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Monday, September 30, 2013

Quote of the day 09 30 2013

Quote of the day 09 30 2013

"I am not made out of shadows."

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Okay how do I apply for Obamacare Tomorrow 09 30 2013

Okay how do I apply for Obamacare Tomorrow 09 30 2013

And once I apply there is nothing you can do to stop it.  Not only that you can't keep good employees who believe in Government from showing up to work when they want to?  How can you keep a good employee from showing up to work?  Sure you can lock the building but some of the overtime work they might need to do in there would be to your own benefit, so you can't do that.  And if I can't sign up tomorrow I can sign up the next day.  And it is not our fault if the personal costs you incur to treat your autistic child are over and above what a normal human being will have to pay on the plan?

In reality you can't get served in an Emergency Room if you don't have insurance!  In fact they don't have to serve anyone they want to!  All they have to do is do what they did to my mother when I brought her in, say they don't have room in the Emergency room.  And then an Italian Milwaukee Police officer shows up to threaten you.  And when you finally do get in the emergency room you find 75% of the emergency rooms were empty.  This happened at St. Mary's in Milwaukee.  And what is it, controlled genocide!

We can sign up at:

Here is the link to the website and by the way my Internet browser or server diverted me from getting to this Government website twice before I did!

There is also a group called Navigators who will be out and about.

If it works out okay God Bless Obama.  If they mandate that we are hauled in and drugged until we can no longer think and write then it is bad.

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A Government Shutdow what should it really mean 09 30 2013

A Government Shutdown what should it really mean 09 30 2013

That if you do not want to support an elected President in Congress then you should stay home!  And just like in any business when you don't show up for work it is considered that you quit!  So if you want to support a Government shutdown in reality it means that you quit!  It means that you could not articulate your opinion in order to convince a majority of the American people!

Okay so what would happen if we were dominated by bad members in the House and Senate whereby a good man in the minority would seek to start a shutdown?  That good man in the minority should respectfully be given his opportunity to speak to the American Public.  He would not vote for a shutdown!

Why were you ever voted into public office when you would seek to shut down that position?  It is like being hired for a job and then voting that the job no longer should exist because you cannot do your job!  To shut down the Government because you can't get your way?

And one more point about this.  The rate of autism might be as high as one in 23 born today!  It costs $3.2 million over that child's lifetime to care for them.  I don't think I should have to pay for that in any way!  That number coupled with the rate of autism coupled with the unemployable work force that will be created coupled with these children not being able to serve in the military like their parents did in order to protect the United States can only lead to bankrupt and conquer of the United States.  Likely by whomever made the chemicals that cause autism.  That child will never be a brave and competent solder like his father or mother was, that is reality!

What is even more scary regarding the Military Industrial complex of the United States is that military personnel have a higher rate of autism than the regular population.  It might be due to vaccines taken in the military it might be due to exposure to radioactive materials such as depleted uranium.  But what threat do military personal have to the country?  Will their be bands of mentally retarded hunting human beings with military equipment in the future?  Is it happening today?

But we have to pay for this $3.2 million each because we are going to have to go all the way to bankrupting the country before the cause of the issue is addressed! But after we are bankrupted and starving from being bankrupt what happens then?  The issue of autism was not responsibly addressed as it should have been.  Responsible address would mean quarantine of all those children until the cause or cure is found!  That is how the U.S. responsibly addresses disease!

Would it be fair for me to say that autistic children are taught how to make responsible adults mentally ill?  One is a reality the other is medical fraud by the satanic with real symptoms to the human being victim!  The Republican Party was formed in response to both slavery and mental slavery.  Ask yourself who would nee to have a mental slave other than someone that is mentally defective themselves?

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bill Orielly “Killing Jesus” Book 09 29 2013

Bill Orielly “Killing Jesus” Book

Tonight I watched some of Bill Orielly’s interview on 60 minutes about his new book titled “Killing Jesus,” he made some very interesting points.
That the reason they killed Jesus Christ was because,~ “He started messing around with the money!” (loose quote)  That Jesus got very angry and violent.  That the temple was stealing and extorting money from its own citizens. 
That Jesus was a regular guy but very afraid.  (This part I did not know about.)
That Jesus Christ had nothing and yet he is the most famous person in the entire world!  “He had no infrastructure.”
That most crosses had a seat on them but Jesus Christ cross did not because the soldiers wanted him killed so fast!
That it would have been impossible for Jesus Christ to have said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” While he was on the cross because his lungs would have been collapsed!  But that the Bible states emphatically that he “Said” that while on the cross.
Bill also said that what he writes comes to him in the middle of the night!  What I write comes to me in the same way, however there is a moaning sound along with it!  Bill and I both know what it means but we wont say.
O’Reilly claims to be the champion of the little guy.
He said that Jesus was a regular guy.  He said that there were many people who declared themselve’s to be Gods in those days!  (Sounds a lot like my writing?)

