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Friday, March 27, 2015

Born into Perdition 03 27 2015

Born into Perdition 03 27 2015

We suffer because they were born into Perdition!

That which was born into perdition hears everything that you think as if “it” was God. It can never have a true point of view or perspective on it because it would be a mortal defeat to its ego to have to see and think about itself in that manner!

The new church message needs to be , “Some of us were born into perdition! Please have mercy on us!”

When the Pope declares his curia lead double lives he is indeed stating that hey were born into PERDITION! Those of us who were not born into Perdition only have one life to live!

Was the original vow of celibacy taken so that Perdition wasn't spread? I think of this as I think of Jay Leno and his wife not wanting to have children?

To live a lifetime of attempting to will your perdition unto human beings!

Bottom line, none of us should be put to the test by the wealthy.

Also there are so many laws in the United States that seem to be built up on the concept of us being put to the test by the wealthy.

One could say that the concept of limited liability is the wealthy putting us to the test!

One could also say that having to plod through tax return items that you never have qualified for is also the wealthy putting us to the test!

Psychiatry considered as the wealthy who were born into perdition putting the middle class, at the age of journeyman, to the test, via alcohol and drugs that lead to perdition?

Off topics. The Greek philosophy of Fury in response of personal perdition? “Do you know where I can find and honest man.” One famous Greek philosopher would ask newcomers to the town.
If you said no it meant he knew there would be no retribution to what he would do to you.
Olympic ring symbolism, enslave 5 people and see how strong you become because of it? This follows from reading of the Bible on Sarah where it tells how they replenished their lives through slaves!
Law enforcement regarding 2nd citation issued for noise violation? Rendering the speakers and stereo system inoperative. Late at night when children are trying to sleep for school the next day? No more bass rumbling the good peoples homes.

A police officer should be issued a decibel meter. It is very interesting that the Milwaukee Police can pinpoint where a bullet is fired from but not use the same system to enforce noise violations from car audio.

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