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Monday, August 29, 2016

We live in a Hairlip Princess Economy 08 29 2016

We live in a Hairlip Princess Economy 08 29 2016

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I don't have a penny to my name but I say something that causes you to lose a Billion Dollars 08 29 2016

I don't have a penny to my name but I say something that causes you to lose a Billion Dollars  08 29 2016

Isn't there a little bit of logic implied there that I have the ability to make a Billion Dollars myself?  Why?  Because I said something that caused you to lose a Billion Dollars?  And what I said was TRUE! 

What I said was TRUE and it caused you to lose a Billion Dollars?  Doesn't that mean there is something untruthful about how you got your Billion Dollars?

"Don't let that person speak at all because if he does you will lose money?"  "In fact cut out his tongue!"  That is stone age mentality isn't it?  Should those of stone age mentality be allowed to control money of the level of great power?  No!

But what if more than one person colludes to lie together to cause you to lose a billion dollars?    What is that? That is those of the Stone Age mentality "formed a group!"  They might even call the "shrewdness" group its own religion because it is its own belief system!  Victimize the intelligent so you look smarter than they do?  And that is exactly what Schizophrenia is!

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time is from either 2001 or 2010 "Space Odyssey"  A hairy monkey see's a smarter monkey using a hand tool.  He takes it from him by force.  He does not take it to use himself.  But instead immediately uses it to beat the smarter monkey to death with.  Then he discards the tool.  And perhaps it was a bone being used as a tool, irrelevant. 

Figure out a human being is smarter than you and place them on psychiatric medicine so that they can't use their own higher mind.  That would be the practice of lower worlders?  They titled this the New World for a reason.  Seems to me a lot of lower worlders caught up with us here and don't belong here!

If you hear voices can you also hear or experience the chimpanzee like confusion that person demonically possessing you by voices experiences.  When you hear voices you are indeed experiencing the horror a mentally retarded person experiences and lives with every moment of their life.  Does it not feel like the gestalt of a screeching chimpanzee to you?  Isn't that what the emotion feels like to you too?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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So you and a cabal took the family surname shield of some man and used it as your own.  A woman then believes she is marrying someone that she isn't?

Donald Trump the Vegetable Child 08 29 2016

Donald Trump the Vegetable Child  08 29 2016

What is the gestalt of a wealthy person sending their son (or daughter) off to military boarding school like?

"Here, here sir, here is my bad seed, please grow this vegetable child for me!"


"I will pay you however much money you want to grow and nurture this bad seed vegetable child for me."


"Oh many praises to you sir for you have raised my son to now become a leading contender to President of the United States."

Anybody really think anything good can come of that?  Do you know how to ask yourself a serious question and whether you are being true to yourself when you make your quick conclusion and answer it for yourself?

Usually we want for the town fool to succumb to the product of their own fate like Cain from the Bible did?  We don't elect the person we expect to come to the ill product of their own fate to become President and lead the rest of us.  Into what?...

"Here, here sir, here is my bad seed, please grow this vegetable child for me!"

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The theme here is considering that parenting is a lot like growing vegetable and therefore it is something someone else can do for you.

Now ask yourself why he got to where he is today?  Because there are a lot of vegetable children just like him that support him because he will support their wealth.  Sometimes referred to as maintaining the status quo!  Maintaining the Status Quo is also why you will NEVER SEE WHAT HILARY WROTE IN HER SATANIC EMAILS!

Assigning your life a number makes you more of a discrete target and instead of 08 29 2016

Assigning your life a number makes you more of a discrete target and instead of 08 29 2016

Assigning your life a number makes you more of a discrete target and instead of it being used as it should to protect your life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and general welfare it makes you an easier mark to eliminate?  So instead of it supporting Social Security it really supports Socialism Security.

But what happens when you don't fee the poor?

What happens when the rich aren't required to be able to learn anything for themselves?  Who would want to live in a family full of alcohol retards?  There would be pretty horrific!  But that is indeed the type of family many who become successful were from.  Sure they are money successful!  They are "Money Gaga" successful.  But their children don't turn out right.  You would think the child turning out okay/normal would be the measure of success today?  Look at the most "successful" and tell me how many of them had kids who used drugs and killed themselves such as Carley Fiorina?  How many of the kids end up in prison because the parents view parenting as an acting job; Michael Douglas son.

Socialism Security started when FDR of the former slave owning Democratic party legalized mentally retardation causing alcohol.  It is irreversible.  At best that person adapts to be an extremely good verbal manipulator.  Verbal Manipulation what is that?  Verbal Manipulation?  That is what every person who is labeled schizophrenia (medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud) experiences!  A mentally defective person trying to directly verbally manipulate you!  That is what Demonic Possession is!

And those who founded this country believed themselves to be Godly!  They also believed that demonic possession was a reality and hung those who practiced it!

Are there medical diagnosis whereby a person has strong verbal ability but low IQ?  Yes, it is Wilson's Syndrome.  Do you see why that type person would be the most dangerous on earth?  THE MOST DANGEROUS ON EARTH!

And look at their faces while they are pretending to listen, what do you see?  Estrangement!  It means that their mind is not working like a normal human beings.  It is trying to use deferred thoughts from a normal human beings mind that is demonically possessed to answer questions for itself.  That is its cognitive framework!  The Cognitive framework of the devil to be exact.  So it has two forms of polar thinking that and also one of using pumped up ego to dismiss anything it isn't capable of understanding or "mal understands" as humor or nonsense.  So it either tries to listen in estrangement of it gets high on itself instead.

Here is what FDR really gave us.
1.  The retards, through legalized alcohol.
2. Social Security; so that those victimized by the wealthy retards don't assert their rights to the product of their own minds and work efforts.
3. Schizophrenia the medical fraud.  A vondoon/Jewish/Christian insurrection into our Government illegal per the Constitution.
4. Limited Liability.  So the wealthy white trash from the Speak Easies could manage you at the Corporation and not be liable for it.  That is called Divine Right and it is illegal per the Constitution.  Divine Right is how Kings rule and do not have to be accountable for their actions.  It violates the freedom of the normal!  And it is illegal per the Constitution because Congress may not grant a title of nobility.  In effect if you have granted LIMITED LIABILITY YOU HAVE INDEED GRANTED A TITLE OF NOBILITY.

Can you see the face of Supreme Court Ruth Ginsberg looking on in estrangement at the prospect of what this means?  It is something she would get out a witches broom and try to scatter around a bit with.  Isn't that exactly how the mentally retarded respond to responsible questions from the public?  Many ways of not answering them because they aren't able to!  They know right away from the question being asked that they are check mated!  ~ Dealing with odd people like that is the story of my life!

Humor: Ask an estranged Professional woman a question and her eye's go blank like she is waiting for someone to stick a dick in her mouth or fanny.

And here is what else happens.  They look into the distance in estrangement and hibernate their mind even a little bit more while you are talking to them because they already thought of something snotty they are going to say to you to dismiss you for the first second they saw you!

