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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to Cure Sciatica in ONE DAY 02 15 2012

How to Cure Sciatica in ONE DAY!

I am not going to get into all the background of what I thought the paralysis of my leg was, other than to say that I thought it was five different things before I figured out what it was and cured it in one day!  I had it for two solid months.

Sciatica is the main spinal nerve that runs down your back and channels out to each of your legs.  The nerve pain you feel is said to be caused by a pinched nerve in the vertebrae but that is not always completely true!

I did use some supplements when I cured by Sciatica and was also on the antibiotic doxycycline.

But here is what I did.  I went to the gym.  I did 15 minutes on the rowing machine at a pace of about 27 rows per minute.  I spiked that up to 60 rows per minute three times to get things moving.  I also did some light effort free weight lifting for my upper body while sitting down and not putting weight on my spine.  I did one set per each arm of curls at 50LBs a piece.  And one set of wide arms flys with a 50lb dumbbell in each arm.  One set of sitting on the bench shoulder shrugs with 50 lb dumbells.  I walked around the track three times.  Then I went to the ab machine that you sit in and bend forward down in with.  I did this for a good long time with 75LBs on the stack.

Then I talked to Laura who works at the gym and pumped her for information.  I explained the problem and we talked and conversed.  She said that an appropriate stretch would be to elongate the back Ibelurer Tibular ( spelling atrocious) muscle on the back of the leg.  She showed me how she would do this by pressing on the wall and trying to push it.  And it took me a few tries to see how to do it.  Then she also showed me how to cross your legs and bend forward.  Now that second one is very dangerous so I did not do it.  But it got me thinking.  Sciatica is that nerve that comes out from a channel on the spine, so I better exercise that area.  The doctor had also told me earlier that day that he thought it was sciatica.  And a guy in the locker room I talked to the day before told me it was sciatica and said he had it and cured it in three trips to a chiropractor.  He showed how the chiropractor said to sleep at night.  So I tried to sleep like he said and put a pillow under my belly so that the nerve in my legs would not have that pressure on it as I slept.

But anyhow, I am still at the gym and when talking to Laura she said something very important to curing this.  She said the time to stretch is after you exercise!!!!  I had never thought of doing this.  She said it was good to then because you muscles were all warmed up.

But after talking to her I thought of one more exercise to do.  And that is the one that is also said to be very dangerous.  I have even had blunt headed idiots come up to me and chastise me for doing it when I was at the UW Milwaukee Klotshce center way back in 1989.  Basically you stand with your back at a right angle to your legs and pull a barbell up to your chest.  I used to do it with 135 pounds or more.  This time I used 55 lbs total barbell and weights and did about two sets of 10 reps each.  This helps stabilize the back muscles as does the ab machine.  (There are many ab machines there is only one type I would use, and I did not use it for a long time because I did not have the strength in the back to use it or did not trust the machine.)

But immediately after I stopped the barbell sets I went to the wall and stretched like I figured she said how to in terms of my body.  What I am going to tell you is nothing less than a miracle of epiphany.  As I elongated the Ilio Tibuluar muscle in the back of my leg I felt it… is how I will describe the feeling… It was like a string of knotted pearls being pulled into a solid Spider Rope.  That nerve shed itself of all those knots.  Another analogy would be to a dent being smoothly pulled out of a car same as new!  I have never felt better in 8 weeks!

Here is one reason why I think this may have worked.  There may have been uric acid crystals in that nerve and once they were heated up and used and then stretched they were liquefied and shed from the metabolism.  The bible tells of how those who use their skills have more and those who don’t lose them; this is indeed part of that wasting process.  And if they were not uric acid crystals they could be described as the CO2 that escapes when a chiropractor cracks your joints or toxins being channeled into the main arterial or vein structures of nerves and being flushed at the opportune time, etc.  Whatever the secret forbidden knowledge is, it worked!!!!

The guy at the gym the day before told me that when you sleep at night that is when your joints expand because the fluid pools and accumulates and that is why it is worse in the AM.  When maybe those weren’t his exact words but the meaning behind them lends itself to the uric acid cause.

I also used a Varigamma device and one notable supplement RNA.  Use RNA as a sugar substitute in your coffee.  RNA is very different in that it supports your individual genetic strength and reinforces it.  When you use it you are likely to get a cold, sore throat or other illness what this really is what can be termed withdrawal from being under the genetic influence of others!

What do I mean by that?  While I was working out on the rowing machine a little Indian fellow walked by in front of me and gave me the evil eye.  No lie he looked like Igor and that evil eye looked like it was made out of glass eyeball.  I immediately ejaculated these words, “Don’t look at me with that glass eye.”  Then when I was taking a shower a pair of homos showered in the stalls next to me and one made sounds to draw attention to himself.  I said while lathering myself up, “You look like Beavis.”  He did not shut up.  So I said, “We ought to get a peep show for homos like you where you can go in the box and look through the hole and once you are in there we gas you to death!”  Then as I was walking out of the showers there was another black man with the camera eyeball of his cell phone pointed at my statuesque physique, I had had a God Damned nough of that and said, “How did you get off the cotton farm Sambo!”

I was pissed off already.  Earlier that day while at the range a man with a nasally irritating voice kept talking above my shooting, I ejaculated on him to by saying, “Nobody ever learns anything when you teach them.  I followed this up with, “When you teach by stealing and giving one mind to everyone else pretty soon no one has any mind at all!  I also racially cursed him, but I won’t say what religion I thought he was of.”  Then after he left a short little red head woman- odd little annoying chutzpa type woman and her grey haired Harley fellow arrived and acted like shooting at the range was something like a drunken medieval pick nick fair.  It came down on her too when I blurted out, “Why don’t you go back to your unicorn palace.”

Back to me still being at the gym that day.  Before I went into the showers I hit the whirlpool and did all kinds of Flamingo like stretches to try and flush that sciatica from me.  I didn’t care how gay I looked when I did them either.  I can throw four punches in one second.  And each one can likely crack your skull open and kill you.  I have not confirmed this though.  So at this point it can still be considered a delusion.  But as I look at myself hitting the heavy bag I would swear that it was not a delusion.  But the Unicorn Palace women of this world and their unicorn palace dependent minded men would try and convince me that such was a delusion.  Do not put me to the test to defend myself.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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