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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You Will Honor and Obey Me 03 31 2015

You Will Honor and Obey Me 03 31 2015

You Will Honor and Obey Me. 

How many men would find themselves in the doghouse for a very long time if they said that to their wives?  Even though it used to be part of marriage vows!

I don't think a man should ever have to put up with a willful woman who would go down to the local tavern to "feather tail" around.

Nor do I like to hear of men propagandizing cunnilingus as if their mothers conditioned them to it when they were boys! 

I also ask myself why homosexuals need God given testicles and ovaries. 

These are just my honest beliefs.  Perhaps I would keep it all to myself if I had not constantly heard odd voices for the past 24 years.  Ask yourself who would never want those ideas expressed and would therefore want minds like that to be shut down?

Do you hear voices?  Imagine how your neighbors wife would react if he reminded her of that standard marriage vow?  Can you see him cowering in fear?  But lets get to the point.  Some women are smarter than the men that they marry.  The only way that can occur is if that male 10% larger brain size were somehow heathenized.  And that happens when a mother uses drugs and alcohol pre conception or during conception.  I see that as a jealous leveling mechanism and I want that activity banned for the entire future of humanity!  So lets say it wasn't the woman's idea to have a heathenized son that way.  Then whose was it?  It was the idea of an unrelated adult male who was already heathenized that way!  Again a leveling mechanism that maintains his status; and creates a barrier to rising demographics.  Do you see what rises to the top instead of what should?

And that bad son believes that all the other people in the world belong to him; as if they are his possessions?  As if the women should favor him?  That he should be able to pick and choose who he can get hooked on drugs and alcohol and ruin the lives of.  Its really his revenge on mankind for being born heathenized. 

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So he says that to her and he ends up in the doghouse for a very long time doesn't he.  But not only that subconsciously she is scheming for revenge isn't she!  Can you picture it as I can? Little acts of meanness and disrespect here and there.

So after she has him beaten to Zero for good; then who does she start on next?  Those of us who hear voices?  As if we can't put two and two together?

Food Stamps are obsolete Technology a Photo ID Food Card 03 31 2015 updated

Food Stamps are obsolete Technology a Photo ID Food Card 03 31 2015

Something that can only be used for food and is non transferable.

It only a lots a certain amount to be spent per day and then you have to wait for the next day.

All food retailers must accept it and any that don't are not allowed to be in the retail business.

There should also be price limits on how much something should cost with it.  Can't charge you more than $5 for a pound of meat or $30 for a 50 pound bag of rice? How long could you live on a 50 pound bag of rice?

That card would also be positive identification for voting.  It could indeed be a state ID.

Good items to buy with the card are the 3 rolls for a dollar at some grocery stores.  And perhaps a few cuts of luncheon meat from the deli.  Perhaps a can of tuna.  Anyhow that is how I get by on the cheap.  Not real cheap, but on the cheap.  And hope the store has some little complementary packets of mayo to give it some flavor.

Can't buy any soda with it.

No Cigarettes.  No casinos.  No strip clubs.  No ripple taverns.

And I would rather not have the homeless eating at a fast food restaurant because it is improper nutrition leading to poor health and a much worse problem.

Good God!!! So Barrack Obama is going to fine homeless people for not buying health insurance?  Makes you sick doesn't it!  You never see the IRS looking for homeless people do you?  It is as if they won the game concerning them!

If they want to do drugs they have to get a job or commit a crime and face being shot to death to get the money for them.

And perhaps we address the homeless problem in the same way?  A card for a hotel night in the KILLING winter?

And none of this works in a world that denies schizophrenia is medical fraud.  The symptoms are very real and horrific however the cause of them makes it the greatest fraud committed in the history of the world.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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But then you would have bad people invariably tracking their spending habits and whereabouts.  So maybe it isn't the greatest idea.

Do you know what it is like?  Anytime a member of Government actually has to think about the people it is as if it is a burden to them!  As if the people of the United States are a burden to them.  Some kind of odd psyche that believes its job is to get in power and do nothing or less.  For to think about the people causes cognitive dissonance because they are not one of them because they had everything given to them?  And because they have the chip on their shoulder that they are not as good because everything was given to them they indeed take it out on the people rather than themselves?  Hence they are not making accurate public policy because their perspective is faulted; in resentment.  Not only do they not want to believe the average Joe can succeed their motivation lies in him not succeeding because it threatens the status quo.  For when the average Joe does succeed it breaks their delusion of self.  And that makes them depressed and suicidal?

Off Topic

On the television they stated the pilot who flew a plane into a building had depression.  So alcohol is a depressant isn't it?  So it only causes temporary depression?  Unless you take to much of it or take it every day then you have lasting depression.  So how does a person who is oxygen depriving their brain cells or was born that way cope with it; they need to take it out on someone else~ the people?  If they took it out on their immediate family they would have none.  And the divorce rate of 50% is indicative of that.  So was that man an alcohol user?  They will say no because it would fit the puzzle of the devils advocate.  So then I would say at any time in his life was he?  They would say no for the same reason.  At which point I would ask were his mother or father alcohol users preconception during conception or her pregnancy.  And they will say that there wasn't  drop of alcohol served on the night of consummation after their marriage?  So I win the argument after all that!


Home School them through College and then have your Uncle Issue them a Law or Doctor Degree 03 31 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

Television Virtual Technology Playing Dress up with the Weatherman 03 30 2015

Television Virtual Technology Playing Dress up with the Weatherman 03 30 2015

With digital technology as far advanced as it is today we ought to be able to put a digital wig on someone on television whereby the wig tracks their head wherever they go.

Now I would indeed find this very amusing!  It would be  a constant source of enlightenment.

If you have a political commentator you didn't like you could add a dunce hat to them.

If you had a short man you could add  a shoulder length dark haired woman's hood to him that kind of curled up on the side.

If you there was a pro wrestler you didn't like you could give him breasts.

Do you know what I actually believe?  That if you created that virtual tracking image for some reason those television people would form their personalities to whatever you created them to be.  As if they were helpless to see themselves any other way but the way you dressed them up to be.

It might indeed be a dark religious exposition?

Ones perception of self only as what other people think of them?  That isn't how I am, however I believe some people are like that.

Sometimes we look at red headed fellow and see a beady eyed mean faced clown?  Hey, why not dress them as we see them?

It would be a great way of ferreting out the "What are you looking at!" trouble makers!

Do you ever look at a picture from a person 30 years ago and realize that they don't look at all like how you had perceived them to be at that time?  What was indeed going on back then?  What type of spell were you under?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Jesus Gave us the Lords Prayer 03 30 2015

Jesus Gave us the Lords Prayer  03 30 2015

He does not tell us to pray to "our GOD" in heaven, he tells us to pray to "Our Father" in heaven.

Think about it.

Thomas Paul Murphy

A Males voice Femininly Masculated from the use of Hard Liquor 03 20 2015

A Males voice Femininly Masculated from the use of Hard Liquor 03 20 2015

I can't stand that sound of that!

Also whining former Confederate South Country Singers sound like rats to me.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Femininly would be a new word coined by me.

Every Single Library in the United States should have an Index to all the speeches give by leaders and tyrants in History 03 30 2015

Every Single Library in the United States should have an Index to all the speeches give by leaders and tyrants in History 03 30 2015

There should be hard copies of those speeches in every single library!

People like John F. Kennedy
Abraham Lincoln
Charles Sumner
Horace Greely
Huey Long!!!
Irish Kings

Charles Van Hise


Adolf Hitler  (why?  So we can spot trends before they happen, such as gun control and torture!)
Winston Churchill
Oliver Cromwell
Franz Ferdinand
Osama Bin Laden

Anyone who politically commentated on Gun Control, such as senators.  Anyone who indoctrinated legalized marijuana and pushed for it.

Those who were a party to the defeat of Prohibition.

Because we are so involved in foreign conflicts we need that reference material readily available.
And perhaps a library of congress printing service.
All you have to do is ask for it and it is printed at your local library at no charge if you don't want to keep it or aren't making notes directly on it.  Otherwise the printing cost for them should be perhaps 2 cents per page.

Is it wrong to want to character profile people from history?  No it is human nature to want to!