So by deductive logic what does some of this mean?
If you interfere with a money changer why do they get mad at you?  But the better question is, if you are stealing and extorting money from citizens what does it imply about yourself?  It implies that you cannot make money for yourself!  So why can’t you do that, is the next question that would need to be asked.
Have I told you that after getting my Accounting and Finance degree in 1991 I worked at an Investment Company, then located on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower, called First Analysis?
Why did the Roman Soldiers want him dead?  Because Jesus Christ exorcised his earth bound right to free speech.  But why do you want someone dead if they are lying about you?   Usually most of us are able to just shrug or laugh that off as ridiculous, or just make a clarifying statement as to why so and so in wrong and go on our merry way!
Why be mad at someone like Jesus Christ?  When you read anything from the Bible do you see a reason to be mad at Jesus Christ? 
The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ drove the money changers out of the temple.
Bill O’Reilly also told how he got into arguments with nuns that he wanted to debate in class!  (That is my nature too, isn’t it!  Not only that but also nothing good to say about modern day Money Changers.)
But at the end of the interview what did Bill Orielly say will be on his epithet?  “He finally stopped talking.”  That reminds me a lot of a story that I wrote a long time ago and here is the link to it:
But also if you read the Gospel of Nicodemus it states in there that the reason the SanHedrin (Jewish Elite of the time) wanted him dead was because, “He knows what we do.”  That implies you are doing something that needs to be covered up.  What could that be?  What could that be?
On the segment before the Orielly segment was a man who wants to treat the mentally ill against their will.  And what is very interesting here is that he said if those mass shooters were being treated they would not have committed those shootings.  But the fact is just the exact opposite that many of those mass shooters were being treated at the time they shot people.  So why does it happen that way?  We know for a fact that the medicine they are put on causes an early death.  So in effect it is a slow acting poison.  What we also know about that medicine is that the primary thing they all have in common is that they impair higher brain function based on a person’s own memories! So what happens when a person realizes they are slowly being poisoned; any human being will likely act out in violence!  So medication is not the answer.  You stop the higher thought processes of a human being, you stop them from drawing their memories into their consciousness and indeed you have put them on a form of death row!  You do not have the right to do that to human beings in the name of just stopping their use of their hippocampus.  And why do would you want to do that to a human being?  Is it because they have a bad memory of something happening to them where those who committed that offense evaded the criminal justice system?  And that memory is indeed a reality and also the source of their poverty? 
So who were the satanic from the Bible that did not have their own soul?  This is an easy one.  We know the Romans were big wine drinkers, even lead wine!  And what does that cause to happen to a person; defects in the hippocampus at all ages of life.  The birth defects are said to be irreversible.  The hippocampus is responsible for bringing a person’s memories or learning into their conscious brain so that they can think about them.  Okay so if you can talk but don’t have your own memories how do you do that?  Can you see those Roman soldiers rubbing their foreheads in anger because the source of their disjointed minds was thinking for himself and they were subject to those thoughts?  Does it sound farfetched?  Well there has to be an element of the human soul in a man’s sperm.  If that ejaculate does not go into what the Indians called a dream catcher were does it go?  It goes into the disjointed brains of the Roman Soldiers?  Okay sounds farfetched doesn’t it?  But what did the Emperor Caligula of Rome like to do to people he crucified?  He ate their testicles live off their bodies.  What monster or breed of monster would defile a human being in that manner?  Do we not see a similar construct to this today by those who lack intelligence in the United States utilizing steroids in order to attain high paying professional sports careers? A steroid being a concentrated form of testosterone like is embodied in a man’s testicles? This also brings up the issue of Cannibalism causing prion’s to form in a cannibals brain and them going crazy from it!   A prion what is basically in the wild deer in about half of the total geographic area of Wisconsin today!  Just go to the Wisconsin DNR website and see where the Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD for short) and heard reduction zones are!
Do you know they never found the body of Jesus Christ?  Was he eaten?  Sound like a flight of fantasy?  No that above act by Caligula is indeed an act of Cannibalism so there is a great precedent that they might have!  And hence the reason to be very afraid!  When you have a Roman Emperor eating men’s testicles off their live bodies that does not fall under the heading of paranoia- meaning an irrational fear!
So if nobody could have heard, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”  Why is the Bible emphatic that he said it while he was on the cross?  Because they heard him say it in their minds eye!
So what would happen if you transcended time and gave a Roman Soldier a pill that stopped them from using their higher brain function, if you believe they had one?  They might not have an appetite for conquest and or a taste for live men’s testicles, they might not seek to extort and steal money from the people because they know they will be caught?  They might not seek to give other people drugs?  And indeed they wanted to give Jesus Christ Myrrh while on the cross but he wouldn’t take it!  Same herb the three oriental wise men kings brought to his manger at birth!
What would happen if you knew those with the birth defect of mental retardation related to oxygen deprivation to the hippocampus caused by alcohol somehow came into power in the United States?  That is indeed the leading cause of mental retardation in the United States.  What would happen if a line of people were no longer able to have children with a healthy hippocampus area of the brain?  Do you get it?

