out of Obama Care Mandatory Health Insurance Premiums?


"Man Delay Industries" I finally get the meaning of that Jason Alexander Innuendo on Seinfeld 04 18 2015

Man Delay Industries  I finally get the meaning of that Jason Alexander Innuendo on Seinfeld  04 18 2015

Phonetically it is "Man Delay Industries"!!!  That is what every real man who hears voices experiences!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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Friday, April 17, 2015

Are you Claiming a Religious Exemption for Drug Use 04 17 2015

Are you Claiming a Religious Exemption for Drug Use  04 17 2015

Are you Claiming a Religious Exemption for Drug Use?  Then perhaps you should also be subject to the historical draconian justice of that religious tribe?  The justice of the earliest tribe that did that drug?

The point being the narcotic usage necessitates the corresponding draconian religious justice doesn't it?

The drug use degrades to that?  Religion was a tribal justice belief system, today it is superseded by the United States Constitution.  When they can't compete fairly according to the U.S. Constitution then they seek religious exemptions?

And what about pushing drugs on people?  Those who would molest the mind would also molest the body.  And after they give females drugs they do just that to them don't they; make dependent prostitutes out of them?  So those who would molest the body would molest the mind too!

If you want a religious exemption for drug use do you also agree to the tribal justice of that religion?  Should we administer that to you when you commit a crime?  If you are a native American should we scalp you?  If you are a Roman member of organized crime that broke prohibition should we nail you to a cross when you commit a crime?

Do you see the point I am trying to make here?  Drugs have absolutely no place in our Democracy!

And people absolutely hate this next part that I am beating like a dead horse, but alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  I would also blame it for what I believe to be the birth defects of dyslexia, autism, and attention deficit disorder and others that are characterized by negatively effect..... deforming the plasticity of brain development.

The Greeks were big into wine too?  What was their justice for criminals?

But of course those of us who believe in a drug free America would be subject to United States Constitution based sentencing for our crimes, while on the other hand we apply religious based punishment to those who are claiming a religious exemption for drug use.

What religious exemption are you claiming for your alcohol use because we need to start thinking about you.

I am kind of a hard ass.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 04 17 2015 at:


A Silence the Voices Quote 04 17 2015

A Silence the Voices Quote 04 17 2015

"We heard there was some kissing going on down at school and my son wasn't allowed to be a part of it."

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 04 17 2015 at:


Shiny things, like what a crow likes, make them jealous 04 17 2015

Shiny things, like what a crow likes, make them jealous  04 17 2015

Copyright 2015 Thomas Paul Murphy

Schizophrenic (American) Analysis of Christian/Jewish Cognition in Teaching 04 17 2015

Schizophrenic (American) Analysis of Christian/Jewish Cognition in Teaching 04 17 2015

Ever notice this?

There could be a class of 30 and that teacher will know exactly when YOU;

1. Stopped paying attention.
2. When they need to slow down so that YOU can catch up.
3. How to say something fast and tricky right then as if they were waiting for the opportunity for YOU to lose attention.
4. How to say something to draw your attention back.

How can you prove that it relates to you and not the general class?  Because if you go somewhere and take notes where other people are not taking notes the exact same phenomena of 1-4 will apply.  Which means it relates to you who hear voices as being central to the learning group.  As you learn so does your "School of thought."  And that is why they want to make sure YOU are listening!

Not sure how it integrates to their cognition but I know it is true.

And if you think about it, it is a beautiful construct isn't it?  And those are beautiful people for attempting what they are attempting; to instill knowledge in those who are....

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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To skew the employment numbers to your Political favor by recruiting more jug heads into an Unconstitutional Army is an impeachable offense 04 17 2015

To skew the employment numbers to your Political favor by recruiting more jug heads into an Unconstitutional Army is an impeachable offense 04 17 2015


Also to improve test scores by creating the mentally attritioned (nw) (schizophrenic) for the benefit of your shrewdness is a crime against humanity.

That subset isn't really mentally ill they are victimized and traumatized through mental attrition and hence become incoherent.  Absent being mentally attritioned and fraudulently medically treated and fed they would be normal; while another subset of our population would die from having spoiled fits (temper tantrums)!

Ever have a wine drinking alcoholic college professor that had temper tantrums?  More on that possibly later today.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 04 17 2015 at:

It is amazing how the rigid personalities that claim the English language as their field of study do not know how to just accept new word (nw) forms.  It is as if they studied language without comprehension of the meaning of language and words.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dialog Element 04 16 2015

Dialog Element 04 16 2015

"You b1tch at me like a wh0re does her father."