And what about Secret Fund raising Speeches ones where the likes of Mitt Romney say's he hates the poor?  There should never be considered to be secret speeches?

And what do they need all the money for in politics?;  hose who spend millions like that are not Conservatives!

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So a Girl Doesn't want to go to a college that doesn't have an athletic department because she knows she won't be able to meet a big dumb jock to marry

So a Girl Doesn't want to go to a college that doesn't have an athletic department because she knows she won't be able to meet a big dumb jock to marry.  Good and gone, never belonged in college.

The idea of a college having an athletic department has become corrupt and needs to see the setting sun provision.

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That Damn Basketball Sounds like a Drum 03 30 2015

That Damn Basketball Sounds like a Drum 03 30 2015

I can't imagine being a black child in the core trying to do your nightly homework while having to listen to the sound of the drug dealers basketball sounding like a jungle war drum.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The Wealthy Defaulting to Raise a Mentally Defective Child as if they are a Prince or Princess 03 30 2015

The Wealthy Defaulting to Raise a Mentally Defective Child as if they are a Prince or Princess 03 30 2015

Treasonous Ballistics in War 03 30 2015

Treasonous Ballistics in War 03 30 2015

In War the bigger the bullet the far less of them that you need!

They figured this out in the early 1900's.  And completely defied the concept with both the Vietnam War and the Middle East War/Conflict.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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If they had taken a 1911 Handgun added a rifle barrel and a collapsible stock would not have that been more effective than the AR-15?  I will have to do a comparison of the long distance rifle characteristics of long range with such a .45" acp cartridge in a rifle barrel.  Versus the .223" diameter AR-15.  I have found the .45 acp to be a wobble cartridge, but just elongating and reconfiguring the rectangular dimension ratio would have easily cured that.  The longer the barrel the higher the muzzle velocity.  So a direct comparison of handgun data to the .223 rifle would be irrelevant.

If I read this correctly she threated to use a SECRET WEAPON on United States Citizens and Joe Biden was Complacent with it 03 30 2015

If I read this correctly she threated to use a SECRET WEAPON on United States Citizens and Joe Biden was Complacent with it  03 30 2015

Could that Secret Weapon be the reason why many of us hear voices?

I had a Jewish Auditing William Taylor at UW Milwaukee make that same veiled threat; making the commentary it is like a big wind tunnel flip the switch and they will all be gone.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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George Bush Fraudulent Laws on Enemy Combatants 03 30 2015

George Bush Fraudulent Laws on Enemy Combatants  03 30 2015

Why even try that kid who bombed the Boston Marathon?  Essentially he was a foreign spy or operative or enemy combative.

Now because of George Bush we have liberal laws with regard to how people like this can be handled.  In a further spaghetti head brain construct that contradicts that George believes that they can be tortured. (That is unconstitutional)

But what am I getting at?  If a United States Soldier can be executed via a court marshal, or be executed while attempting to escape a military prison as part of a court marshal, are you trying to tell me that we can't execute enemy combatants?  You have to be kidding me!  Neither George Bush nor any of his cabinetry are of the level of a college law degree, including the Supreme Court!

They want to complain about harsh treatment of enemy combatants?  We should have just executed them!  But the reason we didn't is because we wanted countries with lesser government standards to be friends with us?  Because we needed oil money?  Because they were educated in England?

The U.S. comes out looking like the world enemy when it isn't us at all it is England!  What we have in the United States today is a cadre of wealthy who don't really comprehend what Government means. 

I really don't see where George Bush got his twisted logic from other than a deliberate means to manipulate and control the United States to bring its downfall?

Might we have to execute a few FOREIGN based terrorists who attack on U.S. soil to protect our Constitution? Absolutely.  Somehow they have been treated better than U.S. military personal who held the trigger back for a little too long to save the lives of their platoon and themselves.

It is as if they don't believe a single one of us can look at their actions see that they are guided by mental defect or worse; hatred of man.

Now sure we can give that kid due process. But perhaps the issue of him not being born here comes into play.  Perhaps his stated intent has the weighting it should.  What we are hearing on the general junk head radio today is that he was negatively influenced by his older brother.  What is wrong with saying that we are negatively influenced by him killing likely Irish running in the marathon and that because of that we believe he should be executed?

If he is a Slavic kid in the United States he could do no wrong?  Isn't that also a hate crime?  Targeting the Irish in the Boston marathon?  But apparently those provisions are only subjectively enforced?  If you say I don't want a faggot to bend over my son that is hate speech?  When you look at the gestalt of George Bush's law it is really like it came from an infantile mind that never got off the teat!  We should never have to put up with that!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Who Controls the Piloting of Remotely Guided Drones 03 30 2015

Who Controls the Piloting of Remotely Guided Drones 03 30 2015

Per my faulted memory I believe I read it was the NSA who piloted them.  That same NSA that was involved in surveillance of United States Citizens who did absolutely nothing wrong other than being victims of hearing voices?

But where am I going with this. Any military technology we have in the United States has a lead time before the public knows about it of 15 years.  That means whatever we know about today was being put to use and working properly 15 years ago.

So the attacks on the World Trade center happened in 09 11 2001.  Today is 03 20 2015 and the drones used in the Middle East have been in operation for a great many years now.

And all the Saudi Royal family who masterminded the 911 attack are stated to have been educated in England.  Amoco was bought by England (Co) and then to boost the scarcity of oil they then cleaved an oil head in the gulf?

What am I getting at?  What are the odds those planes were remotely guided into the World Trade center, CIA and Pentagon?  To destroy the last of the American Righteous in Government?

But the NSA being jointly operated through England controlling drones flying into our CIA and Pentagon.  That is how I read it.

All the names and current addresses of NSA members, FBI, CIA and DEA should be published and publicly available.

Why the DEA because they are crooked per the recent news a sex party was funded for them by the drug cartels.  Why the FBI?  Because they are crooked in the exact same way the DEA is today.  Per a recent Smithsonian or Scientific American article they granted subjective waivers to tavern owners in order to defeat Prohibition they were tasked with enforcing.

So why publish their names and identities?  Because they have betrayed the public trust and that amounts to treason, just as a person on the sexual predator list has.

But what are they so desperately trying to protect?  That their cognition is based on the minds of human beings they used technology to make mentally ill with.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Promoting any drug via the use of a Fully Automatic Weapon

Promoting any drug via the use of a Fully Automatic Weapon

Promoting any drug (including alcohol) via the use of a Fully Automatic Weapon or in conjunction with any incidence of physical violence should get you the death penalty!

Betrayal of the public trust with regard to any controlled substance should also get you the death penalty.  Example, DEA agents having a sex party funded by the drug cartel.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Cognitive Countermeasure to schizophrenia 03 30 2015

Cognitive Countermeasure to schizophrenia 03 30 2015

The Counterparts to a true schizophrenic would be called "Half Wits?"


"What boy would ever want to be your son!"


Stop gap and back tracking scrambled reading silently.  Why?  It frustrates and breaks the concentrate of that which is demonically possessing you in an attempt to learn from you.  Try it, you will still know exactly what you are reading however that mentally defective thing that is slowing down your cognition wont!

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Genetically Damaged Rotten 03 30 2015

Genetically Damaged Rotten 03 30 2015

Someone who is both very mean and highly sensitive at the same time!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Guidance Counselor I have an Objection 30 30 2015 updated

Guidance Counselor I have an Objection 30 30 2015

Guidance Counselor I have an Objection, both my chemistry teacher and my Spanish teacher sound like rats!  I have difficulty paying attention to their biting harsh shrill words!

They always want you to be honest on those teacher evaluation forms.  But what if the best advice you could ever give them is something they can't change and don't want hear?  Be honest if you write that on a teacher evaluation review form the odds are pretty high you will end up black balled and homeless later on in life.  Even though it is more true than the sun rising in the morning.

Now here is a negative concept in teaching that no one has caught onto yet!

Directed Iambic Pentameter as a means of creating negative expectations in a child!