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Another point.  We know that testosterone in a man peaks about 30 minutes after drinking alcohol.  What we also know about addictive substances is that more and more of the substance is needed to achieve the same initial effect over time.  So what happens when addicts can no longer boost their testosterone from alcohol in order to feel good about themselves?  What is the next thing they resort to?  Usually just more and more alcohol until they are lying dead on their beds!  But hopefully they don’t turn into something like Caligula.  It is very interesting to note that the first psychiatrists in the United States wanted to castrate Schizophrenics and every member of their family!  Do we always know what happens to medical waste?  Gee you weren’t happy just by medicating someone you later granted yourself the right to castrate them to?  We have been analyzing the brains of the wrong sect of people in our society!

Independence Means 09 29 2013

Independence Means 09 29 2013

Independence means instead of trying to be faster than someone else; try to be faster than yourself.

You see, I was exactly like you once, and that is how I got to be me!  You might try to pretend that who you are trying to be faster than, is actually yourself, and!  You will like trying that!

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Commentary on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article Walker Endorses 3-state economic metroplex 09 29 2913

Commentary on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article Walker Endorses 3-state economic metroplex 09 29 2913

Walker was hired to be Governor of Wisconsin not to make Wisconsin part of Illinois and Indiana!  He would have never been needed to be elected Governor of Wisconsin if what would be the Governor of Illinois ends up managing Wisconsin and Indiana too!

Scott walker obviously does not have his own mind!  Or at least his own man's mind!  He got in office, created civil unrest which is against the Constitution, and now believes Wisconsin should be part of Illinois and Indiana?  Sure and I know it is only as a business function in terms of the merging but that is an extremely bad precedent to start! 

This is unbelievable!

And someone traveled all the way to Paris France to bring this idea back to the United States?

Do you know what the jist of the reasoning is?  There is a lot of money traded in the Chicago Financial district!

Scott you can give Illinois all of our sick deer for starters!

Is this what was behind the proposal of Wisconsin to break away from the Union?  First it breaks away and then good ole Illinois has to come to our aide to help us?

Water technology listed as the reason?  Who are you kidding?  That technology and/ or rather the means or measures needed  so that the technology would not have to be used have been on the table for a very long time.  And they have never been implemented because it would cost too much and businesses could not remain viable!  What is it all about?  Had responsible people been hired in business and government all along it would never have become an issue today!!!!

So in order to agree on limiting water pollution Wisconsin has to become a part of Illinois?  Can we call that a very weak card player we  you hired as Governor!

What is great about Chicago that we need to bring to Wisconsin?  Absolutely nothing!

1. A river fenced off because it is full of Asian Carp.
2. Heroin being passed around and good sons and daughters hooked and killed!
3. Have you ever gone to Bradford Beach in the Summertime and seen all the White Trash with the Illionois license plates pouring in?
4. They will be buying up Wisconsin land by thousands of acres!
5. You get on I-43 or I-94 to go somewhere and it will end up costing you 10 dollars each way!  And that money will go straight to Illinois were the Satanic print it out from the souls of good sons and daughters!

You could have blindfolded a donkey spun him around and we would have better ideas for the people of Wisconsin.  We don't need sycophants to the wealthy in Government positions because it only erodes the value of our dollar, our intelligence and our standard of living!

What is even the consideration of such a proposal?  It is a great defeat for the people of Wisconsin!  A great defeat!

Any car with an Illinois plate coming into Wisconsin should have to pay $20 at the border!  Would that deter tourism in Wisconsin?  No!  But Iowa should implement the exact same measure, just in case!  Trust me, you won't want them there either!

So we have 150 clean water companies in Wisconsin and not the money or the balls to mandate their products into service?

Poaching of labor?

And good God, some scientific writers believe the true instance of Autism is now 1 in 3 children are born with it?

Chicago is noisy and smells!  It is drug and crime ridden! Wisconsin would be better off building a wall around Illinois so that no one could come or leave!

This is on par with my morning satire comment,
How the Milwaukee News Media Thinks 09 29 2013

"McCarthy has done such a great job coaching the Green Bay Packers that we should bring him in to head the Milwaukee School Board."

You don't incite civil unrest and then blame those whom you incited it in for the consequences!  That is not the nature of an true American! It is something that every parent is supposed to teach their child not to do! They believe children will grow out of it?  That is the old aphorism.  It isn't true!  You don't grow your way out of any bad behavior- you learn your way out of it!

Wisconsin had the opportunity to teach Illinois and Indiana and lead the country by example.  Apparently we you have elected a whee little man that cannot accept the Responsibility entrusted to him? And do you know what would happen in this day and age if you elected a responsible adult?  Whee little men like Scott Walker all throughout Wisconsin would fail to work with him out of resentment!!!  The resentment of having to take personal responsibility for your actions!!!  We ought to send every one of you to go live inside the great wall of China!

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What kind of a God Awful Person would ever mandate 09 29 2013

What kind of a God Awful Person would ever mandate 09 29 2013

What kind of a God Awful Person would ever mandate that a mother be forced to keep her mentally retarded autistic child?  That is about the worst thing that you could ever do to a young woman!  Tell her that she has to keep that mentally retarded child.