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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So Why did they bring black slaves here 04 16 2015

So Why did they bring the black slaves here? 04 16 2015

Why not just establish plantations in Africa? Does it have to do with Atlantic Ocean Currents? Ships coming with the wind to the Southern U.S. From Africa and then from New York back to England with the Current? Take both profits and products back to England?

In the War of 1812 the British burnt our Whitehouse down. Were they also then successful with infiltrating the South with slaves because our Union had been weakened? Were good people in the South displaced from lands when the Plantations and slave owners came in?

We know that the original Puritan colonist did not believe in heathenization and then enslavement.

I sometimes think of the movement of bringing slaves to the United States as a British invasion strategy? Why? Because of the pro drug hetheanization that they represent and support today.

Then the Germans were recruited in the South to beat the slaves? I basically think of Europe as being a long string of heathized Roman colonists. All the way to the druid, meaning monkey worshipping, pagan religion of England. To me that hetheanized strain or defective serotonin regulation gene was enforced by the Romans. To quickly point out how your Christian religions are all then fraud, doesn't an element of your human common sense believe that Jesus Christ should have really lived while the others should have died?

There is history of Black mothers in Africa giving their son's pot to calm them down. We know it causes delayed mental development worse that alcohol does. Was that idea promoted to them by the druid (monkey worshipping) British? Did that indeed make them more docile to be enslaved?

Did they attempt to put it in our Tea? Even if you are a Tea drinker today what you realize is that some Standard Tea's are completely no where near what they should be! You notice the difference just as you would if you used a otc supplement from a major drug store chain that had powdered grass substituted for the true herbal extracts.

Can we categorize all the violent crime in the U.S. As being committed by that mean Roman streak and the black people they have heathenized to be drug dependent like it was their mommas teet? Isn't that just how they view drugs, like a Queens teet! That is just their expression isn't it! Where are the black fathers? Not only that when bad things happen in black communities where are the good black kids to step up and step in and help the victimized?

That drug dealing element is propagandizing itself as an integral part of the Black Community. I can't stand that! The media is making that happen. I wonder if there are black people out their who hear of gun violence, hear the name and recognize it as the town thug or drug dealer or pimp and say a prayer of thanks to God of good riddance! That isn't what we see on television? We see them gathering in mobs when any single one of them, no matter what criminal record, is killed.

Ivy league college degrees essentially purchased for money represents that retard invasion force too.

What we are also propagandized with is that black and white people can't live peacefully together. That isn't true but our belief system is directed to that direction because the heathenized make it true when they victimize white people and the bad black people pushing drugs on the blacks and heathenizing and victimizing them.

Italian organized crime taking seats in Catholic Churches, brewery Germans and the Protestant Kings religion Christianty represent that retard invasion force to me too. Your pro Down's Syndrome and pro life Republican party represent that retard invasion force to me too! Is a pro life child more likely to have a developmental disability because the biological parent was a drug user? I would have to say yes.

The reason we hear voices in medical fraud is because all of these factions cannot think for themselves. Think about who they grew up and lived with? There are abundant “trauma blocks” in their memory aren't there!

And we are back to full circle here aren't we. Beating the slaves so that “trauma blocks” form in their memory and then they cannot learn. And what do they then have to resort to? Drugs! Like the Queens teet!

This is honestly how I see it and I have the Constitutional right to write it!

But look at how that economic invasion force gained momentum from that trade route. The south got stronger via it until they posed a whole enslavement threat to the entire nation including the North. In effect they were an extension of England. Just as the Divine Right Corporation is today! Divine Right is the equivalent title of nobility and it is illegal per the Supreme Law of the Land the United States Constitution. So what do we do when Congress has Unconstitutionally granted titles of nobility? They also would be bound by impeachments for treason of breaking the United States Constitution. Instead of directly breaching it in two steps they used three to make the trail less visible! And that right there is a good way to root out corruption.

Good by.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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So back circa 1992 I had a stock trade not filled the way I told my broker.  I mentioned it to my English Surname friend whose uncle was the Chairman of Wisconsin's Second largest bank and he told me, "You know what the complaint department is don't you?"....."It is three n166ers in a closet."
And so that is what the voices I hear sound like today as they have for 24 years.
His sister worked for the FBI and he told me that they had a device that can remotely induce a seizure in a person.
So there it is, the biggest waste created in the history of the world.  Schizophrenia is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud!
If we conquered England somewhere in the annals of their monarchy records you would find out how all of this was planned as a strategy to conquer the United States?
That should be a required grade school history course in the future, England's Strategies for Conquering the United States.