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How many Doctors Visit the Coroner while the autopsy is being performed to see how they erred in diagnosis 08 29 2016

 How many Doctors Visit the Coroner while the autopsy is being performed to see how they erred in diagnosis   08 29 2016

They had to do dissections in Medical School.  So apparently they didn't learn anything from them did they in terms of sharpening diagnosis to make for better treatment?  No instead they are out on the Golf Course with the other latent homosexuals.

"This person complained of pain in the lower back, I want to be present to see what is found."

"This person complained of pain in the neck, I want to be present to see what is found."

All of those problems are treated by telling the patient to take an ibuprofen.

People want to say how great our health care is in the United States?  It is really genocidal health care!  How do we know this?  When an Indian India coroner in New Jersey (?) is able to forge 10,000 autopsies it means it is genocidal healthcare.  And look who rises up from that state as a Presidential candidate that was in close with Donald Trump?  Chris Christie.

How many were poisoned to death with heroin in undeniable MURDER?

This is a business model of health care which means it really isn't health care at all but business.  And they defer to some phrase they made up in their own defense,  "The business model proves best?"  For you own wallet that is when you don't have the real qualifications to be in that profession, no matter what it is.  And they could not accomplish this without limited liability which is implicitly illegal per the United States Constitution.  I mean just look at Ruth Ginsberg's face and tell me that she doesn't look estranged to you!  Look at Hilary Clintons face and tell me that she isn't estranged.  It means a persons thoughts are deferred from the original possessor.  Rather than someone who was able to integrate learning into concepts of self and others.

So what is wrong with them?  A very hard to detect form of mental retardation from alcohol.  Likely damaging the caudate nucleus and hippocampus of the brain as well as other parts.  And that person can indeed adapt to have very strong verbal manipulative ability with low IQ.  That is how things go bad!  When the retards contrive and connive to get their way.

In ancient times they would call someone who is as intelligent as me either a seer or a prophet and persecute us!  And the truth is that they persecute people like me every day using directed energy weapons in what is called voice to skull microwave broadcasts.  That type of beast is just what our Country was founded to protect us from.  We don't elect people like that as President!

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Humor: "He is doing his fat rat posing." 08 28 2016

Humor:  "He is doing his fat rat posing."  08 28 2016

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

A REAL ROMAN LIKES MY novel The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper 08 27 2016

Humor: Flash Fiction: Summarizing Every Western I have seen in Flash Fiction 08 27 2016

Flash Fiction Western  08 27 2016

"You can't tell me what to do because I am no name man."

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So you can't drink and drive 08 27 2016

So you can't drink and drive  08 27 2016

Make a list of how many things you can't drink and do!!!  Make that list and bear with me!

If you can't drink and drive should a person who was born mentally retarded because of alcohol and considered to have permanently impaired intelligence ever be allowed to drive?  Yes I am equating the state of inebriation directly with being born with mental retardation.

So should such a person ever be allowed to be President?  Can you drink and be President.  So Gowdy grilled Hillary Clinton on Benghazi but did he ever think of asking her.  "Were you or had you been drinking during or before you made those decisions as Secretary of State?

Those are the kinds of questions that should be asked!  And they are more relevant that you would ever know.

So this is getting into rights issues isn't it!  Should the person who is born with permanent mental retardation from alcohol be allowed to serve on the Police Force?  Who wants to serve with a drunk on the Police Force?

Should a person who was born with permanent mental retardation be allowed to serve as a foreman at a manufacturing plant?  Who want's a drunk looking out for their safety?  "No we can't afford those respirators?  Look there is a very miniscule risk you will get lung cancer.  But we know you need the money."

What happens when someone with mental retardation is allowed to management positions in the military?  Who isn't he going to like?  Remember he already has a lose screw.  Who is going to get him by "friendly fire" in the "Theater of War"  Likely someone who thinks exactly like me!

Do you want a drunk preparing your food in a restaurant?  Maybe if you have a dog in the house you don't care!  Maybe if you live in a farm house with dirt all over the floor you don't care either.  Something you would never think of.

Ever walk in the bathroom of a restaurant and the Mexican who is wearing the white shirt and black pants and has the broom and dust pan is just standing their futzing with his phone.  Then he leaves and you see he didn't notice there was a paper towel on the floor, the sink was dirty, the knobs to the door handles were greasy, etc etc.  And we could say that is Bill Clinton and George Bush on Nafta?  How did those Hillbillies ever get to be President?

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The Bad Kid in Shop Class 08 27 2016

The Bad Kid in Shop Class

The first thing he will do is pickup a tool and pretend or actually use it as a weapon against one of the other students.

And what is this an expression of? His anxiety for not being able to use tools like the other children because his father didn't teach him? Or perhaps that is the only thing his father taught him and it is his way of claiming ownership of the skill?

But what happened then?

You can't get a teacher to teach a classroom full of kids shop skills because it is futile! So Donald Trumps idealism of American Manufacturing is a pipe dream! Why because you have to be responsible in more than just one channeled way to work in a factory and respect the rights of the other workers! But what do we do when Employers don't even have that level of responsibility to the health and safety of their very own workers?

And what do they teach kids who can not listen and learn? They teach them to be someone else entirely! So anything dangerous like a tool that kid only has to consider that he is acting with, no matter what he does with it? Life is just a game of pretend?

So you go North to West Bend Wisconsin and you sit in hamburger joint and you see that the High School has a Skeet Team! Skeet is shooting flying orange clay targets with a shotgun, for those who are willfully ignorant and wouldn't look up something they don't know what is.

Could you imagine that today in Milwaukee High Schools or its suburbs?

“Let's go shoot skeet.”

“Okay but lets have a joint first.”

But that same bad shop kid class will behave that same way all throughout other classes as well as adult life. Pretend he or she is really acting.

I want to make a comment about 4 girls on the U.S. Womens Olympic Basketball Team being Lesbians. And it is this. Did the other little girls find them to be snotty, mean and aggressive during school? Did they consider them to have faces like gents? So the Catholic Church was very involved in athletic programs throughout the United States? They also promote the leading cause of genetic disorders in the Western Hemisphere Alcohol, at every mass.

I am not saying I don't like Lesbians. What I don't like is hearing the odd voices of aggressive and mean women cursing my human skull! Who would? Probably those who can't listen and learn make it a way of life to victimize human beings so that they curse you and you therefore become part of their cognition.

So why would Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump want to be President for? And what is that really when we have a string of same family members that are given the nominations? It isn't a democracy!

But what is that kid? He is uncomfortable with himself because he can't learn hence he tries to influence the rest of the class through distraction so that they cannot learn either.

And what is Bernie Sanders Socialism?  It is where that bad kid never has to learn!  He just inherits the money and negligently controls workers and the human population.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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But when does tragedy occur?  What a man or women believes that they can also pretend or act like being a parent to be one!

