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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Best Postcard of Milwaukee Ever

Modified Citrus Pectin has apparently cured my Sciatica Overnight 02 29 2012

Modified Citrus Pectin has apparently cured my Sciatica Overnight!

I just started taking it yesterday!  I had a lot of pain in my hips and calves since Mid December of 2011 (today is February 29 2012)

The reason I believe that the Modified Citrus Pectin cured it is because Sciatica is a Nerve type disease.  And what irritates nerves more than anything else?  Heavy Metals and chemicals that are foreign to our bodies.

This morning I had a blank frontal lobe type headache.  Apparently the Modified Citrus Pectin is also detoxifying my brain too!  That symptom is called the healing withdrawal upon detoxification of toxic substances.  What it means is that the toxins are being flushed from storage sites and into the metabolism!  They are then excreted.

I briefly scanned an email letter by Dr. Nan Fuchs and read the ingredient to use was Modified Citrus Pectin.  Her (?) research stated that the amount of heavy metals was excreted by a great percentage.  I just looked at the numbers and new that she was onto something and purchased.

Here is a link or email address her letter was sent to me from.

Pectin is a jelling type substance much like jello.  My father always said that gelatin increased muscles.  In fact after a Easter Dinner the pan the ham was cooked in often formed a gelatin.  My father and I would dip our fingers in the gelatin and eat it. 

What I am experiencing after 2 and 1/2 months of pain is nothing short of a miracle day!

Beware of food from places that you eat out at.  Catholic Priest Father Michael Lightener told a mass I attended that Satan is all around us.  What does that mean in context to this?  It means you really can not trust food preparation standards.  If you ever saw the Movie "Dumb and Dumber" you get a good idea of the nature of the dependent minded whom Jesus termed Satan.  Exacting standards need to be taken and reinforced by our government regarding food quality, preparation and monitoring of such.  What Father Lightener was getting at was that there are some of us whose thoughts are heard by others.  There might even be a complete Jesus class of people in our world who are genetically different in this manner.  But it might be more of the tortured souls are heard type affliction.  We are labeled schizophrenic.  And not all that are heard are aware that they are listened to.  I am not out to hunt down the Satanic, I believe that we need to expose them, accept them and integrate them into our society with open arms.  For all I know they might have been born that way.

My father had just graduated from Marquette when him and his relative got food poisoning by eating at a local restaurant.  I have a firm belief that the Satanic take lesser standards when they want to steal the soul and knowledge of a person.  That is their way!  They are clearly defined in the Bible.  All sales of mercury based thermometers should be banned as if they were Anthrax!!!!  If I were President I would do it by executive order immediately!

Follow the link below to the exact same product that I used for just one day that had miraculous results!!!!

Modified Citrus Pectin

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Inventions Needed side of car or fender gun rest 02 29 2012

If I were Governor I would repeal the law that say's it is legal to rest a gun on the side of a car.  It could only be legal if you had my side of car gun rest invention.  This would be a fork like notch or rest that was in a u channel formation and bolted to the fender or quick release attached to the fender or side of a car via a fixed plate.  Then you could rest your gun on the side of the car while you take off your  boots.  I would be under no liability for my invention if you drove away with the gun resting in the fork and it then fell and shot out your tire, gas tank, you or your 10 year old child hunter in the passenger seat who is the same approximate size and weight of a wild turkey?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Invention Needed Actuated Tie Rod Steering Linkage 02 29 2012

Invention Needed Actuated Tie Rod Steering Linkage 02 29 2012
You only need the toe in for turning or initiating a turn.  When going straight the wheels should be straight.  The steering rack/gear could “cam” in on a turn so that it is differential.  The way it would work is that the outer wheel, in a turn, turns in at the 3 degree or 1 degree (whatever is specified) first before the other wheel turns at all.

In our modern age the front wheels should be constantly self-aligning in relation to miles per gallon and within a certain limiting factor of adjustment.

Actuated Tie Rod Steering Linkage could accomplish this feat.  A two section “Stop pegged limit” servo actuated or hydraulically actuated or adjusted tie rod.

It could be made of concentric fitted rod to pipe/rod.

Background:  When I did my own wheel alignment using a mechanical gauge I got 29 mpg on the highway.  That was on a 2001 model car.  Our new 2011 model of the same car only gets 21mpg on the highway.   So what could be the difference?

