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Monday, December 31, 2018

On New Years Eve Drinking Parties 12 31 2018

On New Years Eve Drinking Parties  12 31 2018

"When you like yourself every moment of your life is like a party."

I really don't have fond memories of drinking.

So how do you stop drinking?

First you have to completely ditch any and all friends that drink.  Why?  They will drag you back into it.

Now that doesn't mean that you can't have friends that you have activities with and are social with.  But with those new friends don't ever do anything that is just like going to bars and drinking.

No fond memories of that.

I don't believe even that one drop of alcohol is good for the human body.  I believe it is the cause of most cancers; depriving the cells of oxygen during the cell replication process.

I don't like what it does to the human brain.  It creates the birth defect of mental retardation labeled as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and in adults it does indeed cause loss of intelligence!  And that is exactly what went wrong with the United States and the world.

It is addictive.  Even if you think  you are not addicted if you continue to drink alcohol I will assert that you are addicted.  And because it is addictive because you drink it; YOU ARE NOT FREE!

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Milwaukee Weather Monday 12 31 2018

Milwaukee Weather Monday 12 31 2018

Me "tink's" it won't get bad here until the winds shift to being from the North East and ge stronger around 4 pm today.

But don't base your plans on it.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Saturday, December 29, 2018

You can't change yourself...12 29 2018

You can't change yourself...12 29 2018

"You can't change yourself; by changing me."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Friday, December 28, 2018

Did unchecked ethnic mix immigration really lead to a strong lower class ethnic mix that organized illegal drug use

Did unchecked ethnic mix immigration really lead to a strong lower class ethnic mix that organized illegal drug use?

I believe that to be true.

It also hid the identity of the aristocrat sponsored logistics that organize and profit from it at the political type leadership levels?

Let them in because you know they will represent a drug using force that will be immitigable?

You can't tell me it didn't happen.

So whose agenda was it?

The British banks that laundered the Mexican Drug money coming into the U.S?

Did you notice that they changed the banking law to allow investment in pot somehow?  Which means that they will always be able to squeeze out of liability from money laundering of drugs by that far reaching legal corollary?

You don't see how it happens little step by little step.

And you don't see how whom you are voting for is contributing to each of those little steps.

12 28 2018

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

With religious banking create a fantasy world for the drug and substance user so that they actually believe they are really an imaginary friend all their life; someone whose mind is being tormented in horror for the benefit of the mentally defective substance using class.

And what do we get from it?  Millionaire Professional athletes that can't speak English Grammar.  Look at the role model of success in the United States!

Are there United States Citizens who will be granted Aristocracy here if Russia 12 28 2018

Are there United States Citizens who will be granted Aristocracy here if Russia   12 28 2018

Are there United States Citizens who will be granted Aristocracy Power and wealth here if Russia takes out United States Metropolises with its new nuclear weapon it says is indefensible?

I think that is true.  And I think they know who they are already.

Just try and cash in a United States Savings Bond at a Bank that is foreign Denominated or for that matter one that isn't.

They act like they have never seen one before in their lives and it is defunct currency.

Which indeed tells you who has been filling the ranks of the banking industry here.
They might not be communists but they can't think for themselves, they think in reference to a human beings soul that was stolen for them; that human being labeled schizophrenia.

So you believe if only that lower life faction controlled absolutely everything what a great world this would be.  They already do and we have more pollution than we can handle because of it.  We have novel chemicals in our bodies that should have never been allowed to be produced.  But that brain birth defective person would never see it any other way that complete fairy tale delusion.

If you think big momma fat welfare woman is bad you haven't experienced the worst of it yet!

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Concept of a Law Firm being charged with being participant in Obstructing the Government Process of an Incoming Governor 12 27 2018

The Concept of a Law Firm being charged with being participant in Obstructing the Government Process of an Incoming Governor 12 27 2018

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

How long before Menomonee Falls Blows? 12 27 2018

How long before Menomonee Falls Blows?  12 27 2018

You know by know that I like attention getting titles.

So yesterday I was there.  And I was about a mile or two west of the landfill.  And the stench from that landfill was so great it would make you want to puke.

What is it?  It smells like rotten onions?

If you smell that is there also a low level of explosive gas present too?

And the landfills keep getting higher and higher.

So the question becomes have landfills ever exploded?

Apparently so.

The next question is, is the onion smell the gas that would explode?

It is 40 to 60% methane!

Should the level of gas be monitored nearby the landfill?

We weren't meant to breath methane were we.

What does methane smell like?  It smells like rotten eggs.

Rotten eggs versus rotten onions?  About the same?  Or not.

Who knows.

Something to think about.

Seemed to me to be a very strong smell for being so far away.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Can you see it happening already?  Some skinny freak goes up to the service counter of the grocery store and in his best lispy gangster like voice, ask for a pack of Mall Borrows Lights.  Goes outside and lights one up and blows up the whole town and Germantown too.

What are the dangers of breathing sewer gas? Copy and paste link below into the menu bar of your browser.  The short of it is Hydrogen Sulfide Poisoning.

Judicial Standards being set out of lack of personal standards 12 27 2018

Judicial Standards being set out of lack of personal standards 12 27 2018

So upon seeing that case whereby a man had sexually molested over 100 girls and got a century in prison I had to ask myself;

"When do criminal acts rise to the level of Wiccan behavior that our Country hung people for in the Salem Witch Trials?"

1.  Right there at molesting over 100 girls I would say that would qualify as a witch.
2.  I would say that a man who beats women, a pimp, qualifies.
3.  I would say a person who produces child pornography would qualify as being a witch too.
4.  I would say that someone who sells opiates, heroin, meth, other "killing drugs" would also qualify as being a witch.

Does  homosexual really love women?  He doesn't spend his adult life helping the weaker species through life does he?  I would classify his sexual behavior as being abnormal.  I would classify it as being hateful to the concept of man.

In the Salem Witch trials I believe that they hung a few witch women whom they believed were controlling the younger women.

And about the 21st Amendment that legalized alcohol.  It created the genetic brain defects that spawned all of the above.

Are we a strong enough country...that when we have our individual genetic ancestries researched and we find out that "a" family line carries a gene for mental retardation?  Are you strong enough to have those results come back to you?  I believe that will be coming per science.  And indeed it would be the greatest benefit to the public, the we the people in the history of our country.  Why?  No matter what else is true would you want someone with that brain defect managing you in a work environment, a jobsite..a warehouse...even a parking lot..athletic coach... personal preparer...Investment advisor...chemical analyst..factory

Do you see how that would be extremely detrimental to the American public?  Do you see that it is occurring already?

Could you handle it if your genetic ancestry results determined that you had the gene for cannibalism?  On the flipside don't you believe as American Citizen in the land of the free and the home of the brave that you have a right to know if a woman or man you might marry has the gene for cannibalism?  Might that decrease the divorce rate knowing that?  I think you do!