I have to wonder if the actor feels a sense of gratification as if they actually accomplished the same thing that the person they are pretending to be did?  Which brings me to the next point.  Why should an actor who pretends to be something he isn't get paid more than the actually person he is portraying?  Just step back and look at that?

And what is the professional sports player pretending to be?  He is living life as if he is the most quick and strong kid in class, and they will always defer that is entertainment too.

What did the Romans think of Actors?  Very little!  They were considered to be Prostitutes that anyone could have sex with.  What would the Romans think of the actor Sylvester Stallone whose mother was of what geneology?

FREE Advice on how to become a DANCER 08 27 2016

FREE Advice on how to become a DANCER  08 27 2016

"You set things where people might trip on them and it might be you that trips on them."

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jamie is no longer with us 08 25 2016

Jamie is no longer with us  08 25 2016

So lets say that those who are not smart enough to attend college are forced to spend two years in the military learning discipline.

And during that time if one of them makes sexual advances towards other men or sexually molests them all that needs to quietly happen is that the Barracks supervisor announces in the morning, "Jamie is no longer with us."

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But seriously how many males become adults and can't wait to drink because they can't handle their own emotions?  I would have to say that alcohol creates exactly that type of dependency and addiction!  In many ways it creates the male who can't handle their own emotions.  From the inability to think clearly from it to being born mentally defective from fetal alcohol syndrome because of it.  And are the mentally defective emotionally disturbed?  Worse so than any among us!  Neurotic wine and whiskey rats!  "Mr. Winerat will be quartering himself in your house today."  "No the Constitution prohibits that."

Another way to look at the homeless problem is that they are created by a religious insurrection that believes in mental retardation.  I used to give the homeless the benefit of the doubt that they are good people victimized by the system.  But perhaps they belong in the same fracking hole as those who propagandize mental retardation through religious promotion of alcohol.

Drone Attack USA 08 25 2016

Drone Attack USA  08 25 2016

How much does a .22lr pistol barrel weigh?  Just a few ounces.  Have you seen the camera articulating mechanisms on commercially available drones for sale right off the hobby shop shelf?  The technology is there to mount small and highly accurate machine gun from a light weight drone.

Conceivably they could use our own population of computer game geeks to believe they are playing a video game attacking a foreign cartoon enemy when in reality that is really a "fuzzy" type reimaged real life scene of American Citizens they would be killing with the drones.  It is the exact same technology that Google uses on photographic aerial maps to make the trees look like cartoons and obscure things it doesn't want the public to be able to identify.  (Which means what?  Google has bought and developed its way to have national security clearance.)

Is the technology there so that a drone can stay in the air for a long time? Yes.

Could a mass production country like China or India produce them and deploy them here?  And how quickly could they kill us all with them?  Like a day?

Are the races of color really insanely jealous of white people?  You better believe they are!  Are there miscegenated white races who really think like races of color and not white people?  Yes.  And they have no outward physical signs of not being white. (at least none to the untrained eye.)

Have foreign countries already demonstrated negligent concern for the general health and welfare of the U.S. citizen as our Constitution dictates?  Yes.  Leaded glass, MSG, the entire chemical industry,

One more real life point you wont read anywhere else.  How much does a 21" led television screen cost?  Some less than one hundred dollars.  Look at all the components in that and tell me why a solar panel that produces electricity should not cost about 1/10 that price in terms of size?  And ask yourself why they haven't been mass produced and placed on every rooftop?  It is because that race with the money doesn't want the true human race to thrive and prosper.

Did the United States really want races of color to immigrate here?  They labeled it the White House.  The British (word origin comes from tattoo) who tattooed themselves to look like blacks burnt it down in the War of 1812.  But oddly enough we know what they think of black Muslim immigration there today to England.  They don't like it.  I will assert that the English themselves are a miscegenated race.  It has to do with the big Gorilla Jaw and the often round eyes.

Did the Founding Fathers want all these races of color here?  The best evidence to prove that might be that they considered black people to be 3/5 human?

If integration really worked white people like me would not be hearing voices in our head and be cursed by the miscegenated races.

I am asserting again that races of color are insanely jealous of the white race.

The white race is so stupid today.

What we need more than ever is Prohibition to save the white race.  And if we have to use Marshall law to stop alcohol trafficking then we are indeed thinning out the weak of the white race from us.

They have already got the mentally defective white child from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome birth with no outward signs brainwashed to believe in communism.

Those tech savvy foreign countries could indeed mass produce the flying drones.

Ask yourself how many countries of color openly accept white people to them?  How do those white people live there?  Are they treated with respect.  I already know it isn't true.  The white person in China gets called the big nose by the children.  Could you imagine what a fit races of color would have in the United States if their spoiled brat wouldn't go to school because they were called snake eyes or monkey head etc?

Drone attack is about how the Japanese attacked us in WWII!  Unmanned balloons launched with bombs on them headed our way!  So are you trying to tell me that for some reason in War, which is inevitable when some of us do not have our own minds, that they are not going to avail themselves of the best drone technology?

So what might we need to protect ourselves?  Full Auto 8 gauge shot guns with anti recoil technology.  By the way that same gun needs to be fitted with a shell capable of penetrating a 1" tank hull.  And indeed per the Second Amendment we have a right to keep and bear them.

What is the word origin of bear?  It means the right to use a gun against a bear or a person that acts like a bear?  Don't drink a queer sip of tea and try and form an argument to the contrary of that.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How dumb you are already 08 24 2016

How dumb you are already 08 24 2016

Does it make sense to put a 2.4gz microwave transmitter, the same radio frequency a microwave uses to cook at, on the TOP of your LAP???  (Mean to say Laptop)  Get it?

Another reason why Autism is soaring?  That and the genetics of the type of bad mother and father you had.

The sycophant psycho who works for Corporate America and has 4 characteristics of Cerebral Palsy and 2 Stylized Behaviors of Autism will argue you out of house and home for declaring you know something about science if you believe or speak of that!

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Can MSG Mono Sodium Glutamate cause Autism? 08 22 2016

Interestingly enough "Stylized behaviors or movements" are a characteristic of autism.  Source number 8 at the link below.

Okay, I thought that "Napoleon Dynamite" was a very funny movie!  Should I now feel guilty because the way he drank water was a stylized movement or behavior?  No!  I still think it is funny!

How many people do you know have stylized behaviors?

One person that I worked for had 3 characteristics of Cerebral Palsy and now that I think of it, two stylized behaviors or movements.

Point 8 at the link declares it is caused by genetics and also "ENVIRONMENTAL INJURY OR TOXIN."

Point 1 declares that it can cause insomnia.  So put two and two together and tell me what good insomnia does a developing fetus or child?  That makes MSG the equivalent of an Environmental Toxin.