Wait a minute!!! Think about that, what was it really?  A means to drive your knowledge out of you regarding other classes you were learning in that day too!  I once watched an anti psychiatry video that was put out by a front group for the Scientologists that stated since the 1940's public education has been a experimental form.  What does that really mean?  It means we have a subpopulation that do not learn in a traditional manner and there were attempts being made to educate them non traditionally?  Prohibition was repealed in 1932.  Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere and in my book that includes ADD and Dyslexia.  But is there also a genome out that can only learn in that same inverse imprintation demonization method?  Indicative of a primitive tribal biblical world type learning environment?

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Why did I do that? Use that derogatory terminology

Why did I do that?  Use that derogatory terminology

I think it has to do with the fat cheeks and pointy little conniving and bamboozling mouth.  The narrow mean eyes.  The lack of character.  The presence of what appears to be a female hag spirit in  man.   The shifty eyes looking for an opportunity!

Perhaps it is my fault I don't get along with people like that?

Corruption and Media Propaganda Scares the Good Men from seeking Law Enforcement Careers 03 29 2015

Corruption and Media Propaganda Scares the Good Men from seeking Law Enforcement Careers 03 29 2015

And the corrupt love that because it means that they don't have to be accountable!  That is their motivation!


The End of the World will be Caused by 03 29 2015

The End of the World will be Caused by 03 29 2015

The Ender of the World will be Caused by a great majority not wanting to admit there is something wrong with them!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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When the Law Enforcment Technique of Entrapment is really Felony False Arrest 03 29 2015

When the Law Enforcement Technique of Entrapment is really Felony False Arrest

Let's say that member of law enforcement put a small leather pouch of gold and silver coins on the sidewalk somewhere where they know from monitoring you that they know you will be.

You pick that bag up look inside and declare that to find the rightful owner you must bring it to the police. On your way down the street you are pulled over and questioned by the police. They frisk you. Wait a minute what probably cause did the Police in Milwaukee ever have for strip searching people in public? They see that there is something in your pocket and ask you what it is. Do you have the right to tell them it is none of their business? If they don't have probable cause I believe you do, but you show them the bag of coins and they say it was involved in a robbery or drug deal and imply you are the criminal and need to be taken in to be questioned.

Now when you have police officers in Milwaukee, and there was at least one case, whereby he took money out of a cash register that had just been robbed, what is the likelihood that he is going to take that bag of coins, if it indeed was lost, and buy a big screen television with it? Highly likely. Can Police Officers account for their assets and spending habits? So for a police officer to use an asset like that bag of coins to stage entrapment really seems like a case of felony false arrest against law enforcement. First he needs to convert those coins to American dollars doesn't he.


What if it was drugs? How would that crooked police officer convert them? What would that type of a drug fence for police officers be called? Should not both the police officer and the drug fence receive capital punishment? But the bottom line here is that if you see a bag of drugs don't even pick it up! Getting even a small amount of Fentanyl on your hands can be deadly. But look at the risk to public safety it poses? You shouldn't leave in on the sidewalk because a small child, perhaps even your own could be curious touch it and be poisoned and die! So what is it really? It is something that has no place in the United States of America. The higher they concentrate the potency the more money they believe they can make from it?


But in terms of that drug fence how would a police officer know where to take those drugs in order to get money from them to buy a big screen television set with? He would have questioned drug dealers and good lord he might have even properly used surveillance technology resources to monitor phone calls as to where they are originating from to the drug dealer. And perhaps that is why we see very few public phone booths today? The cell phones can be data mined and tracked. So they would indeed develop their own coded duplicitous drug culture language to evade that wouldn't they.

Perhaps out of frustration from seeing money influence the judicial process that police officer becomes corrupt. He rationalizes in his mind, I can't win so I might as well take a piece of the American dream in order to keep my mustache wife happy?

After how many years of working for the force he is going to know who is rich and crooked behind it and who isn't.

He might even have been leaned on a few times by wealthy ethnic minorities? Perhaps they even made subtle threats to the health of his children. I remember when I lived in Chicago the slavic (Polish) voice of the person that lived next door would yell at the wall, “And what I am going to do to his girlfriend!” There the debate becomes how to live like a man when you are dealing with that which is less than the standard of men?

Here it is! If I am a crooked cop, what am I going to do? I am going to figure out where those drugs came from and give them back to that big money controlling interest in return for money! In fact that is what I want to know more than anything but for that negative reason. And I am not going to act on that knowledge for the public good am I! So what crime have I committed? I have not relayed evidence to judicial prosecution! Initially it was just an obstruction of justice than then blossomed into full blown organized crime; participation.

And somehow those drugs make it back into our school system. Are the children of men targeted whereas those of less than the standard of men not? Without a shadow of a doubt I believe that! But what does this necessitate? A private school system whereby my ratlike actions aren't as easy to catch!

Somehow we have a drug problem don't we. The police force shrugs their shoulders as if dumbfounded as to how it happened while they watch Sunday afternoon sports and drink mental retardation causing alcohol.


What if the bait in Entrapment is an underage woman? Then what? Shouldn't it be illegal to use minors to entrap men? You can't have minors working on the police force.

What about using a same sex underage person to entrap someone for Pedophilia? That I am for, but as you read yesterday in my article how that is defined is blurred to the defense of the pedophile. The words initial origin really means friendly love. And our modern word for friendly love is homosexuality. What am I getting at here? I am going to come full circle with this article in a minute.

What is implied here? That Homosexuality is the equivalent of Pedophilia? I have absolutely no problem with that being a crime! But look at how Symantec's and word disambiguation play into destroying civilizations! What happen in the future after gay marriage, whose original word for it was pedophilia somehow has the concept extended to make sex with children of the same sex legal too!

Just let the spoiled mentally defective children have their way and do whatever they want.

Recent scientific evidence suggests that homosexuality is caused by a defect, likely birth, to the serotonin regulating gene. It is the gene that regulates the chemical responsible for happiness. One either achieves and finds personal happiness from it or they are criminal minded who like to see people fail because it elevates their sense of self? The best way to see a person fail or their American children fail is to get them hooked on drugs! Also you might traumatize them at a young age and hide behind a religious institution while attempting that? So what I am getting at is that no person should EVER be allowed to become a POLICE OFFICER if they have a defective serotonin regulation gene! They might not even be homosexual and have it, but they would be very mean spirited person.

And I am starting to get into reproductive rights, and that implies euthanasia, and once that topic is broached it goes directly to genocide and holocaust as corollaries.

What was your intent and motivation to become a police officer?

Now what about using a former go go dancer in all of the above schemes? Bottom line is that a person with a defective serotonin regulating gene is going to fixate on human beings, likely one in particular. Perhaps the best diagnosis of mental illness is, does this person have a fixation on someone? Now how can we diagnose and screen potential police officers. “Tell me who you like.” “Tell me who you don't like.” “Can you tell me of a rich kid who you couldn't stand?” “Who was your role model?” These aren't good questions but ones like them whereby the person is duped into revealing their true nature. Questions that center around their issues. “Who was the town fool?” “Who was the biggest loser in your town!” It hints at the motivation that this police officer doesn't like homeless people doesn't it!

I had more to add to this about entrapment but that odd voice was interjecting to negate the very best points that I was attempting to develop from memory!

I was going to get into a police officer having sex with a prostitute. A police officer having sex with an underage woman he believed to be a prostitute. A police officer having sex with an underage woman whom he knows to have a defective serotonin regulating gene. Then using her as a manipulative tool to target and entrap the archetype of people he has a fixation on?

Would that ratlike minded police officer like nothing better than to entrap a man who is the archetype of that which he has a fixation on with underage woman? He might even go so far as to find a young woman that is 17 363/365 years of age so that he can finally say, “Hah! You are bad! I finally caught you!” At which point he nestles back in his rat nest and watches the big men play childhood games for a living on his big screen television.

8000 cases of Church sex abuse in Milwaukee under a Polish Pope or Bishop??????? Where I come from even one would be deserving of the death penalty as capital punishment! So what happens when that person gets old and is in the presence of children the normal type that he had a fixation on all his life? Whether it be a Catholic School Priest or a Scott Walker Private School Head Master? What am I getting at? You can't have people with the defective serotonin gene in positions like that! Now our ordinance system isn't allowing certain people to live in your neighborhood. Do you know how many men are residing at the Catholic Church down the block from you? You only see one at mass but there are likely 3 or 4 nested in there aren't there. Is one of them a person who is on the sexual predator list?