So indeed if our Gov is shut down long enough perhaps we have a new breed of justice system arise.

One that asks the question, "Is this persons action consistent with them being a witch?"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Is Facebook spiking the Home Pages of those who send me Friend Requests??? 12 26 2018

Is Facebook spiking the Home Pages of those who send me Friend Requests??? 12 26 2018

I mean adding content that isn't true to that person so that I don't friend them?  The person befriending me doesn't even know that that stuff was added to their page when the friend request was made?

What I am seeing is a lot of friend requests that have the exact same layout of content of page.

So a man got at least a Century in Jail for sexually molesting girls 12 26 2018

So a man got at least a Century in Jail for sexually molesting girls  12 26 2018

I don't get it; do you actually believe the American People want to pay for his room and board in jail?  He isn't getting out during his lifetime? Or is he?

Why isn't someone like that given the death penalty?

1.  Because the prison guards are lonely and want someone like that to talk to every day?
2.  Because we can learn something valuable from studying him?  No.

Or how about this one?  He might come upon or have a lot of money.  The judicial system doesn't really believe he did anything wrong and they are just going through the motions of the sentencing?  Waiting for our laws to become lenient in such matters exactly how they have with regard to drug use?  Doesn't it make you sick?

Perhaps our nations legal covfefe expects that he can buy his way out of prison under the table if he somehow gets a lot of money?  Perhaps his relatives die while in prison and he has millions?  At which time he files a motion to have a parol review?  The legal fees he pays to that lawfirm represent the payment for his freedom.  Perhaps the lawyer and judge and etc all go to the same country club and sit naked in the tub together?

Yeah that's about what I think of you.  Nothing good!

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

You know, first of all I don't think it is fair to men to call him a man.  So if he isn't a man how can he belong in a men's prison?

How long are we going to liberally manage the horrific effects of alcohol to our United States Gene pool? Oh wait even though it was formed by Whites, it is a melting pot of many races so calling it what I did...  ( what the not liberals.... that isn't fair to liberals...)  the sheepish would say is just plain wrong!]

Fill all the prisons with this excrement so that there is no place to put the covfefe!

Interesting Boat Engineering Challenge 12 263 2018

Interesting Boat Engineering Challenge  12 263 2018

To make a boat that has its own removable axle as a trailer.

The front might have a collapsible or fold up trailer coupler fixture.

A wire being ran from the car back to the axle.

The axle/wheel configuration being conformed to the contour of the hull.

The axle retrieved via a rope after boat is launched.  The axle being placed in water and the boat road onto it.  It latched in place.. to remove boat from water.  And that step right there could be time consuming.

The latching configuration being foul proof so that wheeled axle doesn't end up flying into high speed traffic.

A.  But what would the advantages be?
1.  Reduced weight equals better gas mileage towing.  Better gas mileage towing means less repairs needed.  Less repairs means less industrial metal/ oil wastes.

2.  The ability to use small lakes that don't have an official ramp and are classified as carry on lakes.

3.  The ability to save boat ramp parking space and launch more boats.

4.  A boat could be made much stronger and still be towed on smaller vehicles that don't have a large towing capacity.

5.  Could make for more rapid deployment by fire safety crews!  For example no need to wait for car and trailer to back out.  Axle could be separated and boat takes off quick!

In such application as "5" a double axle could fold up and into the boat much like landing gear on an aircraft does!!!!  And that would be fast.  Such a system could be "spring" tensioned and retrieved with the application of a metered lever.

Just an idea.  Something to think about.  Translation learning from it might be beneficial in some way.

© 2018  Thomas Murphy

Money Soldiers and War 12 26 2018

Money Soldiers and War  12 26 2018

1.  We pay soldiers in times of peace but when they are deployed in times of peace operations are they effective?  No.
2.  Then you have a military force that threatens a Government because they are not being paid enough!  And in U.S. we actually had a President who created another military force to take out the first that was then a threat!!!  I don't believe in giving a grunt a sense of entitlement.
3.  So Brutus kills Caesar.  It really means Brutus was only a soldier for the money?
4.  Create a army in times of peace and what will they do?  They will make an endless list of enemies for you so that they can justify their own existence and your money goes to them.  That is extortion just as if it was one of those ancient Jewish Tax collectors from the Bible!
5. So you have a low grade imbecile joining the military because they have absolutely nothing else in life.  What are they going to end up protecting and fostering; low grade imbeciles.  So indeed it is the cost of a misguided and corrupt FDR Eugenics system?  We end up not only paying them welfare but worshiping them with stickers on are cars!  Like the arsonist bringing the fire hose?  Like the Mentally Defective Vondoon Practitioner selling anti psychotic drugs per a gov institution!
6.  So the English Established Factories in Ireland and when the Irish Revolution came those working in the factories, likely only able to do one thing in life and not able to learn to do it a different way as in the case of Fetal Alcohol based mental retardation, they would not help the Irish defend the sanctity of their very own country.  Do we have a standing Army in the U.S. that would not likely defend us on our homeland for that same reason?  I believe that to be true.  Just as how some captured Polish soldiers joined forces with Nazi Germany because they were given food?  In other words who can win over the heart of the mentally defective by giving them undue welfare wins?  And also destroys democracies at the same time.  So do you actually believe that a foreign power never developed a think tank and made a list of ways, an itinerary, as to how to make very subtle inroads into a democracy over time and change it so that it would fail?  If you don't believe that happened then you have a screw loose that went down the sewer a long time ago.  "The innocent little blond girl looks at the television set and says, "They're here!""

And you would have some new age motor mouth television personality attempt to refute everything someone like me says.  But the truth is that our Founding Fathers thought out very well why we are not to have an Army in times of Peace and wrote it in the Constitution!

It is a threat against the very public that they are supposed to protect!

But what about Eugenics?  The belief that big men are of  better human genetics?  It isn't true is it.  Isn't it really propagandizing Cretinism?  In other words it is the mind of a man that is most genus of the species and not the size of a man?  So my College Psychology Professor told us about BF Skinner, the psychological research guy that believed you could create a box, he termed it a Skinner Box, that would be able to meet all the needs of a baby.  It would have head, light when needed etc.  My psychology professor then stated smart man but something was missing?

You better believe something was missing!  Look at the gestalt of that?  It is like how pigs are raised is small compact metal wire cages in mass production barns.  Crap all over the place.

So what was missing?  Likely he had a gap in the front of the brain that only one percent of the population, labeled schizophrenic, is not supposed to have!!!!

The same that is true of an  Army in times of peace should also be considered true of Intelligent operations?  And indeed I am glad that the Government is shut down!  It is a wake up call!

It reminds me of a scene from a Western titled "Somewhere in the West" or something like that.  Where one gunman says to another, "I think your friends are going to teach you something about business."

It is best to mobilize a faction of concerned Citizens in a Militia in Response to Insurrections.

We didn't fight Four Major Wars in the History of the United States so that that which only finds happiness through a bottle or other drugs can be happy here.

