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Monday, June 27, 2011

And he shall have his own church 06 27 2011

And he shall have his own church!

That church is your television.

The same thing that makes you fat, lazy, slothful, greedy, sick, hateful, jealous, envious, less than what you were.  (You can add to the list infinitely.)

There is enough evidence to condemn television in America already.

You would think television would have been a good idea to share news from around the world, and share teachings and skills.  But that has not been what it has amounted to.

"He shall have his own church."  The he the Bible is referring to is Satan.

When Jesus referred to he that is in me is stronger than he that is in this world he did not tell you that the spirit of many women with him. 

A Jewish man once made the comment to me, "It is like a different species entirely."

Sometimes people look you in the eye a little longer to let you know there is more meaning to what they say then what can be taken literally.

When Jesus spoke of the He, he meant that whatever spirit was with him was stronger than those of this world.

The Jews would say that he committed the crime of making himself a God.  I know this is not true.  Anyone who reads the Bible can tell that his  life was molded and shaped by them.

They created him and then loathed him, and then sold him.  He was a Jew one of them.

Them calling his life a crime is like saying, you are so much better than us that we cannot compete with you.
But they denied what they did through accusation.  When he became strong enough to confront them then they lied in accusation of him, one of them, in order to justify killing him.  We would call those highly trumped up charges today.  And any good judge would likely dismiss such a case against Jesus if he were born in our era.

A good judge would but would Satan's Church?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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If the people on that television came and sat in your home and said the same stuff they do to you on television you couldn't get rid of them fast enough.  You would be taking a broom to them on their way out.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Capitalism Equals Slavery Today 06 26 2011

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Capitalism Equals Slavery Today 06 26 2011: "Capitalism Equals Slavery Today 06 26 2011 Anyone notice what happened? Not only did we outsource our torture to Egypt, but we outsourced ..."

Capitalism Equals Slavery Today 06 26 2011

Capitalism Equals Slavery Today 06 26 2011
Anyone notice what happened? 
Not only did we outsource our torture to Egypt, but we outsourced our slavery to China!!!  China a Communist country enslaved in the benefit of American Capitalism.  What does that say about Capitalism?  That it is really like pre-civil war slavery!
The bad aspects of human nature had to rear its ugly head again didn’t it?
There is just no other way to look at it or that it should be understood.  We have partnered with the Chinese to enslave people to manufacture our goods.
And here is what you don’t know!  You would say that China has capitalism so it is not slavery because we can invest.  Every dollar you ever invested in a Chinese stock can easily be manipulated so that it is no longer yours.  Why do you think Bernie Madeoff put his money in China and was headed over there?  Can we call him an infiltrating spy or person of treason in the occult of financial system?  Why do people such as him need to steal and then pull the pins out of everything we stand for in America?  Because they cannot compete with us fairly on the individual level.  One of Bernie Madeoffs comments that he made on his wired telephone call was, “They don’t really know what we are doing!”  Oh yeah I do.  I have to ask myself, Bernie Madeoff had close business ties in China.  Have these investment ties set up shell corporations to drain Americans of their money?  It sounds highly likely to me.  Bernie Madeoff is as about as Anti- American as you can get- his looting almost caused another great depression in this country.
A message to Jews like Bernie Madeoff, you were enslaved by Egypt once too, so when I speak of these horrors I am giving you a call to action to stand against those of you who would commit crimes against humanity.  Egypt indeed did torture in the name of Capitalism and the American dollar.  And the United States did insidiously learn to torture from Israel.
I do not know how to fix this either, our relationship with China that has caused so much debt, but what I do know is that it will not last.  Why not?  Sooner or later these bad personalities that are present in the United States will offend the Chinese.  Part of the reason the United States has no manufacturing sector is that no one wanted to work for these people who manage by personal insult.
You probably do not remember that the Chinese have customs and are offended when they are broken.  What is the spirit of Chinese customs?  To honestly show respect for one another.  What the spirit of the customs are is that one should respect one another, the tenet being of communism being everyone is somewhat equal?  Well that is not the exact definition nor how it exists today, but it is what most consider the Utopian ideal behind this form of government.  So you have to ask yourself, “How come they are not offended by us already?”  Because they already have been offended by us!”  It is just a matter of time before someone from the U.S. insults them.  And then what happens?  Instead of Chinese being slaves to make our goods they will conquer and enslave us!  Why?  The have already shown that they are not good people in the way they treat their own population- prison labor.  So that is already them!
Prison labor?  That begs me to ask the question, there are 900,000 missing person’s a year in the United States (, how do we know that they are not in Chinese Labor camps already under clandestine operations?  I don’t know if that is where they are sent, but if we are complacent with this, and we have been, it is likely to happen. Any time our government tells you they do something clandestine you can read it to be a crime so horrible that they did it and have granted themselves to be innocent for doing it. 

