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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Schizophrenic God Knew 02 02 2012

You might not have been successful in your life.  You might not have made any money.  You may have never found happiness.  But God knows that you had the skills to do so and could have if you were free from the distraction of the voices.  God knew that you had many talents that you were prevented from using by the distraction of the voices.  God knows this and so do some people.   Why God helps some and not others I do not know.  But God knew that you were far more than society gave you credit for and so do some people.  And God loved you for knowledge and what you learned.  God loved you for the many great things that you thought of. God knew of the good you believed in.  You may have never received the praise of people, and some knew, but God loved you.  God knew how you suffered against the voices of people.  So maybe indeed God is telling you to stop trying and deprive those people who knew from knowing without giving credit to you.  Maybe if you deprive them of your active soul they will knock on your door and honestly seek your advice.  God knows that you have worked and thought harder than people.  So when credit is not given to you on earth, maybe you will indeed go to heaven.  Why?  Because God works in mysterious ways.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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