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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Profile of a College Campus Rapist all students graduating should read this 04 30 2013

Profile of a College Campus Rapist- all students graduating should read this.

When you think of the image of a college campus rapist think of the image that Patrick Swayze leaves in your mind.  Kind of blunt and muscular and looks like someone who doesn’t belong in a higher learning institute. They indeed look to be blue collar.  And if you are a college student you will see them frequent the same bars as you do.  And for some odd reason they know their way around campus.

I will never forget what an Italian man said to me when I graduated from college I worked for him at a Gas Station.  He said, “I did too, I was right there with you!”

I called him out on that and he hemmed and hawed and gave two different retreat from the argument type stories. I knew what he was implying and I wasn’t going to allow him assert it ever again.

Your college campus will indeed be at parties and you will talk to them and they do not even go to college.

What is going on in their skulls?  If I rape her she will only end up going home and we will never hear from it again.  But not only that you have to understand the nature of the Satanic mind as a Shadow person.  It is someone who does not have their own soul all of their life and is indeed a shadow of the thinking of someone else.  Once again with regard to our DNA we are 99.99% the same which implies that something went wrong with them.  And that something is likely alcohols influence on conception and natal development.

But anyhow I graduate from UW Milwaukee with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Accounting and Finance and take a CPA review course.

My buddy from college is adamant that the one of the young men taking the review course was arrested for raping a woman with a baseball bat!!!  I can’t believe it so every once in a while I ask him for more details.  What am I believing?  I am believing that it is just that easy to spread a rumor and discredit someone.  But anyway he is sitting next to a beautiful blonde woman.  Lesson?  The Satanic work in pairs or sometimes teams. And the weasel lawyer makes the claim that she is sophisticated whereas….  But what does he look like?  The archetype of Patrick Swayze.  And don’t give me any antidefimation defense for Patrick I remember what he admitted to that amounted to sexual assault on a late night talk show.

So after college graduation some of us end up going to a paint ball game down at Paint Ball Daves.  Anyhow every time they hand out the guns I get the one with the lose barrel on the handle.  I was an expert marksman on the high school rifle team.  But here again was one of these blue collar type Milwaukee thugs who got left behind after High School on the others sides Paint Ball team.  For some reason this bastard always knew the exact moment I was going to pop my head up over that wall.  Every single time.  Not only that he shot me in the crotch once with that paint ball gun!

If you are out on a date with a girl you will also see these freaks, shadow people, appear out of nowhere and cause trouble.

So they know their way around campus and they have no reason being there.  They have to have connections.  But why?   Once again think of a race of shadow people who were never able to develop their own thinking.  And maybe they are even genetically different and our Government scientists don’t want them or us to know?  But I think it is more of an alcohol issue.

So if they work in pairs or teams what is the purpose of that?  Let’s you had a satanic woman form the home town of that college girl who was insanely jealous of her.  Indeed she was a shadow person to her and her thinking.  A literal member of her school of thought if you will!  She would be going nuts with depression because she is still in the small town and that girl is off doing well at college with ambition.

I am going to give you three or four family stories.

My mother was valedictorian of her Iowa High School class.  The doped her drink at graduation.

My father graduated from Marquette University and he went with a relative who he inspired to go to college to for a meal somewhere on Wisconsin Avenue and they both got food poisoning and almost died right after graduation.

Right after my graduation I had a man in a brown truck, with a two by four hanging out the back start following me in road rage.  I pulled over and told him to fuck off.  He started bellering at me like a stuck big.  He had a buzzhole Italian voice and his cheeks bloated up big bright red.  He had beady mean eyes.  He said something about him being a cope and this and that.  I swear to God if had a gun I might have shot him had he approached me this was way back in 1991.  He wasn’t a cop he was a psycho nut!  Anyhow I drove off and lost him.

What did my Italian friend Jimmy tell me when I was a boy?  He told me if you do something wrong and try to go down an alleyway or cut through yards they will always know where you are.

I asked him how they knew and he got kind of self-sore and hemmed and hawed and never wanted to tell me!

And I in know way want to implicate Police Officers with this.  There motto is to protect and serve and that is what it should be and they should stick to it.

I myself also then passed the CPA exam and went to work as an Equity Research Analyst in Milwaukee and then on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower at that time.  Right next to me was a refrigerator sized machine that put out some kind of a static electricity field that made it hard to concentrate.  But that was not all.  I started to hear voices in my Apartment.   They prevented me from sleeping for one whole year.  If you ever hear voices and they put you to the test like that remember this!  If you don’t sleep make sure to give them thinking reason so they cannot sleep either.  They will eventually have to throw in the towel!!!  Why because they will all be dying from exhaustion!  And there is no reason why they need to be a part of your soul.  They are not allowed to catch your rising star and never let go!  They are not allowed to covet your seed.

If you go to college you will also find the archetype of the very hot girl who will not talk to you!  She is a satanic cum leach.  Her job is to get you to whack off so that the Coven children or vampyr race can see through your eyes.  Once again we are told that we are all the same so there is no reason for this.  I am not the first to tell you of this.  The Irish band U2 wrote a song called Party Girl.  And in the movie Quadraphenia there is an archetype of the same type of soul stealing girl.  Honest to God it ought to be playing piece on the God Damned Chess Board!!!!  The song form The Who has the lyrics, well it is something about a girl who lives in a yellow house that he had sex with once and now she snubs him for someone else.  “Yesterday she passed me by she doesn’t want to know me know.  Yellow the metaphor for her being from a family of cowards.