And what of all those goods the Chinese manufacture for us?  The ideas for them were mined from tortured brains.
It is just a matter of time before they realize they have been used by the United States.  It is just a matter of time before some Chinese leader realizes that China has gone against his own people in order to gain money and praises from the elite of the United States.  This is the same Yale type elite that yell’s rape chants on campus.  The Ivy Elite does not speak for the United States, what they are about is preserving their bank accounts.  The Ivy Elite of today did not fight in or win our civil war.  They would be on the side of the confederates and slavery today because it was an easy way to wealth.  Remember that side lost once already and they will lose again to the true spirit of America.  Those that bargained with you did not do so under the true spirit of America.  Force come to shove in America and the true spirit will reveal itself and you will be up against something that is stronger than you can ever imagine.  Much stronger than anything you have seen on movie screen or television.
When I see those Chinese leaders I say to myself, they wanted to win the favor and admiration- they wanted to impress the people of the United States.  What happened when they realize we aren’t worth impressing?  What happens when they raise the living standard of their entire population with clean energy?
Where did the Devil Madeoff think he was heading before he was arrested?  The same place that he sent his money first- China.  Buddy that wouldn’t have been a safe place for your money.
Why aren’t the Chinese who have customs offended by the talentless characters of insult in the United States?  Believe me, they are, but they are not showing it.  Which leads me to ask the questions, “When are they waiting to show it?  Do not assume that they nature of everyone can be corrupted for money and favor!
How do I know China does not really respect the United States?  Many reasons!
1.       They have not followed our oil energy policy.
2.      They have not adopted democracy.
3.      They are territorial.
4.      Those who have the will to enslave others do not respect the freedoms we stood and fought for.
5.      I have had personal experiences with those who are of dishonorable character in business; the name Bill Wong from college is very familiar in my mind.  Once I chose him to be Vice President of the Financiers Club he then turned on me and would not do any of the work, was rudely disrespectful and said he was just doing it to put on his resume.  (Note that the Chinese rail workers helped build this country, they were strong workers, so we will give them a good blessing to be fair and let you know I am not a racist.)  And Bill if you read this you have given America the best example of how two faced some of you can be.
The Union might have well as lost the civil war already- the effect is the same- we have contracted out our slavery to China. 
China- those whom you really seek to impress in the United States loathe you for it.
China no true American owes you a thing!  We could have had slaves here if we wanted, but we fought to the death to end it and some of us would like to fight you, China for enslaving in the name of what you believe to be United States Capitalism.
  China you would be smart to free those of the prison camps and say that the United States does not owe you any money.  China you better say that we don’t owe you any money!

After we give you them, those that made the deals with you, you will lose any conflict with the United States rather quickly.
China, for some reason you made the mistake of thinking we were all like Bernie Madeoff in the United States.  We are not!
We don’t owe you anything!  You want that money; well give you Bernie Madeoff and all the crooked Jews from our financial system.  We don’t support thieves or slavery in this country.  You can have all those German Jew Nazi Psychiatrists they won’t do your country any good either.  Although you thought you could dope members of your population as a matter of political censorship.  Here is what you will never understand the good human spirit conquers all because it has God on its side.  I will also give you every loud mouth Judea woman we have.  I will also give you Cathy Lee Gifford.