To force a mother to believe that she is no better than that mentally retarded child?  And what psychological principle takes place when she is allowed to believe that her mentally retarded child was what was supposed to normally come out of her as a baby?  It is very simple-  everything in our society gets normalized to the standard of pleasing children like that!  The nation gets shaped so that the mentally retarded are the generation that will be successful!  Wouldn't it have been a lot more productive to figure out what the cause of the mental deformity is and put a stop to it?  We very well know what the causes are!  And you know what?  They are how that woman's husband earned all his money.  Selling Alcohol and tobacco, manufacturing and polluting our water, getting a job for the government and not seeing that our sewer systems are modern and sanitary, working for an electric company and not implementing clean energy because you will have to take a pay cut.  And when you take a pay cut you won't be able to live in that neighborhood that you never belonged in in the first place!  In other words the world would no longer be normalized to your lesser standard if you had to.  If you had been were required to abide by government laws you would not have lived in the nice neighborhoods that you did!  You keep spiraling us all downward like a moose attending a water slide recreation park.

Statistics say that 1 in 3 children likely has autism today!  Maybe all of you need to be put inside the great wall of China!  What is a magog?

For all your scientific grandstanding there has never been a scientific study to just what Jesus Christ meant when he and others referred to satan in the Bible?  In Search of Satan!  All the facts are right there!  Why do we have to live with them?  Why on earth should they ever be allowed to make decisions concerning humanity?  There has never been an Ivy League College religious or otherwise to tackle that question, what did Jesus and those from the Bible Mean by Satan?  It is all right there in the Bible.

So we heard from our Pope who believes himself to be St. Francis of Assisi lately.  That is what he has allowed himself to believe that he is.  Pope why don't you get out a crayon a tablet of paper and tell us the differences between all the worlds religions?  Why don't you tell us what you think Satan was?  And you have to get it right or the issue will just keep coming back?  Do you understand human responsibility?  If you don't get it right the issue just keeps on coming back!  It isn't something that can be lied about!  It isn't something that can have an official wrongly worded speech in dismissal about and thereby glossed over.

Let's see, I offered you all wine for the nine months that woman was pregnant, the child is born with a form of mental retardation because of that and you are forced to keep it say's I!  It is a rhetorical question for someone of that type of occult to try and explain isn't it!  Anyone who would pontificate those principles is by definition Satan!

Do you know the kind of world that you like?  One where the mentally defective outnumber the healthy human being children by 100 to 1.

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How the Milwaukee News Media Thinks 09 29 2013

How the Milwaukee News Media Thinks 09 29 2013

"McCarthy has done such a great job coaching the Green Bay Packers that we should bring him in to head the Milwaukee School Board."

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mental Slavery the Founders of the Republican Party and Schizophrenia 09 26 2013 update # 2

Mental Slavery the Founders of the Republican Party and Schizophrenia 09 26 2013

Okay the founders of the Republican Party got together because they abhorred slavery and wanted to Abolish It.  They were called Abolitionists.  But did you also know that they believed in the existence of Mental Slavery?  Today the modern term for mental slavery is Schizophrenia!  It is caused by demonic possession.  The Puritans who founded what is the United States also believed in Demonic Possession as a reality and who did they attribute it to?  The Wiccans that they hung!

The three founders of the Republican Party were Horace Greely, Salmon Chase and Charles Sumner.

Here Horace Greely is quoted:

“It is impossible to enslave mentally or socially a Bible-reading people. The principles of the Bible are the groundwork of human freedom.”

So he saying, by deductive logic of analysis,  that those who do not believe in the Bible can be mentally enslaved and also that reading the Bible is a cure from being a mental slave!  I know that the second part is true.  He is validating the existence of mental and social slavery! reference link

 In my point of view noone did more to end Slavery than Charles Sumner, below is the quote that got him beat over the head with a gold headed cane by a Confederate Senator, blood coming out of his eyes etc.   In a speech he said of the pro slavery people,

"The senator from South Carolina has read many books of chivalry, and believes himself a chivalrous knight with sentiments of honor and courage. Of course he has chosen a mistress to whom he has made his vows, and who, though ugly to others, is always lovely to him; though polluted in the sight of the world, is chaste in his sight -- I mean the harlot, slavery. For her his tongue is always profuse in words. Let her be impeached in character, or any proposition made to shut her out from the extension of her wantonness, and no extravagance of manner or hardihood of assertion is then too great for this senator."

If you read that very carefully you see that he is saying the slave owner gets his words, "Tongue" from the minds of his slaves.  He is also saying that slaves were sexually abused.  One can draw an analogy from that to Nationally known human traffic in Milwaukee today!

Complete slavery was a legal institution in the United States then much like mental slavery is today! reference link

Literate of that age was also profuse with the concepts of enslaving minds.  But most of that is dust shelved today and the significance not taught in literature classes.