So if you have a family member that is being tormented by demonic voices can I tell you where those voices originate from?  A eugenics program that propagandized the mentally retarded.

Create the genetically defective left and right through Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and then watch the gold tights star quarterback stand next to them in support of them; his millions came from alcohol revenue.

And drive through Madison Wisconsin what do you realize?  First off all you see cruddy looking houses that college students rent.  They go there in hopes of becoming someone with a true purpose in life? Ever see any single one of them stand up for something that is right on television?  Never happens.  So what is that University of Wisconsin System?  What does it really represent?  It is Alcohol Marketing!  It is an alcohol marketing machine!

And what do the Bowl Games represent on television?  A bowl of swine piss beer.  If you think the God of the Bible wanted people to worship swine piss mental retardation birth defect causing beer you know what you are then?  Someone that no one could ever win an argument with because you are not smart enough to understand a human beings opposition to heathenism.

And Good God look at the players on television!  They have the worst grammar ever.  Awful!  I don't mean to be mean.  But why do they need to wear helmets at all?  Could that be changing?  Look at how boxing changed to hair pulling, crotch kneeing, eye gouging faggotry.

There is a reason the Constitution also reads that your right to keep and bare Arms may not be infringed.

And look at how malcontent you would have to be as a human being to get in a ring and win that way?

Tell me what a grouping of people like that represent to a populous of normal academic learning people?  They are exactly like those which attacked Lot and his Sons in the Bible!  And next you are going to tell me that the Bible shouldn't be used to form a political opinion on homosexuality?  It is like the best example of the horrors of it that have ever been allowed to be written and conveyed forward in history.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Christmas Giving Humor 12 26 2018

Christmas Giving Humor  12 26 2018

"Give someone a pot to cook rice in and they use it as a hat."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

But look at the way that Christmas and Easter are scheduled on the Calender? It is as if they wanted to give a tribe of dumb people something to look forward to in the Spring?  So that they wouldn't end up killing and robbing you for the food you worked so hard for and stored up?

Because they were dealing with a people that were so dumb they couldn't recognize the changing of the seasons so they built the idea into part of a religion?

Christmas being thought of as 4 days after the start of winter?  That is when they sacrifice someone?  Then to make people hopeful they tell them that the person they sacrificed and killed will be coming back in three months?  Why?  The Romans were likely scared of a widespread revolt or further attacks by tribal factions like the Celtics?  The Celtics virtually destroyed them in their first encounter at war.  And to be honest they should have completely wiped them out!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas Complete Human Hypocrisy 12 25 2018

Merry Christmas Complete Human Hypocrisy  12 25 2018

So today at mass you will see a Priest holding a goblet of wine (alcohol) high above his head in temptation of your youth.  He will also be preaching that we are all flawed and that is why we need a lifetime scapegoat savior.  At the same time in his hands is the very thing that makes humans flawed, alcohol.  Causes the birth defect of mental retardation through Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Spectrum Disorders.  Estimates are that 17 out of 100 children have it today.

And what about Jesus Christ?  Even more horror there.  The word Rabbi means teacher and that was what Jesus Christ was.  They tortured and executed a teacher for the benefit of those 17 out of a 100 (likely same stat back then to) who can't learn.

You will hear the lyrics in mass, "Dying he destroyed our death."  Does it really mean that he freed the mentally retarded from the agonizing sense of being mentally retarded; through his death, the death of a teacher.

Complete Satan Paganism.

Merry Christmas

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

But indeed times are changing.  I talked to a priest the other day, I don't go to church, and he told me that he does not drink alcohol, tea or coffee.  I said, "How can you serve mass if you don't drink alcohol?"  He said, "I dilute the wine with 3/4 water!"

And perhaps the best reason to believe in Christ on Christmas is because he was a teacher and therefore wanted the best for people.

Monday, December 24, 2018

We might have Female Judges in our Country that are so delusional that 12 24 2018

We might have Female Judges in our Country that are so delusional that  12 24 2018

"We might have Female Judges in our Country that are so willfully delusional that they believe that the best place for a heterosexual gentile is in prison because it could present them with the opportunity to find a homosexual love of their life."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Public Utility Needed A Solar Electric Arc Furnace Aluminum Printer 12 23 2018

Public Utility Needed A Solar Electric Arc Furnace Aluminum Printer  12 23 2018

Don't ask me to explain it.  Wrote about it before.

Take your aluminum scrap put it in its bin and it uses free solar electricity to "print" you a new boat.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Gun Rights short story fiction type post 12 23 2018

Gun Rights short story fiction type post 12 23 2018

Lets say that a young girl comes home to her single mother gang raped from a college party.  Likely sterile from it.  Out of rage her mother grabs her late husbands fully licensed Fully Automatic AR-15 from its wall shelf.  She grabs 5 clips, empties her gooochy purse and stuffs them.  She goes back to that frat party and goes wild ass until the barrel starts smoking.... for what I can tell you about how that story ended?  ...I like strong minded women.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Robot Technology is so Advanced that our Country is NOT prepared for guided land or air killing drone robots 12 23 2018

Robot Technology is so Advanced that our Country is NOT prepared for guided land or air killing drone robots  12 23 2018

Look at how far those Communist Countries have come in technology and mass production!!!!!

They could indeed flood out country with those Robots and we would have virtually no defense against them.

That is why I believe there should be absolutely no Restrictions to your 2nd Amendment Rights, JUST EXACTLY HOW THE LAW WAS WRITTEN!!!!!

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

They are made of steel and therefore virtually bullet damage proof?  They are extremely agile and have better balance than human beings do.   And they are extremely fast.  And that hydraulic pneumatic servo technology is extremely strong in terms of blows and punctures.

You watch Football every Sunday and here the name Blitzkrieg! In football it means everyone runs at the quarterback at once and attempts to tackle him.  But it really comes from WAR!  GERMAN TANKS attacking a city so fast that the countrymen are not prepared and defenseless!

Because of illegal acts with regard to your Constitutional rights we are NOT protected from a Robot Blitzkrieg in the United States!

Think I am wrong about China?  I once watched a 60 Minutes type television show that showed a white man who had moved to China and was happy there.  But do you know what everyone called him?  Big Nose!  So indeed is it really what the Chinese think of the White Founded US?  Likely so.  Sure big deal you say.

I believe that the Bible actually foretells the story of a Robot Invasion.  Per my memory something about a hydra and like a needle shot in the back...and not every one will survive...


Don't believe in all that melting pot crap.  It isn't true.  White American Human Beings Souls are being sacrificed so that the foreign imbecile talks and acts like an American, and the victims are labeled mentally ill as schizophrenics.

Sure indefensible beliefs you say.

Hey low life 12 23 2018

Hey low life 12 23 2018

Hey low life America isn't about you, it is about us peace and normality loving pilgrims.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Warning! There is always someone that falls in the Milwaukee River on or about the night 12 23 2018

Warning!  There is always someone that falls in the Milwaukee River on or about the night of December 1st or January 1st every year.  They hit bar seen.