The brief History of the United States:  The U.S. backs Chinese slave labor.  China competes with the U.S. for oil.  Those in the Middle East learn quickly how bad the oil companies are and we go to war in the Middle East to support slavery. 
You want your money back, you can water board it out of Israel and there United States spies and that is what you might just consider their United States branch members.  And branch is the proper word.  You can have Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke too because no true American who’s knows and believes in this countries hard fought standards would keep your money in their bank.  If a group in the United States were to do what you did they would be guilty of racketeering and all of their assets would be confiscated.  Congratulations China, you are guilty under United States law and we do not have to collect from you because we already have your money.
China don’t get too upset with the United States.  Because your people probably have learned more true skills than we have in this country.  So don’t say that you didn’t get anything out of it, you learned many important skills.  China I will even give you American managers!  Why?  Because they won’t be any good to you.  If they were any good in the United States we would still have a viable manufacturing sector.  I will give you all of them; they were absolutely worthless to us.  Part of the reason we have no manufacturing sector in this country is that nobody wants to work for these rudely disrespectful people who manage based on personal insult rather than respect for the worker.  What has this led to in the United States; legitimized mass soul theft.  You have that in China now today to.
What should the soul of China be like?  It should fall back to its traditional wisdom.
And all you Jews who think I am against you, I am not.  I am for you.  You were enslaved by Egypt a long time ago.  And there are those of you who would victimize people and steal their souls and make the rest of your religion look bad.
The Dead Sea Scrolls tell how you used to keep people in pits and no one was to talk to them.  The Dead Sea Scrolls also tells how you forbade those who you didn’t like from ever enjoying anything in life.  Everyone man who has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia experiences the horror of this, by you, every day of their lives. 

Thomas Paul Murphy for President of the United States of America
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Dissenting Spirit 06 24 2011

Dissenting Spirit
Those Hebrew texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls- the basis of the Jewish religion were written by a woman.  And I believe that they were written by more than one woman because they looked to have been pier reviewed.  This appears to be a religion based on the sexual reward of fellatio.  As such it violates Gods Law, “Thou shall not eat of the flesh with the life blood still in it!”
     And what has happened to the women of this religion over the years?  They have been strongly mal influenced by the hormones and soul of creation they consumed.  Nothing influences human genes more strongly than human genes themselves, and the ones that have the most influence are those that are geared towards reproduction.  Today common viruses are known to cause changes in our genes.
What has been the observable influence of this male soul consumption?  It has led to females that are less like females and more aggressive.  These females will often show the influence of male hormones as they have grown a mustache and have to shave.
This genetic influence has created females who are soulless!  Why?  All their soul became derived from what is termed in the Dead Sea Scrolls as, “The Fountain of Life.”
The same problem has also occurred with their offspring both male and female.  They are born soulless.  This would be fine if it did not involve others but it does, and there is no way that it cannot.
I have to ask myself as I read that passage, “Did she have to offer that to get a man to marry her?”
So with these women what you basically have is a constant state of soul loss like women experience during their menstrual cycle when their souls are split and part of their souls depart with the menses.  This is indeed why it is so painful for women!  It is similar to post partum depression but more constant and therefore worse.
And what has happened to the Jewish Soul?  It has been consumed over time!  That is what has caused the great soul theft of others in this country and those who are victims of this soul theft are labeled with Schizophrenia (nice isn’t it!).
Those children born without souls are labeled, attention deficit disorder, autistic, mentally retarded, etc.  That is why they have resorted to using non-lethal weapons to jar the souls from those who were raised natural in the traditional manner by loving parents who did not partake in luxuria  Those children have a greater and stronger soul- a normal soul.
God destroyed Gomorrah for luxuria!!!!  Luxuria?   Anyone care to guess what that means?
The women of this religion had the soulless disease a long time ago, that is why in the Dead Sea Scrolls it say’s and one of ten of you will study law both day and night- she liked to listen to those thoughts regarding the study of law.  It leads me to ask, “What grievance did she have?”  -The one wrote this passage of the Dead Sea Scrolls?  And was it a grievance that caused her to seek power?  Here is what she said, “I will not offer evil reward.”  If that provides insight?
Further insight is provided when this same writer’s voice in the Dead Sea Scrolls tells of the pairing of men.  How the two shall live together, eat together and basically do everything together.
What grievance did she have that would cause her to want to hear the thoughts of the study of law and religion?