Quote 04 16 2015

Quote  04 16 2015
"Deprived of the ability to incite conflict they are less than nothing."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The mode of "Fury" or "Fire" was a life philosophy that the wealthy Greek who Practiced medicine subscribed to.  Those born with nervous system defects such as alcohol retardation such as ADD, Dyslexia, likely is, etc. bothering human beings to fill the paucity of their empty heads?

It is predatorial or outside to in basis of cognition; and hence does not form an integrated Conscience or Human Reason.

May they have no place in the United States!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Berberine is as effective in treating high blood sugar as the drug that is found 2 miles out from the shore of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee 04 15 2015

Berberine is as effective in treating Diabetes High Blood sugar as the drug that is found 2 miles out from the shore of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee 04 15 2015

I think we have been duped and duped good on this one by the medical profession.

It is also contained in the Poppy plant.  With all the positive factors in Berberine one wonders if isn't its healthy effect on your body that pairs with the negative effect of heroin to be addictive.  In other words your body craves the health effects of Berberine but your body is destroyed by the opiate from heroin if you are a user?

Which leads me to my next hypothesis?  Can it be used to rid people of addiction?  I believe it would be helpful.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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To worship the monkey in the English Druid religion is to worship Homosexuality 04 15 201

To worship the monkey in the English Druid religion is to worship Homosexuality 04 15 2015


Because monkeys have sex with one another regardless of sex.

It is also the worship of illiteracy.  Why?  Because a monkey never developed the communications trait to say, "I didn't want to have sex with that monkey of the same sex."

So who were the secret druids?  Winston Churchill was one.  Puts the motivation of WWII into a new perspective.  It also puts that Masters and Johnson (English surnames) false research on homosexuality into new light too!  They did not use valid scientific results for their conclusions, just opinion and conjecture based on opinionated emotion.

Druids are by definition pagans, a pagan doesn't believe in God and therefore doesn't believe in man because man was created in the image of God.

The English have been the greatest threat our democracy has ever faced.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Urine Filtration 04 15 2015 updated

Urine Filtration 04 15 2015

So there is a diabetes drug in Lake Michigan water out to a distance of two miles from shore.  And that isn't the only drug.

People who are taking prescription drugs should be required to have a urine filtration system with them when they go out in public.  It is something that could be placed in a toilet. Or it could indeed be its own canister like those oxygen tanks on wheels like cigarette lunged people have.

But what about in the home?  I can think of a few methods that could be used in Urine Filtration and I am not sure that they can break down all the chemicals in pharma and other drugs.

1. Activated Charcoal Filtration
2. Thin membrane filtration.
3. Reverse osmosis.
4. Electrolysis
5. Electric based Ozone filtration.
6. Centrifuge

Pot.  So Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee has no problem with someone being caught with a dime bag of pot?  Just as I don't like that diabetes drug in our Lake Michigan I also don't like marijuana residue.  What about heroin and meth and whatever other street drugs there are? You want that piss at high levels where your children should be able to swim safely?  How about alcohol metabolite?  see below

Now a pharmacists told me that the complications of a diabetes drug could be low blood sugar.  So I started to think.  We know that the diabetes drug ends up in the water through urine because that is the way it works in the body it is put in at high levels and isn't broken down through metabolism.  But what would be the effect of giving a diabetes drug to cows?  What am I getting at?  How do we know they aren't spiking cows with it to make them fatter?  If it causes low blood sugar then the cows have to eat a lot more to get a healthy cow feeling?  Makes you sick to think about doesn't it!

Who is going to pay for it?  You expect me to pay for the cost of a fat mans disease?  That is not Uniform taxation and therefore unconstitutional.    You expect me to pay for a fat mans disease and what will I tell you in return?  I want that fat man to have very little food and never again alcohol.  How's that?  You want me to pay for a fat mans disease and I want to put that fat man in a detention camp where he gets exercise and restricted caloric intake.  And that fat man doesn't get out of there until he loses the weight and thanks me for doing it for him!

I don't like temperamental fat people living in my community.  Is that hate speech? Good God; the Devil tortured people and then created an anti hate speech law?  He should never have been born!

Gee looks like fatty (ChrisChristie and others) going to be out of civic matters for a while. We also won't have to put up with another fatty on late night television.  So and so won't ever be teaching Chemistry again.  So and so won't be having her own television network.  So and so won't be in the Corporate office getting hot and testy with everyone.  So and so won't be working at a bar.  So and so won't be buying concentrated calories in the form of alcohol.

So if he is made to wear a id tag around his neck saying what drug he is on then he cannot go into a public restroom without his portable urine filtration device.

With that diabetes drug polluting Lake Michigan and likely to harm the rest of us I see why both Gluttony and Sloth are deadly sins.  Also greed!

