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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Want to clean your house but don't have the energy 09 28 2013

Want to clean your house but don't have the energy 09 28 2013

The first thing that you should do is turn off that television set like it is a 5417kid that is a bad influence on your home.  Having the classical radio station on is to the contrary in that it helps one clean.  But when you turn off that television be of the attitude that the first measure to cleaning your home is to not let the face or voice of a sloth influence you when you are doing so!  It works!

And in Milwaukee we have an outbreak of cryptospordia.  So many health clubs and public places would also benefit if the turned of the 5417kidbox.  It works!  Believe it or not some people hire a maid to clean their homes, not because of the inconvienence of having to clean but because the do not know how to clean!  And when you don't know how to do something it is evidenced in that you don't do it well and also don't like to do it.  The efficient minded American person is far different than that!

But why is classical music good to listen to?  Because it is a highly skilled art that you are being influenced by while cleaning rather than a mook with a hoboken mouth.  There is a big difference!  A lot of energy, time, effort and skill went into perfecting a classical piece of music whereby that idiot talking on television was born exactly that same way and never changed!

You are infused or rather actually imprinted by real talent that went into a classical creation.  There is a big difference and some of us can tell!

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