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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Right to know if our Politicians are on Drugs 03 24 2015

What I am getting from watching this is that we have an UNDENIABLE RIGHT to know what drugs our Government officials are on!!!  It is a threat to our freedom that that information isn't public!  And it isn't something that honest men ever feel wrong about divulging.  And for someone not to divulge would indicate a character weakness?  Would you elect a President if he was a opiate form habit without knowing it only to see him look the other way as the substance is legalized?  It isn't asking too much for us to know and them to tell us!  It should be required.

And one also has to wonder if drugs that Theodore Morrell gave to Hitler were created from human experimentation on Jews?  Morel surname is derived from the Moors, the black race that invaded Europe from Africa.  Hitler is said to believe Napoleon who vowed to exterminate all blacks on earth was his idol?

I don't mean to be a Nazi with this next comment but for his personal doctor he had a man whose name means dark.

If Scott Walker wants to deny food stamps to those who are on drugs we have a right to know if there is anything in Scotts' blood that shouldn't be there per the same doctrine. 

What this video also suggests is that Hitler did not have knowledge of pharmaceuticals and drugs ability to control people.  So we have a dichotomy here.  Had he had known the power of them he would not have taken them?  He didn't know the dangers of psychiatric drugs which means that the movement didn't originate from Hitler?

When you watch this video you have to wonder who Theodore Morrell was in a secret league with?  Who were the executives of his Pharmaco companies? 

How long was Hitler hooked on drugs and how did it influence him?  Where is the power structure behind that?   Wait a minute!  Wait a minute!  Psychiatric drugs have the highest profit margins of the drug companies offerings!  So that timeline needs to be clarified.

Also what was the likelihood that Hitler's stomach problems were indeed caused by H Pylori (constantly transmitted to him from talking with)  from what the film admits to being Morrell's bad breath?

So if they were experimenting on human beings like we know that they were, how come they couldn't figure out a simple thing like a virus causes ulcers.

I would also think that the absence of Morrell and Hitler's desire to commit suicide might be due to a demonic influence of Morrell on Hitler?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 03 24 2015 at:

If any of those drugs has an opiate then there are ties to FDR's family money coming from the opiate trade with China. 

But look at who benefitted in WWII in Germany?  It was the maker of that drug "Pervitin"

Pervitin was made by Temmler pharmaceutical company.  It was indeed Cocaine-Methamphetamine-Opioid ...         

And also Quazen
How can there be no Wikipedia entry for Quazen?

Quazen would have to be in some Merck manual or FDA document?  Nothing on the U.S. national library of medicine.

Fairly close Quazepam.  But look at it.  First they gave speed and then Qauzen.  One necessitated the other.  When the original illness was likely due to H. Pylori?

Ultraseptyl was another with these ingredients in it. 

…..rime renferme 0 gr 50 de 2-(p-aminobenzol-sulfamaido)-4-methylthiazol
There is also this on the label "Chinoin"

If either of those drugs has an opiate then there are ties to FDR's family money coming from the opiate trade with China. 

"Lausepder"  It looks like Theodore Morrel did indeed have his own drug labels and manufacturing.

Good GOD look at where the makers of Pervitin are located today?  In 1912 they were located in Hungary, today they are located in Mexico!

From their own website, "CHINOIN begins as “Alka Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products” in 1912 in Hungary, founded by Doctors Kerentzky and Wolf"

Current product line:

Human & OTC lines

Alin Inyectable
Alin Tabletas 0.5
AlinTabletas 0.75
Alin Depot
Alin Nasal
Alin Oftálmico

A-migdobis supositorios adulto
A-migdobis supositorios infantil


Anara Solución
Anara Tabletas Anara Jarabe
Antiflu-des Cápsulas

Antiflu-des Jr
Antiflu-des Gotas
GABIROL Gabirol Cápsulas
Gabirol Gotas pediátrico
Gabirol Solución
Koptin Sups.
Koptin Tabletas
Meladinina Pomada
Meladinina Tabletas
Mydocalm A----------------------------------------------
Scabisan Plus
Scabisan Shampoo
Scabisan Crema----------------------------------------------
Septacin Solución
Septacin Pediátrico
Septacin Amoxi Suspensión
Septacin Amoxi Cápsulas----------------------------------------------
Severin Severin NF Tabletas
Severin NF Suspensión
Synalar Crema Synalar Neo
Synalar Simple
Synalar Ótico
Synalar Nasal----------------------------------------------

