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Saturday, March 14, 2015

How Much Money has been spent on Homeland Security 03 14 2015

How Much Money has been spent on Homeland Security 03 14 2015

And we still have how many illegal immigrants?

And what happened after Homeland Security was established?  We had the mortgage crisis.

Per the United States Constitution we have the right to see a highly detailed report of where that money went to.  There should be a copy in every library in the United States.

Per this sites calculation we have spent $791 Billion Homeland Security since 09 11 2001.

It has been a giveaway!  It has been one of those agencies that is just a siphon of taxpayer dollars.  Paying someone out of the Government till for no apparent reason is not job creation!

Not only should it be dismantled all that money should be paid back!

$791 Billion equals 791,000 Million.  Lets say that there are 10 million illegal immigrants in the United States.  791,000 / 10=  $79,100.  You could have spent $79,100 and gotten rid of every illegal immigrant.  But should it cost that much to do that?  No perhaps that should only cost $10,000 a piece times 10 million = $100 billion.  But actually it wouldn't cost you any incremental cost because people are paid to do that already!

So then one has to ask why are people in our Government responsible for deporting illegal immigrants paid at all?  So I have just uncovered more Government waste.

""My husband makes  $100,000.oo."

"No he doesn't in order to make something you have to earn it."

So indeed we have a Constitutional right to know how that money was spent.


I also want to ask the question that if a farmer received Government benefits and is a pot user should we do something about that?  They were using and promoting a narcotic?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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