I believe that a really bad group of people is tossing them in.  So indeed be on the lookout for everyone this year in Milwaukee around that time.  Late at night, after bar time.

Think I am joking about groups of low life's being out there?  Oh h3ll I am not!

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Also be on the lookout!  There are people out there who will cut less than one foot in front of your front bumper while you are driving 55 mph West bound out of the Marquette Interchange and other place.

Not only was it on the news last night that a man had that happen to him and his car overturned and skidded on its side but I have experienced it about 5 times.

These people are different looking.  I want to say slavic looking.  I want to say English looking.  I want to way migdet ugly bud eyed frizzy haired white woman looking.

I want to say Silver Chevrolet.  I almost want to say possibly rogue FBI ops?

But it is intentional!  They will look directly at you before they do it.

Be very careful.

I beieve I just on the Television that 169 people died from Alcohol Related Car Crashes in Wisconsin last year 2017 12 23 2018

I believe I just on the Television that 169 people died from Alcohol Related Car Crashes in Wisconsin last year 2017  12 23 2018

So indeed for those of you who don't think that that is many people at all what could we do to make you happy if alcohol was banned?  Here is what we could do.  We could put all your conscientious objections on a list along with the names of family members who have profited from direct ownership and management of alcohol firms.

And indeed because the Constitution provides for Religious Freedom we could start a religion and indeed sacrifice 169 people per religion every year.

Sure it is satire.

But at least we would get the right people dying from the issue of Alcohol Car Crash Related Fatalities.


Warning!  There is always someone that falls in the Milwaukee River on or about the night of December 1st or January 1st every year.  They hit bar seen.

I believe that a really bad group of people is tossing them in.  So indeed be on the lookout for everyone this year in Milwaukee around that time.  Late at night, after bar time.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

And sure we could give it official religious lingo.

"These 3 people died for our sins this week."
 "Lord have mercy."
"Lord have mercy."
"Christ have mercy."
"Christ have mercy."

Was the British Tea of the historical Tea Party incident laced with Marijuana? 12 23 2018

Was the British Tea of the historical Tea Party incident laced with Marijuana?  12 23 2018

If so our nation is being attacked in the exact same manner today.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Designing an Aluminum Musky Fishing Boat 12 23 2018

Designing an Aluminum Musky Fishing Boat  12 23 2018

So if I were to design one how would I design it?

1. Economy would be the key!

2. A boat as light as possible.  Thereby getting the highest speed out of the lowest horsepower.  I mean 350 lbs to 500 to 700.  And these would correspond with hp ratings of 50 per 14 foot 115 per 16 foot and ?? for 18 foot boat.

3.  Where you are standing should be very close to the edge of the boat (gunnel).  Why? so that you don't have to lean too far over to do a figure 8.

4.  Deep V hull is critical in taking big waves because muskies sometimes hang out in big water.

5.  Draft:  Very little water displacment, meaning the boat can go through shallow water without concern.

6.  Hull Rigidity.  How would I handle this and keep the weight down?  The bottom would be .10 and the exterior sides would be .72 or more.  But it would somehow have a double hull with an  inner hulls.  And in between would be filled with a multilayer foam process.  Whereby the exterior of the foam channel would be rigid foam that would prevent hull denting and the interior would be lighter foam for safety bouyancy and hull rigidity.

And all of that would require weld spacers to keep it integral.

7.  The deck inside would need to be flat.

8.  The front can't be like a jon boat.

9.  Tiller versus steering counsel?  With tiller you are too close to the carbon monoxide from the motor.  So I would go with a Steering counsel.  However I would want it to be minimal.  Maybe even folding or collapsible so that it is out of the way when netting a fish.

10.  Open deck whereby you can get from the back to the front easy.

 11.  One layer decking, meaning no step ups or step downs to have to deal with.

12.  Could have seat/casting platforms from and back.

13.  I would want the tranducer to be able to be mounted in hull.  So that might require a special hull plate.  How could that be accomplished so that it doesn't leak there?  I don't know; yet.

14.  Unsinkable!  Foam filled so that it is unsinkable.

(Awhile back I wrote of this idea.  What if you could save aluminum cans and then take them to a solar electric arc furnance and have an aluminum boat cast for you right there, via the power of the sun.)

15.  Jet boat technology?  Perhaps not yet because it isn't as efficient per my knowledge and thereby doesn't meet the economy issue.

16.  Rod Storage?  Whatever the rod storage is supposed to be it should run virtually from the bow of the boat to the stern in a  hull channel.  But I don't like the idea of hinged flooring because to me it is a tripping nuisance.  Hence a safety issue.

17. Must be nice and wide.  Makes it more stable in water.  However upon motoring this width section (standing) should decrease in water, thus providing more hydroplane and less drag.  Again economy.

18.  That foam used could be crosslinked with Kevlar or dyneema or graphite fibers.

19.  All things being equal I believe hull rigidity makes for a faster boat.

Can it be done?  Engineers really aren't up to complex challenges; today they are bred from the apprentice should only learn one thing coven. (same mind as a rot or a lizard) Shut down the Gov and our lives get better?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Humor: What can Howie do? 12 23 2018

Humor: What can Howie do?  12 23 2018

What can Howie do?
Howie can throw a bucket of water on your head!!!!

(insert fake applause widget here)

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

So indeed, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and others that is your work for today.  Device a False Applause Widget that can be used on each of your various websites so that the average guy can make the big time!

So how long will it take to fund the wall if the salaries used to pay Government Employees was used to fund it instead? 12 23 2018

So how long will it take to fund the wall if the salaries used to pay Government Employees was used to fund it instead?  12 23 2018

I really like the concept that is going on here!  And I think that it could be used in another way to!  Such as funding homes for the homeless perhaps?  Things like that.

The average Federal Employee Salary is $123,160.oo  and there are 2,819,960.

So you multiply those two numbers together and you get 347,306,273,600.oo  That is $347.3 Billion Dollars,.

Divide 347.3/365= 950 million dollars per day.

So at $5 Billion dollars for the wall (divide that by 950 million) 5.2 or 6 days the Government will be shut down!

By the way I would pay the family members who have schizophrenia That $123,160 salary at the beginning of each year and shut down the Government and divert the funds to them until it is paid.

Which would essentially mean that there were no more Federal Employees.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Turning on the Televisin is like 12 23 2018

Turning on the Television is like 12 23 2018

"Turning on the Television is like looking at a bucket of fish."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Friday, December 21, 2018

It is One AM on a Saturday morning and 24 people have just read one of the articles I typed two minutes ago.

It is One AM on a Saturday  morning and 24 people have just read one of the articles I typed two minutes ago????

American Corporate Balloon Failures 12 22 2018

American Corporate Balloon Failures  12 22 2018

Oh Wall Street praises the companies and managements that run lean and mean.