With antibiotics polluting Lake Michigan I also see why Lust, Pride (what it really means per MY definition) and Envy are deadly sins.  We can add sloth and gluttony as being associated with antibiotic necessitation too.

How is alcohol broken down in the body?  To Carbon Dioxide and Water, acetic acid poisons.  The carbon in the gas then dissolved to attract calcium and form kidney stones?  The kidney stones causing renal damage whereby sugar is not properly excreted from the body; hence insulin spikes, and diabetes sets in?  That is how I analyze it.  Because caused by carbonated beer and soda.

I don't want any of those poisonous alcohol urine metabolites in our water in the United States and I am not going to let you piss them somewhere else either!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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updated:  When a Doctor prescribes more than one drug at a time they call it a "cocktail."  Are they injecting cows with "Cocktails?"  I wouldn't doubt that somehow they have us paying for those cocktails that they are giving cows, that end up in our water supply, that end up giving us the very illness that the drug cocktail is used to treat?


How do you monitor the potential activities of "former" members of organized crime without creating a Gestapo 04 15 2015

How do you monitor the potential activities of "former" members of organized crime without creating a Gestapo 04 15 2015

The hallmark of organized crime would seem to be torture.  So therefore I believe that George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld and any of their friends or business associates should be having all of their activities, conversations monitored.

Also anyone ever involved in organized crime or corruption in Government should also have their activities monitored.

Any civil servant who advocated Unconstitutional Policies should also have their activities monitored.

And we can be open about it too.  In fact everyone who is ever being monitored should be made aware of it.  So that they have the chance to reform.

For some of us that could end up being a badge of honor!  "This person hears voices and that is why we thought we should monitor him/her?"  I wouldn't mind wearing a gold badge that states that.

Does anyone else see the duplicity in that?  "We are monitoring this person because he hears voices?"  What is the implication about who is talking to them and why?  We can say for certain one is factually a form of possession.  However we are not allowed to make the assertion that the voices are caused by a desired form of  (demonic) possession either?

Contrast that to an orange badge for someone of an organized crime family.

You ever see a former member of organized crime submit an application to work on street cleanup crews?  No.  They don't do that they get right back into the thick of it somehow!  What is that an indication of?  A child that could never be effectively disciplined because his father had no disappointment and him never any shame!  So those are characteristics of the criminal mind and how criminal families live.

I don't like the way that they talk either.  How they take one another into their personal confidence.  Like woman gossiping in a knitting group they do not act like men and therefore do not meet the classification of professional.  How they create fear in communities, then grant favors and then subjectively persecute for betrayal.  I want that gone from the United States.

The point being is that if you don't monitor the activities of a former member of what amounts to organized or networked crime they are going to try and kill you as fast as they can so that they can set up criminal shop again and abuse our democracy and people.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Slate Blue Milky Water with no fish in it 04 14 2015

Slate Blue Milky Water with no fish in it 04 14 2015

Went fishing on the shore of Lake Michigan last night.

Very odd.  I started to wonder if it had been poisoned with laundry detergent.   But then I remember hearing the term Blue/Green algae.  So it must have been blue algae.  I have never seen blue algae in Lake Michigan before in my life!!!

But when I researched what is in the water of Lake Michigan it stated that there is diabetes medicine in the water out to a distance of two miles from shore in Milwaukee at levels not good for you.

So today when I went to get my mother a script for cholesterol I used my pharmacist question to ask her what are the possible side effects from diabetes medicine.  She told me dizziness and possibly low blood sugar. 

Last year I ended up at the Doctor for symptoms very similar to that after swimming in Lake Michigan.

But that isn't the only prescription drug in there.

They call them PPCP for Prescription and Personal Care Products chemicals in the water.

I believe that we need to hold the companies that make these drugs and their management personally liable for the damage to our Lake Michigan.  And those drugs are in the silt you walk on in the lake too!  And I mean we hold them liable to their personal assets.  They can live in apartment like structures for $29 in food stamps a month.  Apartments are perfect homes for those who behave and get ahead like a shrewdness of apes do.  However when one of us goes to live in one for some unexplainable reason  we end up hearing voices no one has an explanation for.  So we can put those who don't have an explanation back in that monkey apartment tree complex too.  Hey, it could be worse!

As to what is causing the blue algae; that is another topic for research.   It looked about the same color as milky blue laundry detergent.  And the thing I asked myself initially was who would do that to us?  Who would dump that in their to ruin the lake?  Was it done as an act of terrorism?  Would our Government do anything about it?  What boats are that big that might be questionable?  Then I thought it has to be blue algae even though I have lived here for 48 years and never seen milky blue algae like that in the lake before.

This right here is the only way we ever stop this from happening!  Sign this petition if you agree.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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