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Monday, August 29, 2016

Assigning your life a number makes you more of a discrete target and instead of 08 29 2016

Assigning your life a number makes you more of a discrete target and instead of 08 29 2016

Assigning your life a number makes you more of a discrete target and instead of it being used as it should to protect your life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and general welfare it makes you an easier mark to eliminate?  So instead of it supporting Social Security it really supports Socialism Security.

But what happens when you don't fee the poor?

What happens when the rich aren't required to be able to learn anything for themselves?  Who would want to live in a family full of alcohol retards?  There would be pretty horrific!  But that is indeed the type of family many who become successful were from.  Sure they are money successful!  They are "Money Gaga" successful.  But their children don't turn out right.  You would think the child turning out okay/normal would be the measure of success today?  Look at the most "successful" and tell me how many of them had kids who used drugs and killed themselves such as Carley Fiorina?  How many of the kids end up in prison because the parents view parenting as an acting job; Michael Douglas son.

Socialism Security started when FDR of the former slave owning Democratic party legalized mentally retardation causing alcohol.  It is irreversible.  At best that person adapts to be an extremely good verbal manipulator.  Verbal Manipulation what is that?  Verbal Manipulation?  That is what every person who is labeled schizophrenia (medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud) experiences!  A mentally defective person trying to directly verbally manipulate you!  That is what Demonic Possession is!

And those who founded this country believed themselves to be Godly!  They also believed that demonic possession was a reality and hung those who practiced it!

Are there medical diagnosis whereby a person has strong verbal ability but low IQ?  Yes, it is Wilson's Syndrome.  Do you see why that type person would be the most dangerous on earth?  THE MOST DANGEROUS ON EARTH!

And look at their faces while they are pretending to listen, what do you see?  Estrangement!  It means that their mind is not working like a normal human beings.  It is trying to use deferred thoughts from a normal human beings mind that is demonically possessed to answer questions for itself.  That is its cognitive framework!  The Cognitive framework of the devil to be exact.  So it has two forms of polar thinking that and also one of using pumped up ego to dismiss anything it isn't capable of understanding or "mal understands" as humor or nonsense.  So it either tries to listen in estrangement of it gets high on itself instead.

Here is what FDR really gave us.
1.  The retards, through legalized alcohol.
2. Social Security; so that those victimized by the wealthy retards don't assert their rights to the product of their own minds and work efforts.
3. Schizophrenia the medical fraud.  A vondoon/Jewish/Christian insurrection into our Government illegal per the Constitution.
4. Limited Liability.  So the wealthy white trash from the Speak Easies could manage you at the Corporation and not be liable for it.  That is called Divine Right and it is illegal per the Constitution.  Divine Right is how Kings rule and do not have to be accountable for their actions.  It violates the freedom of the normal!  And it is illegal per the Constitution because Congress may not grant a title of nobility.  In effect if you have granted LIMITED LIABILITY YOU HAVE INDEED GRANTED A TITLE OF NOBILITY.

Can you see the face of Supreme Court Ruth Ginsberg looking on in estrangement at the prospect of what this means?  It is something she would get out a witches broom and try to scatter around a bit with.  Isn't that exactly how the mentally retarded respond to responsible questions from the public?  Many ways of not answering them because they aren't able to!  They know right away from the question being asked that they are check mated!  ~ Dealing with odd people like that is the story of my life!

Humor: Ask an estranged Professional woman a question and her eye's go blank like she is waiting for someone to stick a dick in her mouth or fanny.

And here is what else happens.  They look into the distance in estrangement and hibernate their mind even a little bit more while you are talking to them because they already thought of something snotty they are going to say to you to dismiss you for the first second they saw you!

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