What you will see is the girl flirt with you like you are campus Casanova or Mr. Bollywood and then some big dolt appear out of nowhere and threaten you!  And you cannot tell by looks.

It took me awhile to figure out what the term body bencher meant when concerning a woman.  It means a woman who sleeps with many men as a matter of a dating circle or socialite wealth circle or Law enforcement power circle.  I really don’t have anything against Police Officers.  I have a problem with shadow people being the source of all crime in the history of the world.

And who was the first to tell us of the Satanic sleeping groups?  It was indeed Jesus Christ who said that those who sleep with the same woman are all of the same body and those who all sleep with the same man are all of the same mind.  He also implied that even if you did not actually sleep with her you sinned in your heart and really did.  And that is what Procula had him killed for.  She said he gave her a terrible dream.  What is more likely the case is that the woman who would marry a Roman Emperor who were known to be like our modern Jeffery Dahmner (Chewing off live men’s testicles Caligula did this) had a cognitive developmental problem.  What do you think?  Roman women also lured men to them by using Bella Dona to dilate their eye’s to simulate the look of love.  Ust Jesus Jews are very hard to fool.  And what do we indeed know of Mary Magellan?  We know that indeed she was a Prostitute.  You want to get really freaked out?  Go look at any shrine of mother Mary at a Catholic  Seminary and what will you see?  A pile of skulls in front of her and indeed plastered and formed into the arch or her shrine?  Do you get the symbolism you literary pukes!  And not only that some looked like they are trapped in that mortar with faces of crying agony and horror.  Let’s see a prostitute had that done to them? On the flip side.  It is also written that Jesus licked her acoula?  Acoula means hole.  And what do we know about women who are gang raped?  They often say that everything was ruined and they cannot have children because of it!  So let’s pile up the skulls of those shadow people like it is supposed to mean?  You already know what opinion I am of.  I don’t have to hide it with a question mark do I?
Father food poisoned right after he graduated from Marquette University.  Dahmner would have been an Emperor of Rome just as those who commit horrific acts for organized crime rise to the top of wealth and power under the guise of the Holy Roman Catholic Church today?  Gang thugs or Queens pirates in the United States?  Neither belong here.

I too was driven out of my mind after I graduated from the UW Milwaukee School of Business.

Here is what you need to know about them. Together they live off the soul of your discarded semen like bee’s do their honey hive.  And that statement makes me the greatest semite in the history of the world.

What strikes me as Irony is that the Milwaukee Lakefront is under increased Milwaukee Sheriff protection after they gave an Italian man permission to manage and sell alcohol there.  And indeed it is an Italian real estate developer who is the head of the Milwaukee Police Union.  But anyway let me get this straight

I think someone once told me that it was an Italian organization that controlled all alcohol distribution in the United States.  So the Caucasian whites drink and get in trouble while your Italian or Moore bread race gets to have its pick of the drunken white women?  That is right your modern Italian race is not white they were bread by the black Moores who concurred Italy.  That is why they have curly hair.  Your original or pure bread Italians do not have these genetic traits.  So I believe it is a misnomer for most Italian Americans to call themselves Caucasian.  Oddly enough those white supremacist freaks selling drugs in Texas look like your standard Shaven head Italian!!!  They look kind of like Mr. Clean and often have buzzhole tenor voices.  This would indeed be an assault on the white race by you’re non caucasion Italian race.  So you think the blacks don’t like me using these terms?  No-one has been victimized more in the United States by your Non Caucasian Italian raced than the Blacks have! I ask myself why they were perpetrated as white supremacist when I could see they were you’re shaved Mario or Guido Italians?  And I am not a White Supremacist- I am a human and human potential supremacist- it doesn’t matter what color you are of you should be given a good drug free childhood and education.

Who am I?  A discredited and stigmatized no one.  At least half my life is gone.

That campus rapist has a different look to them.  I have never been raped.  They attempted to rape me in the Boy Scouts at Catholic  School while camping after they made me smoke pot.  I had just one the knot tying competition of the whole group.  My father taught me.

The Campus racist is also known to drive around in very expensive sports cars!  If you have your own soul they will know who you are like a bloodhound can track a trail.  How does the English song go?  Fee Fi Fo fum I smell the blood of an Irishmen?  Druid or Blood hound, Bull Dog what’s the difference.
You might not ever know how smart you really are until they try and take it from you!  You might not even think very much of yourself!  And that is the entire point.  They don't get away with it unless you think badly of yourself.


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A Drive Through the Core of Milwaukee 04 30 2013

A Drive Through the Core of Milwaukee 04 30 2013

What do you see?  You see skinny black men who like they have been dealt drugs to.  They look mangy.  Often their hands have a white dirt on them.

What do you think?  You think they look no better than if they were dropped off from an overcrowded slave ship.  If you don't feel like crying you don't believe in equality.

We know that they have potential because Barrack Obama made it.  But Barrack has been in office for over four years and we have not seen him give an anti-drug message!  Here is the first Black President in the history of the United States and he has every opportunity to make an anti drug message and he is not doing so!  Is he trying to imply that he got where he is by doing drugs or selling them.

Like it or not there were blacks who played the part of slave master for white people.

I just can't understand this.

They tell us that 99.99% of us are exactly the same.  That means if you have a mind that is satanic or not of your own it was done for the reason of money?  Or it developed differently because of drug abuse of your biological parents during conception?  That wouldn't make a genetic difference.  But it would be like someone getting hit on the head with a black jack- you get hit on the head with a black jack and there is no genetic difference from what you were before.