I KNOW YOU DO IT!         
I know how you steal souls of adults because I have experienced what you do not only as a victim as an adult but I knew of it when I was an infant.  I experienced you driving someone from their soul when I was an infant.  You were driving it from them for all infants and adults to see and learn from.  And when I grew to become an adult I was then the one that you drove the soul from.
I saw it happen and revolted in horror at the sight of it.  My mother could not understand what was getting me so upset and she said to me, “Settle, settle, settle,” as she cradled me in her arms.

It is my soul as an adult.  I developed it with my father.  He spent time with me and showed me how to use tools.  And we thought together.  When he saw that I needed help he thought of suggestions to help me.  My adult soul belongs to me not you!         
When I was an infant I dissented from learning from the theft of soul’s you were doing to others!  I revolted in horror.  Those who did not were born soulless and forever after were soulless.  They did not revolt at the horror but hung onto those whom you drove from their minds all their lives.  They live off of the minds of others.  This is their great secret.  We could say they made the wrong choice- that early on in life.  We could say they were put to the test that early on in life.   We could say that they are those who are complacent with evil in this world.  We could say they feel themselves to be realists because they accept evil and come to be in complacence and humor to it.  It would seem that things that are not funny and should not be considered funny because they are evil are enjoyed by them- as if their heart does not have the capacity to feel why something in wrong.  And this is indeed why the two most popular late night comics are very crass!  I would rather see a Jewish man with intellect and respect on late night comedy.  Not one who lives of others.  “For intelligent as you have misrepresented yourself as a race, is this the best you have to offer America?” I asked myself yesterday.
There is a difference between you and me, I was a dissenter!  You might not have had a choice due to bad hormonal and other influences.  But that is why you are the way you are the way you are.  And it is not fair to those who were dissenters like me.  We should not have to suffer in life because of your irresponsible actions.  We should not have to be your secret victims of soul theft.  We should not have to suffer from your evil appetite for soul consumption.  Your evil hunger for soul consumption has left you soulless as a race and the world polluted in your drive for conquest- your drive to be something that you can never be.
John Nash, a victim of soul theft and the Noble Peace prize winner also stated the cause of soul theft without even knowing it- too many competitors for the same thing and no one gets it.  And if you do not think that his soul was divided up you are wrong.
Here is my prescription for you in order to save the world from destruction.
1.       You will no longer engage in luxuria.
2.      You will no longer secretly victimize others for their souls.
3.      You will make known the cause and become a proponent for those whose souls you have stolen.
4.      If you make yourself a living God to rely on you better be prepared to love them all throughout your life and theirs.  You will now show your victims respect and love.
5.      The World knows!  You have been caught!  You better not deny the responsibility for the wrong you have caused as it will only lead to destruction.  You better not seek to further denial and live to cover up the truth.  We are not stupid.  The women who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls passage emphasized the want to know the truth and now you have it.
6.      You will become proponents of fairness in this world.
7.      Women who like to listen to the law and religion for twenty four hours a day! -  You are discouraged from doing so again.  Instead in an effort of fairness you will read text books pertaining to your husband’s profession.  This will foster and create a more loving bond with him.  And therefore your children will become more well adjusted people.
8.      In terms of the hollow and vacant feeling you experience, you will be abstain from soul theft and molesting the souls of others!  You will thereby go through a period of soul theft withdrawal, you will gradually detoxify yourself from this over time and eventually you will become normal like the rest of us.  And being normal you will also become happy, loving and well adjusted persons!
9.      You will spend time with your own children and learn as you teach them, not demonize others to live off of their souls.
10.   Did these women react and adapt to the loss or the soul theft from their menses by consuming men’s reproductive fluid?  I believe this is what has made them soulless!  It is the same principal as to how one develops immunity to disease through constant exposure.   But instead you have developed and immunity from soul formation.  This has caused your lives to be a mad quest for the soul of the innocent.  You are a great horror to your victims!  You torture, demonize, victimize, and label them as different when it is you who are different.  You will not seek to steal the souls of others to replete your own soul.  You will take iron supplements and eat iron rich foods around the time of your menses.
11.  You are to study your husband’s profession.  Whatever you husband does for a living you are to study that.  You are not to bother me or those like me.
12.  You are to develop many good goals in life rather than none!

