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Friday, March 27, 2015

Fraudulent and Unconstitutional Arms Control Assumptions 03 27 2015

Fraudulent and Unconstitutional Arms Control Assumptions 03 27 2015

Do you ever ask yourself why any of the Arms Control measures assume that they will be used against our own Government and good people and not:
1.  An Insurrection like the Confederate South and Slavery was in the Civil War?
2.  An invading ISIS force among us?
3.  An invading Al Qaeda force among us?
4.  An invading army from a country that has recently been threatening the destruction of the United States such as North Korea?
5.  An invading army from a country that has recently been threatening the destruction of the United States such as Putin and Russia?
6. An invading army from a country that has recently been threatening the destruction of the United States such as ......a historical enemy of the United States such as England, Cuba, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Japan, China?
7.  An Insurrection such as drug dealing like organized crime was an insurrection during Prohibition!

That has to be about the most irresponsible and unconstitutional assumption ever made!

Stand back and look at the gestalt of that and it is an action by those who don't like their own people!

Those of us who hear voices know why without a shadow of a doubt why that is the way it is; instituted by those who were born into perdition.  So nations fall in the course of history because a race of people becomes slack and resents those who make the right of passage to manhood?  It leads to liberal policies that abuse the rights of fair and competitive real men?  And it becomes like Jesus Christ complaining to all the villagers during the heathenizing Roman invasion; "How many times did I try and bring your children out in the courtyard to teach them?"

Our government obviously doesn't fear an invasion, even though the World Trade Center was blown to bits by an ethnic force that seamlessly managed to infiltrate our country.  Our Government also doesn't really have any concern for drug use and the delayed mental development it causes.  It makes you wonder who specifically was packed into that World Trade Center that got blown to bits.  Was it a group of people who were whistle blowers?  Was it whistle blowers on a tour of the World Trade Center?

Look at the guided smart bombs we have today; the Drones!  Did you ever hear that our Government (Defense Department) is 15 years ahead of what technology has been made publicly known?  But again look at how effective those drones are.  And they didn't appear far too long after those planes were flown into the World Trade Center!  They didn't appear in the less than 15 years time lag did they!!!!

That which is born into perdition can only act out a professional life?  That is why the Union Army of the North was such a threat to the Confederate South!  It is why the South feared the North, and you can't tell me that fear didn't exist and sustain itself for a very long time after the Civil War.  If you read a recent issue of Smithsonian you learn from piecing the sections of different articles together that Abraham Lincoln, by all accounts someone that should have received Sainthood, was assassinated by a band of 5 actors that colluded.  What is an actor?  It is someone who pretends to live the life of a worker or person from history better than that actual person did?  I believe that no actor should ever receive more money for the part that they play than the actual person they are acting as if they are and when that is too high a limit is reached far below it.

These are my beliefs and I have a right to express them!  I have a Constitutional Right to express them.  You should look at it this way, perhaps beliefs like mine that you can't stand might be the very ones that save you some day!

So how do you prepare for an attack such as 911 was?  You issue every single adult citizen a 50 caliber automatic rifle.  When a plane is on course such as they were during 911.  You issue an emergency broadcast, "There is a rogue plane in violation of our airspace.  It is deemed to be a threat to our national security.  Citizens of the United States it is currently at_____and heading______ make all conceivable efforts to bring it down!"

Okay so that sounds like extreme paranoia.  But lets say it was a squadron of Russian Fighter jets that came off an aircraft carrier?  With ships full of invasion ship to shore duck boats to follow?  Then it isn't such an odd assumption is it?  They could take this country in one day just like Europe was taken by the Moors in about 1 day (?)

Wouldn't money have been better spent on a system like that than Homeland Security and the NSA?

So you believe that Russia or China or whomever doesn't have that kind of military power?  For all of Adolf Hitler's intelligence gathering techniques, he even sent SS and Gestapo into the U.S. to question the likes of Tesla, he had no knowledge of the size of the Russian Tank Command unit that swept in and decimated Germany!  And Russia was indeed given aid by France and England after and during WWI.

So you might think they want domestic arms control because they have full confidence in our armed forces to tackle any issue on earth that there is?  Our Constitution really believes we are only to fight a war for 2 years.  What does that imply?  It is a h3ll hath no fury provision take no prisoners and get the job done idea!  It means if you mess with our freedom we will react quickly and harshly!  Do you have confidence in our military when we know that drug use and sexual assaults are rampant?  When Generals who are supposed to be the model citizens of integrity are involved in sexual scandals?  And here is the clincher, when we are at war in the middle east for well over 24 years.  That isn't a Stars and Stripes army is it!

How else could a system like that be used?  There was an attempted drug dealing at the corner of ____ and_____.  Not too bad hah?  A man in a car at _____ and ____ just asked a woman to talk to him______he has a known history of pimping.   This man on the sexual predator list has just taken a extra curricular course that will be held at a grade school after school hours?  Please be advised that we have just spotted a cross country track coach buying a picture of beer for underage children on the team.  This former police officer was known to statutory raped young women, he is now a phys ed instructor at your high school.

Now there are those who will propagandize second chances as a religious idealism, I am not one of those people.  That erodes at our Democracy.  I really don't care if I ever see a boxer who bit another boxers ear off in the ring again or interviewed on television. 

And I really can't stand those who say drugs aren't so bad.  Drugs are what create people like that!  No good King or Good Shepherd would ever opt for that!  "Beware the leaven of the Pharisees!"  Jesus scolded to the Pharisees!  Was he talking about the historical equivalent of LSD?  And are you trying to tell me that there is only one single fungus/yeast in the entire chemical database that can screw up a persons brain and mind?  There have to be as many strains of that or more as there are different cold and flu viruses!

So the way it is structured today is controlled genocide of the proud brave and honest American.  There are no jobs or careers for him here because it is controlled by something which is unconstitutional called a corporation.  Again what is a corporation?  If you can't be responsible like a man and need to start and run a business, essentially be an actor and mean person, then you need limited liability.  And that is essentially the equivalent of Congress granting you the title of nobility which is directly forbidden in the Constitution!  The way that nobility rules is by divine right which really means they are not liable for anything they do.  Why again?  Because at best their decision making amounts to acting.

There I said it again, and I believe every word of it.  And I don't want someone to force put me on drugs because of it; do you?  To tell me to see a Doctor because of my belief system is really telling me that you don't believe I should have a Second Amendment right.  And I take issue with that.  The right of passage to manhood in the United States should be whether your own father can trust you with a gun.  And not something like he made a professional sports team.  Or she graduated from college and is therefore a man.

So why is the assumption made that our right to bear Arms is a threat to our Country?  I don't find it a threat to my personal security if a man has a gun. What I do find a threat to my personal security is someone born into perdition who is a user of drugs, alcohol, heroin, meth, pot, and all that other stuff I don't have personal knowledge of.  What is wrong with me saying we have a right to Independence from that which attains personal happiness through all manner of drug use rather than personal achievement?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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