Speaking of which.  The 21st of the month is always a bad time.  The numbers 21 that indicates a reverse order of chronology.  Who do we know might be like this?  The druids!  And what is there symbol?  It is two fingers down!  That means down with the future and back to simple feudal times?  That is a secret English Belief system.  And it is indeed the symbol that Winston Churchill gave when we won the war.  He was indeed a member of the Druid Society!!!!  You watch how bad things will happen in the United States and you will map them pretty close to the 21st of the month!  That is indeed the death calling card of the Druids.  The English provided the south with the muskets during the Civil war!  Does that tell you who they were supporting?  That two fingers down is emphasizing down with the future 2 being more than 1.  Are these indeed God's favorite children?  That is cynicism from the Bible.  Luddite is also and English Term.  It means that they hated technological increase in England.  Why?  Well just think of the Archetype of a Druid!

The 21st is also the gambling game everyone wants to tell you that you will have the most success at!  Don't believe it!  You are far better sitting at a poker table with a bunch of satanic minded dolts than playing black jack.  And what is that druid symbol of black jack?  Well it is also a lead pipe people hit you over the head with to make you stupid the rest of your life.  What else is it?  DRUGS of all kinds are your English Druid black Jack.  And what country was the bank that laundered the money coming into the United States from South America?  It was an English Bank!  And who Black Jacked the Gulf of Mexico with oil?  That was also an English Company!  And who were the first Corporations?  They were indeed Pirates for the Monarchy given immunity!  And you will see these tattooed English creeps in every locker room you go to!  Are they waiting for opportunity? You damn right they are!  Just wait if you work out for 2 or 3 hours and are tired they will be there and want to confront you!  Personal trainers do this too!

You know it can't be argued that England has not been backward since WWII just like a druid would want it to be!

And who else was a pirate like Corporation?  The Dutch East Indies Corporation the founders of the New York Stock Exchange!   A druid is a druid no matter what country or color they are of.

But it has spread into all of the United States today.  Where did the drugs come from?  Where did the drugs come from?  Please is there an authority in the United States that can tell us where the drugs came from?  Any authority in the United States that can tell us where the drugs are coming from?

So Great Britain was indeed nothing compared to the United States immediately before WWII.  And Hitler was afraid England would poison him.  Sometimes you can tell a lot about people by what their fears are!  Isn't it often that those who we are afraid of we are afraid of for a very good reason?  Is that the validity of your personal experience?  It is the validity of everyone's personal experience isn't it!  Some things you think about and you just can't deny to yourself.  Sure you may try to but don't you always end up being a victim again when you deny the validity of your own personal experience.  Forgive but don't forget!  That is indeed counter to the Catholic Faith.  Oddly enough them old Russian women got the concept right- Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!  That is more valid!  The druids probably don't like that believe because it involves you learning and learning is of course progress.

Are there Irish Druids too?  Yes.  But the first English Jews that came over to Ireland were sent home by King Muenster!  Then English Jews were allowed to come to Ireland.  They build a brewery!  Then the food all goes to England and there is a famine!  Then Irish are dying left and right!  Then you have what is called Norther Ireland!  It is like Israel and Palestine isn't it!!!  We know that the English did terrible things to the Irish!  Horrific things to them.  Who are the English, the Germans the Romans- Think pockets of wealth all around the world that do not have their own human soul?  You have to think of the driving forces of world history as being from the motivation of often socialite satanic wealth! 

The particle beam was indeed Invented by the Russian Immigrant Tesla,  He marketed it to England and Europe.  We know that their was commicae there.  But if you turn up the amplitude of a particle beam or any waveform device eventually you will get it so high that you can displace the electrical synapses that perform the thinking function of the human brain.  It was an Englishman who told me back in 1990 that our Government specifically FBI had a device that could induce a seizure in someone.  And indeed U.S. Colonel John Alexander of late Night talk radio revealed way back in ~1990 that the department of defense had created synthetic telepathy.  The origins of it date back farther than that.  Radio operators in WWII were driving crazy by the naval radio equipment.  What happens?  The synapses of the human brain were displaced.  Likely there was damage.  But there would not have to be for a satanic shadow person to wreak havoc with that naval radio operator once his synapses have been displaced.  Shadow Person.  You get the idea "Me and my shadows?" song!

Okay so if you Druids don't like progress how come you don't go after the non lethal weapons in our society?  Because it isn't really that you don't like progress, you just don't like the reality of minds that are smarter than yours.

So the construct is no progress, no progress, no progress.  Until you finally catch up and then can control the progress?  I can understand why you don't like progress!  You are not responsible enough to control progress- think of highly radioactive radium in the water table of Waukesha Wisconsin the county were the Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin came from.

Since I mentioned Israel my next article in line was to be Profile of a College Campus Rapist.  The druids don't want me to write it.

We gave Indians Alcohol and Tobacco and then we say they aren't as smart as the rest of us?  Don't believe it.  Alcohol and tobacco is indeed a tool the satanic use to dumb down a population.  Makes them easy targets for black jacking.  It is probably even some part of economic theory that you need that poor uneducated class to boost your profits. The point is that if all of us are 99.99% the same it means that differences in intelligence and cognition are due to factors like pollution (Druid alchemy byproduct) and the teachings of either educated or uneducated parents?

The Mexican says to his 10 year old son, "Here Sancho have some tequila and take a siesta under the palm tree?"