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Update #2 Do you see how Charles Sumner is using the "her his" in the paragraph above?  He is alluding to the transgendered soul like I do a lot in my writing!  That got him beat over the head until the shower of blood blinded him -- well read the story of the beating at the link above.  Have you found out what people get the most angry at you about is what is most true about them that you say!!!  They want to beat you because you said it rather than accept the reality of their mental defect!  You learn to keep your mouth shut or become abused!  That is not the way it is supposed to be in the United States of America!  If that is what you believe you are going to be finding big trouble here someday, guaranteed!  Best to repent before it happens and ask for forgiveness because once it starts it happens very quickly!!!!!

Want to clean your house but don't have the energy 09 28 2013

Want to clean your house but don't have the energy 09 28 2013

The first thing that you should do is turn off that television set like it is a 5417kid that is a bad influence on your home.  Having the classical radio station on is to the contrary in that it helps one clean.  But when you turn off that television be of the attitude that the first measure to cleaning your home is to not let the face or voice of a sloth influence you when you are doing so!  It works!

And in Milwaukee we have an outbreak of cryptospordia.  So many health clubs and public places would also benefit if the turned of the 5417kidbox.  It works!  Believe it or not some people hire a maid to clean their homes, not because of the inconvienence of having to clean but because the do not know how to clean!  And when you don't know how to do something it is evidenced in that you don't do it well and also don't like to do it.  The efficient minded American person is far different than that!

But why is classical music good to listen to?  Because it is a highly skilled art that you are being influenced by while cleaning rather than a mook with a hoboken mouth.  There is a big difference!  A lot of energy, time, effort and skill went into perfecting a classical piece of music whereby that idiot talking on television was born exactly that same way and never changed!

You are infused or rather actually imprinted by real talent that went into a classical creation.  There is a big difference and some of us can tell!

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Shareholder Lawsuits 09 28 2013

Shareholder Lawsuits 09 28 2013

Proof of claim in order to participate in a shareholder lawsuit should never fall on the burden of the shareholder.  The accounting by the brokerage firms of the system should automatically know who those shareholders were at those stated dates and they should automatically be included.

The reason that one must provide proof of claim today is because someone could put forth a fraudulent claim, specifically someone that worked in the financial industry.  But that should not be the case, the penalties in place to prevent, any fraud should be strong enough that fraud is deterred from happening.

The lawsuits are filed. The shareholder receives notice a lawsuit is being filed in their behalf and then they receive a check from the proceeds.  That is how it should be done.

Rather than trying to build systems that are fraud proof the industry would be better off creating an atmosphere of trust through accountability to the shareholders.  And this effort would indeed serve to create better management.

In effect the current system allows corporations to avoid liability from such lawsuits.  And any proceeds not distributed by law firms earn interest- that should not be allowed.  Why not?  Who wants to find plaintiffs when they earn interest on the money that they won as a law firm!  And indeed the money, trust, is invested back with the same people who should have been accountable to the shareholders.  So it is a vicious circle of fraud.

And when a system fails to distribute proceeds as it was mandated to do it means the system was created in order to prevent an actual monetary liability from being paid.  And then you get into the favoritism system whereby that law firm can hire another "humped dumpety" to  sit on and, look the other way manage that trust.  Or indeed buy art with the interest on the principal from somebodies 5417 kid in order to adorn an new office building.  I believe that 5417 art is also favored among Charitable Organizations.  What is the fair value of art?  It is whatever someone will pay for it or it can be sold to someone that will pay that price for it.  Dollars as if they are confetti.  Maybe we will have a party someday when we change this for the future forever!

One starts to ask themselves where all the money is gone when there is no money for our basic necessities?  And one looks to how a gypsy would distribute money among her tribe if she came into some that was not her own and yet under her control!  A gypsy would also stand in your way of making money unless you gave some of it to her!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Spitfire of the day 09 27 2013

Spitfire of the day 09 27 2013

"Do you know what I think of pharmaceutical companies?  They think in terms of how can I create a pill that will give an American WWII Veteran a rock hard baseball sized lump of feces in their upper colon that won't come out."

You can't tell me that the United States is not under attack from foreign mindsets today.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Editorial Errors in the Morning Paper 09 27 2013

Editorial Errors in the Morning Paper 09 27 2013

You read the mass produced morning paper that a great many trees were sacrificed to produce and you come to an editorial error, an error a  "professionally paid" editor should caught and it is the same thing as coming to a crack in the sidewalk that many people trip over.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

Do you see the literary difference between paid professional and professionally paid?  "Professionally paid" takes the level of insult to our society one step deeper!

I myself do not even try to edit my own writing because the voice chimes in when I do in order to steal that skill set from me.  So what you get here is raw!  (And it is free.)

And these are the people who are paid to opinion-ate and influence public policy? Why can't they sound out the grammar?  There is a mental defect isn't there!  If you can't sound out the grammar or would seek to prevent or create the conditions precedent whereby other people can not sound out the grammar then you have no business being in the writing business in any way.  Why don't you leave quietly so that those who can write and sound out the grammar.  And we do not have to speak aloud to sound out the grammar we just need it to be quiet so that we ourselves who know how to sound out the grammar and can sound out the grammar using the verbal part of our minds that learned the grammar for ourselves!