How I thought of this invention:  Last night I got home late from the gym and our garage door would not go down.  A garage door is works by sliding on rollers in tracks on each side.  The axles to both lower rollers had jarred from their inner axle races on both sides.  This may be due to unbalanced spring tension.  I ended up removing the lower axle/race plates and then the rollers with axle.  I drilled through the ends of the axles with a 1/8” bit and after I reinstalled them I put a washer on the outside end of the axle opposite the roller and held it in place with a  bent in cotter pin.  They can no longer come out of their races or axle holes.  This is how I thought of the tie rods that could be adjusted, but only to a point.  But anyway I looked at them and they looked like how you set the alignment on a car- camber in by 1.5 or 3% or whatever the specific manual says.  I have always wondered why steering should be camber in?  The reason they say is so that you can pull into a turn quicker.  That is all right, but what about mileage on the straight away?  Wouldn’t it make better sense if a wheel is turning straight and not cambered in on a straight away?  Wouldn’t a straight align wheel get better mileage and less tire wear?  In today’s modern age of computer control engine systems maybe the time has come to make the wheel and steering the way it should really be?  The system could also be made possible with a differential type steering gear.

It reminds me of the way the nose of the Concorde is actuated upon take off and landing.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MIA s and the Satanic in the Military 02 28 2012

MIA s and the Satanic in the Military 02 28 2012

From everything that I have seen in my life I have to believe that the Satanic purposefully target and put solders that they do not like in harm’s way.  And those solders are tortured for their souls in foreign countries by the Satanic of those foreign countries.  I believe that some MIA’s are indeed created by “friendly neglect!”  Everything I have seen about the Satanic and evil of the United States tells me that this is true!

One statistic that we never hear of in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is about those missing in action!  It might be just one person missing but it amounts to a great horror and crime committed by the Satanic!  It is like the devil in one country giving the devil in another country a person to prod and torture so that the other country can become up to speed with the country of the MIA.  When there are MIA’s it means that the Satanic rule at the helm of each country!

And our military does have the electronic technology to haze unwanted solders before they go into battle.  This same technology is even used on American citizens by the Satanic of this country!  It is subliminal base and quite effective.

How prevalent are the Satanic in this country and the world today?  Everyone who has been labeled schizophrenic is indeed a victim of the Satanic in our society. That is one percent of our population that is a victim by a far greater percent of satanic.  And the Satanic are not the other 99 percent.  And not all dependent minded are bad.  Some see the horror of the others and try to stop it.

The number of the Satanic in this country who are guilty of illegal search and seizure of others property; including intellectual property is astronomical!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Monday, February 27, 2012

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Inventions Needed 02 27 2012 C The Tripod Camera Strap

Inventions Needed 02 27 2012 C The Tripod Camera Strap
Carrying a tripod is an iffy type of ordeal, as in I don’t know IF I will need to use one today so I’ll leave it at home. 

What we need is a camera strap that has a graduated thickness to it.  This camera strap could be used to change the angle of a camera shot by resting the camera on a stationary device and using the strap to adjust the angle.  By stationary device I mean object where you are taking a picture such as a hand rail or post, car hood, etc.

Such Camera strap could also have a ¼” by 20 thread stud to attach the camera to it for differential positioning.  In addition another variation of such camera strap could have semi-flexible legs in it that “Spider legged” out and formed a flexible tripod located within and inherent to the camera strap. Such strap would be made so that its traditional characteristics such as comfort ability and flexibility are not compromised.

Background or necessitation:  Better photographic shots are taken with a tripod because it is stationary and the image is therefore less distorted relative to a shot taken while holding the camera by hand.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Inventions Needed water bottle steamer 02 27 2012 B

Water Bottle Steamer


Water bottles that are reused are quite popular.  The problem arises in that they can not be effectively washed in the dish washer.  The bottle tops are also too narrow to reach ones hand in and wipe out.

The way to remedy this would be to rinse the bottle out with water and then have a table top device one could use to steam clean the bottles.  This device should also be mandated for all restaurants that rinse bottles and glasses as a means of washing them.

It would be effective on reusable soda bottles, bike water type bottles, camp bottles, tall glasses, reusable glass bottles from the grocery, gym bottles etc.

This invention woul reduce the need for the use of antibiotics as people would be drinking from more sanitary containers.

It would also mean that more plastic bottles would be recycled before they reached the "dump" center.