The Satanic do not learn the same way as the true human being.  They learn by a gypsy method of "To be all that he is already"  Contorted U.S. slogan.  Translates to, "Be all that he can be and make sure that he isn't."  And indeed that is a Catholic Belief from the Bible, "And we will lead the life he led for us."  Ask yourself why the cut Jesus Christ, a true Jews, life short on the cross?  His thinking was very advanced as compared to a Roman who declared himself a church state God by lighting people on fire and hanging them upside down and chewing off their testicles?  Yes that was a Roman Caligula!  Does Caligula remind you of Wisconsin's very own Jeffery Dahmner?  Would the Romans have made Jeffery Dahmner an Emperor?  No he would have made himself an Emperor with their help.

Which gets me to the next point?  Are there one or two an Italian American Organizations that controls all liquor distribution in the United States.  Wait a minute what of Roman leaders reaching their pinnacles by committing horrific acts?  In other words they got to their positions of leadership by killing as many people as possible and drinking wine laced with lead.  How do the Catholic Priests get where they are?  How many children were molested by them when the number is supposed to be Zero!

So we have drug lords that control our inner cities?  And that is why those kids are skinny?  Isn't a drug lord really lie a pirate?  The United States has had a way of sticking up for peoples rights!  But I cannot remember hearing one anti-drug message from Barrack Obama who hails from Chicago the black heart of what a Frank Sinatra song?  Look at an old Frank Sinatra song and you will see that there was something he was mortally terrified of!!!!  There is some lifetime history with regard to Frank Sinatra that we have not heard.  Maybe his daughter Nancy knows and will tell us?  Do we need to put Nancy on police protection security watch because of this?

That's how I think.  I don't need to hear the voices of your mongoloid sons and daughters beamed into my head.  If that is what you do you never belonged in the United States!  Never!!!

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PS. If you are down with the number two it means that all you really believe in is number 1.  That is a me philosophy.  Okay so lets see you achieve something on your own?  Lets see you raise your children on your own.  We already know you can't!  So if all you believe in is number one as is the implied symbolism of druidism then you are also for the monarchy and the miniature monarchy call the corporate business structure.  And the Corporate business structure was indeed solidified in the United States after WWII.  The Axis force of Italy was indeed where one of the first forms of the Corporation evolved.  It was a burial group!  Would you want to live in a neighborhood where there are members that believe in the concept of a burial group?  Do you get it?

Or does down with 2 really mean down with any one with the second archetype of Jesus Christ?  A Pagan belief system based on your moon clock based in England?  If you are a Pagan you don't believe in God.  So the number 2 really means down with anyone who tells you what to do.  God's favorite children again?  Can't be told what to do!  They want to be number one even though they are really number two.  So when they make that Druid symbol it really means down with themselves!  I already knew you were pagan lowlifes!

What does it really mean 04 30 2013

What does it really mean 04 30 2013

What does it really mean when we say that we don't want child molester's living right next door to us?  Let's not mince words here on this issue!  It means that we don't want them in our society!  Oh they can live 200 feet away and all that.  Be true to yourself concerning all of them.  It means we don't want them in our society!  And our society is our country!  But our country is not our entire world although some would like you to believe all countries are the same and their is nothing wrong with bolstering the economy of a country that has values that are diametrically opposed to our own.  Do you see what has happened?  The interests of Corporate businessman has superseded our national values and our Constitution and become  a threat to all of us.  And we can't evict them because it will just come back to haunt us.

If you don't want them in our society what is your real conclusion or what should it be.

Let me be very clear about this.  When you take away the rights we are guaranteed by our Constitution, with the stroke of a pen, you might just end up taking away the part of our Constitution that guarantee you yourself, "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

And what happens when you take away someone's rights of Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?  It is a reality that they come back for your first of the three rights!  It will always be a reality.  For those who can't figure out human psychology even though you have embossed degrees it is that simple.  It is like the founding fathers wrote that statement as a balancing sea saw.

I would not write any of this if I was not electronically harassed in my own home.  I saw what the device looked like, where it was and that memory will never change!

I think some of you in this country never realized that you had rights!  So indeed you got on the bandwagon of making money by abusing the rights of other people?  You WERE protected from the very beginning.

So how it works is like a series of false premises are created that do not really branch from one to the other until the monkey that wrote them falls out of the tree?  That is called a mixed metaphor.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Trench Guns and Gang Raped 04 30 2013

Trench Guns and Gang Raped 04 30 2013

The other day I was reading in the local paper how one of Hitler’s food tasters finally came forward with her story.  There were about 15 women who tasted Hitler’s food to make sure that the English had not poisoned it, as was his fear.  When the Russian’s came into town they shot 14 of them.  One of them had already left and that was her story.  The Russians took her to a Doctor’s office and gang raped her for two weeks there!  That indeed compares with the horrors of the Axis Forces.  And indeed Russians killed the greatest many people in world history through executions?

She said that she could not have children because of them and that they ruined everything!

Anyhow.    What that rape reminds me of is an awful lot like how we heard rape chants at Ivy League schools.  We also hear of hazing’s there to.  And these are the graduates who go on to become bankers, derivatives experts and politicians.

We also hear of this horror in the poor communities.  And indeed there is a great incidence of human trafficking that follows the same Satanic theme.  Is it a hatred of their mother that drove them to do this?  What was their mother like?  What is more likely to be true is that they never had a strong father figure!  I have a hard time believing that a son who had a good father would be the next one on?  But what if a good son joins a frat and is not the next one on?  He has been complacent with the crime hasn’t he!  He was not a good man because he failed to ACT!  Granted if he tried to act he would have been outnumbered and may indeed have suffered the same outcome as the woman who was gang raped.  So he is a putz all his life too.

