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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Psychological Profiling of Voices 03 22 2015

Psychological Profiling of Voices 03 22 2015

Psychological Profiling of "Voices" helps a lot! 

They have the unshakeable desire of wanting to know what goes on in a man's mind!

If you are a woman who hears voices they have the unshakeable desire to know what is going on in a woman's mind.  What does that tell you?  Their own mother was non-existent or not so great.


And sometimes the motivation is indeed to make money from what is going on in a real men's mind!  But what this allows them to accomplish cognitively is to put some element of control to the issue of not being one; as in "That person can think like a man or woman all day long but I will be the one to profit from it!"  And that is indeed the motivation to have mentally retarded children that can learn via no other way that inverse imprintation from the human soul energy.  This assertion can indeed easily be scientifically proven!

It makes them the equivalent of a race of women.  In Irish history at some point they too were confronted with a race of women!  But that isn't fair to real women (who by definition hear voices) because women are not even bad like that!

A few more relevant points on those who have the unshakeable desire to know what is going on in a man's mind.

~The lesbian does not even have her own sexual desires, she has yours; if you are a man who hears voices!

~ The Male Homosexual does not even have his own sexual desires, he has yours; if you are a woman who hears voices!

And there is new scientific evidence that homosexuality is caused by a defective serotonin regulation gene.

~ A marriage based on a heterosexual having your heterosexual desires is a faulted and unhappy one.  They are like spoiled robots with no human purpose in life; other than aping the behavior of human beings!  But aping is indeed a source of empowerment isn't it!  And it was indeed a group of at least five people from the Confederate south who had careers in aping (acting) that assassinated Abraham Lincoln!

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