Current methods to effectively sterilize such containers require bleach or other chemicals- this neccisity could be eliminated.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Inventions Needed 02 27 2012 Conventional Oven with Adjustable Chamber Hole

Inventions Needed: 02 27 2012 Conventional Oven with Adjustable Chamber Hole

~An oven that changes the size of the opening depending on the size of the food to cook. It could have a crank on the outside to adjust both the rack height and the floor at the same time. Heating element wires would have to be very secure and insulated- more so than current models in order for this new type of oven to be safe.

1. Very rarely do we use the full size of an oven to cook an item such as a turkey.
2. Oven’s cook food in a healthier way.
3. A smaller space that is efficient to the size of the food to cook heats up faster and therefore requires less energy=electricity.
4. Food would be made quicker if the oven required less preheating. Therefore people would cook for themselves more often and become healthier.
5. If mandated it would reduce our energy deficiency.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Inventions Needed The Healthy Gym Bag- A gym bag 21 inches long with a net shoe bag on the bottom

Background when I go to the gym I need to take along four pairs of shoes, one for weight lifting with a flat bottom, one for general running, one for hitting the heavy bag, one pair of foam sandals to wear in the shower so that I don't get warts. 

These shoes do not fit in a standard sized gym bag.  And when you cram them in that gym bag the bag does not fit in the small sized lockers.  Gyms have only so much space for lockers so it is unlikely the lockers will get any bigger.  So one idea to remedy the issue would be a gym bag that had fish net bag on the bottom of it whereby shoes could be quickly tossed in the net on the botttom of the bag and the bag hole cinched shut.   The net would be the same rectangular dimensions as the bag and could even have a hard type floor to it whereby only the sides were netting.  This would keep the gym clothes fresher.  This would be a healthier gym bag.

Once at the gynm the shoes could be quickly taken out of the bag and stacked in the locker and everything would fit.  Or the entire lower shoe net bag could snap off and sit in the locker by itself.  Gym lockers tend to be tall and narrow channels.

I have not seen a gym bag designed or made to my liking yet.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Corporate Fraud and Class Action Status 02 26 2012

Corporate Fraud and Class Action Status 02 26 2012
If class action law firms were really for the greater good of the purchaser of financial instruments we would have seen a lot more legislation put forth by them to prevent such fraud and abuse.  But we have not.  It would seem to me that every plaintiff lawyer should be required to put forth a briefing with regard to the case to the legislature as to how such abuse could have been prevented.  It should be part of a lawyer’s responsibility to think in such terms of the greater good and strive for the greater good.  It would also help shape a better society.  For if a lawyers true role is not to serve the public why do we need them at all.  There should be a greater effort to make the legal profession conform to the true spirit of the law and this country.
With regard to class action lawsuits against corporations, corporations were initially not allowed to be incorporated unless they showed a benefit to society.  So therefore the burden of proven wrongdoing should not fall on the shareholder.  At the very least a shareholder should bear no cost when initiating a class action style lawsuit against a corporation.  Why? Because the spirit of the law as it relates to corporations should follow their initial origin- that they are meant to benefit the citizen. 
There should be a government department whereby a shareholder can file a claim against a corporation and a public type defender takes the case from there.  We have the Securities and Exchange department but they have not been able to effectively address the issue and no other government agency has been able to either.  There needs to be separate and readily available free legal resources to address wrongdoers in this country and serve them with justice.
Barring that all corporations in the country should lose their corporate status until they can prove that they benefit the greater good.  But what would happen when a corporation issued another product line and that product line was found to not be of benefit to the country?  There should be absolutely no limited liability of corporate status.  People should learn not to obey illegal orders.  People should have to learn to think responsibly in terms of our society and the health of our planet.  The only way to do that is to remove the limited liability.  It would be a lot better world if we did!  What kind of a world is it today?  It is one whereby the few cumulatively ruin it for their own short term success and create a dark future for everyone.
And how about legislation that is based on public opinion and voted on rather than the special interest legalese we see today that serve to destroy rather than serve and protect.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS the CPA exam was 25% when I took it and passed it in 1991.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Inventions Needed A pencil eraser to put in the end of your power drill 02 23 2012

Background: When making biscuit type joints in wood it is imperative that one make corresponding pencil marks on each piece of wood to be joined by the biscuit and glue. The concept applies to every type of wood glue joint where pencil marks are make.
The problem arises when one then glues the joint together and the glue fixes the pencil mark in place.