So you are fighting to prevent free health care to the American People like other leading countries have here is the solution 09 27 2013

So you are fighting to prevent free health care to the American People like other leading countries have here is the solution 09 27 2013

We enslave everyone in the health care industry and industries related to it!  Does that fix it?  Yep!

Keep fighting to prevent free health care for Americans and I am going to see to it that is happens in just that way!

If the health care industry can mentally enslave Americans than Americans can Enslave the entirety of the Health Care industry.

That is called poetic justice!

And because mentally enslaving Americans was made into a legal part of the United States Government all members of the Legal profession in the United States will also need to be enslaved.

You were asking for it!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Okay you read that Constitution of the United States 09 27 2013

Okay you read that Constitution of the United States 09 27 2013

And when you do you should realize that the United States is not the home for someone like you.  I would recommend that you go to whatever country will coddle to your special needs and stay there!  Whatever country your family lineage called home before the United States is where someone of your lack true cognitive ability belongs and not in the United States.  Our Constitution had already pre-banned everyone of your actions in the United States!  And if they knew what you were they would not want you either!

Let's see the only business in that town was putting horse shoes on horses and somehow as soon as you got there those who were in that business suddenly fell ill to mental illness and you became the new shoe'r of horses?  And nobody noticed what happened?

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Oh Let's See 09 27 2013

Oh Let's See 09 27 2013

"Every time his brother started to work he hit him over the head until he had no hair left on top?"

And every day was exactly the same as the one before, they started a new job because they could not remember how to do the one they were fired from the day before!  That is where the term "Declare Your Profession" comes from.  By declaring their profession they attain a support group of networked contacts to keep them from being fired and out of jobs they never belonged in?  Many of us declare our professions during college only to have someone hit us over the head and wear our suits?  And indeed they have found out that if they pick the right person they can have a wardrobe to fit a great many of the tribe?  Yep!  Tens of thousands are killed by them every year from the anti-psychotics that are prescribed to them, in order to help them.  Really?  You want to help me by insuring that 4 out of 10 people just like me who fall under the same human circumstances will be dead within 10 years of taking that medicine you said would help us?  I will give you a clue.  Don't ever try helping me!  I will give you another clue, I don't want any of you to ever help any human being ever again!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wisconsin has more incarcerated blacks than two Southern States 09 26 2013 update #2

Wisconsin has more incarcerated blacks than two Southern States 09 26 2013

Just heard that on the radio.  But they also loose their drivers license for failure to pay bills.  They cannot drive so they cannot get a job.

What else?  There are 25 candidates for every job there is.

But what do those who are bound to their home then become?  They become an easy customer for the drug dealer to locate!!!!

A Reverend Briscoe said that something epic or good has to happen for them.  That is very simple and easy.  We could be a manufacturing powerhouse in Wisconsin today, but we would have to go on a new business model.  And a new recognition of what reality really is.

And in terms of the education of blacks.  I can tell you that there are teachers in the world that hear certain students think and they are highly covetous or jealous of that ability.  The Bible calls such people Satanic.  Any poor black person trying to make it out of that hole we be a target for abuse.

So is there a network whereby drug dealers are informed by insiders in the police force when a person that used drugs will be released so that they can be targeted to have their live screwed up again.

You have to think of Satan as being a radio receiver head of human thought not its own.  And hence that is where the phrase, "There is only one God comes from!"  That person with the defective hippocampus would be very confused if it had to learn from the listening to the thoughts of more than one person!   So in effect when someone whose thoughts are heard is clean and sober the easy head person called satan knows right away, just like she is Procula having a terrible dream that she attributed to Jesus Christ!  And Jesus Christ, a northern Jew, was one such person whose thoughts were heard.  I can and have proven this through logically human interpretation of Bible passages!

So what you have in the United States is a coveting and rationing of human thought in the form of business's brokering those ideas as if they were their own.  It isn't true.  A large percent of successful white people hear the thoughts of those who are labeled schizophrenic!

"There is only one God principle,"  means that all those who are human and think for themselves have their minds destroyed by those who would like to believe themselves to be that source of thought!  What effect all schizophrenic medicines have in common is that they impair a persons higher thought processes.  What part of the brain is responsible for higher thought processes?  The same part that is impaired in the Satanic through regular use of alcohol and inbreeding!  The hippocampus!!!  So in effect the feeble minded are leveling down the good human being sons and daughters to their same level of mental retardation.  Isn't that the most spiteful and horrific thing you have ever heard someone being capable of doing?

If you are of the educated middle class and have a healthy human being the satanic will be on that soul like flies at a picnic. And what gave rise to communism in Russia and China?  It was the threat that rule by the middle class posed to them.  I will have to research it a little bit further but the middle class was also known as the Borguies?

