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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Article written in response to D.C. gunman appeared erratic published in the Washington Post

D.C. gunman appeared erratic
Associated Press, Rueters, Washington Post
Article written in response to D.C. gunman appeared erratic published in the Washington Post
Not so fast scribes!!!!  What this man purported to have happened to him, “Sleep Deprivation” is the exact technique that is and was used by communist countries to break the minds of men, prisoners or war!  The technology he speaks of that could be used to do that to someone is over 90 years old!
And even the CIA admits that it’s goal with many people is to “Dislocate” them.  It means to part their human soul from them!  It is a code term!
Who were the communist?  The party in Russia was founded by a man that had a Jewish mother!
Not only that if you watch a replay of Barrack Obama’s wife speaking at the Democratic Campaign for Barrack in 2012 you will see that she makes the comment, “Barrack does not mind hearing all the voices and all the chatter.”  Watch her body language and her eye’s as she speaks that sentence!  Barrack knows exactly what happened to Aaron Alexis!!!!
It was also Colonel John Alexander of the United States military that admitted that the United States military had developed synthetic telepathy!  That is indeed the ability to make a person hear voices in their head!!
Now look at what the outcome of this was?  A United States Naval base was attacked!
Aaron Alexis was demonically possessed to do this.  So who would do this to someone?  To answer that you have to answer the question “What does it mean to not have your own soul?”  It means that you do not have the ability to learn from your own life’s memories.  Sound’s very far fetched doesn’t it a person not being able to form their own memories?  No, that area of the brain the hippocampus is the first to suffer oxygen deprivation from alcohol use during a mother’s pregnancy.  And alcohol is indeed the leading cause of mental retardation, now politically correct known as autistic spectrum- unless your child is not…then they get the plain old mental retardation label?
The hippocampus is the area of the brain that is responsible for converting short term memories into long term memories; ie learning based on one’s own knowledge.
What evidence do we have that communist are of this mindset?  Judah is the man that Judaism was founded on.  He believed in incest.  Incest is another cause of birth defects to the hippocampus area of the brain.  You couple that with over 2000 years of the Judea/Christian churches administering wine every week at mass and you can see how the those that do not have their own human soul are created.  If a woman is pregnant for 9 months and she even has one drop of alcohol at one of those masses there is chance for this birth defect.
Both Winston Churchill, The United States and even Adolph Hitler wanted to stop the spread of communism!
It is highly likely that the Chinese as an entire population suffer from the fetal alcohol spectrum whereby there is damage to the hippocampus area of the brain.  They might very well indeed be the former Jewish slaves from Egypt that built the pyramids and were fed beer and bread for their slave labor!  China even built that great wall to contain what was termed the Magog! Ask yourself what would a Magog do to the free of the United States?  We would represent the greatest threat to it in its lifetime because we believe in freedom and free thinking!  If you do not have your own soul you are one that tunes in to the thoughts of other people.  That is how you imprint yourself to be human being like- not based on your own memories- you can’t because that area of your brain doesn’t work.  To imprint yourself on someone else’s brain they demonize that person and torture them.   Indeed sleep deprivation is the main way it is done to someone and that technology has come a very long way.  For example the microwave signal from a wireless computer router is exactly the same as that from a microwave oven.  Imagine if a person were able to attenuate the strength of the 2.4ghz signal by wiring up a microphone to the amplitude of the signal??  They could drive someone crazy!  They could use it to displace the electrical signals that form the soul of someone’s mind!  One of the first people that experimented with this technology I believe it was Niels Boore died from it!  The Italian Fascist and ally of the Nazi party Marconi rapidly examined the work of his and Nikolas Tesla the Serbian of the United States and reverse engineered it.  What did he proclaim to the Pope of the Catholic Church who was in correspondence with Adolf Hitler, “We have succeeded in harnessing the power of God!”
Aaron Alexis was undergoing psychiatric treatment when this happened.  The original psychiatrists of the United States were those that believed in Eugenics.  That means sterilizing people that you don’t like.  They also wanted to sterilize every member of a schizophrenic’s family.  Ask yourself this, a person is minding their own business, they are confident and capable, they have learned by using their own mind and memory and they trying to earn a living why do you need to sterilize them.  But if a person was found to be using a microwave weapon to drive someone from their mind and commit an act of horror like this would that not be a crime against humanity?  Would that not be someone that should be sterilized or executed?  The newspaper does not want you to believe that there could really be a way to drive a person insane.  That is one of the biggest lies in the history of the world!  It is irresponsible journalism!  There are quite a few people that should have never been able to influence the public by spreading such untruths or the appearance of such untruths!
I am not anti-Semitic because I know very well that there are Jews who have been victimized in this same manner!
My writing is not a flight of fantasy, everything that I write of is verifiable!!!
The human embryo creates a strong skeleton skull structure to protect the human brain.  There is one chemical that goes right to the heart of the brain of a human being and destroys it and that is alcohol.  It has been weekly administered to pregnant women for over 2000 years!  Ask yourself what type of person would go crazy if you took away their alcohol???  It is a very serious question!!!  It was a criminally minded people wasn’t it!!!  You took away their ability to deprive their brains of oxygen and they went crazy and were driven to acts of violence?  A person was driven to acts of violence because you too away their ability to deprive their brains of oxygen?  What really happened to them when you did this?  The floodgate of their personal life’s memories of horror was too much for them to cope with, they would rather lead the pacified life of believing them to be someone else!  And that someone else is someone that is labeled schizophrenic.  The Italians from above have a Godfather that is not someone in their own family or maybe even that knows them.  They have had a long history of drinking alcohol, horror and lead wine.  Lead is another known cause of mental retardation.  And mental retardation is the inability to learn because one cannot convert short term memories into long term memories.  Teenage drinkers substantially damage this area of their brain by as much as a ten percent reduction from drinking alcohol.  Teenage years are indeed a period when the brain is experiencing substantial development as one is being readied for adult life! 
The eye’s are the window to the soul.  If we wanted to test people for who should own a gun and who should not there would be a variety of eye features we could use and also brain scans that relate to what areas of the brain are working independently of influence from the outside world.  The results would be profoundly prophetic!

Damage to the hippocampus caused by fetal alcohol syndrome is irreversible.
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