We know that sleep deprivation can cause mental illness in adults.  And if you are deprived of sleep for 1.5 years you will most likely will die.  I didn't sleep for one year while working in Chicago.  But what about a fetus that is in the womb for 9 months?  How does that MSG affect development?  How long after the mother eats Chinese food with MSG in it will it be in her metabolism or permanently alter the babies.

Did you ever watch a Chinese Chef?  He has a bowl full of MSG he adds to the stir fry.  And when he reaches for the measuring spoons he looks to see who the Customer is first?

So China was controlled by Britain through Financial Center Hong Kong until recently?  Bush was Ambassador to China.

Declared Chemical Industry "Professionals" exhibit symptoms of both Cerebral Palsy as well as Autism.  It really doesn't help us does it.

So Whitefish Bay where I live is the headquarters for Special Education of Milwaukee County.  And I hear the cursing voices of retards in my head for some reason as an adult? 

Bottom line.  What do you think employers are going to say to people who grew up in Whitefish Bay WI?  Will they take one look at the resume and toss figuring out that person likely has Autism or Cerebral Palsy or Down's Syndrome?

It won't look good on a resume to say you were from Whitefish Bay anymore?


A concluding point.  People with autism are often nervous and anxious and have trouble learning??  And what is that exactly like?  A person who doesn't get enough sleep.  But to the point a person whose brain has been permanently altered so that it is like they don't get enough sleep.

I am going to tell you right away because of the above I don't like Oriental's in the Police Force or Military.  I don't feel I need to explain why as it is implied from the above.

I can only say the following prayer because I know our elected officials have failed us; Please God help us!

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And you know what I want to ask already, "What U.S. or foreign chemical companies produce it!"

Some is made in New Jersey.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Unconstitutional Excessive Bail creates Banking Industry Interest Revenue Profits FROM crime!!! 08 21 2016

Unconstitutional Excessive Bail creates Banking Industry Interest Revenue Profits FROM crime!!!  08 21 2016

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Humor is 08 21 2016

Humor is 08 21 2016

"Ask me a bunch of queer questions and then sit there and pout when you ain't got the best of me."

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Gay and Lesbian (LGBT) Statistics in the 2016 Olympics 08 20 2016

Gay and Lesbian (LGBT) Statistics in the 2016 Olympics 08 20 2016

So as I am watching the Olympics on television I hear that one of male swimmers has a male fiancĂ©.  So I decided to see how many gay athletes there were in the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

There are 53 per the data at the following site.

My assumption that Great Britain would have the most is true!

They had 9 of the 53 or 16.9%
The Netherlands also had 9 or 16.9%.

And in third place looks to be the United States with 8 of them for 15% of the 53

17+17+15= 39 of the 53 from those 3 countries

Brazil looks to have 5 and Germany a few too.

But what is interesting about that United States Statistic?

4 of the 8 LGBT U.S. Olympic Athletes were in Women's Basketball.

As you know 5 players play on the court for one of the basketball teams at one time!  I don't know if those 4 are starters or what, but it is just interesting to me.  Essentially when you are competing with the United States in Women's Basketball you are competing with all Lesbians?

So your daughter wants to play basketball?  What do you think about it?

I never really cared much about stuff like this until I started to experience one of the most hidden and horrific forms of racism known!  Being cursed in your head with odd aggressively mean women's voices around the clock!

Get it?

I want to make some comment about genetic disorders causing a person to have a defect in the gene that regulates serotonin as has recently been found to be true with gays and lesbians.  I want to say perhaps that an excess testosterone hormone in females might be causing that genetic change.

I wonder what foreign countries think about this.

I am straight by the way!  Always have been!

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With regard to the comment I made about the short black girl winning the gymnastics I was indeed right!  She was the daughter of a drug addict and saved by Planned Parenthood!  If you don't know alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  It is called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  Those that have outward physical signs have facial geometry abnormalities and are often short too.  Enough said.  To be fair she looks right in place competing against the short Chinese?

FREE ADVICE: How to become smart if you are a dumb person 08 20 2016

FREE ADVICE:  How to become smart if you are a dumb person   08 20 2016

~Constantly ask yourself how many reasons you can think of to do what is considered the right thing!

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Drinking Alcohol is a privilege and not a right? 08 20 2016

Drinking Alcohol is a privilege and not a right?

Alcohol is the leading cause of children being born with mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere. Do you have either the right or the privilege to create a mentally retarded person? No. But for some reason legally you do today and are in fact highly rewarded for doing so!! So if indeed drinking alcohol is not a privilege then what is it really? It is an abuse of yourself and also mankind!

My thinking tells me that you could never have enough money to put the burden of that person onto the rest of us!

Some rights are earned. You don't get to drive a car until you have learned how to drive one first and passed a test; that makes it an earned right.

A man drinks alcohol and kills someone in a drunk driving accident should his right to drive a car be taken away or his privilege to drink alcohol taken away.

A certified Professional drinks alcohol and makes a big mistake. Do we both declare he is no longer a professional and should no longer have the privilege to drink alcohol?

A right is something they cannot take away? A right can be earned or not earned? A privilege can be earned or not earned? Does a wealthy one percent person have more privileges than the rest of us? Yes. But here is where we get into meritocracy. What should legally be done about wealthy people who would not be able to earn the privileges that they have? Because they have those privileges doesn't that in some way violate the rest of our rights? As in the wealthy end up controlling government and do not want the rest of us to enjoy the rights we and privileges that we can earn? And what do they do it in the name of? Maintaining their own privileges that they did not earn and are unable or earning.

Lets say a mentally retarded person is very wealthy what right is he or she going to try and get rid of? 1. The right to you to keep and bear arms. ( I don't want that person who is much more smarter and competent than me at everything to ever pose a threat to me by him/her being able to defend themselves.)

  1. Your right to free speech. (It hurts the weak minded arrogant when you speak up against them? Divine right does not stand when you say what you believe in and know is true!)
  2. Your freedom of religion to believe in yourself.
  3. Your General right of health and welfare! (Eat what my Corporation is mass producing and don't you dare say those chemicals I am peddling are no good for you?)

And we have a lot of that going on today don't we!

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Some rights you attain with age? The right to drink alcohol in the United States? However what about those who attained that age and don't deserve that privilege? Can you prove that you deserve that privilege? We know in our hearts a great many don't! Just listen to them talk and the meaninglessness of it!

I can hear you already. (Blah blah blah you say to me as you try and distract me while I am typing so that my writing doesn't look coherent and you can even have a basis to argue with me that it isn't because you know that you were ruining it a little bit and I know it was ruined a little bit by you. I want you to think very carefully about what I am saying about you and how it applies to you and what kind of a person it means you are!)

Is it “right” that you drink?

There are privileges based on how much money you have and there are meritocracy privileges based on you earning them and advancing. The English language needs to disambiguate this word into two different words. Rather that than you split a mind for the benefit of those who can never earn their privileges!