So do I write this out of hatred or racism? No! I write this because I care about good people and our Country. I care about something called humanity!

Perhaps more police officers need to be fired and prevented from becoming them somewhere else in the U.S. if they have not immediately introduced evidence to where it belongs.  But then you have a crooked evidence room keeper who only got that position because he was crooked?

But here is the concept that needs to be broken.  What does one corrupt criminally defective minded person in our society consider another in the judicial system?  "FAMILY"

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Would that police officer then even give drugs to an underage woman he had sex with in order to destroy her personal credibility and ruin her life further? You think I am being so harsh that I am actually really paranoid?  How do you judge the character of a police officer who handcuffs a man to the wall and beats them?  How does the character of someone like that ever positively influence our democracy?  What else is a squirming violent mind like that scheming about?

The only way you end up with a large population of homeless youth in the Pacific Northwest is if they were driven out of their communities or abused by crooked law enforcement!  That's how I see it!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

I object to the Uptown Punk Song being played on my Radio because it is Hard Liquor

I object to the Uptown Punk Song being played on my Radio because it is Hard Liquor

I object to the Uptown Punk Song being played on my Radio because it is Hard Liquor advertising and propaganda to YOUTH!

That is a song I will never sing!

The lyrics go something like this,  "Fill my glass put some liquor in it."

Alcohol is currently the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  I don't doubt that statistic will be Equaled to double the prevalence by the efforts towards legalization of pot.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Vietnam was a 13 YEAR Conflict 03 28 2015

Vietnam was a 13 YEAR Conflict 03 28 2015

I just read that on a 3x5 marketing card selling  a $2.95 commemorative coin.

For those of us who were born in the mid to late 60's and afterwards it puts Vietnam into proper perspective.  What do I think of it today?  A complete waist of time whereby U.S. soldiers were captured taken and tortured for their American Ingenuity Skills in order to establish mammoth Chinese Industrial manufacturer of U.S. management Corporate Royalty goods.  Doesn't profit the American people one bit.

And when you look at the Middle East that is now a 24 year Conflict!

That isn't how the United States is Constitutionally allowed to fight wars!

So what is it really a sign of?  Government by the emotionally disturbed that have a violent cerebral allergy to your memory based human thinking.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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A Police Officer Confronting a Bank Robber 03 28 2015

A Police Officer Confronting a Bank Robber  03 28 2015

If per fate I was a Police Officer (and this is me not you) I would have to assume that Bank Robber is going to use the money to buy drugs.  (Or that he is under the influence of drugs while robbing the bank or that he was born mentally defective because of paternal drug use.)

Drugs including alcohol are the greatest risk to our democracy!  No one in this country should ever be forced into robbery for lack of food or the threat of losing their home.  So society does indeed appear to have a very important choice to make.

For all we really know these Bank Robbers and drug dealers are using Full Auto Weapons in order to bring forth Unconstitutional Gun Control and ruin our Democracy.  Black Jamaica has long been an Pot haven for Spring Breakers and it was English Domiciled.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Friday, March 27, 2015

One Final thought tonight on George Lucas 03 27 2015

One Final thought tonight on George Lucas 03 27 2015

If he is worth his salt I want to see him incorporate the gestalt of Carrie Fishers current state of being accurately, whatever that may be, into his next Star Wars movie.  It would give her credence and perhaps a boost.


Hexing in Political Debates and Business Conversations 03 27 2015

Hexing in Political Debates and Business Conversations 03 27 2015

What do a lot of those personal attacks that distract the public and the righteous one away from the issues in politics as Government amount to?  Hexing!

I really don't see the value in elevating those who can hex the best to the top as if they are the cream of the crop.

And we see it a lot in what is mislabeled as Professional Sports to, don't we!

What is a hex in a lot of those circumstances?  Ape like expressions designed to jar the public?  Veiled threats of violence?  Macho assertions by those lacking the minds of men?

You know what would be a good study?  How the children of those who hexed turned out?  How many became addicted to drugs?  How many could not achieve academically?  How many died young of cancer?  What else?  You get it; I will assert a positive correlation to the archetype of negativity.

What a great shame that our economy/society has drifted into that!

That's it for today, a good streak of preaching it was!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Duplicitousness as being the Equivalent of a Lifetime Pathological Liar 03 27 2015

Duplicitousness as being the Equivalent of a Lifetime Pathological Liar  03 27 2015

As I am watching Dateline to night that is what I thought of.

And there is also an issue of a woman becoming a stripper after her objecting and saying it was a sin her husband coerced her into it by saying so is "Pride."

Pride didn't mean the same thing back then as it does today!  I am quite certain.  Pride meant a satanic concept that isn't articulated, but more along the lines of how a Group of Lions called a Pride rules through force and terror just like the self declared Roman Gods did.

It meant being of sloth mind and having a Pride leader do your thinking for you?  Following the dominant lion.

So when people tell you that you have sinned in Pride it doesn't mean what they think it does and it likely doesn't apply to you!  Pride being proud of your accomplishments is not a sin, just the opposite of it is a sin.  Somehow this concept became contorted through monotheism, history and the Bible.

Pride is what you want to be in life, because it means that you find happiness in achievement rather than in species regressive substance like alcohol, drugs etc, that are substitutes for happiness from achievement!  So indeed we have another false teaching by religion!   What does the idea of drugs for happiness instead of achievement instead of happiness (pride) support; monotheism.  For in Polytheism everyone would be happy from achievement and there would be absolutely no mentally retarded birth defective from drug substitutes for happiness from achievement!

How would a Pride of Lions behave?  Likely territorial?  Likely eliminate any other lions that they found to be a competitive threat?  Likely the women are pathetic and mate with what they view to be the dominant lions?  So indeed monotheism and polygamy are part of the same sin group!

There, I said it all again!  Things you absolutely loathe!  Things you deny that can be understood by anyone! 

Perhaps that should be a sin right there, "Falsely denying that what a human being say's, asserts or expresses can be understood by anyone."  Isn't that awful?  Have you ever experienced it?  I bet many who hear voices have experienced it.  It is a technique designed to frustrate a human being, isn't it!  And that frustration causes stress and in turn physical attrition and in turn sickness.

We could do without that couldn't we?  I don't see the value of conflict like a female English Professor with a boy's haircut would.

What would also be the sin of pride from above?  Considering women that you marry to be a Ortho = Simple - Doxy= prostitute!  It is a sin because you wouldn't want a woman that is the equivalent of a simple prostitute to raise your children.  What would they end up like?  Part of a "Pride."

The sin of Pride would also be abjectly denying that anything you or your children did that was wrong was really wrong at all.  Might include false comparisons to what you pettily viewed others did wrong?  The sin of Pride would exist among us by therefore promoting the concept that everyone else is a sinner too and therefore what I did wasn't really wrong.  The sin of Pride would conclude that you should forgive a Pride for anything it did wrong?  Because if you don't forgive that Pride or those who are paid in the Church hat by it are coming after you?  And here we have the Connection to the Church as being part of a "Pride" too, don't we!  The Church has been participant in one of the 7 deadly sins!

One more point.  Pope Francis points the finger at the media as not being concerned about the poor.  The poor are created via perdition and the substance that causes perdition is tempted to church goers at every single Catholic Mass.  Perdition being about the same as mental retardation, but with strong verbal ability as Wilson's Syndrome has been indicated to be.

Pride also being making people that you don't like fight with real live lions!  To watch and enjoy that means that you yourself are the equivalent of a lion doesn't it!  Hence it is the sin of Pride.  Jesus who was resisting being heathenized by the Roman's declared, "Do not put us to the test."  Can you put someone to the test mores so than by putting them in the center of a coliseum wit a Pride of Lions.  Some of still and always have had the humanity to see horrific things like that and say, "That isn't funny!  I don't enjoy that!  I don't enjoy your sense of Kuru humor."  But in the time of the Roman's they lived in fear of expressing themselves on issues like that!  Fear from a Pride!