Jesus a Jew thought this about your coven, “You women control the world and I cannot make a go of it here.  What would you have me do?....Check into a crucifixion center?”
There was no answer from them and he did.

It is better to have many good goals than none. 

You made the United States the creepville of the world!  And you spread your indoctrinated horror to every nation that you could.
It is quite clear from the wording in the Dead Sea Scrolls that you formed the Catholic Church as a branch of the Judea religion.  After all the leaders in Hebrew are called Rabbis not Priests that you refer to in the Dead Sea Scrolls.  They became your molesting arm and you pitted this against Judaism yourself in a guise.  This facilitated the hatred of Jews by the Gentiles (Catholics) who were part of you.  This branch was taught on the surface to believe differently than you did.  She that liked to hear 24 hours a day religion and law created a pool of of human beings to draw on and victimize.  For she loved the hatred because she was soulless and liked to listen to it.
Was this your grievance:  These were sodomites that you called priests?  That you sent in pairs off to go and live with one another?  And once they went off to live with one another you legitimized them and their actions and they self propagated the monsterness of themselves by molesting boys throughout history.  And both you and the priests lived off of those souls. It was not fair to Catholics who were not aware of what those priests really were.  Instead of dealing with the source of your grievance, your problem and one you indeed created you gave them a separate pool of people to become shepherds to, to collect money from, you taught your pooled sheep to never question their or your actions.

Eight ways homosexuals are created
1.       They are dissenters that experience the abject horror of you driving men from their souls when their souls are being formed.  And their souls are warped into becoming feminine at birth.
2.      The mal hormonal influence that you ingest unbalances their souls at conception.
3.      They are molested and then made fearful with daunting actions into becoming effeminate and gay.
4.      They live with you and your driving men out of their minds and souls every day of their lives and revolt from falling in love with women and feel empathy for those you seek to destroy- men. At least some of you know right from wrong at that is them.
5.      In life they search for the true father of their soul and cannot find him, he was likely a dissenter like I was.  So they try male after male to try and become what was taken from them by you.
6.      They are soul hungry because of that is how their mothers were and that is why they become like their mothers and also gay.
7.      They seek to dominate men like just as their mothers drove men from their souls when they were young to learn from.  This can only be considered evil occult practices.
8.       Once they are molested they feel like they are not worthy of the love of women and all that there is for them are men like them.  (Don’t believe all women are evil, there are some that have heart and are capable of true love.)

Admit what you have done to the world and repent SHE THAT HAS ALREADY THOUGHT TO MUCH!
“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?”  You women were born and raised to be the Furor!

It is over for you soul stealers.  You are not going to spread your soul stealing hatred around the world anymore.  If just one of us stands for the rest your wealth creation is over.  I was and still am that dissenting spirit.  And you in turn get to raise your children by yourself in order to become good people.

And to be fair I like all people equally.  It is your actions that I do not like.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: The Original Basis for Nonlethal Weapons- The Unit...

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: The Original Basis for Nonlethal Weapons- The Unit...: "The Original Basis for Nonlethal Weapons- The United States Navy Could Put Two and Two Together 06 22 2011 I heard the story of how one rad..."