Is there Satanic occult motivation for the horror of this act?  I believe so.

So a woman is gang raped at a Fraternity?  (Which is essentially a druid English infiltration into our higher learning system?)

I believe that woman should be given a trench gun, automatic machine gun, Tommy Gun, whatever you call it and be able to take vengeance on that fraternity!  Are there fraternity members in our society who have this dark secret they are keeping from the rest of us?  Are they in high levels of our society in terms of money and power?  Yes!

So she goes in there on initiation day and blasts up the place.  What does that mean?  The son’s in that fraternity will no longer have a dark secret to keep?   Based on my life’s experience, being the son of two teachers and living in one of the wealthiest communities in Wisconsin if not the United States, I can tell you that the parents are absolutely no different than the children.

Are there women who this happened to who obtained high level paying jobs in our society because they went along with it?  As far as I am concerned I don’t care to see a woman on network television bragging about how her being sexually LIBERATED got her to where she is?

And why do young women come home from college early?  We both know the reason!  It is the same reason that we are finding out about kids dropping out of grade school and high school they are traumatized and scared to death to go back.

Women are always complaining about equal pay in our society.  What you don’t realize is that it is women themselves who tip the pay scale in their favor and ruin it for the rest of you!  She kept her mouth shut after it happened and was rewarded for the rest of her life for it!

I don’t care to see a carp mouthed SHITZGA telling us the news on television!  That is not what builds family values.

It is my religious belief as it was Jesus Christ’s, a Jews, that Satan is among us and does not have his/her own soul.  So if you don’t have your own soul how do you get one?  By traumatizing others I would believe and that is the dark side of religion and the occult.

So you give that woman the trench gun just like you did Joan of Arc the sword and that will indeed be enough of Satanic filth in the United States of America!  And there are indeed quite a few of her out there who have been victimized!

So am I really advocated a young woman taking a trench gun to those who gang raped her?  For legal purposes I am not.  But it would indeed make a good plot for a movie!  We see all kinds of horrific plots in movies today and the Protagonist is also the criminal in them.  Criminals are glorified as Protagonists!!!

Have you ever seen 5, 10, 15 people given a jail sentence for gang rape?  It sure has never been publicized in our media!!!

Again I am not advocating that a woman do this!  But why has our judicial system failed to address this?  Is it because many of these in higher education go into the legal field?

You see I would not want one of those Russians who gang raped her as my neighbor!  But that is just me?  I don't even have daughters or sons.  And I would have no respect for anyone who indoctrinates their children and others into the occult by raping them so that they "get that out of the way," psychological construct.  You know the ones, it is going to happen anyway so we better just get it out of the way and have an apathetic response to any instance of it in our society because it already happened to us?
 I am not advocating this.  But I have indeed seen many young woman going to the gun stores and wanting to buy assault rifles!  It struck me as odd at first, just like the idea of 10 year olds hunting.  And their faces look like they have been traumatized!

So Barrack Obama went to Harvard?  Does he have dark secrets from his college day’s he is not sharing with the rest of us?  Was he in a Fraternity?  Is this the motivation behind gun control.

Do you know that the first case of gun control in the United States happened after Ronald Reagan gave arms to IRAN in order to gain public favor and win the election from Jimmy Carter?  After someone attempted to assassinate Reagan we had gun control legislation!  And Reagan indeed fostered what the Republicans taught today as an enemy of the United States.  I had to look up the roots of Reagan because I thought it would show he was from Northern Ireland but his roots weren’t they are from Tiperary (sp?)County in Southern Ireland.  That still doesn’t mean that he wasn’t sired by an English Druid though.

I view Joan of Arc as a Hero!  If you owned a castle with a dungeon you would have had a different and popularized propagandized opinion of her.

And do I have Jewish neighbors that taught their children to take off their clothes as I come walking by outside?  Yes!  It has happened three times! 



New Article

Everyone credits the English for the Industrial Revolution but that is Watson’s Bollox.  If they had they would have made cars too.  Cars that everyone would drive not just an item for the Queen!  What did the British do when they came to the United States  they created a business structure whereby they could presume themselves to be Royalty, the President being the King of a Corporation.  Everyone gets no pension upon retirement, etc.  They created management positions in the U.S. in a miniature Monarchy structure of the Corporation.  The word was first used to describe burial groups.  Corp being the body and ration meaning to divide up.  Just like Judas and bars of Silver and Jesus Christ.

And the British thrived on draining Capital and destroying our work force.  That management skill never belonged in the U.S.  And it was indeed the South who was most like Great Britain.  They took slaves whereas the North didn’t.  Both Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin described leaving England as the Jews Escaping from Israel!

They got into the banking business in the U.S. and then we had the stock market collapse, Great Depression and Genocide.

If the English did indeed spur the innovation of the Industrial Revolution then they would have went on to mass produce automobiles and make them available to everyone.  But they didn’t.  Why not?  Because that is not the motivation of the monarchy.  The motivation of the monarchy is to have one made for yourself and that is all and that is just what they did.  That motivation does not create an Industrial Revolution nor does it result in innovation.  Then they left China just in time for China to start mass manufacturing goods for the rest of the world?  And we are told of course that Communist China no longer uses slave labor. 

What are we told from the Bible?  It is implied that those of the orient are from a far different race than meets the surface.  How else did the three Kings of the Orient know to bring myrrh to the birth of Jesus Christ?  The same drink that the Satanic Romans gave him when he died on the cross at the end of his life.

They like to take credit for the Industrial Revolution just like they do for Higher Education?

