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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

What good does a Commune full of Spinsters do your neighborhood? 08 09 2016

What good does a Commune full of Spinsters do your neighborhood?  08 09 2016

So the United States welcomed Russian Immigrants.  Russia greatly outnumbered Germany in WWII.  Stalin was openly anti Semitic and encouraged people to be anti-Semitic.  20 Million Jew's were killed by the Russians in Genocide as he wanted to create an agricultural powerhouse out of Russia.  And it was likely that tank crew force that evicted those Jews that then overran Germany?

But Hitler killed a great many Jews too!  But who did he kill first?  He killed the Schizophrenics; those who had their minds split for the benefit of the beast among us!  And who exactly is that?  The American Medical community has done a superb job of splitting the title of Mental Retardation down to among a variety of other labels!  It is completely sinister!  Autism, Cretinism, dyslexia, hairlip, Down's Syndrome, congenital vision disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, cerebral palsy, Special Education child, etc etc!  It hides the beast in plane sight from us!  Do you know what the pinnacle of development for someone like that is?  To rise to the level of Wilsons Syndrome, where one has very strong manipulative verbal ability while at the same time having low IQ.  They divided up the diagnosis of mental retardation while at the same time they divided up human minds to their benefit.  Schizo literally means split!  Phrenic literally means mind! split-mind =schizophrenic.  I am not making it up!

But back to the title of this article.  Who did a lot of that killing in Russia?  Sniper WOMEN!  So satanic sniper women sneaked up on a village full of people and listened to see what human beings could think for themselves and shot them?  Satanic minded Spinster women snipers shooting normal human beings like fish in a barrel?

So when communes full of spinster women are created in the United States perhaps we should use our Government forces like we did to the Branch Davidian Cult?  Which was polygamy?  So just like we liked those Russian immigrants today we also like Homosexual marriage in the United States and we have a black bastard President who is condoning it!

What does a commune full of Spinsters do your United States neighborhood?  It serves as an army of the demonic to curse the minds of men and women in your neighborhood and split their minds and create trillion dollar cost mental illness they gave the stigmata label schizophrenia too!

So does this article seem anti-Semitic to you?  No.  The Bible tells of how the Jews conquered a tribe of people and brought back their women.  When they found out that those women were strange they did away with all of them.  Okay do you see what motivated those Russian Slavic (=slave) sniper women?

 And what about the man with the title of "Father" that resides in that same commune?
And "Father"?  How dare you call that man a "Father"!  He doesn't earn the title in any way; in fact the contrary to that is true!

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