But what happens when a corporation has to innovate or change something in their product line to make it current?

It is like any resources that are diverted to that cause weakness in some other aspect of the corporation.

So you have corporation like a balloon that ends up popping, because its resources are centralized and nonflexible.

We don't see it.  And we don't see how they are not keeping up with foreign competition for this very reason.

And what is wrong here? The Corporation is its own Religion Government! Because it is viewed that one corporation from one nation is equivalent to a Corporation from our nation because they are under the same limited liability legal structure...they are not equivalent because the governments are not equivalent of ours and never will be.  Do you see it?  It is hypocrisy on a grand scale right before your eyes.

The Corporation represents a foreign religion/government insurrection into the United States.

Because they are viewed as equivalent even though the govs that they are domiciled in are not?

It is like it is a way to pull the rug out of the greatness of the U.S.

Like some awful think tank of a foreign country thought it up during WW2.

Okay so there were two main points to this article.  And when the U.S. Government forces the Humbugs to shut up for good I will then be better able to articulate points like this.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

It is like they are attempting to get us to compare apples to apples when it is really apples to rotten bananas.

We shouldn't ever be buying from countries that have slave labor.
We should never be buying from countries that pollute on a mass scale.

So how were things like this handled and policed in the past on a world wide type of basis?

Naval blockades.

Don't like the sound of that do you?

Oh I just called a spade a spade and I am not supposed to do that.  Shame shame.

Indian presence in Germany 1920's or 1930's? 12 21 2018

Indian presence in Germany 1920's or 1930's?  12 21 2018

So you can go to Wikipedia and see that a goal of the Sikh religion is to join with a higher consciousness.  Think about it?  What exactly does it mean?  Put that together with having a third eye on your forehead which means you want everyone to believe you have psychic powers?

All well and good.  You read that and it means jack shit to you.  You would think differently if it were your consciousness they were attempting to adjoin to.  You would think a lot differently if you knew that and also knew that it was erroneously and fraudulently being given a medical label as to the person whose consciousness was attempting to be adjoined to.  You would read that and you would think,  "Hey wait a minute!"

Granted being a seer or practicing Ov or Donsita (sp?) is highly forbidden in the Bible and God said that he would turn a blind eye while they were being evicted if people he led to a new land practiced that or homosexuality.

(The British had a different concept of what God was among the controlling leadership.  Different than what they told/taught the public, still is today.)

So you had the British Empire trading with India and attempting to control it.

Which brings me back to the title here.

If you had that new presence in Germany would the rate of schizophrenia increase?  Coinciding with the presence?  The better question is does the rate of schizophrenia increase in response to certain religions (people) immigrating to the country in question?

You had a German Dye business in India pre WW1.  Think Specialty Chemicals.  Think very wealthy business owners.  Is it getting interesting?

Three quarters of the dyes going into India came from Germany.

I might insert a German proverb here:  "He who has no children raises many!"

British India declared War on Nazi Germany in September of 1939.

If you know even one piece of United States History you know that the main conflict the to be United States had with Britain was Religious Freedom.  In other words you don't tell me to worship a King as God.  You do not subject me to the ruler-ship and taxation whims of divine right.  You do not persecute me because I believe in myself.

But look at the money conflict right there.

"World War Two in Europe began on 3rd September 1939, when the Prime Minister of Britain, Neville Chamberlain, declared war on Germany."

But indeed hadn't the leadership of Poland fled already?  Or wait it was just the leadership that wanted more communist principles that had fled to England?  And it stated to have been the Government in exile?  Kind of fuzzy. 

Britain imprisoned 10's of thousands of Indian leaders who opposed India fighting in WW2 and wanted London to declare India's Independence first.  2.5 million Indian Soldiers were sent in by the British Raj.

And this is starting to look sketchy.  But I am getting at the rapid increase in schizophrenia.  Could it have a lot to do with further developments of this 1831 invention?  The magneto generator?

Hippolyte Pixii a France Company built it.
And what was it used for and sold for?  What was that company folded into?  What did the major owners and profiteers from that company go on to do with their lives and future family members???

(What if that France based company was using that device to make people sick and give them pain and also then controlling the opiate fields/production?   Ooh! Nasty!)

And how does this play into the device that was used in a Seance to attempt to fool or spook/scare/shock Abraham Lincoln?

Very crucial piece of United States History that is missing right there.  Who made that.

I read that fact in either Smithsonian or Scientific American a long time ago.  You would think it would pop straight up on an internet search.  How come something very important like that doesn't?

That's it for now.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Wait another minute.  There is another piece to this.  The opiate dens in India?

On Bill Cosby 12 21 2018

On Bill Cosby 12 21 2018

I remember hearing Bill Cosby once say something like all he wanted was peace of mind?  But look at how he sought out peace of mind?  Look at how he acted to obtain peace of mind?

It is very disturbing isn't it!

And he did indeed turn out to be one of those criminals that was walleyed.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

You know what it is?  Something that he said to us meant something different to him.  The meaning of which, the mental his mind worked as evidenced by his behavior...incomprehensible to us.  And yet all done under no watchful eye for a very long time.  Which means what?  A completely corrupt ladder of success that should have no presence in the United States.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Interesting Research

Interesting Research

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Did you ever ask yourself, "What is that person doing on Television?" 12 19 2018

Did you ever ask yourself, "What is that person doing on Television?"  12 19 2018

I ask that about everyone I see on television.  But what got me thinking about it were those with what I will loosely term gender identity issues.

If you have ever taken a College Marketing class you would be amazed at how much psychology they use in marketing.  They know more about human behavior than your psychiatrist does!!  No lie!

So the answer to the question of "What is this person doing on Television is really simple!"

No one brings in more Alcohol Commercial/Advertising Revenue for the Media companies than, "Flawed people elevated to the level of success!"

It is true for very many reasons.  

1.  Someone looks at that person and subconsciously thinks.  If someone flawed like that can make it big then maybe I don't need to work as hard in life...maybe I will grant myself another beer right now rather than thinking about personal goals and how to better achieve them.

2.  If that person is drinking and successful maybe that is what I need to do more of to be successful!  (In reality if you are normal and you believe that you will watch your life plummet down the tubes!)

3.  That person eases your inhibition to do something that is essentially self destructive.  "Look it doesn't matter, how bad could it be for me, that person was flawed from day one and they made it big.  It doesn't matter if I use alcohol."  First they have to ease your inhibition to use alcohol and then the alcohol eases your inhibition.  Deprives your brain of oxygen while easing your inhibition at the same time and also spiking your testosterone.  Any psychologist worthy of a degree would take one look at that and say it is the cause of the majority of crime!

But do you know how that will eventually break the American Economy into pieces?  Alcohol causes mental defect as a birth defect.  Perhaps 17 out of 100 children have it today.  So what?  

