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Saturday, April 25, 2015

How to end the Drug Problem Extremely Quickly 04 25 2015

How to end the Drug Problem Extremely Quickly 04 25 2015

Offer a $10,000.oo reward for anyone who has had drugs pushed at them to come forward and tell who the pusher is.

There could never be money better spent than that!

Drug dealers will also need to be deported because the righteous citizen that received the reward will be at risk to be victimized by them.

But that reward does it rather quickly and it redistributes the wealth of this country to the truly righteous who belong here.

I have believed this since I was in the 4th grade and I am 48 years old today.

It starts with the hard drugs then eventually the  reward concept will progress to alcohol, breweries and stills.  The 21st Amendment that repealed the 18th Amendment of Prohibition because per our Constitution every Amendment made to it must conform to 2 criteria.  The 21st did not because FDR's sent his son to procure import rights to foreign liquor in conjunction with the 21st Amendment.

If you wonder where all the bad people in the world came from they came from brain deformations due to parents use of alcohol pre conception, while conceiving and while pregnant.

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