Today I put a pencil in my drill so that the eraser end was sticking out and when about spin erasing the pencil marks. It worked. However what was needed was a special type of eraser; one that had a little more pencil on wood erasing power.

This item could be made and marketed to carpenters.

I would attempt to patent one myself but I do not have the money to do so. And the satanic race has monopolized the patent industry! So the best that I can do is state that I thought of it independent of anyone else and make the idea available to everyone. To the Satanic race those whom they make into schizophrenics are their Golden Gooses.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Inventions Needed The Frictionless Magnetic Clutch Transmission 02 20 2012

Inventions Needed  The Frictionless Magnetic Clutch Transmission

With the advent of electric cars we are going to need transmissions that weigh a lot less.  The way to accomplish this is the frictionless magnetic clutch transmission.  Electro Magnets are activated in a gradient mode to hold one plate next to the other.  Once both plates are turning at the same speed, a caliper locks them together and the magnet function is released.

This system would weigh a lot less and there would be less wear and tear and less wasted energy.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fank Lloyd Wright could do it 02 18 2012

Frank Lloyd Wright could do what?

Frank Lloyd Wright could have designed beautiful homes with Building Integrated Photovoltaics.

As I drive around Wisconsin what kind of subdivisions do I see?  The tall box houses look like top hats thrown on toxic waste lands.  Not one of those new houses has Building Integrated Photovoltaic Products; meaning solar panels.

I have to stand back and ask myself why this is this way?  Why is it that wealthy communities will even write ordinances to prevent the installation of Building Integrated Photovoltaics?

It is very simple the very wealthy in this country rely on interest income.  Historically the dividend yield on utility companies has been considered similar to interest income.  And indeed the dividend yield on utility stocks finds its way into high interest yielding mutual funds.  As that is what many high interest distributing funds own.  Where does the energy come from that powers our utilities?  Mercury spewing coal fired power plants and war oil Gas fired plants!  So it is indeed the upper class that has fueled our energy crisis, economic downfall, war, polluted air, land and water!  Do you think they will take responsibility to clean it up?  They do not even know how to define beauty.  To them what is beautiful is only what someone else has or wants!

The impetus for building new homes should not be, you can build a new home or retrofit and old house with solar panels if it does not meet our board of directors standard.  The rule should be you cannot build a new home or re roof an old home without using Building Integrated Photovoltaics.

What kind of architects do we have today?  They have certainly not been capable of this simple feet.
Frank Lloyd Wright could have done it.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Inventions Needed A red wine syrup sauce for steaks

Invention needed: a sulphite free red wine type syrup sauce for steaks.  Not very sugary, but very concentrated.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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A Spotting Scope with LCD screen to use at the range

Inventions Needed: A Spotting Scope with LCD screen to use at the range.

Most rifle and pistol range do not have a way to check your down range accuracy as you shoot.  What we need is are Spotting Scopes that have LCD screens on them so that one can determine right after the shot where the bullet went and what changes are need to be made.

One should just be able to glance at the screen and seen.

Our rifle team instructor used to use binoculors to tell us how we were doing.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inventions Needed A Rimfire 22 with four firing pins

Invention needed a rim fire .22 hand gun with four firing pins.  Three located at 120 degrees apart and one in the center where they say they don't need it.  The four firing pins would be of equal force which would be a force equal to best firing pin force today.  And by the way where has the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms been all these years as it relates to the rim fire cartridge.  Some guns should just be outlawed because they do not have enough firing pin force to dent that .22 cartridge and ignite it.

The way to get that firing pin force with four firing pins would be to use technology that is similar to the Trademarked Paper Pro staplers in the hammer or firing pins.

Once this technology has been perfected all previous handguns should be outlawed from mfg.  And the technology would indeed be free to use by any hand gun or rifle maker! 

Background:  There are too many misfires with .22 rim fire pistols.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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The United States Equals Satanic Nation 02 15 2012

The United States Equals Satanic Nation 02 15 2012

To all the Arabs of the world I would rather sleep among you in the desert sands than live another day in the United States.

Both of the Movies, “They Live” and “The Planet of the Apes,” (the one with the underground rocket) as well as an original Star Trek episode were very accurate when they described a high pitched noise that is generated to drive people from their minds.