You are not going to be able to find enough competent people to work in the bricks and mortar stores.  It is going to be a complete sink hole.  And look at how they are raising the wages at those places?  That is a desperate attempt.  But guess what?  No normal person who is competent can put up with working with a mentally retarded person who is going to fixate on you until you can't stand working there anymore.  (I am not going to get into the issue of the demonic keeping you up all night so that you abandon your human soul rather than die of exhaustion when you do you a great job.)

So you have the above problem of competent labor.  That is also coupled with the following.

Remember how I said it creates the criminal mind?  You are also going to have increased theft.

You are going to have stores that are unclean.

You are going to have foods that are not clean and safe to eat.

So they answered this with pro immigration propaganda mentioned in the previous article today.  So sell out the white middle class to low skilled foreign labor?  It just isn't good for our country.  First of all they do not like the Constitution and what it means per individual rights.  So what you are going to have there is a majority demographic of what might be termed heathen low life jokers?  We do not need that in our population demographic in the U.S.

Now this next issue has been glazed over so often that it is absolutely infuriating.  Why did our Founding Fathers want increased immigration?  So that those who were honest and good and hard working that wanted to get away from victimizing governments could come here and thrive.  That is not what is coming here today.  That is not what the sum of immigration policy has meant for the United States.  So essentially what you have in the United States is the growth of exactly what our Country was founded in opposition to from that unchecked immigration policy.  So indeed we could write an amendment that targets that abusive faction that has immigrated here and say for a very specific reason that they have to go.  It is about the people.  It isn't about a tribe that practices zombification.  It is about the person!  It isn't about the mentally defective spoiled brat that has lots and lots of money.  It is about the person that listens and learns it isn't about the dumb jock that wants to be an NFL quarterback wearing tights.

Just because I love to write diatribes doesn't give you the right to assert that there is something wrong with me.  In fact the reason my diatribes bother you if they do is because you are one of the above who can't form a stream of consciousness like a normal human being can.  So go stick your head in the sand with your big fat butt up in the air.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Daytime Talk Show Hosts 12 19 2018

Daytime Talk Show Hosts 12 19 2018

I get the impression that what is being propagandized to the American public is that only women are supposed to be compassionate and caring individuals (and that propaganda might not be intentional but caused by mass psychology defect  in the media?)

But to the main point.  Just the opposite is true.  Strong families have fathers that are compassionate and caring.  I view any other type of family than that as dysfunctional or odd?

And I don't even have to bring gender identity into the issue other than to say there is propaganda that only homosexuals should be compassionate and caring men?  The men that are propagandized as men, seem to me to be irresponsible drunks.  And that is the answer right there!  That sells alcohol and creates commercial revenue.

And it is taking our democracy straight down into a viral cesspool.

But what else?  Sometimes a minority figure is brought in as being compassionate and caring when in fact it is just propaganda to overrun any standard of immigration policy that we had.

We really didn't need immigration to carry on to the point whereby the majority here is challenging our democracy, our Constitution and your human right to freedom.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Humor that Kills 12 18 2018

Humor that Kills 12 18 2018

Ever match wits with a total asshole and say something that made them so angry that they wanted to kill you; but you didn't give them that chance, instead you let them internalize it?  That is what this next phrase is.  And it is one of those things that could make the wrong type of person fly off the handle at you?  Ready for it?

"He will be happy when he has a drink like the big boy's do again."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

It is also one of those things you could say to a stone cold evil woman who thinks she is better than men of knowledge.  This one penetrates straight through all that.

"She will be happy when she has a drink like the big boy's do again."

Can you feel how pissed someone is getting?  Probably shouldn't have even allowed you to read it because the pleasure it gives you makes that dragon person fume!  And take it out on you.

And perhaps I tell you this so that you know the kind of thing not to say in order to be a bigger man for not saying it.

How to Decrease Exhaust Flow Backpressure to increase Automobile Fuel Efficiency 12 18 2018

How to Decrease Exhaust Flow Backpressure to increase Automobile Fuel Efficiency  12 18 2018

1.  My first idea concerning it that I scrapped was to design an exhaust tip at the back of the car that served to cause a vacuum at the tip thereby pulling the exhaust from the tailpipe and decreasing back-pressure to the engine and therefore increasing fuel efficiency.

2.  The second idea is what I would call an Exhaust Scoop.  This would be an exhaust pipe that runs from the grill of the car in front to the back of the car.  It joins up with the tailpipe perhaps a foot or so before the tailpipe ends at the back of the car.  Fresh air would enter a scoop to that secondary pipe in the front of the car.  When it mixed with the air at the tailpipe at that back that air would serve as a vacuum.  Thereby decreasing exhaust backpressure to the engine and increasing fuel efficiency.

Other adaptations to perfect such a system might include.  1.  A fan at the front of the car that pushes air backwards.  Could be solar powered.  2.  A flapper system, perhaps servo actuated so that exhaust never comes out the front of the pipe in the grill and causes Carbon Monoxide Poisoning or even death.

Such scoops would not need to be located at the front of the grill.  They could be located in the rear fender where drag is often increased?  Thereby serving two functions at once,  A. Decreasing drag and thereby increasing efficiency.  B. Decreasing exhaust flow back pressure.

Such servo intake flaps/duct flaps mentioned above could actuate above a certain speed.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

How did I think of this?  By analyzing the tailpipes of modern American cars and coming to the conclusion awhile back that the tailpipes should not be concealed behind and above the rear bumpers.  Just a bad idea.  And I don't want to speculate about who got in automobile engineering and favored ascetics/fashion over human health.

Monday, December 17, 2018

We are seeing it first hand in the United States 12 17 2018

We are seeing it first hand in the United States 12 17 2018

"When the wrong people are getting rich in your country; your country suffers!"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

The Real Split Personality 12 17 2018

The Real Split Personality 12 17 2018

Do you want to know who the real split personalities are?  Just watch how someone acts and talks after they have one drink!  That is a completely different personality.  It is one that has no inhibition for saying things that are spoiled and mean.  It is as if the devil lying underneath inside of that person is unmasked once they have that drink.

That is the real split personality.  So what is it's normal persona?  It doesn't really have one.  It just has a subdued base of satan.  What is normality for it is something it can't stand.

Just like that University of Virginia Study that found that most people would rather give themselves an electric shock then be alone with their own thoughts.  This person gets away from their own mean and evil thoughts by having a drink and putting it on other people.

That isn't the type of person I like to be around.  I like to be around people that are true whether drinking or not drinking; and the conclusion here is that the person who drinks is not true when they are not drinking.  One of the 17 out of a 100 with brain damage that is basically loitering in and among the human race.  Defiling it as best they can in the name of money.

Give a mentally retarded person a chemistry set and they will use it to make more mentally retarded persons.  And that is what alcohol chemistry is.  That is what pollution based chemistry is.  Create a living environment from it via global warming that only a mentally retarded person ie an animal can live in.  And that is extinction of the human race.