Also does a female in a pride of lions consider herself any different than a male in a pride of lions?  Not when she is killing and rendering.  So what is the transition from that to being the sexually weaker of the two cats?  Something about that holistic congruent nature makes it the sin of pride.  Why?  Lets transfer the comparison to bad mothers in the human population to answer it.  That aggressive adult female doesn't fit what the archetype of a woman should be!  So perhaps it is the issue of comparing itself to a male and aggressively attempting to prove it is as good as a male is for shame because it has a vagina and not a penis?  And that too would be an origin of the sin of pride.  Viewing non family members as prey?  Whether is be an exclusionary form of business?  The sin of Pride would really also be declaring that no matter what you do you cannot be held accountable for it; and that is the limited liability of a corporation.  It is the equivalent of Divine Right which is how the members of a monarchy rule.  Hence both a monarchy and Divine right qualify for the deadly sin of pride.  Our Constitution states that a title of nobility meaning the divine rights of nobility may not exist in the United States, it cannot be allowed to be empowered by our Government even though it has.

So here again I am attempting to articulate the complete gestalt of what the sin of "Pride" really means.

So there I said it again.  Something you want to deny "people" are able to comprehend.  And what is the issue with that?  It is the criminal mind rationalizing that the general population is never as smart as its scheming mind is.  It desperately needs to believe that!  And what is that desperate need to believe that something that can be understood really can never be understood, it is the sin of Pride isn't it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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It is your Civic Duty to tell a young woman drinking beer with her boyfriend, "Don't get pregnant!"

It is your Civic Duty to tell a young woman drinking beer with her boyfriend, "Don't get pregnant!"

Even if you have to say it under your breath so that you have plausible deniability if they want to fight, it is still your civic duty and obligation to say it!

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Thomas Paul Murphy
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Pedophile Investments 03 27 2015 draft

Pedophile Investments 03 27 2015

But as you look at that definition do you see how they attempted to frame the age ranges so that homosexual behavior was excluded???

It is defined as a desire for pre puberty children.  Do you see how that is weighted incorrectly too?  Shouldn't it really be defined as a sexual desire for children under the age of 18 who are naïve and trusting?

I don't see how you describe that as a psychiatric disorder, it is more of a

It is really a homo that likes children!

How do we know a homo wasn't waiting for you to turn 18?

And what do homo's do together anyway?  Perhaps if we observed them it would lead to another conclusion regarding gay marriage?

That definition goes on to say that journalistically the term includes sexual victimization of children.  So here indeed we have disconnect from what journalist tell the public it means and what the level of presumption that the psychiatrist needs to make the case (higher criteria to meet.)

But why would you ever make it a pre-pubescent cut off?  Because you don't want a horny guy to be charged with pedophile if he dates a woman who looks to be an adult because she has gone through puberty?  I really just have to ask you this, what kind of guy is it that doesn't know the difference?  We hear about the horny phys ed teachers that diddled the high school girls! He knew the difference and so it was indeed pedophilia whether or not she was prepubescent or not!  If fact one could make the generalization that is why he sought out that profession, pedophilia!  But we would never say that he waited until the peaches were ripe on the tree for this one and not for that one!  Now I am indeed getting into this from a woman's point of view, and I don't want to do that.  A woman would have more cognitively to add to the idea of this from her point of view, but perhaps she can't articulate it. But that will be that.

But look at how our Financial System of False Tea Party system is structured.  A lot of those Financial companies are religiously denominated in their nomenclature,  even if it is a name that means you worship Goddess of the Dawn as Aurora is (sorry that is more health care) but it folds into the Financial system through mandatory health insurance path!  Sharing or dividing of profits one would say makes it inclusive.

But where am I going with this?  Read on.

But they have already preordained their personal defense by preaching forgiveness at every single mass!  It lends to motivation doesn't it!  Here it is, "I motivate myself to become a criminal when I preach that everyone should forgive!" 

The Greeks first coined the term so we do indeed know where it was prevalent first!  Paidos= child and philia= friendly love.  That is really the definition of homosexuality isn't it!  Sex with a friend and friends are indeed usually of the same sex.

So with that religious based financial business and over 8,000 cases of sexual abuse in the Milwaukee area what does it really mean?  It means those Investment Businesses are really Pedophile Investments!

I don't see how you can break my logic!

Full disclosure I was never abused by a priest per the best effort of my memory.  I suppose I could have been and forgotten it from a trauma block to memory.  But as hard as I think of Priests winking at me as a boy, or talking to me in confined areas, I don't remember anything like that!

I will also assert that the Cognition of those labeled investment professionals is indeed different from the norm, hence the term Pedophile Investments still applies.

Now I can tell you stories of boy's who had sexual type relations with one another who married women and went on to become successful professionals in Investment/Finance business so that is Pedophile investments too.  But you see 5hi7 like that going on as a boy and you are tempted to ask yourself as the pedophiles Invite you into it, "Is there something wrong with me for just saying no?"  None of us ever deserved to be put to the test like that!

What I see this being is a spectrum of disorders of the same mentally defective mindset or flawed cognition.  I don't believe these people can ever change.  And recent evidence from studies of mice lends to the idea that homosexuality is indeed due to a defect in the gene the regulates serotonin.  It could then be said that the serotonin gene is the thief versus human gene?

Homosexuals say it is normal to them.  I believe them but for that reason!  Pedophiles likely say it is normal for them too!  And that becomes a very scary issue doesn't it?

Okay here is a philosophical question that humanity needs to face and good people need to force the issue.  "Does a human being have the right to create a genetically defective mentally retarded person?"  I say no!  And you can hate me all you want for it.  But if you have ever experienced any criminal type abuse you are betraying yourself aren't you!

I see absolutely no difference between someone born into perdition, a criminal minded person and a mentally defective person.  And it is cold hearted, but I don't need to hear voices!

And I did indeed learn something by reading that exact definition didn't I!  A bad power structure relies on you not knowing the exact meaning of things!  And what do we see a lot of today?  People having John Doe type cases brought against them hoping that the issue just passes by like ship in the night fog because of the publics ignorance with regard to the meaning of things!  The great shame is that the prosecutors and judges look the other way while it happens!  I will assert the same cognition; about like a shrewdness of apes having a family orgy in a tree?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Fraudulent and Unconstitutional Arms Control Assumptions 03 27 2015

Fraudulent and Unconstitutional Arms Control Assumptions 03 27 2015

Do you ever ask yourself why any of the Arms Control measures assume that they will be used against our own Government and good people and not:
1.  An Insurrection like the Confederate South and Slavery was in the Civil War?
2.  An invading ISIS force among us?
3.  An invading Al Qaeda force among us?
4.  An invading army from a country that has recently been threatening the destruction of the United States such as North Korea?
5.  An invading army from a country that has recently been threatening the destruction of the United States such as Putin and Russia?
6. An invading army from a country that has recently been threatening the destruction of the United States such as ......a historical enemy of the United States such as England, Cuba, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Japan, China?
7.  An Insurrection such as drug dealing like organized crime was an insurrection during Prohibition!

That has to be about the most irresponsible and unconstitutional assumption ever made!

Stand back and look at the gestalt of that and it is an action by those who don't like their own people!

Those of us who hear voices know why without a shadow of a doubt why that is the way it is; instituted by those who were born into perdition.  So nations fall in the course of history because a race of people becomes slack and resents those who make the right of passage to manhood?  It leads to liberal policies that abuse the rights of fair and competitive real men?  And it becomes like Jesus Christ complaining to all the villagers during the heathenizing Roman invasion; "How many times did I try and bring your children out in the courtyard to teach them?"

Our government obviously doesn't fear an invasion, even though the World Trade Center was blown to bits by an ethnic force that seamlessly managed to infiltrate our country.  Our Government also doesn't really have any concern for drug use and the delayed mental development it causes.  It makes you wonder who specifically was packed into that World Trade Center that got blown to bits.  Was it a group of people who were whistle blowers?  Was it whistle blowers on a tour of the World Trade Center?

Look at the guided smart bombs we have today; the Drones!  Did you ever hear that our Government (Defense Department) is 15 years ahead of what technology has been made publicly known?  But again look at how effective those drones are.  And they didn't appear far too long after those planes were flown into the World Trade Center!  They didn't appear in the less than 15 years time lag did they!!!!