What is the nature of the Satanic in this country and how do they learn?  The Satanic sit along with another person whose thoughts they hear as that person thinks and learns.  What that person has learned essentially everything they need to know regarding achievement of a college degree the Satanic go into high gear to try and drive them insane.  This is what all that hazing is about.  The process can be thought of as somewhat analogous to capping an oil well so that you can derive an annuity revenue stream from it!

As long as one schizophrenic fights to think through them they are all defeated!  Why?  Once that person is put on medicine the satanic no longer “have” to listen to their thinking and keep learning!  They have just capped an oil well!  They just live with the memory of that person’s knowledge as what they know!  That person is labeled schizophrenic.

You do not want to know how much I hate the fact that I know some Jews are involved in this horror.  But I am going to go ahead and say so because there are some Jews who are stigmatized with the label schizophrenia too!  You do not want to how much I hate it that some Catholics are this way too!  The reality is that the dependent mind is not religiously specific!!!  It does not have to be and it is better to hide the dependent minded existence that it is not religious specific.  Just think of it this way.  The dependent minded hear someone thinking and that person is then their locus!!!  Can they choose one locus over another?  I do not know.  But I do know that there are many labeled Schizophrenic so it might be safe to assume that each could be a potential locus? 

If you had a family member that had this diagnosis you might even have a mind that is heard without even knowing that it is heard!!!!   If I were President of the United States I would indeed grant special rights to family members of Schizophrenic lines just like the United States did the American Indians!!! 

Any child who suspects adults as being of the satanic mind is molested by adults of the dependent mind so that they no longer remember.  The ultimate evil act of the dependent minded race is to physically or mentally harm someone when they come to the epiphany regarding the dependent minded!

Just stand back and ask yourself, doesn’t it add up as to why the Unite States is hated?

Do you think that I am delusional?  Everything I have written comes straight out of the Bible.  I heard a man on the radio the other day speaking about a verse 30. It went something like this, “I will take those skills and give them to those who have skills.”  If I were ever to point out just one lie in the Bible it is that the person who said that is presumed to be God and indeed giving skills from those who do not deserve them to those who do!  That is the greatest lie in the entire Bible!!!  This God is a satanic evil master!  But maybe that is the way the profits wrote it!  Because if they just came out and said it the Bible would have been burnt and lost! 

I would have absolutely no problem if it worked such that those whose souls were stolen were instead able to keep their souls and minds and not actively denied from them.  That would indeed be a world of LOVE!  But that is not the world today!

The coveting and stealing of knowledge is indeed the hatred of knowledge!

One final word about how the dependent minded will be defeated.  At the end of the day with all their money they will come back and listen to your soul because they never formed one.

They do indeed think they have capped an oil well and know all that you know but it is not true.  Sooner or later they always want to come back to your soul and ask, “Exactly how did you do that again?”

Elect me President and I will free you!  There are 30-60 million Americans who are afflicted with this!

If I was not bothered I would not have to speak of such truths.  So therefore the consequences of any information I reveal here are indeed the responsibility of those who perpetrate this crime as factually described in the Bible and not me.  I am not inciting nor am I trying to incite violence or hatred, I am just stating what I know to be true and is confirmed by the Bible to be true. 

May God and Country save me!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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How to Cure Sciatica in ONE DAY 02 15 2012

How to Cure Sciatica in ONE DAY!

I am not going to get into all the background of what I thought the paralysis of my leg was, other than to say that I thought it was five different things before I figured out what it was and cured it in one day!  I had it for two solid months.

Sciatica is the main spinal nerve that runs down your back and channels out to each of your legs.  The nerve pain you feel is said to be caused by a pinched nerve in the vertebrae but that is not always completely true!

I did use some supplements when I cured by Sciatica and was also on the antibiotic doxycycline.

But here is what I did.  I went to the gym.  I did 15 minutes on the rowing machine at a pace of about 27 rows per minute.  I spiked that up to 60 rows per minute three times to get things moving.  I also did some light effort free weight lifting for my upper body while sitting down and not putting weight on my spine.  I did one set per each arm of curls at 50LBs a piece.  And one set of wide arms flys with a 50lb dumbbell in each arm.  One set of sitting on the bench shoulder shrugs with 50 lb dumbells.  I walked around the track three times.  Then I went to the ab machine that you sit in and bend forward down in with.  I did this for a good long time with 75LBs on the stack.