The Original Basis for Nonlethal Weapons- The United States Navy Could Put Two and Two Together 06 22 2011

The Original Basis for Nonlethal Weapons- The United States Navy Could Put Two and Two Together 06 22 2011

I heard the story of how one radio operator after another went insane on naval vessels during WWII.  This was before 1950!
I know what caused it because I was subjected to it myself!
Our minds think via the nerve synapses of our brains and these are electricity based.  Your thoughts are electricity.  What is an electric arc in its most general terms?  It is a flash of light.  So what happens when we are subjected to an electric field that overpowers our minds ability to send and receive its own electrical signals?  We have lost our soul!  In effect if subjected to one for too long our neural pathways or learning can become erased from lack of use.  What makes us grown and mature human beings is our unique experiences that form our personality.  And our thinking is based on these memories!  Our memories are the well known paths of our brain signals that formed as we grew and learned.
Again, what happens to us when we are purposely subjected to overpowering fields that are based on the electromagnetic spectrum or other spectrums?  Our souls are stripped from us!
You can not tell me beyond a shadow of a doubt that our government did not make an analysis of how radio operators lost their minds one after another when exposed to non- shielded equipment.  And you can not tell me without a shadow of a doubt that the Navy did not put two and two together over the last 60 years and develop nonlethal weapons that are based on this theory.  And you can not tell me without a shadow of a doubt that they are not utilized on innocent United States Citizens to steal their souls in a sick crime against humanity!
Enough is enough, admit what you have done and repent!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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The Original Basis for Non-lethal Weapons Part II 06 22 2011

The Original Basis for Non-lethal Weapons Part II 06 22 2011
It did not take a whole heck of a lot to drive those that served our country from their minds in was just coincidence of being next to the radio equipment on Navy vessels circa 1950.  How could this happen today?  All it would take would be ham radio transmission equipment directed at ones home.  And I am sure we have migrated to other types of equipment.  Once a person is zapped they become dehydrated with these devices they are lucky if they live.  Further zaps require less energy power to zap them. Your cell phone is a radio transmitter and I believe some of these are modified to send out a specified frequency.  But it would not have to be.  All that would have to happen would be that they are pointed at someone who has been attenuated by this before and that person will be affected.  Nose bleeds, strokes, headaches, body aches, mental stupor, slurred speech etcetera.  Nice people they are who leer and point a cell phone that has likely been modified at you.  Or field transmitters that are designed to look like cell phones.  I was at the YMCA off of Brown Deer Road and Green Bay road in Brown Deer Wisconsin about a year ago and a black girl pointed one at me and a Hispanic girl working out on a weight bench near me.  Each of us just about had a stroke.  I was the only one who saw it happen. 
“Are you alright?” I asked her.
“It just must be a long day,” she said as she tried to regain her full consciousness. 
What do we do when we know this is going on?
We need laws to address this, plain and simple.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Wars represent the unrecognized fruition of economic failure. 06 18 2011

Wars represent the unrecognized fruition of economic failure. 06 18 2011
When confronted with the threat of Wars or War a country as defined as an independent economic entity to another country should ask itself what went wrong with our form of government regarding economics and business structure.
Incidentally the world as a whole as to ask itself the same question with regards to pollution.
Some people are good at some skills and other people are more adept at others because of physical or mental limitations.  But what of those who are best at stealing? 
If a country is dominated by a structure that promotes stealing it does not say much about the environment that raised them.  To foster an environment to raise good people you have to have safe neighborhoods and an atmosphere in classrooms that is conducive to learning.  Not one where the Lord of the Flies and son’s call the shots, and distract other students from learning.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Solved 06 22 2011