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The Republican Legacy 04 30 2013

Quote of the Day 04 30 2013

"The Republican Legacy will be one where they quit in disgust and put responsibility for the mess that they (Republicans) created on everyone else!"

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Quote of the Day 04 30 2013

Quote of the Day 04 30 2013

"Let's all start our day's with a tear for the people that don't have their own human souls!"

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Monkey Minds 04 29 2013

Monkey Minds 04 29 2013

Have you ever gone to the Zoo and seen how much hatred is in the eye's of the Gorilla for your child?  Well that is how it was when I visited Sampson at the Milwaukee County Zoo as a boy.  It would bound off the walls trying to break out of there and get at me!

If you ever wondered what is meant that the Devil Loathed Jesus Christ I just told you!ts.

Do you want to try the test?  Take a child who is bullied to see a Gorilla at the zoo and see how the Gorilla reacts!  Take one who is a bully.  Take one who will be bullied.

It will know when one is coming around the corner!

You will find that if you don't want your child to be attacked your child has to first view the Gorilla with emotional sympathy and then as an equal.  It works.  But no child should have to go through those psycholigical constructs or psychological reasonining or pyschodrama!  We should never be subjected to it when it comes to a lesser race that cannot think for itself!!!

Nor should we ever be taught to have to feel guilty for our thoughts with regard to that which we find threatening to our lives like the Catholic Church suggests we should, "I have sinned in my thoughts?"  Was it just your imagination or was it cursing?  And what would the modern Gorilla like more than anything else?  That you would have a reason to have cursing thoughts with regard to it so it can learn to be more like you from them? 

Who opened the cage door and let them out in every color?

That's all there is to it!

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How did the Drugs get into Viet Nam 04 29 2013

How did the Drugs get into Viet Nam 04 29 2013


My Cousin said that they all did them.

1.        They weren’t made in either the United States of Viet Nam.

2.       We don’t buy them directly from people firing their guns at us.

3.       So the heroin had to have come from Afghanistan? 

a.       You don’t land commercial planes on military fields and unload drugs, so they had to have come by an “Olive Drab” plane.

b.      And the man that is President of Afghanistan was also President of NATO?  North American………what does Afghanistan have to do with NATO???  Check the facts on this one.

c.       At what level of chain of command do they enter Viet Nam?  Someone had to have known!  Why wasn’t anyone ever prosecuted?  It is the same Satanic construct again- ruin young men’s lives right after they finished their education because you are Satan and part of their school of thought and no longer want to be?

Were the drugs in Viet Nam a concerted effort?  Did the Viet Kong want and know when U.S. soldiers were high and attack them?  Did satanic members of our military wait for our soldiers to get high and then shoot them via friendly fire?

Is their only one form of government for the mind of the Satanic~ communism?  And wasn’t Communism further established in Russia after WWII?

I would think getting drugs into the military would be like walking out of Fort Knox with Gold Bars in your pockets- it’s not going to happen!

Drugs are not part of the U.S. Culture.  They are a key tool in the satanic culture to ruin the lives of young men who can think for themselves!  It should not be a matter if you are free to use them or nor should it be a matter that others should be able to ruin your lives with them!  To sell someone an addictive drug is unconstitutional because it deprives them of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!  We have the grounds for a second Civil War on that basis; as a matter of fact a Civil World War!

You know they are the equivalent of witchcraft!  I would think that at some point parents would get pissed and go on the war path on this one!  And I wouldn’t blame them!

The networks have never been broken or ever defeated! Can we say for sure they are an extension of Alcohol bootleggers that broke Prohibition in the U.S.?   American Jews don’t care!  They want to return to Israel is what they are said to pray 3 times a day but it is the alcohol from Wine Rome and the minds that IT created that drove them from Israel in the first place and concurred them.

Satan is not a member of any one religion it is a state of the developmentally compromised mind that adapted to act normal around the rest of us.

Can we test all citizens for drugs in their system as a matter of maintaining U.S. Citizenship?  I think that we should.  Do you know what?  If we evicted you no one would want you!

And how do we get you to reveal your source of drugs without threatening you; without threatening to kill you if you don’t tell where they came from?  Willful defeat of our Constitution in this manner is an Act of Treason!  Addictive substances deny U.S. Citizens of their Constitutional rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  And they are Unconstitutional and an act of treason for many more reasons too.
What do we know about the Asian Communist mind and Viet Nam?  We know that the day that Jesus Christ a Jew was born there were three kings from the orient there to offer Myhhr to him for the day he died some 30 -40 years later.  Look at it in the terms of the Satanic mind and ask yourself how they knew?  They did not have their own human souls!

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Humor Quote of the Day 04 29 2013

Quote of the Day 04 29 2013

"How is your bald spot coming?"

Be sure to ask your neighbor who always wears the Baseball Cap.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Parable of the False Talents 04 28 2013 Upd #2

The Parable of the False Talents 04 28 2013

The mocking narrator or voice in the Parable of the Talents, from the Bible, tells of how it decides who has the talents and who doesn’t!
The real Parable of the Talents is that even though some are prevented from using their own talents others did not actually receive them.  But for some reason to the eye of the public it seems like they do.
Ask yourself this how smart can a child that eats lead paint get?  Like it or not their potential is limited; you are not going to trust your life to them even though you tell yourself differently in a salvage of hopes?  (“A Salvage of Hopes” would indeed be a good name for a novel.)  For that very same reason we know that the wine laced with lead drinking Romans did not build the Roman Architecture and neither did the San Hedrin of Israel.  There are likely only about 1% of the population today that can think of and construct innovative things of greatness.  You can’t transfer talents to a lead wine primate!  The reason they drank it in the first place is because they know their brains aren’t as good.  It is like the kid who hits itself in the head for being stupid! (Or takes or pushes drugs.)
Okay so I cannot type at home because there is a vibration in the air that makes it hard for me to focus.  And when I put on a neck brace, to steady my head, like someone who got whip lashed in a car accident I can type at home?  (I have no trouble typing anywhere else by the way!)  It is a less than lethal ultrasonic weapon.  When you hear some old man, from your former writing group who was jealous of you to the point he cried when you read your short stories, boasting about how his son is an acoustics engineer it is time to wonder? (surname Landwier)What did they use on Manuel Noriega circa 1989??