Then I talked to Laura who works at the gym and pumped her for information.  I explained the problem and we talked and conversed.  She said that an appropriate stretch would be to elongate the back Ibelurer Tibular ( spelling atrocious) muscle on the back of the leg.  She showed me how she would do this by pressing on the wall and trying to push it.  And it took me a few tries to see how to do it.  Then she also showed me how to cross your legs and bend forward.  Now that second one is very dangerous so I did not do it.  But it got me thinking.  Sciatica is that nerve that comes out from a channel on the spine, so I better exercise that area.  The doctor had also told me earlier that day that he thought it was sciatica.  And a guy in the locker room I talked to the day before told me it was sciatica and said he had it and cured it in three trips to a chiropractor.  He showed how the chiropractor said to sleep at night.  So I tried to sleep like he said and put a pillow under my belly so that the nerve in my legs would not have that pressure on it as I slept.

But anyhow, I am still at the gym and when talking to Laura she said something very important to curing this.  She said the time to stretch is after you exercise!!!!  I had never thought of doing this.  She said it was good to then because you muscles were all warmed up.

But after talking to her I thought of one more exercise to do.  And that is the one that is also said to be very dangerous.  I have even had blunt headed idiots come up to me and chastise me for doing it when I was at the UW Milwaukee Klotshce center way back in 1989.  Basically you stand with your back at a right angle to your legs and pull a barbell up to your chest.  I used to do it with 135 pounds or more.  This time I used 55 lbs total barbell and weights and did about two sets of 10 reps each.  This helps stabilize the back muscles as does the ab machine.  (There are many ab machines there is only one type I would use, and I did not use it for a long time because I did not have the strength in the back to use it or did not trust the machine.)

But immediately after I stopped the barbell sets I went to the wall and stretched like I figured she said how to in terms of my body.  What I am going to tell you is nothing less than a miracle of epiphany.  As I elongated the Ilio Tibuluar muscle in the back of my leg I felt it… is how I will describe the feeling… It was like a string of knotted pearls being pulled into a solid Spider Rope.  That nerve shed itself of all those knots.  Another analogy would be to a dent being smoothly pulled out of a car same as new!  I have never felt better in 8 weeks!

Here is one reason why I think this may have worked.  There may have been uric acid crystals in that nerve and once they were heated up and used and then stretched they were liquefied and shed from the metabolism.  The bible tells of how those who use their skills have more and those who don’t lose them; this is indeed part of that wasting process.  And if they were not uric acid crystals they could be described as the CO2 that escapes when a chiropractor cracks your joints or toxins being channeled into the main arterial or vein structures of nerves and being flushed at the opportune time, etc.  Whatever the secret forbidden knowledge is, it worked!!!!

The guy at the gym the day before told me that when you sleep at night that is when your joints expand because the fluid pools and accumulates and that is why it is worse in the AM.  When maybe those weren’t his exact words but the meaning behind them lends itself to the uric acid cause.

I also used a Varigamma device and one notable supplement RNA.  Use RNA as a sugar substitute in your coffee.  RNA is very different in that it supports your individual genetic strength and reinforces it.  When you use it you are likely to get a cold, sore throat or other illness what this really is what can be termed withdrawal from being under the genetic influence of others!

What do I mean by that?  While I was working out on the rowing machine a little Indian fellow walked by in front of me and gave me the evil eye.  No lie he looked like Igor and that evil eye looked like it was made out of glass eyeball.  I immediately ejaculated these words, “Don’t look at me with that glass eye.”  Then when I was taking a shower a pair of homos showered in the stalls next to me and one made sounds to draw attention to himself.  I said while lathering myself up, “You look like Beavis.”  He did not shut up.  So I said, “We ought to get a peep show for homos like you where you can go in the box and look through the hole and once you are in there we gas you to death!”  Then as I was walking out of the showers there was another black man with the camera eyeball of his cell phone pointed at my statuesque physique, I had had a God Damned nough of that and said, “How did you get off the cotton farm Sambo!”

I was pissed off already.  Earlier that day while at the range a man with a nasally irritating voice kept talking above my shooting, I ejaculated on him to by saying, “Nobody ever learns anything when you teach them.  I followed this up with, “When you teach by stealing and giving one mind to everyone else pretty soon no one has any mind at all!  I also racially cursed him, but I won’t say what religion I thought he was of.”  Then after he left a short little red head woman- odd little annoying chutzpa type woman and her grey haired Harley fellow arrived and acted like shooting at the range was something like a drunken medieval pick nick fair.  It came down on her too when I blurted out, “Why don’t you go back to your unicorn palace.”