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So you got to be 21 and you earned the privilege to drink alcohol. However you then got in a drunken driving accident and killed someone. And your privilege which is a right, to drink alcohol is not taken away from you. Which means what? You have been granted the privilege to kill people? (with your car while drunk again). Now you can substitute any drug in that equation and it works the same way.

So you get to be a certain age and you don't like being confronted with wisdom? It bothers you and makes you feel worthless. Does that mean that you also grant yourself to give drugs to someone who has that wisdom? Witness both psychiatry and the heroin epidemic in Chicago?

With your contorted sentencing your saying that he doesn't know how to drive a car when the truth is that he doesn't know how to stop drinking.  What does the man of knowledge conclude that you are trying to protect?  It has to be a self interest relating to what you excluded from your sentencing?  The man of knowledge concludes that you yourself have some form of mental retardation from alcohol or another genetic basis.
My next research topic might be, are there certain races where the men are less likely to have baldness and genetically exactly what does that mean?


Do I care if some little miss plagiarizes this into a term paper?  Not a lot I could do about it from where I currently stand.  Plus the fact that it furthers my message and my will, so ....


The truth is "that which you are trying to protect is what you hold sacred."  And at that point I will let you think for yourself and draw your own personal negative (or positive) conclusions from!

So we hire a Black man as President expecting positive change and what does his wife then say after he doesn't live up to our expectations 08 20 2016

So we hire a Black man as President expecting positive change and what does his wife then say after he doesn't live up to our expectations 08 20 2016

"This is as good as it is going to get right now."

It indicates either incompetence or a sell out doesn't it!

Nothing we didn't know about you already?

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Friday, August 19, 2016

The current motive for open and liberal Immigration Is 08 19 2016

The current motive for open and liberal Immigration Is 08 19 2016

It creates a greater market IN the United States for our Goods and Services here which TRANSFERS WELFARE DOLLARS FROM THE POOR TO THE RICH, through a corporate funnel concept.

This only increases our national debt, creates more liabilities to the American people, and leads to the decline of the Standard that is written in the Supreme Law of the Land, The Constitution.

A secondary and lesser motive is that if you have a daughter that no one wants to marry and you likely can only give away through dowry it helps to keep her happy?

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Hillary is like a gallon of dried paint already 08 15 2016

Hillary is like a gallon of dried paint already 08 15 2016

The only way someone like that rejuvenates is by becoming President gaining power and taking away your RIGHTS!

It is about the same as how the Bible tells us that Sarah took slaves in order to rejuvenate herself!

That is her entire motivation to become President as well as that of Donald Trump!

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The Republican Party used to be defined as the Party that wants to take away your rights, but today it is the Democratic Party!!!  (The Republicans still do but they want to make it look like it is the Democrats doing it?)  Both Parties want to take away your rights!

Obamacare is tactically designed to eliminate Medicare 08 15 2016

Obamacare is tactically designed to eliminate Medicare 08 15 2016

Friday, August 12, 2016

High School Curriculum 08 12 2016

High School Curriculum

Have they changed the High School Curriculum so that certain required courses are not needed in order to graduate like they used to be?

Which would mean those who should have not graduated from High School are?

Instead of addressing the issue of students not being able to meet the standard you dramatically lower the standard?

And in doing so you give that student a delusion of being something they are not and didn't earn.  One would think that at least a High School education is a right of passage to manhood?

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And to be fair some people are a lot smarter than teachers want them to have credit for?  Create negative expectations in them?  Intentionally insult them so they turn to alcohol at an early age?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Sports Section of the Paper Olympic Commentary 2016 08 11 2016

The Sports Section of the Paper Olympic Commentary 2016

So last night I watched a little of the men's swimming.  And what I noticed is that it was very hard to see who was in what lane.  What would have been great is if they had a trailing holographic computer image of the persons country superimposed in the water behind them.

But tonight as I watched the gymnastics I had to ask myself, when would you ever use that in real life?  Running and doing summersaults in the air?  Perhaps if you are a band of gypsies that want to take over a village?  You start  a show like that outside the village until you are invited in and then your long knives come out and you take it over and never have to work like the Bible abdicates?  That or you wait until all the villagers go to sleep at night and then run at their fence line and jump over it like that, open the gate and ransack the place and take over and never have to work again like the Bible advocates?  But those athletes will likely never have to work?

And what type of music do they always play during those gymnastics, by the way the moves are a lot like figure skating?  It is that gypsy type music isn't it!  And where they always allowed to dress in the equivalent of body paint?  And what did I just realize as I am typing?  That they were very discrete about that in the men's swimming.

So was the Olympics really started by gypsies that took over individual countries and got together like that?  What was I reading about the Roman Empire once, that they black girl hookers would shake their naked butts in the streets?  For what purpose other than to evoke and steal the holy spirit of men?

And does all those upper body athletic movements keep their breasts lean?  I am not a guy who really cares what a woman's breast size is.  But I am just making a comment maybe there isn't something healthy about it as concerns the breast?  Perhaps too many male hormones are produced from all that athletic ability?

And what about the short black girl?  She was so stout that if she fell she was more highly likely to land on her feet?

Do you know what I see?  I see the temptation for the average person to try that when they have had a few beers and break their neck or their back!

But, and this is real mean, but what the heck I have mean female voices cursing me all the time so you better be able to handle it.  Didn't a lot of those women athletes have the faces of men?  And some of their bodies were more man like than women like?  So were they bread with steroids up to a certain age and then taken completely off of them?

And some Olympic athletes have indeed use steroids.  So what does that make the competition to me?  Meaningless!

This is so negative I don't even like to publish it, but it is the way I am compelled to think and it is better to just let my opinions out!  And thank God that we have the right to do so in the United States!  And you never know, perhaps there are some people who think a lot like me and are glad to know that someone else does too and isn't ashamed of it!

And wasn't it once revealed that an Olympic coach sexually molested his young girls?  That is one gypsy that should have his neck broken just outside the village at the gallows?

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On a Robin Williams Quote 08 11 2016

Robin Williams

“You're only given a little spark of madness and if you lose that, you're nothing.” Robin Williams quoted by the Milwaukee Journal.

A little deceptive! For those of us who truly have heard mad voices screeching at us know that isn't true!

And how does one lose that spark?

  1. He put his out with drink didn't he! He drank his spark away. So if you use drugs you lose any spark that you were born with?
  2. Can your spark be taken from you? Is it something that can really be possessed by other people? Perhaps your spark is indeed integral to the energy encoded in your DNA and people may use it for a while while they put you on pysch meds but eventually it will kill them from cancer; because it is not compatible with their DNA.
  3. How were you given that spark determines how you lose it! Were you born with it or was it indeed a gift from the Holy Spirit? If your spark was a gift from the Holy Spirit of someone who was born with it then it isn't yours! So in that case you need to develop a support mechanism of independent thought and cognition so that you do not miss a brain development stage and can think for yourself, rather than relying on someone elses soul being with you.