That which is born into perdition can only act out a professional life?  That is why the Union Army of the North was such a threat to the Confederate South!  It is why the South feared the North, and you can't tell me that fear didn't exist and sustain itself for a very long time after the Civil War.  If you read a recent issue of Smithsonian you learn from piecing the sections of different articles together that Abraham Lincoln, by all accounts someone that should have received Sainthood, was assassinated by a band of 5 actors that colluded.  What is an actor?  It is someone who pretends to live the life of a worker or person from history better than that actual person did?  I believe that no actor should ever receive more money for the part that they play than the actual person they are acting as if they are and when that is too high a limit is reached far below it.

These are my beliefs and I have a right to express them!  I have a Constitutional Right to express them.  You should look at it this way, perhaps beliefs like mine that you can't stand might be the very ones that save you some day!

So how do you prepare for an attack such as 911 was?  You issue every single adult citizen a 50 caliber automatic rifle.  When a plane is on course such as they were during 911.  You issue an emergency broadcast, "There is a rogue plane in violation of our airspace.  It is deemed to be a threat to our national security.  Citizens of the United States it is currently at_____and heading______ make all conceivable efforts to bring it down!"

Okay so that sounds like extreme paranoia.  But lets say it was a squadron of Russian Fighter jets that came off an aircraft carrier?  With ships full of invasion ship to shore duck boats to follow?  Then it isn't such an odd assumption is it?  They could take this country in one day just like Europe was taken by the Moors in about 1 day (?)

Wouldn't money have been better spent on a system like that than Homeland Security and the NSA?

So you believe that Russia or China or whomever doesn't have that kind of military power?  For all of Adolf Hitler's intelligence gathering techniques, he even sent SS and Gestapo into the U.S. to question the likes of Tesla, he had no knowledge of the size of the Russian Tank Command unit that swept in and decimated Germany!  And Russia was indeed given aid by France and England after and during WWI.

So you might think they want domestic arms control because they have full confidence in our armed forces to tackle any issue on earth that there is?  Our Constitution really believes we are only to fight a war for 2 years.  What does that imply?  It is a h3ll hath no fury provision take no prisoners and get the job done idea!  It means if you mess with our freedom we will react quickly and harshly!  Do you have confidence in our military when we know that drug use and sexual assaults are rampant?  When Generals who are supposed to be the model citizens of integrity are involved in sexual scandals?  And here is the clincher, when we are at war in the middle east for well over 24 years.  That isn't a Stars and Stripes army is it!

How else could a system like that be used?  There was an attempted drug dealing at the corner of ____ and_____.  Not too bad hah?  A man in a car at _____ and ____ just asked a woman to talk to him______he has a known history of pimping.   This man on the sexual predator list has just taken a extra curricular course that will be held at a grade school after school hours?  Please be advised that we have just spotted a cross country track coach buying a picture of beer for underage children on the team.  This former police officer was known to statutory raped young women, he is now a phys ed instructor at your high school.

Now there are those who will propagandize second chances as a religious idealism, I am not one of those people.  That erodes at our Democracy.  I really don't care if I ever see a boxer who bit another boxers ear off in the ring again or interviewed on television. 

And I really can't stand those who say drugs aren't so bad.  Drugs are what create people like that!  No good King or Good Shepherd would ever opt for that!  "Beware the leaven of the Pharisees!"  Jesus scolded to the Pharisees!  Was he talking about the historical equivalent of LSD?  And are you trying to tell me that there is only one single fungus/yeast in the entire chemical database that can screw up a persons brain and mind?  There have to be as many strains of that or more as there are different cold and flu viruses!

So the way it is structured today is controlled genocide of the proud brave and honest American.  There are no jobs or careers for him here because it is controlled by something which is unconstitutional called a corporation.  Again what is a corporation?  If you can't be responsible like a man and need to start and run a business, essentially be an actor and mean person, then you need limited liability.  And that is essentially the equivalent of Congress granting you the title of nobility which is directly forbidden in the Constitution!  The way that nobility rules is by divine right which really means they are not liable for anything they do.  Why again?  Because at best their decision making amounts to acting.

There I said it again, and I believe every word of it.  And I don't want someone to force put me on drugs because of it; do you?  To tell me to see a Doctor because of my belief system is really telling me that you don't believe I should have a Second Amendment right.  And I take issue with that.  The right of passage to manhood in the United States should be whether your own father can trust you with a gun.  And not something like he made a professional sports team.  Or she graduated from college and is therefore a man.

So why is the assumption made that our right to bear Arms is a threat to our Country?  I don't find it a threat to my personal security if a man has a gun. What I do find a threat to my personal security is someone born into perdition who is a user of drugs, alcohol, heroin, meth, pot, and all that other stuff I don't have personal knowledge of.  What is wrong with me saying we have a right to Independence from that which attains personal happiness through all manner of drug use rather than personal achievement?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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My commentary and excerpts from Investors Business Daily Newspaper 03 27 2015

My commentary and excerpts from Investors Business Daily Newspaper 03 27 2015

Abraham Lincoln Quote

“Adhere to your purpose, and you will soon feel was well as you ever did. On the contrary, if you falter, and give up, you will lose the power of keeping any resolution, and you will regret it all your life.”

Also on Albert Schweitzer

He was a famous author and musician when he wanted to go to disease ridden Africa to become a Doctor. He found out that he would need to get the education to do that and did. He and his wife were French German so they could not win during WWII? At a French settlement in Africa they were interned by the French for being German! When you read of how I say there are little real men in this world here is part of what Einstein said about Schweitzer, …”Here in this sorry world is a MAN!”

What is most unique about him I found is that he wrote an entire book about “the mistakes made by scholars in understanding Jesus.” It was titled “The quest of the historical Jesus” I doubt your library has a copy even though it should. Sounds a bit like my writings?

See if you understand the relevance with regard to you hearing voices interjecting into your wealth of human consciousness, also what a man named Cousins had to say about him, ….”A saint becomes a saint when he is claimed by many men as their own, when he awakens in them a desire to know the best that is in them, and the desire to soar morally.”

My commentary and excerpts from Investors Business Daily Newspaper 03 27 2015

Born into Perdition 03 27 2015

Born into Perdition 03 27 2015

We suffer because they were born into Perdition!

That which was born into perdition hears everything that you think as if “it” was God. It can never have a true point of view or perspective on it because it would be a mortal defeat to its ego to have to see and think about itself in that manner!

The new church message needs to be , “Some of us were born into perdition! Please have mercy on us!”

When the Pope declares his curia lead double lives he is indeed stating that hey were born into PERDITION! Those of us who were not born into Perdition only have one life to live!

Was the original vow of celibacy taken so that Perdition wasn't spread? I think of this as I think of Jay Leno and his wife not wanting to have children?

To live a lifetime of attempting to will your perdition unto human beings!

Bottom line, none of us should be put to the test by the wealthy.

Also there are so many laws in the United States that seem to be built up on the concept of us being put to the test by the wealthy.

One could say that the concept of limited liability is the wealthy putting us to the test!

One could also say that having to plod through tax return items that you never have qualified for is also the wealthy putting us to the test!

Psychiatry considered as the wealthy who were born into perdition putting the middle class, at the age of journeyman, to the test, via alcohol and drugs that lead to perdition?

Off topics. The Greek philosophy of Fury in response of personal perdition? “Do you know where I can find and honest man.” One famous Greek philosopher would ask newcomers to the town.
If you said no it meant he knew there would be no retribution to what he would do to you.
Olympic ring symbolism, enslave 5 people and see how strong you become because of it? This follows from reading of the Bible on Sarah where it tells how they replenished their lives through slaves!
Law enforcement regarding 2nd citation issued for noise violation? Rendering the speakers and stereo system inoperative. Late at night when children are trying to sleep for school the next day? No more bass rumbling the good peoples homes.