It appears we have a very ancient race of backward people among us doesn’t it?  Isn’t it about time you come forward and admit what you have done to the rest of the world?  That would be the manly thing to do wouldn’t it?  That would!  We’ve been fooled by the greatest fraudsters in the history of the world!  There should be massive wealth redistribution because of this.  It has very bad implications of what Homeland Security means doesn’t it!  Time to tell the world who your real Elohim's are?

It is criminal harassment in the United States and against U.S. law!  And are you trying to tell me it is legal to torture in the U.S.?  Are you trying to tell me that our Constitution allows it?  You live in a lead wine world don’t you?  It is a crime against humanity anywhere it the world and punishable by the death penalty!  If you are a leader of a foreign country all current U.S. television personalities are likely to be guilty so upon travel to your country they can be tried and convicted?
If you put this one to the test you will see that I am right!  Believe me, they (Satanic mindless) know what they have done and who they are!  Don’t mention whose name they are to say they are.  Just tell them they have a choice of confessing or facing the consequences for participating in the world crime!  They also have had brain scanning technology since 2001 that could be used to prove what I say but they quietly put this notion on the dusty shelf so people don’t bring it up.  They are likely to use it to find new victims in the future though, but there will be no future because of them.  Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.
“Good morning Gorilla.  You’ll take care of all of us won’t you Gorilla?”

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Here is a picture of the device that I saw.       The Cornucopia

So we know that lead paint kids are useless and that means that lead winer's didn't design and build all that Roman Architecture so what did they do?  They took credit for it!  

PS. Do you know what they will say in the future?  That residents of Waukesha Wisconsin liked to spike their water with Radium!!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Average American Judea/Christian Belief Today is 04 28 2013

The Average American Judea/Christian Belief Today is 04 28 2013

"What is the harm if someone get's persecuted and no one knows about it!"

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A New Milwaukee Event 04 27 2013

A New Milwaukee Event 04 27 2013

How about a first day of Summer jump in Lake Michigan event???

The first day of Summer this year is June 21st.  And that is a Friday!

That might work out better for a lot of people than January 1st???

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Many Articles in One 04 27 2013

Many Articles in One 04 27 2013

Law School weeds out talented mind for Prosecutors

Law School weeds out talented prosecutors that have integrity and strong moral directives.  Why?  They are the exact opposite of those entrenched in the legal profession and would indeed serve to bring down the legal profession if they entered and where allowed to graduate.

Every lawyer should be required to comment on all known issues of legal fraud and agree to an oath that they would be subject to the criminal penalties if caught.  This would indeed serve to weed out those who should truly never enter the legal profession!

The way that good minds are weeded out of the legal system is by presenting cases to them and judgments that did not seem fair to them or were indeed based on a string of premises and case law that was inappropriate.  What happens in the legal profession is that lawyers are not able to present cases that are based on sound integrity and principal, because they don’t have it!  So what they do is base their charges and opinions on prior case law.  I can hear them jumping for joy already as they now believe that they can turn over long held supreme court judgements.  That is not the purpose of this article.

The purpose of this article is to tell you that the wrong time of person is bred into the legal profession to the detriment of all of us!  We watch reality Court Television and the mode is no better either.  A dog bites a child in the face the father kills the dog and the father is sued.  And so on.  It makes you scratch your head and wonder how judges and lawyers without a basis of common sense with regard to the foundations of our society and democracy ever made it where they did.  Here is how it happened.  The phrase “The Devil hates the truth,” applies.  But what is a corollary to “The devil hates the truth?”   It is, “To hate the truth means to hate yourself.”

My father was either drafted or enlisted into WWII.  But when he got back to the United States he received failing grades for that last semester, before he went to War for the United States, at Marquette University.  He eventually made all that up and continued going to college to receive a Double Masters.  But what is my point?  So you give 75 Marquette Law students failing grades for drinking underage, have you really weeded out the bad students from Law School by doing so?  No.  Maybe just the opposite is true!


How Genocide happens

The easiest victims of genocide are those who were complacent with receiving criminally attained money without question!  Why?  They have no recourse when the net forms around them.  And what they never realize is that the head criminal can’t stand them either!  Why not?

To understand this you have to understand the nature of the most criminal type minds, that of the Satanic.    That head criminal has the mind of an animal that always wanted to be another person other than itself.  It always compared itself to the soul of another person.  In the end it defeats all the enemies it sent after that person as if they are its own enemies!  It is also trying to prove that it is better than the person whose soul it always compared itself to in the nature of, “Look at how easy I defeat this person.”


Who really is?

The other day I was reading an article about the ancient Jews.  There was one King from a foreign land that defeated all 46 tribes.  What was his reason for doing so, he said, “He refused to come under my yoke!”  That Yoke boasting fellow also had the mind of Satan.  Right?  Do you see how it compares itself to those who might have been greater than him at that time and decided they should be enslaved.  It is the same satanic construct.  In order to prove to myself that I am better I defeat someone I know is better.