What you hear about the Third Reich in Germany is very puzzling because their was also a term that was used in communism at the same time or rather slightly preceding that called the third Continium?  It was the start of Communism and Stalin was in Communication with Hitler!  Clarification that The Communist party in Russia from 1919 -1943 was called the Comintern and also known as the Third International!!!  Too similar party names by the leaders of Russia and Germany who knew each other.  Communism thereby being the equivalent of the Third Reich in Germany?  Russia was initially content to stay out of the war.  But again both Russia and China were organized for workers rights and ended up enslaving the workers (And also experimenting on human beings.)   Not very nice is it?  Tell the working public you are for their rights and then enslave them?  "You wanted to work you get to work!"  "But I thought I would have the chance to make enough money so that I could retire and live free?" They worked people to death!  Now that is called duplicitous! ref source

The interesting thing about Communism was that it was started as a pro labor rights movement and ended up enslaving all the laborers in both China and Russia!!! The people were duped!

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Question of the day 09 26 2013

Question of the day 09 26 2013

What would the proper phrase be for two events in either world history or a criminal investigation, that we are told are only coincidental in hindsight.  When really the motivation for them was never really analyzed with modern day knowledge in the case of history or in the criminal investigation where made to seem unrelated when they were really not.  The only thing we know from scanning a time line initially is that they occurred at or about the same time.  We do not know if their were related parties or are not told of connections or networks that in reality did exist.

I am thinking of something catchy used to describe this like Conditions Proximate.  But that does not highlight the time factor.  It should be limited to two words.  Can't be something like, "The events (or actions) occurred at or about the same time."  Because that in and of itself is weak language.

I am thinking of it because we had the liquidation of the Stock Market in 1929, Social Security about the same time and also Prohibition.  It reads to me like we had a sickened workforce, the German Americans looted the Stock Market so that they could retire for the rest of their lives,  they would not be allowed to drink so money was needed for a war effort to serve as a distraction, and the Government saw what happened and knew it owed a duty to the American People in terms of Social Security!  Or rather the literal interpretation Securitization of society?  Or has it really become securitization of Socialism, Socialism being a war on the Middle Class?  The middle class were not Stock Market Insiders nor were they Milwaukee Beer Barons.

And again you have history according to Thomas Paul Murphy.   My Italian American High School History Professor looked at me with dark sunken eyes and wanted to give me an F.  Can you blame him, this is the exact same way that I thought back in ~1983.

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Felonies Guns and Alcohol 09 26 2013

 Felonies Guns and Alcohol 09 26 2013
In the history of the United States guns and alcohol were given to the Indians in order to conquer them.  But who started that idea?  We know that the Puritans the first people to the United States believed in drinking alcohol only in moderation.
But more to the point what happens when a man drinks alcohol?  Three basic things for the purpose of this writing.
1.       People tend to act out while on alcohol. 
2.       They become addicted to alcohol.
3.       A man’s testosterone gets a boost thirty minutes after consumption.  That creates aggression accompanied with an oxygen deprived brain.  That creates conflict and violence.
The statistic is that black people experience a significantly higher prevalence of incarceration for the same crimes that white people do.  I do not believe that is a fair comparison to make, that statistic of white people has to be broken down further into subcategories of white people in order to be relevant.  For example the Moors were blacks that conquered Europe, so your Caucasian race can no longer really be considered a pure white race based on skin color, there is more to it than that!  In terms of what nationality, religion, region, etc a white person is from, not only that what those white people might have in common or not in common!  Now that would be more telling, relevant and useful.
But what is the point?  After they take away your guns they will take away your bows.  And then you are not allowed to have any knives because they will say you are dangerous.  All well and good so someone else is going to cut my food and feed it to me?  Or as science fiction episode once drew humor from, someone else is going to chew my food for me?  What is the point?  They don’t want certain people to have guns because they are responsible people and they are insanely jealous of that responsibility!  Not only that they are jealous of the freedom and adventure that responsible people have!  So their will be a death by bow and they will have to take that away to.  When in reality they don’t want you out in the woods alone because it breaks their delusion of being everything you are.  Same reason they told everyone in Europe the earth was flat (Good ole Catholic Church?) they have had dependency on human minds not their own for well over 2000 years.  Then they will want you confined to your home for no valid reason.  Sounds a lot like a King hanging a Robinhood type with his own bowstring for hunting on what the King says is his own land? 
But what is the point?  If there was no alcohol there would be no reason to take away peoples guns!  But what happened in the history of the United States?  The bad guns beat the good guns and defeated Prohibition.  If the bad gun’s had lost that conflict there would not be a conflict with good gun owners today!  And it was made part of our Constitution.  So this is the bad guns defeating the good guns again today in that it is the bad gun’s that are creating the violence caused by alcohol use and those that use alcohol sold to by the bad gun’s who prevailed in defeating Prohibition, who also own guns!  At the time Prohibition was ended we did not have the scientific knowledge that we do today!  I believe it would be a far different story today based on that knowledge if it were presented to women!
The bad gun’s are people who believe that they can do everything a responsible human adult can do.  But it isn’t true, it is a flight of fantasy!  In order to truly do something you have to incorporate the learning with regard to what you have learned already in your life so that it is part of a working knowledge that guides your split second decision making process.  Someone with an impaired hippocampus can never do that!  But they believe that they can.  So what does it cause?  Conflict with those who actually can do those things, the responsible and healthy brained human being.  This is how stupid they are,
“I saw it in my mind’s eye or third eye and I can do it too without practice!”
“Look mam, we have two eyes and each is connected to one half of our brain!  That third eye you are talking about is proof positive of a mental defect!”
(other relevant issues, oxygen deprivation to the brain and damage to the hippocampus during every stage of life.  During the first 11 months before birth the possibility of the child having a birth defect.  And I am going back two months to when the fetus was the individual two components of sperm and egg that could be subject to alcohol damage.  The size of a developing teenage hippocampus can experience a substantial reduction in volume up to 10 % from alcohol use.  And as an adult Alzheimer’s starts off by the inability to remember accompanied with associated aggressive symptoms that victim’s of fetal alcohol syndrome have too!  And Alzheimer’s patients have been found to have defective hippocampus’s.)