It took a asteroid destroying that animal basis on earth to bring about the human race.  Which means it is unlikely to reform once it is gone.  Perhaps today only 1% of us have a human conscience.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

We should have had Free Health Care long before the Concept of Legalizing Marijuana was put in place 12 17 2018

We should have had Free Health Care long before the Concept of Legalizing Marijuana was put in place 12 17 2018

Where is our national leader Donald Trump on issues like this that are important to the health of our Democracy?  He is in baby faced tit for tat, he said she said, land.  That is the only thing he is good at.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Reverse Immigration 12 17 2018

Reverse Immigration 12 17 2018

I strongly believe in a concept called Reverse Immigration.  Why?  Because a lot of the people who are here and the people who are coming here do not believe in Individual Rights and the United States Constitution.

Only the brave tell the truth.  And this is the home of the brave.

I believe we need Reverse Immigration in order to preserve the sanctity of humanity.

The United States was not meant to be, "Where is the next border-less human mind we can consider to be our father."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Sunday, December 16, 2018

When I was a kid 12 16 2018

When I was a kid 12 16 2018

"When I was a kid and somebody cheated or was bad you didn't want them to win!  Completely different demographic in the United States today!"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Milwaukee City Planning 12 16 2018

Milwaukee City Planning  12 16 2018

Is there a way that we could design Milwaukee to be self sufficient so that NO Large ships venting their bilge waste ever came into Port Of Milwaukee again?

What would it take?  Why not make it a goal?  Why not make good things your goals no matter how impossible they seam to you?

How about zero pollution discharge into the Milwaukee, Menomonee and Kinnickinnic Rivers?

You know you go into an interview for a job in Corporate America and they are great at talking to you about what your goals are in life.  But look at the gestalt of the above?  Those who make it to the top and are asking you about goals don't have any positive long term vision for America or the cities you live in.

They want to know about goals on the individual level to see how much of a yes person you will be?  Only so that they can see if they can easily manipulate you because of your circumstances, you have a family, you are a single girl in the city, you have no family in the city??  How can you be capitalized?  That can be determined by what you plan on achieving as an individual.

Think I am wrong?  No I'm not.  Look at the above pollution.  Look at how long the Clean Water Act has been in place and not enforced.


Let the witch hunt go on and be expanded.

What is that surname?  Does it really come from Kahn?  As in Genghis Kahn?  Mongrel hoard?  Special privileges in the Bible for the priests?  Only the Priests named Cohen could eat the food that was sacrificed to the altar.  Which tells you what?  Think about it?  That religion is a big smoke and mirrors circus in the Bible.  The person behind the veil supposed to be a God or Lord; but who is eating YOUR FOOD!  And that surname did indeed get privileges in the Russian Empire too?   Profound implications with regard to WW1 and WW2.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

No Hard Working Honest American wants to watch a Juvenile Delinquent Halftime Show 12 16 2018

No Hard Working Honest American wants to watch a Juvenile Delinquent Halftime Show 12 16 2018

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

On Michael Cohen sentenced to 3 years? Looks like witch hunt got a witch! 12 16 2018

On Michael Cohen sentenced to 3 years?  Looks like witch hunt got a witch!  12 16 2018

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Wouldn't you think that if you were born visually impaired or mentally retarded that 12 16 2018

Wouldn't you think that if you were born visually impaired or mentally retarded that  12 16 2018

Wouldn't you think that if you were born visually impaired or mentally retarded that you would be so happy to be alive that you would never seek drugs and alcohol at all?

Unfortunately I don't believe that statement holds true, I believe the opposite of it is true.


Recent stats I read say that 17 out of a 100 children likely have some form of mental retardation from fetal alcohol syndrome (mother (or likely father) drank while pregnant or during conception or just before that)

Lets say that alcohol was used by mainly that 1 out of 5 Americans.

Weighing the cost of that to our society compared to the benefit those who you would think would just be happy to be alive...

In other words, if a primarily mentally retarded person needs it to be is that something that the world should support?

I think it is something to be prohibited.


And at what level of Prohibition would be needed?  It is illegal to research bombs, right?  What if it were illegal everywhere in the world to publish, share or possess alcohol brewing, fermenting, etc. recipes?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

I wouldn't have cared had  you not bothered me for my human soul.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

If Trump were a woman 12 15 2018

If Trump were a woman 12 15 2018

If Trump were a woman and did exactly what he has done in office so far, given us all that double talk, ete etc.  He would have been impeached a long time ago.  The American people would have recognized that for what it is!  If all that mouth were coming at the American people from a woman we would not have put up with it.

Something like, "I paid off two jigaboos that I slept with.  But that doesn't matter."

We would have been in shock and appalled.  And if it were a "she" she would have been impeached.

I would like to think better of him than that, but he really doesn't give me cause to.  What is he trying to accomplish?

Where is the integrity required to create greatness?  It isn't there.  It's conniving shyster.  It's tit for tat.  It's you didn't do what I told you to even though it is illegal, your fired.  It's tax breaks for the rich who got that way from Corporate Welfare.  It is dealing with foreign nations in secret and possibly a treasonous manner.  It is ask him an important question and you don't get to come back to ask more questions.  It is the machination of put a fake reporter in a news conference to ask a dumb question so that Trump looks smarter or stronger when he dismisses them.  The hard working hard thinking American public has had enough of being dismissed by the likes of him.

If he were a woman we would recognize it for what it is and he would have been impeached.

But they won't impeach anyone because it sets a precedent whereby they would have to put viable and strong minded candidates in office and on the ballots.  So it will not happen.

What did he bring to the office of the President with him?  Personal problems?

If he were a woman we would all be saying "What is wrong with you?"  "How did you ever get that far in life?"  "What are you doing here?"  "Don't you realize what you are a part of?"

I really think that this country has had enough Politicians from New York.  It is very obvious that State does not and has never had the same values as the rest of us.

And yeah immigration is a problem.  So you want to foment it and start a war with Mexico?  How many Americans are Mexican and we would have a big problem?

And what happens when you put up a wall and start mass evictions?  You end up with people that are living in Concentration Camp like situations just over the border.  And that could foment into WW3 like it did in Europe?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Health Care and the Commercial American Diet 12 13 2018

Health Care and the Commercial American Diet  12 13 2018

You would think that with the Commercial American Diet causing you to produce so much stomach acid that routinely screening Americans for Esophogeal Damage from reflux acid would be standard; in order to prevent related heart attacks and death.

If we indeed had the best health care in the world that is how it should be.  I believe that America should strive to be the greatest in matters like this.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Simple things like this that men in power would not have overlooked.

Flash Fiction Short Story 12 13 2018

Flash Fiction Short Story 12 13 2018

In her long voweled voice the psychiatrist said to Tom, "So tell me Tom, who are these mythical black people you say are talking to you?" 

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Stadium Electricity 12 13 2018

Stadium Electricity  12 13 2018

I wonder if the members of the team were forced to downscale to common jobs they were most capable of doing if the money from their labor would even be enough to pay for the electricity used in powering up a stadium and its lights.