Those voices test your mind over and over again! Wanting to shape it, cajole it, take from it. What does the Bible have to say about that? The Bible states that the word of God is tested 7 times over! What does that mean? The Seven headed Hydra from the Bible is formed from Seven Demonic indivuals. How do those 7 group up? The book of Mathew tells us, “Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is unless the son decides to tell a friend.” So one demonic illegitamate child who was born to fetal alcohol syndrome with a deformed brain and no outward physical signs experiences a spark from the Holy Spirit of man and decides to curse it and loses. The Bible tells us that spirit roams about for a while and joins up with six friends? To form the Hydra?

The Satanic minded want your mind to be pure as God's is. But it can never be that way because you are human and have sexual desires. Those sexual desires will always conflict with how a retard would view what your mind should be. So it is a failed concept of a hidden religion to believe that your human mind should be the equivalent of a pure Gods. And that doesn't give the living born failures the right to zombify your mind with drugs because of it.

Can I tell you how to retrieve the soul that Coven stole from you? Never intentionally part with your Holy Spirit, never ejaculate or masterbate. Also then do strenous weight lifting exercises (exorcises!!) in conjunction with that. It returns to you where it belongs! However you will still be cursed and disabled because those who stole it are miserable and always will be.

But what does Robin describe as madness? What is madness to him might be something completely understandable to someone who was born without a brain defect. It might indeed by the way the normal human brain works in synthesis. Let me try and explain synthesis. It is based on your knowledge and experience. It is you knowing that you can reach a certain conclusion without having to list out the half dozen or so valid premises that form it. You already know because your mind can think a lot faster than that! This isn't a direct analogy but you are running down the football field to catch a ball. You don't need to first get out a pen and paper and determine how fast you need to run to catch it per the distance it is flying. You don't need to have a speedometer on your person to make sure you are going that fast when you are running either. The same thing is true with normal human thought!

So what happens when someone who might have been born with a gap in their brain filled with cerebral spinal fluid instead of brain matter experiences a vision or imprint from the Holy Spirit of a normal human being? They get a walla moment. They don't have all the parts to it, so it will eventually fade. And depending on how much potential they have they can either 1. Recateragorize constructs in their mind so that they learn from it so that will lead to independent thought. 2. Develop your own interests and transitional learning. Not seeking to be something or someone that you are not! Know that because you experienced the Holy Spirit that you are compatible with being human. Also seek conditions to occur in the world where there are no people born with mental brain birth defects.

  1. Attempt to curse the h3ll out of the source of the human soul. And Jesus, the God of Christian religions commented on this too! Not a direct quote but close, “You can condemn me all you want but if you condemn the Holy Spirit you are going to hell!” However when you do this you will be draining yourself of what little energy you have or what little potential for spark that you have and are likely therefore headed for illness? This might be called the spoil sport option? “I am not normal so no one else in the world is allowed to be so either!?” Give them all toxic drugs and vaccines. Confuse everyone as best you can... Make people work very hard while you harrass them. Never be accountable for anything that you do in this world. Which is what we would think should be required by men as a right to passage to manhood? When someone is smarter than you declare it isn't for the right reasons or their thinking is flawed because of a emotional resentment you have of them? Create a whole facade the world over where you can look at the evolved human being and convince them that the voices they are experiencing are really themselves cursing themselves because they hate themselves. And by the way I have to give you this drug because you hate yourself.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

What good does a Commune full of Spinsters do your neighborhood? 08 09 2016

What good does a Commune full of Spinsters do your neighborhood?  08 09 2016

So the United States welcomed Russian Immigrants.  Russia greatly outnumbered Germany in WWII.  Stalin was openly anti Semitic and encouraged people to be anti-Semitic.  20 Million Jew's were killed by the Russians in Genocide as he wanted to create an agricultural powerhouse out of Russia.  And it was likely that tank crew force that evicted those Jews that then overran Germany?

But Hitler killed a great many Jews too!  But who did he kill first?  He killed the Schizophrenics; those who had their minds split for the benefit of the beast among us!  And who exactly is that?  The American Medical community has done a superb job of splitting the title of Mental Retardation down to among a variety of other labels!  It is completely sinister!  Autism, Cretinism, dyslexia, hairlip, Down's Syndrome, congenital vision disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, cerebral palsy, Special Education child, etc etc!  It hides the beast in plane sight from us!  Do you know what the pinnacle of development for someone like that is?  To rise to the level of Wilsons Syndrome, where one has very strong manipulative verbal ability while at the same time having low IQ.  They divided up the diagnosis of mental retardation while at the same time they divided up human minds to their benefit.  Schizo literally means split!  Phrenic literally means mind! split-mind =schizophrenic.  I am not making it up!

But back to the title of this article.  Who did a lot of that killing in Russia?  Sniper WOMEN!  So satanic sniper women sneaked up on a village full of people and listened to see what human beings could think for themselves and shot them?  Satanic minded Spinster women snipers shooting normal human beings like fish in a barrel?

So when communes full of spinster women are created in the United States perhaps we should use our Government forces like we did to the Branch Davidian Cult?  Which was polygamy?  So just like we liked those Russian immigrants today we also like Homosexual marriage in the United States and we have a black bastard President who is condoning it!

What does a commune full of Spinsters do your United States neighborhood?  It serves as an army of the demonic to curse the minds of men and women in your neighborhood and split their minds and create trillion dollar cost mental illness they gave the stigmata label schizophrenia too!

So does this article seem anti-Semitic to you?  No.  The Bible tells of how the Jews conquered a tribe of people and brought back their women.  When they found out that those women were strange they did away with all of them.  Okay do you see what motivated those Russian Slavic (=slave) sniper women?

 And what about the man with the title of "Father" that resides in that same commune?
And "Father"?  How dare you call that man a "Father"!  He doesn't earn the title in any way; in fact the contrary to that is true!

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

How Prison Homosexuals are Created 08 07 2016

How Prison Homosexuals are Created 08 07 2016

An English Banker in England rigs the LIBOR interest rate and you lose your home in the United States because of the mortgage crisis created by that fraud; you steal a loaf of bread in order to feed your family and end up in prison for it.

It is hot in there and if you sleep with sheets over you- you will likely succumb to heatstroke.

While in your bunk you find yourself dreaming of a blonde haired woman. You are having a wet dream. As you wake up you realize that your cellmate has his lips over the end of your penis and is “Catching your dreams.” Instead of being able to hold it in you just let it out and succumb to the pleasure.

Now a woman reading this probably doesn't think that is too bad. And that is why women should not even be allowed to vote much less run for President of the United States. Are there women who like the process of emasculating men; yes.

Had you been conscious while it was happening you would have been able to defend yourself. But your Holy Spirit is now temporarily gone, it was taken from you.

In retrospect you think that you should have grabbed the back of his curly hair and his chin, nose or facial cheek and quickly broke his neck.