What is the point?  There would be a lot less felons if there wasn’t any alcohol!  Indeed I believe it is a felony to sell or give a person an addictive substance.  It is certainly against the United States Constitution core provisions of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
When you give someone an addictive substance they are not at LIBERTY to stop taking it because it is addictive.  That is what addiction is!  Then it deprives them of life by giving them an early death as well a “Down time” in life, from brain recovery from oxygen deprivation (hangover) they could have been enjoying learning new skills or spending with their children.  Pursuit of Happiness?  What are addictive substances?  They are a form of escapism.  A person using a form of escapism no longer wants to try and achieve for themselves.  You have indeed deprived them from the true reward that creates personal happiness for a human being- achievement created from first person knowledge!  You just surpassed that and took them right to the reward!  This in effect causes a gap in personal development and personal development equates to brain development and mind development!  So in effect you have derailed or obstructed the process of their human life!  I could keep going with this but…
Not only that their children will be likely to have a birth defect from the parents use of it.  And that also deprives them of the pursuit of happiness.  Not only that it can be considered to deprive them of life if you consider offspring to be an extension of one’s life?  Not a bad interpretation.  So in effect you have mentally disabled their offspring and thereby through the extension of life principle deprived them of life again.  Oxygen deprived cells are cells that are dying or more likely to die?  So you have indeed killed a part of them and that is also a violation of “life” per our Constitution.  And what happens when you create a multitude of dependent minded people who have hippocampus defects from alcohol?  Well they then seek to deprive a human being as a symbol of religious sacrifice of their human soul!  That person is deprived of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by the others who were, but in a different way.  It is like saying we don’t need any wheels to get us through life because we will all be able to ride on a person’s back?  Who of you wouldn’t object if you were made to be that person?
Guns are part of our Constitution to keep the back riders from being able to ride backs!  And they should always be.  Missouri got it right when the invalidated or want to (not sure if or not) all federal gun laws.  Look why we have gun laws today?  They are because a man with a defective hippocampus who acted like he was other people for a living, became President of the United States by undermining the authority of the current then President of the United States, Jimmy Carter by giving Guns to the Iranians in exchange for American hostages and stealing the Presidential election by telling the American people he got the hostages back?  We have gun laws at the federal level because someone shot Reagan and tried to assassinate him.  And that person was also likely to have a defective hippocampus leading him to somehow believe in Jodie Foster in some way?  And Jody foster is a declared Lesbian, likely to be caused by alcohols detrimental influence on the hippocampus, she is another actor.  And she says that she was not a Honey Bobo girl during some awards night.  But here is another point.  Actors and Actresses are said to have ruined childhoods because they were not able to attend school with other children.  Here we have three cases of people involved in gun control laws that likely had defective hippocampsus’.  What am I getting at?  Maybe those children became actors and actresses out of necessity because they could not learn like the rest of the children could!!!!!  Why? Defective hippocampus!  I have strong reason to believe that is true! Do I need to go into what religion controls our television media today?  No I won’t go there today.  Other than to say they came from a tribe of Judah not Israel and that tribe believed in wine and incest.  Incest another known cause a birth defect related to the hippocampus!  And there it is, how it has been kept a secret!  And what is a Honey Bobo child?  There was one not three shelves away from me where I am typing right now.  She was making moaning noises like the three off worlders in the movie Blade Runner did when they came after the protagonist.  Literally it is a sound that sounds like a moaning beast! The symbolism from the movie is that the one man, a replicant shoved his head through the wall and moved his eyes around like one of those tobacco bugs and asked, “What are you doing?” as he was trying to kill the human being.  Okay so I blew the convincing with those last three four sentences; couldn’t resist, tale of the zealot got me again.  But what did those replicant’s have in common?  They did not have their own memories and they were violently and psychotically aggressive, and they did not need guns to kill people because they were physically much stronger than a human being!  The writer of that movie, Philip Dick, also publicly expressed some form of disbelief in Schizophrenia.
That’s it, I start to write and I ramble on.

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