A police officer should be issued a decibel meter. It is very interesting that the Milwaukee Police can pinpoint where a bullet is fired from but not use the same system to enforce noise violations from car audio.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Confederate Religious Insurrection in the United States 03 27 2015

Confederate Religious Insurrection in the United States 03 27 2015

  1. Giving someone drugs or alcohol in order that their second amendment rights are violated.
  2. Giving a pregnant woman drugs and or alcohol in order that her childs 2nd amendment right will be violated when they become an adult.
  3. Saying the Lords Prayer at a Catholic Mass with the line, “and lead us not into temptation,” and then serving alcohol at the mass.

Barrack Obama an Organizer of former Catholic Church's.

Scott Walker son of a Lutheran minister.

  1. The concept of psychiatry as being a threat to the second amendment. Instituted through religious denominated hospitals?
  2. The concept of alcohol, marijuana and drugs as being a threat to your second amendment. Remember if they are a threat to someone else who they were pushed on and became addicted to then it is also a threat to your second amendment right.
  3. The Second Amendment being the standard of men!
  4. The Second Amendment bein the best right of passage to manhood in the entire world. A father believing he can give an immature and irresponsible child a gun also being a threat to your Second Ammendment right!
  5. Pro-life and the concept of keeping birth defective mental retardation children as NEVER going to be to the standard of the Second Amendment right to passage to manhood and therefore the greatest threat to the Supreme Law of the Land the Constitution! Unconstitutional Indoctrination of this religious concept into the Tax Code!
  6. Perhaps a petition to bring to trial members English, German and others, for acts of espionage against the United States of America. Including gun control propaganda in violation of our Supreme Law of the Land.
  7. You can NEVER be adjudicated mentally defective because it violates your Second Amendment Right!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The concept of Schizophrenia is 03 27 2015

The concept of Schizophrenia is 03 27 2015

The concept of Schizophrenia is only being allowed to do what those people who were born into PERDITION allow you to do.

That isn't a fundamental of Democracy!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Have you been diagnosed with the affliction of Schizophrenia and what to write a Book? Read this! 03 27 2015

Have you been diagnosed with the affliction of Schizophrenia and what to write a Book?  Read this! 03 27 2015

Put $5 in the Church hat on Sunday and see how quickly the voices quiet down so that you can concentrate.

Something about curia in perdition becoming happy because you bought them a fresh pack of smokes?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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I had a Google blog titled "How to write" that seems to be missing today.  Wait I looked again and very mysteriously it was number one on the list.

A Nun's Hat as the Gestalt Symbolization of a European Castle Griffin 03 27 2015

It is the same gestalt as that of a Griffin inset high in a Castle wall.  Therefore worn by a disciplinary Nun in a teaching environment it is really general conditioning of children to be afraid of the wealthy!  I don't know if this particular variety is called a wimple  or not.

Any similarity to current controversial religious figures is purely coincidental.  I draw from the gestalt of the voices that are talking to me.

"Griffins are known to guard treasures or priceless possessions."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The First Name it was Given 03 26 2015

The First Name it was Given 03 26 2015

They want to get in the habit of renaming things so that eventually they can put the Billionaires names and faces on the U.S. Currency. Whatever it is should always have the first name it was given? What if we made a rule that said everything had to go back to the first name it was given?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Gun Invention make a peep sight out of 1" scope rings and 1" diameter freeze plugs with a center hole drilled in them 03 26 2015

Gun Invention make a peep sight out of 1" scope rings and 1" diameter freeze plugs with a center hole drilled in them 03 26 2015

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One mode of Demonic Possession 03 26 2015

He was likely demonically possessed to use the heroin in the first place.  Do you not know the mind of the devil yet?  Odd rises and pitches in vocalizations, talking over you as you attempt to speak, followed by it then chewing its toothpick and  listening to your thoughts as it waits to interject in fatal opportunity.  Overly aggressive staff for what a female should be on the nursing staff talking loudly all night at the nurses station so none of the patients can get some rest?

A posy full of heathenized blacks riding through neighborhoods cranking low pitched music that vibrates the walls of you house?  A car of them parked outside your house loitering and menacing your family.  That is the exact same archetype of satan's mode of operation above isn't it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

That which talks to us has never known the mind of a man in its real life 03 25 2015

That which talks to us has never known the mind of a man in its real life 03 25 2015

Any that is that mean to human beings has to be defined as being here: >>>>>

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2015
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Russia had a White Movement but there were no blacks 03 25 2015

Russia had a White Movement but there were no blacks  03 25 2015

Interesting that Russia had a White Movement but there were no blacks there as we know it when it happened?

The White Movement was anti-communist forces in Russia.

As always I would have absolutely no interest in researching this if I did not hear voices.

Copyright 2015 Thomas Paul Murphy
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There is not a "White" Government anywhere in the world today!

How can we tell the difference between a paid advertisement for Scott Walker and 03 25 2015

How can we tell the difference between a paid advertisement for Scott Walker and   03 25 2015

How can we tell the difference between a paid advertisement for Scott Walker and a media appearance or article that isn't?  They both seem about the same to me.

It is all paid for isn't it!  The ones that aren't paid for really are because of larger payments for ones that are paid for.  That is a siphon of our countries money and freedom.

It isn't advertising it is propaganda.  We might need a Constitutional Amendment with regard to propaganda.

In effect it has been all one sided so therefore all propaganda!  Any liberal person was labeled as weak which makes it all propaganda.  So to right the issue how do we need to label what is termed conservative?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Humor: Fly Fishing is 03 25 2015

Humor: Fly Fishing is 03 25 2015

Spending an inordinate amount of time waving a wispy wand in a 5hi7 river.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Patriarchal Figure of Germany 03 25 2015

Patriarchal Figure of Germany 03 25 2015

When you look at Adolph Hitler being on so many drugs, like Pervitin and see that his personal Doctor was Theodore Morrell you have to say to yourself, you couldn't get a worse Patriarchal figure for Germany than one who got them all hooked on speed.  It is almost as if he was a spy for a foreign country the whole time that was really h3ll bent on destroying the Aryan race.  But that could have also been accomplished through demonic possession of him facilitated by him being given drugs.

Psychiatric drugs indeed have the highest profit margins of the drug companies products.  So you have to look at the Roman concept of Qui Bono; who benefits?

Those drug company names were indeed:


What is very important for humanities future is that we analyze the early management of those Corporations in terms of what their political affiliations were, what their religions were and what their idealism were.  How were they connected?

We don't see advertisements every commercial for basic raw organic food ingredients instead we see drugs for all kinds of ailments that are likely caused by other chemicals some genetically defective runt designed.

Look at what their products did?  Tell me how you cannot agree with me that we need a completely drug free world?

Seeing that those drug companies were involved in worldwide organized crime I believe that the U.S. has the right to seize all of their assets.  Also every member of those companies future lineage should never be allowed to own a chemistry set.

Back to the title.  When you look at how Theodore Morrell who owned a Pharmaceutical company looked at Hitler what do you see in those videos?  He is leering at him, as if I just made a lot of money by screwing you up but people will view my facial expression instead as one of idolatry towards you?  That is exactly how I read him!

What was Theodore Morrell?  He was indeed part of Hitler's soul in support of it because there was no other basis for his stand alone cognition; hence he viewed peoples human lives as an opportunity to capitalize on?  That is why Hitler would have liked him without knowing why; he was part of him.  But what you never realize is that they are part of you out of resentful necessity!  Now I know how all of this reads "kooked up" , but I stand by it anyway as the truth.  So you want to contradict me?  What are you going to say, "Having a personal Doctor that gets you wired on narcotics is a good thing, he was his friend, he was his friend."  Please don't believe that you can play with human lives like that and are readily believable and trustworthy by the entirety of us.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Number 3 is very interesting 03 24 2015

What was her surname?

Stefanie Isak


Stefanie Rabatsch

Did he have her executed?  What happened to her?

She looks like a very sweet girl!!

The Right to know if our Politicians are on Drugs 03 24 2015

What I am getting from watching this is that we have an UNDENIABLE RIGHT to know what drugs our Government officials are on!!!  It is a threat to our freedom that that information isn't public!  And it isn't something that honest men ever feel wrong about divulging.  And for someone not to divulge would indicate a character weakness?  Would you elect a President if he was a opiate form habit without knowing it only to see him look the other way as the substance is legalized?  It isn't asking too much for us to know and them to tell us!  It should be required.