Back to me still being at the gym that day.  Before I went into the showers I hit the whirlpool and did all kinds of Flamingo like stretches to try and flush that sciatica from me.  I didn’t care how gay I looked when I did them either.  I can throw four punches in one second.  And each one can likely crack your skull open and kill you.  I have not confirmed this though.  So at this point it can still be considered a delusion.  But as I look at myself hitting the heavy bag I would swear that it was not a delusion.  But the Unicorn Palace women of this world and their unicorn palace dependent minded men would try and convince me that such was a delusion.  Do not put me to the test to defend myself.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Electronics designed to fail 02 15 2012

Electronics designed to fail 02 15 2012

Have you ever had an electronic device exposed to water and it no longer worked and you wondered why not?

If you ever take one of these apart you will easily see what went wrong.  The metal in the circuit board has oxidized a white film that leaches throughout the circuit and ruins it.  It becomes acid etched or oxidized when exposed to water.

It is very simple.  There is a metal in that circuit board that burns it water!  It was designed to fail so that they can sell you a new one. 

If I were president of this country every circuit board made would have to not “Burn” or oxidize in water!  There certainly has to be an easy technology that can replace this at the same cost!

We have created enough waste in this world.  Deer and cows with madness disease that is passed to humans!  Thinned fish populations, radioactive fish, mercury in fish… Enough is enough!!!!  Every one of these dependent minded idiots that profits from the sale of this technology also suffers as the resultant pollution make them more likely to become dependent minded! 

Wouldn’t it be great if companies that made products that lasted were rewarded instead of going out of business?  Why is this not the case.  It is very simple.  The dependent minded rule this world and they hate the acts and actions of the minds they are dependent too.  That is why they seek to mire their creativity and productivity with goods that do not last!  The independent minded truly do all the engineering of the dependent minded, but they do not profit from it or receive credit from it!

Water should indeed be quite common and considered something that all products sold should be able to withstand exposure to!  If I were President I would institute this higher standard!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Russias plot ot overthrow the United States

Russia’s plot to overthrow the United States 02 15 2012
American .223 on left, Russian .223 (5.56 x 45) on right

Russia, a former communist country knows very well what our democracy has become in the United States.  They know that the dependent minded have demonized others in this country and live off of their souls.  Oddly enough they also know that the only ones who would fight for this country and prevent it from being invaded are those who stockpile ammunition!  Yes your conspiracy theorists.

Those who stockpile ammunition usually buy the cheapest that is around and that is Russian Ammunition.  The cheapest ammunition to buy is your .223 center fire- it is what is used in the AR-15 rifle.  It is also almost precisely the same caliber as the NATO   (I think that is what the AK-47 takes.)  Oddly enough the American AR-15 is sometimes contra recommended to be used with the NATO ammunition because the NATO has more muzzle velocity to it.  That muzzle velocity means that a gun needs to be made with stronger parts to handle it- and the AR-15 does not!!!!  How this circumstance came to be is a mystery to me.  Whether the NATO Gun came first or NATO waited to see what the AR-15 could do and designed a gun very similar so that in a time of invasion if one were to use a can of NATO in the American  AR-15 they would lose that battle!  The American would lose!

But the story gets more interesting.  The Russian Ammunition is made a lot different and cheaper.  I actually like the idea that the Russians came up with, they used a steel casing instead of brass.  In terms of the actually bullet on the end of the casing that is fired from the gun, that is brass or copper covering a steel bullet.  Here is where I am told the problem comes from.  That steel casing on the Russian Ammunition is said to have a chemical on it that prevents it from rusting.  That chemical builds up in the back of your rifle barrel as the gun heats up.  What happens is that it forms a glue.  I have been told by my secret sources that the glue ignites and separates the casing!  Then next bullet will not go in the gun and the gun won’t fire!  What I am speaking of is that the back part of the cartridge that holds the power in it separates in two!  For those of you who don’t know anything about guns you look at that cartridge it is only that pointing top part that fires from the gun.  Can you imagine an American fumbling about and trying to figure out why his AR-15 does not work, he or she would never be able to figure it out in time before being shot!  Why not?  Because the back part of the cartridge is ejected out the side of the gun every time it is fired.  He would not see that it had been broken in half!  He also would not be able to tell that there was just a circumference of thin metal in the back of his gun that prevented the next bullet from going in!