I also read that the Jews always wanted to return to Israel after they were defeated and they pray 3 times a day to do so.  They were defeated by the Barbaric Roman tribe.  I think many of them have indeed been bread and cross bread into that Roman tribe in the U.S. and no longer care about what happened way back when.  Not only that I don’t think they know what their true identity as a people were.  Somehow they got tossed in with the Underworld of the United States in an either you go along with us or else maneuver.  Under duress.  I don’t think American Jews really want to return to Israel today.

Not only that but they never had to think much in their lives as everything was spoon fed to them.


UW College Surpluses

With regard to college surpluses.  I am not the only person in this country to suggest that we have a league of uneducated with college degrees!  Even Clarence Thomas gets it!

I have the firm belief that some teachers don’t know any more than what you a student, with your own soul and mind, read and learned in the text book the night before the class yourself!

The number of millions of dollars of college surplus cash was ~$689 million in the University of Wisconsin system.  Okay if you think that Bernie Madeoff tried to put this country into another Great Depression what do you think that surplus was for?  Would that surplus have been distributed to a select few while the rest of us were in bread lines?

I believe that our country has been under attack for quite some time.  We are seeing our Constitution picked apart in favor of breast cancer.  I want to say the Druid English Jew or the Nazi German American.  It is okay for me to say that because the book of revelation in the Bible does indeed tell of Jews who are not Jews.  And it is also okay because I currently have the ability to articulate my entire life’s history in my defense.


It has gummed up our health care system too!  You can go to one hospital and not another?  What is that?  That is your old fashioned Axis force Burial Group!

You medical records can’t be shared between doctors?  Again your old fashioned Axis Force Burial Group.

One doctor could be looking at an x-ray and see something that did not pertain to his specialized line of field know what it is and not tell you about it because????  That is your old fashioned Axis Force Burial Group!


I cannot end today without bashing Pro-Lifers just a little bit.  There are 46 million Americans on food stamps.  There are 45 kids to a classroom.  But more importantly let’s use an analogy of a Jewish King from the Bible.  There are two women arguing over a baby.  The King pulls out his sword and say’s he will cut it in half and give each child half!  The real mother runs forward and say’s no no!  And she gets the baby.  If you study religious history you know that the Jews evicted people that they did not like by community rule.  They also scribed on peoples foreheads the word EMIT meaning send this one forth.  But what is the point?  You most likely had to have done something pretty horrible to get kicked out of a community.  Like molestation and rape?  Or maybe you were just an all around Satanic menace no one could ever stand!  My father told me the story of a young man in Loyal Wisconsin that made a pass at him in a car one day.  He said that man had to leave the community and his father had to close his business.  I believe he put his hand on my father’s knee.  Different take to Homosexuality in Loyal Wisconsin back then as to what our first black President believes in.

But back to the Pro-Lifers.  Who would want to take someone else's baby?  Again you need to think of this in Satanic constructs.  Lets say one of the woman was part of the school of thought of the other woman all her life we’ll call her Chaka.  Chaka can’t really think for herself because she was raised in a group like primates?  Or she has always heard the thinking of the mother Mary archetype in her life because that Mother Mary archetype was traumatized in pain at an early age for the Satanic to be able to hear its thoughts.  I know you don’t believe it and don’t want to.  Chaka knows she is not normal and will never be.  Chaka is jealous of that Mary and what does Chaka want to believe?  Chaka wants to believe that she can have a normal baby.  Chaka wants that baby!  Why?  Because she is trying to prove to herself that she is something that she isn’t.  Just like in the case of those who concurred Israel?  Chaka can’t stand it that Mary is indeed reaching that pinnacle stage in life where she gave birth to a baby just like herself!  It is like the breaking point for the mind of Chaka that was allowed to live its entire life in spoiled delusion!

So here is the best part of the story or the tell.  Chaka see’s that the King is going to cut the Baby in half and Chaka no longer wants the Baby!  Why not?  Because Chaka does not have her own judgement of what is good.  Or right from wrong.  Or what her own Tastes in things is.  She has the Tastes of mother Mary.  But when Chaka see’s that the King does not Validate the greatness of the baby because he would cut it in half Chaka no longer has the judgment of Mother Mary but switches to that of the King!  Chaka is actually happy that mother Mary’s baby is being judged as no good because it elevates her to above mother Mary!  Chaka would be an easy sale for designer goods that everyone who seemed to be popular had wouldn’t she!  So indeed not wanting the baby because of the King, someone who is of fame and powers, actions tells us that Chaka only wanted the baby as a matter of social status?  No she wanted it to deprive mother Mary of the fruition of her good life!  Chaka could not stand to live one more day if she had to see Mary raising that child as a good person!  Chaka’s face would billow up beet red and her eyes would become like a beady mean animals on a blood frenzy.  Reminds me of many of my experiences with people from Catholic School and the Community of Whitefish Bay Wisconsin.

But wait one more point that I had never thought of!!! What if Chaka did not run for the Baby because she saw that the King was going to cut it up and thought she might get a piece of it to eat?  I could write about the Satanic and what they would do with stem cells if they got them.  And that is a very good point with regard to the stem cells of discarded babies.  They were part of the mother!  They do not belong to anyone else and nor does anyone else have the right to buy them or receive them!  So that baby has to be cremated while the mother watches?  It is a very insignificant issue when you compare it to the unrecognized nature of Chaka in our world today!


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