If you kill that cellmate you are likely to never get out of prison.

There is no one to tell as the warden sneers at everyone who has the natural ability to read.

You feel sorry for that cell mate just like you would like for a bird with a broken wing or a woman born with a hairlip.

Just like a person labeled schizophrenic can hear the voices of the demonic cursing him or her for every natural thought that they have this cell mate knows what your natural thoughts are too because he is mentally defective/=satanic...just like the English Banker above who rigged the mortgage crisis!

It turns out that prison cell mate could hear you thinking and see what you are thinking in his minds eye. In effect he was also feeding those dreams of women into your imagination. Why or how? Because he could not form his own conscience due to a birth defect related to alcohol causing mental retardation known as fetal alcohol syndrome. He has none of the physical signs of it, no facial geometry abnormalities with regard to eye measurements. But what he does have is a symptom of a related if not the same defect entirely Cerebral Palsy. His hips pronate inward and forward as he walks. In effect it naturally lifts the cheeks of his butt up like how a burlesque woman walks! He also has a lisp from an overgrown lower jaw.

When you are fully awake you tell him to never do that again. However it does happen again. And you would want a cell transfer but the prospects of that happening are not very good and you are likely to get a worse cell mate.

So you go along with having your cock sucked. You rationalize you are not really gay. Then one morning you wake up with a penis in your anus. And it isn't too long after that that you are one of the gay prison population?

“Where did you learn to get your second sight like that?”

“It was taught to me in special education class.” That or he tells you that his momma had second sight and she taught him it too.

So as you read this how do you prevent that person who stole the loaf of bread from being victimized? Do you come to the same conclusion as I did with regard to what the Bible has to say about it? “If one man is caught laying with another man they both are to be killed?” How does a man interpret that? A man would interpret that as meaning I better kill that homosexual because if I don't I will be killed too, right after that first incident above? But again if you do that you will never get out of prison even though that is exactly what is implied in the Bible!

So how many Priests have that cerebral palsy (CP)   inward pronating walk? I would assert the greater majority of them do! And perhaps that is why they are required to wear that long dress at mass? So that nobody notices how “Sally walks?” Bottom line is the mentally defective who have no physical signs of Downs Syndrome from alcohol are everywhere! The brain is abnormal but you would never know it because they compensate for it with high verbal ability that they learned from listening to the interplay of a coven of them demonizing and cursing the mind of a normal human being and creating schizophrenia. They have no shame either because that part of their brain is damaged. And that is indeed the equivocation between the mentally retarded and the criminal minded!

We don't quite know the reason but the female human skull does not grow as large as the males does and because of that the female brain is “wired” differently. Whereas the male brain is allowed to expand naturally and develop into a full cranium.

Can I tell you what all of the above have in common when they become successful? It is estrangement! Which means deferring from the original possessor. The original possessor means the person whose mind was tormented by voices for the local and sometimes broader benefit of the mentally defective. Deferring from the original possessor means that you can't really think for yourself, instead you attempt to put together bits and fragments of things and then assert that they are sound premises and logic. Witness Hillary Clinton attempt defend herself in the Benghazi hearings and just stonewalling the whole process?

The 21st Amendment that repealed Prohibition and therefore created all the freaks we see today is one of the most horrific things that has ever happened in United States history!

Only a monster of a person would put you in the same prison as a homosexual is in and it should be illegal to do so.

So what if all that Homeland Security technology that was used to surveil United States Citizens was used to affirm due process with the conviction of those engaging in homosexual acts? I mean rather than the homosexuals being allowed to use that technology to torment normal United States men and cause schizophrenia it was instead used to vet out the homosexuals from our society? By default anyone who is watching you all day long via the use of that technology and commenting to you, cursing you while doing so is of homosexual genealogy. And it is the worst violation of human rights in history!

So Barrack Obama writes a poem about how his grandfather sodomized him and he sodomized his grandfather in a game of fun? Donald Trump is sent away to what I call a Lord of the Flies military boarding school and not raised by his own father. Haven't we had enough of this?

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Lower general levels of education means more junk food sales by limited liability Corporations? 08 06 2016

Lower general levels of education means more junk food sales by limited liability Corporations?  08 06 2016

And the more junk food that is consumed the higher the likelihood of someone being born with mental retardation?

So it is a vicious circle.

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Banking and Stock Brokerage Fraud 08 06 2016

Banking and Stock Brokerage Fraud 08 06 2016

If Banks were required to list money that they made from short selling American Investors Investments on their corporate income statements with the Income label of Short Selling American Public and we were to sum all of those up for the entire history of the U.S. stock market you would rapidly see who in our country was never one of us and never will be!


The Trust Fund system is a way for those who have more than $5.5 million in assets to transfer all civic burden (Estate Tax (there is a reason I am not allowed to spell it out!)) directly onto those who have less than that, the American Public (middle class)  It is essentially a will that avoids (Estate Taxes)  if assets are greater than $5.5 million.

If this Financial loophole were eliminated we would never have to put up with the Hillary Clintons, Donald Trumps, Bloombergs, etc of the world ever again.

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The type of Schizophrenic who creates a Schizophrenic and Disables them 08 06 2016

This is the type of schizophrenic who creates a schizophrenic and also disables them; "I have my own mind and I have part of that Buck Rogers mind too!"... or "Part of 'Buck Rogers' mind is my mind too!" I haven't been able to articulate that as well as I just did right there! Buck Rogers is likely a trademark belonging to someone although it is commonly used by a lot of people.

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Dialog Trace 08 06 2016

Dialog Trace 08 06 2016

If a schizophrenic were to write everything that they think down our gov would be able to do a dialog trace from what is spoken on television right back to the mind of the schizophrenic as its origin.


In ancient Sumerian villages all of the people happily worked for one person and that one person was known as a God but was human just like you and me!!!!

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Humor that isn't 08 06 2016

Humor that isn't 08 06 2016

What do you think a fireman thinks about this?

"I was having me a cigarette and I fell asleep."

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"No Broken homes or families Laws" 08 03 2016

"No Broken homes or families Laws"  08 03 2016

I could write such laws, you couldn't!

Contrast these Two Individuals 08 03 2016

Contrast these Two Individuals
  1. One teaches so that the eye's he/she see's out of will be full of activity, life and therefore happiness.
  2. One “teaches?” so that they eye's she/he see's out of will be dumb, dull, have no ambition, give up on productivity, success, pursuit of happiness, ingenuity from liberty.....
“No, no, don't do that! No, no, don't do that! No, no it's not in there. Hear, just have this beer. Hey I brought you a beer! Here have this smoke. Pleasure is pleasure; just let it happen with this homosexual. It's all good. It's all normal.” “Don't even bother. Just close your eye's. Don't attempt to create with your hands, follow instructions, forget about it. Close your eye's, relax. Now do you see out of the same eye's as I do? Now call that person a piece of sh1t with me! Please curse that person with me in this manner, “Piece of sh1t.”” “Son I know drugs are illegal but have some anyway, we will never get caught. Makes you feel good being with me doesn't it! Don't ever be nervous about work because you can't learn. Just think of me an have a smoke instead...and have some of this too! It is what we were meant to be. We were meant to be together like this.”