I have to ask the question, do some of this Russian AMMO have a different rust preventative chemical than the next?  For example, does the ammunition sold into the United States have a chemical that more readily forms into a glue when heated?  We will never know.  It is like looking at a coffee cup from China and trying to figure out if it has lead in the glaze!

Notice how the Russian is held to the magnet whereas the American on the left is not!  Lot of symbolism there too.

The other thing my top secret source has told me is that the metal casing wears on the extractor of the AR-15 more than the brass one does.  My source also says that the metal tip of the bullet wears away the rifling on the barrel.  The rifling is a pattern inside the barrel that spins the bullet as it is fired.  The spinning motion creates a gyroscopic force that keeps the bullet flying straight.

So be careful.  If you have stockpiled boxes of this Russian ammo and the country is invaded these are the things to look out for.  Every militia man should have an extra barrel and extractor for his AR-15.  Also someone should invent a ram rod with a machine screw like end that can be turned through the barrel in case this cylinder is stuck in it.  This rod could be held under the gun like the old civil war guns had.

One final point.  I have not seen a box of cartridges that did not have some type of glue residue on them!  Whether it be American or not.  A good rifle man should inspect every cartridge for glue residue and wipe it off if it is a dot.  This glue residue sometimes looks like the price tag on the bottom of a coffee cup after it has gone through the dishwasher a few times.  But not the Russian preservative- this is a very this coating you cannot see with your eye.

If I were President of this country you would be able to exchange every box of ammunition you had for a box of American.  The Russian would be melted down.  I do believe that the Russians came up with a good idea on how to make ammunition.  You can tell if you have a metal inside the top of your bullet by taking a magnet to the top.  If the magnet sticks to the top it means it is steel inside.

I am not a militia man.  I am just a guy who was on the Rifle Team in high school and hate to see what has happened to it.  Do you know what happened to the rifle teams?  The satanic could not stand the rifle teams because those whose minds they were dependent on concentrated on shooting when they were on the rifle teams.  When they did this the Satanic could no longer use their minds.  What did the Satanic do?  They demonically possessed those on rifle teams to go on school shootings so that the Rifle teams would be banned from all schools.  If I were president of this country young men and women could proudly walk the halls of high schools around this country carrying their target shooting rifles in cases like they did in 1985!

And if Russia wanted to take over the United States they could do so very easily.  Why our sissy military does not have their own mind and I am not giving it back because it is mine!  The United States military today is a bunch of sissy’s because they do not have the strength of a stolen soul to guide them.

I was an Expert Marksman on the high school rifle team and I could easily pick you off at 25 yards with a 2.5” barreled hand gun with a 10 pound pull trigger, if I found you to be an enemy combatant.  What is the definition of an enemy combatant anyway?

Could this Article be titled: Why every American should own an AK-47?

I heard on the Art Bell show some 10 years ago when I used to listen to it, that Israel had created a means to prevent a bullet from being fired from a gun.  I used to think that it was purely a psychic means but this technology of Russia can do the exact same thing!

God Bless America!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Monday, February 13, 2012

How to end the Economic Crisis 02 13 2012

How to end the Economic Crisis 02 13 2012

I can prove that schizophrenic’s minds are stolen by an evil race.  Their ideas and intellectual property are all looted.  So how then how can I solve the economic crisis?

Where do people run to and broker their stolen ideas to?  They take them overseas to be manufactured and the profit trail is then lost!  Because concepts are being pilfered from the stolen minds of Americans and manufactured overseas I as President would have every right to ban foreign imports from coming into the United States.  And furthermore, because those who have committed this crime against the United are guilty of a crime against humanity they will have nowhere to travel to where they will not be prosecuted.

And if indeed one particular country was found to be at the heart of this issue they would have no other country to go to where they could not be prosecuted!  So this would prevent the theft of American minds and profiting from them.  This works very well for Americans because many Americans are guilty of this crime.  Because of what some Americans have done no American will ever be able to take a foreign vacation again, for fear of being prosecuted.  Therefore all goods will have to be made in America and America will work again.  But this time around we will do so with fairness, clean energy and concern for health and safety!

And if there are those who want to come out of the closet and admit what they are I would not be the one to look down on them.  Recognition and Amnesty would indeed clear the air on this issue.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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