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Solved 06 22 2011

I was pumping gas for a living back in 1987 when I started talking to a woman who was attractive and had a wry sense of humor.
She told me that she owned a hotel in Bermuda.
She said that sometimes when the customers were gone they referred to them by what physical characteristics they had in common with animals.  For some reason I never forgot that conversation.
It was not until later in my life that I met up with the satanic race on my travels.  And here is what they like to do; they like to chant you into a state of confusion.  They are able to do this when they hear the exact same sound that you do.  When they hear that same sound they can become one with your mind.  This is an odd psychic power but it is a real phenomenon.  In nature it is really based on a father sitting with his son and teaching him a skill of craftsmanship, this is a real phenomenon documented in psychology and it is called brain entrainment.
Well what happens when you get a bunch of irresponsible rich kids together with nothing to do and no respect for human beings?  They chant and try and screw up anything they can.  And this includes planes flying over the Bermuda Triangle.
It is just that simple.  As to where they go when they crash in the water?  If they hit a methane pocket they become less buoyant than the water and are swallowed up in the bottom.  If the navy were to sweep the Bermuda triangle with a metal detecting sonar they would find them all buried under the ocean floor.  And of course you have storms at sea that contribute too. 
But I will stand by my assertion that the satanic race is responsible for creating some of the confusion that downs these planes.  It is kind of like the how you used to hear how junior living out in the country saw an airplane flying by and shot it down with his twenty two!
And if you want me to solve any of the other “Great” mysteries of the world just give me the details and I would be happy to help.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Russian Spies, National Security, Unions and Manufacturing 06 22 2011

Russian Spies, National Security, Unions and Manufacturing 06 22 2011
There is only one connection to our government that I can think of that lives in my neighborhood that would have the ability and wherewithal to coordinate “black operations” and that is a man named, “Wesley Manko, M.P.A.”
Why do I think this?
1. He has ties to Russia as a Master of Russian Martial Arts.  (These “Arts” include how to kill a person using pressure points such as Dim Mag.  Oliver Nicklin the President of First Analysis Corporation used Dim Mag to try and Kill me once.)
2.     This man has ties to our “national security”.  He trained operatives in this Russian art of killing and was part of security for the Bush Administration.
3. I read on his website that he is skilled in surveillance and teaching surveillance.
4.  Often the voices of those that are stalking me are of Russian Accent.

How can you prove someone blew in your ear?  You can’t.  But you have every right to assert yourself and say when it happened.  I can’t prove it but he worked for George Bush, a man that had no problem torturing others.  I am willing to bet that this man has more assets than his modest home shows. 
And just because what you are doing is sanctioned and paid for by our government does not mean that it is legal and that you won’t go to jail for it.
This man’s records need to be subpoenaed.
And if I put you on a list of those I accuse of using subliminal based nonlethal weapons then your point of view has always been that it does not exist- so I will only really be discrediting myself right?  So there is no harm in that right?
I am not directly accusing this man.  But I will say this; those who can organize labor to disrupt it like the Pinkerton Security Agency did commit a great crime against the United States of America.  And you cannot tell me that Pinkerton who employed more militia men than our own military had did not have a hand in the Death of Abraham Lincoln.  For to know ahead of time is often a harbinger of guilt.  What does it mean?  If you know of a danger ahead of time it is your duty to proactively stop it from happening rather than just stand back while it does.  And how did Pinkerton know to warn Lincoln in the first place.
Why did they attack Lincoln at the theater?  Because the Satanic race hates it when minds they are dependent upon are relaxing and enjoying themselves.  For Satan cannot steal your soul if you are then still a happy person.
Capitalism and the fate of Unions:
Capitalism raised the prices of everything yearly to the point where the American Worker could not earn a living.
U.S. Automobile companies were forced to raise prices to the point our cars were no longer competitively priced.  What caused this to happen?  Price increases are corporate America’s way of increasing profits and thereby stock prices.  When a corporation does this, raises profits and or stock price the upper management makes more money!  The money was driven to the upper management and the workers, the country transportation, the taxpayer all suffered because of this.
Because of the price increases to raise profits America does not have a manufacturing sector.  And no matter how hard you will try- capitalism as it is will not be able to fix this.
Renewable solar energy technology exists today that could cost less than our current sources, and that could make manufacturing affordable in the United States.  But what will likely happen first- this benefit or factor to the equation will be taken out so that nothing changes.
Am I forcing an issue to the forefront in order to resolve it?  You bet I am!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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