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Why are American Politicians AFRAID of Islamic Terrorists 08 03 2016

Why are American Politicians AFRAID of Islamic Terrorists 08 03 2016

So I was looking at some YouTube Videos.

This one linking Barrack to having a gay sex in a Limo with a drug runner in Chicago who did prison time, while Barrack was a member of the Illinois Senate.

And this one indicating Barrack had sex with his own Grandfather.

They are afraid of being killed for being homosexuals and homosexual networking themselves to rise to power!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The Litter Economy 08 02 2016

The Litter Economy  08 02 2016

So they litter because they don't have anything?  So they don't care?

How can you have anything if you litter?

It is a sign that you are not happy with living where you are?

So you litter?

Where do you expect to live where you will be happy being able to litter?

What kind of pigsty do you want us all to live in?

So when you litter you expect someone else to come along and pick it up for you?  So we have to hire people to do that?  But that won't be you!  You just create more work for everyone don't you!

But who taught you that it was okay?

Was it a Government Official that doesn't belong living where they do with the job that they do; hence they approve policies that are pro pollution!  That is Trump isn't it!

Was it a Corporation that pollutes which is indeed litter and gets away with it?

Would I be happy if a Corporation gave you a job earning $100,000.oo.  No but apparently it is only the people exactly like you who get those jobs!

What are you doing here?

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So a wealthy person doesn't like people.  He puts them on medicine so that they can't think clearly.  Then that medicine finds its way into the water supply and those who drink it end up transgendered!  And he is happy about that?  That is what makes him happy?  Expressions of diversity?  Another term would be "Freak show world" makes the wealthy happy?  But why?  Because they didn't earn their own money it is a delusion of happiness for them to see that normal human beings can't get ahead?  Could there be any better definition of the Devil than that?

But what is that?  That is a commonality between the very wealthy and the poor!  The wealthy setting a horrible example for the poor?  And the wealthy could not have gotten their without unconstitutional limited liability.

I print my name on bundles of paper and with the caption printed by me.  I even trademark it so that you can't do that and owe me money if you do, probably you become homeless if you do.  Then I litter those trademarked papers all over the place!  It isn't too hard to see who is responsible for that mess is it? 


Who taught them hatred? 08 02 2016

Who taught them hatred?    08 02 2016


Who is teaching them hatred?


All they can learn is hatred?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Homosexual Activity is a spiteful mockery of a man disciplining his son for misbehaving 08 02 2016

Homosexual Activity is a spiteful mockery of a man disciplining his son for misbehaving 08 02 2016

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Monday, August 1, 2016

A BAD MAN poisons your child so that it can neither see nor learn. 08 01 2016

A BAD MAN poisons your child so that it can neither see nor learn. 08 01 2016

A BAD MAN poisons your child so that it can neither see nor learn. What legally should you do to that bad man? You are certainly angry with him aren't you for harming your loved one in such a horrific way?

Does the blind person know that they should have been born normal and that a bad man poisoned their mother with alcohol? Does the father of a blind person know this? What does the father or mother then believe that it was really their fault?

Now the good man steps up and writes about the bad man poisoning the unborn baby. Does that person once born support that good person or rather are they taught in witchcraft to ruin that mind of that good person so that they can use it for themselves? In effect the blind person or mentally retarded person has been taught to be the cause of its own personal misery the misery of those in the future that will be born exactly like it because it obstructed the good person from preventing bad people from blinding the unborn.

And alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in babies as well as infant blindness.

So who does the blind person then support? They like to get on board and ruin the good persons life don't they! And what is the only mechanism that the blind or retarded person can receive happiness from as an adult? That very same poison the bad person blinded and retarded them with.

Vote for Hillary or Donald and you must realize you have gotten all the personal misery in your life and it was indeed your own fault!

Again though, why doesn't the father view their blinded or retarded child as being created by the bad man? Instead because of mental illness it is transferred to be the fault of the good man isn't it! The good man that failed to act because the blind person prevented him from doing so? What I am describing is a vicious vortex of hell for the families of the blind and retarded?

Who or what is it among us that would teach the disabled that the good are the cause of their problem and should be victimized because of it rather than the bad man that caused it? That is the weak and cowardly satanic isn't it! The lambs?

The blind or mentally retarded person really doesn't want the good man to do anything about it does he/she; because they obstruct them from doing so. What can be said about a person like that which doesn't care that others will be blinded and retarded by the bad man and end up just like them? That is a horrible person? A minion of the Devil created by the Devil?

You never read anything like that before in your life have you!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The unseen horrors of alcohol.  What can be said of the proud professional athlete or media professional that makes all of their money (billions) from the proceeds of alcohol revenue?  Am I the only one who see's that their proud smiles are horrific?

What can be said of the Priest who tempts the audience of women of child bearing age with a golden chalice full of wine; alcohol the leading cause of birth defects in the Western Hemisphere?  It is no delusion or confused thinking to label that person as Satan!

The primary goal of religion therefore can be concluded to create the weak minded!  What type of person likes to create the weak minded?  Only a person who is weak minded and therefore/also criminal minded at the same time.  AKA Satan!  Should Satan be allowed to indoctrinate children in any manner or have contact with them?  No.

Perhaps we need a Constitutional amendment declaring that you cannot obstruct the good man in any way from preventing Satan from creating the weak minded!

How to cut Frozen Ground Beef 08 01 2016

How to cut Frozen Ground Beef 08 01 2016

So you have two pounds of ground beef in the freezer and you only want to thaw and use one?  No problem.  Get a clean 1/4" drill bit.  Some cardboard and your cutting board.

Drill into the ground beef just to above the lower side of it.  Make a series of such holes straight across the center short side of the rectangle.  Then take it to your kitchen sink and break it in half by placing it on the bridge between the two basins and pressing down.

Notes.  1.  Put the cardboard on top of your cutting board to prevent over shooting the hole and ruining the cutting board.
2.  Remove any plastic from the top of where your center line will be drilled.
3.  If cutting a bigger piece than that you can wiggle the drill bit in its hole in the same direction as the other holes are orientated to make more of a cutline.
4.  Make sure your bit is clean.  A new one cleaned it best.
5. Do not drill all the way through the meat because you will fray up some of that Styrofoam and packaging bedding into it.  Just rinse the frozen meat off with water if you do.
6.  I use a right angle 18 volt drill by a high reputation Japanese company.

All there is to it.

It is a very quick and safe method.  Using a knife to attempt to do this same feat risks the knife breaking or "camming" into your hand.  Letting the whole of the meat thaw when only using half is no good either.

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