And one also has to wonder if drugs that Theodore Morrell gave to Hitler were created from human experimentation on Jews?  Morel surname is derived from the Moors, the black race that invaded Europe from Africa.  Hitler is said to believe Napoleon who vowed to exterminate all blacks on earth was his idol?

I don't mean to be a Nazi with this next comment but for his personal doctor he had a man whose name means dark.

If Scott Walker wants to deny food stamps to those who are on drugs we have a right to know if there is anything in Scotts' blood that shouldn't be there per the same doctrine. 

What this video also suggests is that Hitler did not have knowledge of pharmaceuticals and drugs ability to control people.  So we have a dichotomy here.  Had he had known the power of them he would not have taken them?  He didn't know the dangers of psychiatric drugs which means that the movement didn't originate from Hitler?

When you watch this video you have to wonder who Theodore Morrell was in a secret league with?  Who were the executives of his Pharmaco companies? 

How long was Hitler hooked on drugs and how did it influence him?  Where is the power structure behind that?   Wait a minute!  Wait a minute!  Psychiatric drugs have the highest profit margins of the drug companies offerings!  So that timeline needs to be clarified.

Also what was the likelihood that Hitler's stomach problems were indeed caused by H Pylori (constantly transmitted to him from talking with)  from what the film admits to being Morrell's bad breath?

So if they were experimenting on human beings like we know that they were, how come they couldn't figure out a simple thing like a virus causes ulcers.

I would also think that the absence of Morrell and Hitler's desire to commit suicide might be due to a demonic influence of Morrell on Hitler?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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If any of those drugs has an opiate then there are ties to FDR's family money coming from the opiate trade with China. 

But look at who benefitted in WWII in Germany?  It was the maker of that drug "Pervitin"

Pervitin was made by Temmler pharmaceutical company.  It was indeed Cocaine-Methamphetamine-Opioid ...         

And also Quazen
How can there be no Wikipedia entry for Quazen?

Quazen would have to be in some Merck manual or FDA document?  Nothing on the U.S. national library of medicine.

Fairly close Quazepam.  But look at it.  First they gave speed and then Qauzen.  One necessitated the other.  When the original illness was likely due to H. Pylori?

Ultraseptyl was another with these ingredients in it. 

…..rime renferme 0 gr 50 de 2-(p-aminobenzol-sulfamaido)-4-methylthiazol
There is also this on the label "Chinoin"

If either of those drugs has an opiate then there are ties to FDR's family money coming from the opiate trade with China. 

"Lausepder"  It looks like Theodore Morrel did indeed have his own drug labels and manufacturing.

Good GOD look at where the makers of Pervitin are located today?  In 1912 they were located in Hungary, today they are located in Mexico!

From their own website, "CHINOIN begins as “Alka Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products” in 1912 in Hungary, founded by Doctors Kerentzky and Wolf"

Current product line:

Human & OTC lines

Alin Inyectable
Alin Tabletas 0.5
AlinTabletas 0.75
Alin Depot
Alin Nasal
Alin Oftálmico

A-migdobis supositorios adulto
A-migdobis supositorios infantil


Anara Solución
Anara Tabletas Anara Jarabe
Antiflu-des Cápsulas

Antiflu-des Jr
Antiflu-des Gotas
GABIROL Gabirol Cápsulas
Gabirol Gotas pediátrico
Gabirol Solución
Koptin Sups.
Koptin Tabletas
Meladinina Pomada
Meladinina Tabletas
Mydocalm A----------------------------------------------
Scabisan Plus
Scabisan Shampoo
Scabisan Crema----------------------------------------------
Septacin Solución
Septacin Pediátrico
Septacin Amoxi Suspensión
Septacin Amoxi Cápsulas----------------------------------------------
Severin Severin NF Tabletas
Severin NF Suspensión
Synalar Crema Synalar Neo
Synalar Simple
Synalar Ótico
Synalar Nasal----------------------------------------------

TroferitTroferit Jarabe
Troferit Tabletas
Troferit Supositorios----------------------------------------------
Topron Cápsulas
Topron Suspensión
Topsyn Gel
Topsyn Y

Also these:

1. Antibiotics

Birosin Plus ®
Birosin Sódico ®
Cefurin LPU ®
Kilais ®
Sentoprim-S ®

2. Anti-diarreheic
a) Alone DyscuralDyscural b) In combination with antibiotics
Dyscural Rumiante
Dyscural Porcino Dyscural PvE

3. Anti-inflammatories Alin Depot
Alin Veterinario
Severin tabletas
Severin Suspensión

4. Antiparasitic
a) For bovines, ovines and goats Closantil Oral 5% Sol. inyectable ®
Closantil Oral 5% Sol. oral ®
Closantil Oral 15% Sol. oral ®Koptisin Ovine ®

b) For Horses
Vermihorse ®

c) For dogs
Parastin Dog ® Parastin Doggy ®
Parastin Big Dog ®

5. Plaguicides
Scabisin Shampoo ®
Scabisin Jabón ®
Scabisin Susp ®

6. Energizer (saline)

7. Tranquillizers

a) Bacterins for bovines, ovines and goats
Bacterina Toxoide Bovi Lepto ®
Bacterina Toxoide Chinoin CEHS4 ®
Bacterina Toxoide Chinoin PC2 ®
Bacterina Toxoide Chinoin PC3 triple ®
Bacterina Toxoide Chinoin PN1 ®
Bacterina Toxoide Chinoin Perfechs 7
Bacterina Exgon10 Toxoide ®
Bacterina Naivac11 Toxoide ®

b) Vaccines for bovines, ovines and goats
Anthracis Chinoin A1
Cebu-Rab ®

c) Vaccines for pets
Vacuna Adenovac ®
Vacuna Doblevac PC ®
Vacuna Inmucparvo ®
Vacuna Puppyparvo DHP ®
Vacuna Vacugen 6L ®
Vacuna VacuFive,_Aguascalientes

I would think that this Russian (they concurred Germany) had to be the Kerensky that founded the Chinion drug company.

So here is the deal.  You get the leader of a foreign country hooked on drugs and you end up concurring that country?  And today 03 24 2015 what did Putin insist?  That they United States get rid of all its nuclear weapons!

Other drugs pushed on Hitler By Theodore Morrell.

"Eukodal" was another one of those drugs given to Hitler per the Youtube movie link.   "name Geschutzt"

"Sympatol"  "Ingelheim AM Rein"  "C.H. Boehringer Sohn"  "Methylaminoaethanolphenol  Tartaric Sympatrol"

Methylaminoaethanolphenol  Tartaric Sympatrol
"Eupaverin"  "Darmstadt"
"Optalidon"  "E. Merck"
"Dolantin"  "Analgticum u. Spasmolyticum"
"Gift"  "...mische Fabrik Gurst..."  "....llringhaus & Dr. Hellmann..."  Gustroow i. Meckl."  "Strophanthi..."  or perhaps it is "Sirophanihi..."  "Chem. rein"
"Coramin"  "Patentiert" "CIBA" "Name Gesch."  "Diaethylamid pyridincarb"  ......  "Sandoz A G Nurnberg"

"Suppositorien" "Optalidon"  "Gagen Schmerzen. zur Beruhigung und bei"
25.41 minutes into the video Optalidon again.
"Eupaverin"  "Merck"  "Merck Darmstadt"


Hitler did not approve of animal testing.  But not only did Nazi Germany do experiments on Jews...apparently from the amount of drugs given to Hitler, they did testing on Hitler too!

Could you imagine if we had a United States resident who was always seen with his meth, barbiturate, opiate, Qualude, drug injector right by his side?  Somehow we need stronger power or controls to SAFELY remove people like that from the office of President, Governors and Mayors.  Whatever we need to do to legislate that we NEED to!  "The President failed a drug test."  The President or your states Governor needs to be held to the highest possible standard.  And if you are a crooked Politician something you should seriously consider is this, perhaps you are 50 years old and everyone is on your crooked side.  Do you really want to take the risk that in just one year you could be found to have committed a horrific crime with very dire punishment?  More often than not crooked politicians never see it coming!  So it is best to go straight!  You don't want to completely ruin the rest of your life.