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Friday, March 13, 2015

Delusion of Self Gone Now 03 13 2015

Delusion of Self Gone Now 03 13 2015

“The Screen” never shows you how insecure those of organized crime really are.

It never shows you what their wives see, How they bottle it all up inside and then cry at home in private like babies.

It never shows you how their weak minds and emotions are so easily offended quickly leading to rage and violence.

It never shows their true weakness.

It never shows you the morbid envy they have for those who think like men.

We would have had a lot different leadership if it did.

“Bubbles” is crying because he is mentally defective and can't cope.

Their tenor like nervous homosexual voices are a very good sign of their internal struggle.

You never see them crying like they do when they realize they don't have the same cognition real men do.


Barrack won't get hard on drugs because he knows his life w/b over quickly like Kennedy’s was, if he did.

Hence there is a whole realm of issues Barrack knows not to go near!

He is indeed fearful. He should carry a hand gun at all times, for the rest of his life, if he does decide to be brave on the drugs issue! Abraham Lincoln had no fear when he should have!

Barrack knows that black families want that drug culture and related deaths out of their communities!

Cowards in our Gov know they will be killed if they go directly after drugs so instead they Unconstitutionally go after guns! And in doing so they are playing directly into the hands of this nations greatest enemy!


The nun had an easy life; free room, meals and cigarettes.

She walks with a cane today, her face is gauntly yellow and pale. As if tanned by the brown of tobacco smoke permeating out of her skin.

She is as mad at the world as the day she first realized she was physically and cognitively different.

Do advertisers know that when they quote Warren Buffet whose big investment winners include cigarette maker Phillip Morris and Coca Cola that their advertising dollars become more effective? They get a boost in advertising effect from the subconscious LINK made? If you think marketing departments do not employ all manner of detailed psychological constructs in their advertising then you never took a marketing class in college! And many of their constructs do indeed promote addiction; which is deadly!

One could also say that is why two of the most powerful men in this country today were promoted to be what they are? High profile smokers Barrack Obama and John Boehner with his silver colored cigarette holder.

You never see Tobacco Companies worry at it being a gateway drug! Why not? Because it looks better when those deaths are caused by heroin or some other drug the person graduated to after the gateway drug.

Would your newspaper be in existence if: it listed deaths from lung cancer due to cigarettes?

~ Early deaths as a result of psychiatric poisons?

~Liver disease due to alcohol?

How about this one, early death because he had mental retardation from alcohol.

They don't really love and care for their families do they!

When I turn to the obituary page and see all the deaths from unknown causes do you know what I just think today; that is quite rewarding for me? I just attribute every single on of those deaths to the person being a closet retard with a naturally less lifespan!! Don't you dare point your finger at me and say I am evil! I did not sell or profit from substances that cause the birth defect of mental retardation! I never forced the frustration of that on any human being. What else can you do?

Or how about this one. “Person” had hidden mental retardation all their life and it was eventually the cause of their suicide.

The Better World News

Now that would be the type and style of paper I would enjoy reading!


Someone yesterday asked me how I was able to get off medicine.

I wrote, sang and published a song about it.
"That when the writing started" track 9 on That Tom.

How do I cope? I write!

The devil hates it; it is like a cerebral allergy to them! ~”DELUSION OF SELF GONE NOW!”

Your saving grace is that they love your intellect and are nothing without it! {So indeed there are two evil factions or a spectrum of evil faction.}

Whatever it is you are doing they will want to know more of it! Without being able to know more of what you do they would become suicidally depressive. They know that they were heathenized by comparison to your mind. And that is our way out of this!


Sure you can write a book. You are like a missing part of theme they cannot self actualize to be. They will attempt to fool you with regard to the relationship, but know the truth! “Yeah shall know them by their fruits.” Very insightful, resonates many meanings.

Do they trust a mooks hands and words or yours? Yours! Every time you hear voices your mind is being consulted on some issue; for either good or bad intent- so you better “Weigh In” on issues and start writing!

The general rules are that in order for you to be sued. 1. What you wrote has to be untrue. AND 2. It has to cost them money.

Now sure you can write a book! And noone will buy it. If they do like it they will read that single copy to many groups of children. If they do like it they will read it and mail it to their friend. If they do like it they will make a complete book out of every little episode in your book. If they do like it the voices will constantly mock you about scenes from it. If they do like it they will put that copy in one of the bird house free libraries staked in some rich persons front lawn and you will never be given credit for it. If they do like it they will never write a book review on it. If you hear voices they will claim in delusion that they were part of writing it. The ultimate something for nothings.

But you need to write those books anyway! Why? Because it is taking ownership of your own mind! It is taking ownership of your own life experience! And that is a key to staying off medicine! To write from experience means you refuse to be “scribed!”

And we all know you know how to spell and what amounts to good grammar.  Don't have a stroke about it trying to correct all that because when you do in the presence of voices you are teaching those who were found impossible to teach, so just get it out as best you can and don't even proof read it.  Why not?  You will have a stroke as that mentally defective person is superimposing your conscious mind in its attempt of becoming an editor!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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