TroferitTroferit Jarabe
Troferit Tabletas
Troferit Supositorios----------------------------------------------
Topron Cápsulas
Topron Suspensión
Topsyn Gel
Topsyn Y

Also these:

1. Antibiotics

Birosin Plus ®
Birosin Sódico ®
Cefurin LPU ®
Kilais ®
Sentoprim-S ®

2. Anti-diarreheic
a) Alone DyscuralDyscural b) In combination with antibiotics
Dyscural Rumiante
Dyscural Porcino Dyscural PvE

3. Anti-inflammatories Alin Depot
Alin Veterinario
Severin tabletas
Severin Suspensión

4. Antiparasitic
a) For bovines, ovines and goats Closantil Oral 5% Sol. inyectable ®
Closantil Oral 5% Sol. oral ®
Closantil Oral 15% Sol. oral ®Koptisin Ovine ®

b) For Horses
Vermihorse ®

c) For dogs
Parastin Dog ® Parastin Doggy ®
Parastin Big Dog ®

5. Plaguicides
Scabisin Shampoo ®
Scabisin Jabón ®
Scabisin Susp ®

6. Energizer (saline)

7. Tranquillizers

a) Bacterins for bovines, ovines and goats
Bacterina Toxoide Bovi Lepto ®
Bacterina Toxoide Chinoin CEHS4 ®
Bacterina Toxoide Chinoin PC2 ®
Bacterina Toxoide Chinoin PC3 triple ®
Bacterina Toxoide Chinoin PN1 ®
Bacterina Toxoide Chinoin Perfechs 7
Bacterina Exgon10 Toxoide ®
Bacterina Naivac11 Toxoide ®

b) Vaccines for bovines, ovines and goats
Anthracis Chinoin A1
Cebu-Rab ®

c) Vaccines for pets
Vacuna Adenovac ®
Vacuna Doblevac PC ®
Vacuna Inmucparvo ®
Vacuna Puppyparvo DHP ®
Vacuna Vacugen 6L ®
Vacuna VacuFive,_Aguascalientes

I would think that this Russian (they concurred Germany) had to be the Kerensky that founded the Chinion drug company.

So here is the deal.  You get the leader of a foreign country hooked on drugs and you end up concurring that country?  And today 03 24 2015 what did Putin insist?  That they United States get rid of all its nuclear weapons!

Other drugs pushed on Hitler By Theodore Morrell.

"Eukodal" was another one of those drugs given to Hitler per the Youtube movie link.   "name Geschutzt"

"Sympatol"  "Ingelheim AM Rein"  "C.H. Boehringer Sohn"  "Methylaminoaethanolphenol  Tartaric Sympatrol"

Methylaminoaethanolphenol  Tartaric Sympatrol
"Eupaverin"  "Darmstadt"
"Optalidon"  "E. Merck"
"Dolantin"  "Analgticum u. Spasmolyticum"
"Gift"  "...mische Fabrik Gurst..."  "....llringhaus & Dr. Hellmann..."  Gustroow i. Meckl."  "Strophanthi..."  or perhaps it is "Sirophanihi..."  "Chem. rein"
"Coramin"  "Patentiert" "CIBA" "Name Gesch."  "Diaethylamid pyridincarb"  ......  "Sandoz A G Nurnberg"

"Suppositorien" "Optalidon"  "Gagen Schmerzen. zur Beruhigung und bei"
25.41 minutes into the video Optalidon again.
"Eupaverin"  "Merck"  "Merck Darmstadt"


Hitler did not approve of animal testing.  But not only did Nazi Germany do experiments on Jews...apparently from the amount of drugs given to Hitler, they did testing on Hitler too!

Could you imagine if we had a United States resident who was always seen with his meth, barbiturate, opiate, Qualude, drug injector right by his side?  Somehow we need stronger power or controls to SAFELY remove people like that from the office of President, Governors and Mayors.  Whatever we need to do to legislate that we NEED to!  "The President failed a drug test."  The President or your states Governor needs to be held to the highest possible standard.  And if you are a crooked Politician something you should seriously consider is this, perhaps you are 50 years old and everyone is on your crooked side.  Do you really want to take the risk that in just one year you could be found to have committed a horrific crime with very dire punishment?  More often than not crooked politicians never see it coming!  So it is best to go straight!  You don't want to completely ruin the rest of your life.

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