Something like that was what I was thinking.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Maybe if they were allowed to use Performance Enhancing Substances they would be able to win with regard to that idea?

How about a Wall Street office building?

On Work 12 13 2018

Does a waiter or waitress work harder than a personal trainer at a gym?  That is the way I see it.  In terms of actually miles walked per day.  Perhaps the better question is could a Personal Trainer even be a waitress?


Is a Porn Star really working or are they just whoring around?  Being paid to do just what she loves to do?  That is what would be said in her defense?  What if there was a 100% tax on porn income?


A child's mind is imprinted by that of its parent.

On the hard working single mother.  So woman's husband is a no good retard drunk and is just gone.  She is single and has a son.  How often does she think of sex?  And what happens to that son's mind?  It is being imprinted by hers even when she thinks of sex.  That son's mind ends up in the queer barracks.


A mentally retarded person is being taught to inverse imprint from a human mind.  They are cursing that human mind.  That mentally retarded person actually believes that they are working!  What am I getting at?  Ask a mentally retarded person why they are not working and they will lie to you.  That lie is a delusion!  Ask someone whose mind is being tormented by the mentally retarded demonic why they are not working and they are telling you the complete truth!  They would be kept up all night until they were no longer able to work as the mentally retarded inverse imprinted their skill sets.  How long can someone live without sleeping?  No longer than 1 1/2 years.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

"Gee, can we buy you a $5 Latte?  How about a glass of wine at the local coffee shop?"


So a woman applies to work at an office job for a factory.  The employer makes unreasonable expectations of her.  Makes her believe that she can't do the job.  And then tells her he will pay her $50 to make a porn movie in back.

We know what she is.  She is victimized in the matter.

But what is he?  A mentally retarded man with a criminal mind?  And I have long stated they are the exact same thing.

And is it only gentiles that are victimized in this manner?  I believe that is true.  It is what I think.  And I have a much more narrow definition of what a gentile is.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I don't believe that Sharing Your Thoughts should ever be considered an exception to your right...12 11 2018

I don't believe that Sharing Your Thoughts should ever be considered an exception to your right...12 11 2018

"I don't believe that Sharing Your Thoughts should ever be considered an exception to your right to Freedom of Speech."

Sharing = whether written or vocalized word.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Is it therefore a complete violation of your right to freedom of speech for someone to drum out/overpower your inner voice and thoughts; your human conscience? (perhaps via technology assisted means?)  I believe that without a doubt it is.

If "you" have a belief why not express it via written or vocalized word?  Because you already know ahead of time no one would ever like you?

After reading about Gun Control Laws in Foreign Nations I asked myself 12 11 2018

After reading about Gun Control Laws in Foreign Nations I asked myself 12 11 2018

"Should a queer need to purchase a license to be a queer in the United States?"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Monday, December 10, 2018

By Definition a Homosexual...12 10 2018

By Definition a Homosexual...12 10 2018

"By Definition a Homosexual does not have thoughts like any other "man" does."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

How to Justify a Cluttered House 12 10 2018

How to Justify a Cluttered House   12 10 2018

"Who wants to be a busy body with no artwork, barren walls; all they really value is a bottle or wine or whisky."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

I view History Differently 12 10 2018

I view History Differently  12 10 2018

The first question I ask is, "Who was likely a crypto retard with high verbal ability from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

WW2 History 12 10 2018

WW2 History 12 10 2018

I asked the question who was the leader of Poland before WW2.  And the answer is somewhat interesting but not definitive.

Poland fought Russia in 1920 in the Polish Soviet War.  WW2 didn't start until September 1st 1939.

Nazi Germany invaded Poland in September of 1939.ław_Mikołajczyk  It was Stanislaw Mikolajczyk that helped Poland become more Democratic after the War or lead in that direction.

But it was this guy who was in charge of Poland up to and during the War.ózef_Piłsudski

In WW1 the Russian Empire was defeated by the Central Powers and the Central Powers defeated by the Allied Powers (U.S. sided).

In WW1 Jozefs

And why did Communist Russia call Poland- White Poland?  To call a country a white country implies that you are a black country?

It puts Trumps confirmed ties with Russia during the election in a different perspective?

So 85% of the founders of Russia were Jewish per Putin.  And Russia indeed attacked Poland.

But the U.S. had long been allied with Russia?  Why?  Because it was Russian Immigrants with a learning disorder who formed the Purple Gang and attacked a key provision of our Constitution that they elite in this country loathed?  The Eighteenth Amendment!


So when you look at who is for unconstitutional gun control (really big part of how our Freedom was attained and our democracy of the FREE was formed, when you look at who is likely pro drug legalization,  
And the question that begs an answer is, "Do Jews have a natural propensity to want to degrade a Democracy into a lesser form of Government, if not completely destroyed?"  Are there commandments in the Bible to that effect?  Yes, they are commanded to destroy a country that worships idols.  And they are commanded to not rebuild it.  So indeed is that the perception of a country that has a President as a leader?  That President represents an idol to them?  And hence they feel they have a jihad to destroy it?

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Humor 12 08 2018

Humor  12 08 2018

"She say's things like she is getting away with something and you can't figure it out."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

If we didn't give Any breaks to Corporations somehow wouldn't the Individual achieve a higher standing? 12 08 2018

If we didn't give Any breaks to Corporations somehow wouldn't the Individual achieve a higher standing?  12 08 2018

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

We could make them pass through shells.  Whereby the money from them flows straight to the employees at a standardized national wage.  Any profit goes directly into a distribution system to able mind and bodied Americans?

An attempt to elbow something out of here; something the Bible might term a sloth?

Friday, December 7, 2018



So on the AXIS side you had Italy, Germany and Japan.

On the Allied side you had Great Britain, the U.S. and Russia, plus other European Countries that go their nations back from Hitler.

And this is just a summary.

But the point being is so the U.S. defeats Germany with a big help from Russia.  How then does the United States become the enemy of Russia?

One could say that they were never really allies in the first place?  Not really true because they fought the same enemy.

Then what is true is that the United States fought alongside an enemy of the United States against another enemy of the United States?

You would think that Russia seeing that the U.S. helped them in WW2 might not have targeted our Democracy in the cold war?

And I can hear what the official answers to this question would be.  A long drawn out, it is really this way and really that way.

But even after listening to that, whatever that would be, it would seem that the answer isn't big enough for the question.

And there might indeed be a key to philosophy.

"Is the answer big enough for the question?"

So indeed when you are learning about history and the answer isn't big enough for the question what does it mean?  That part of the answer is being hidden or deemphasized?
I don't like it when important questions are allowed to go unanswered.

And I know the U.S. didn't mind Russian Immigrants but didn't like Eastern Europeans? 
And it was indeed Russian based organized crime immigrants that helped defeat the 18th Amendment in the U.S..

And you had Kennedy wanting to make a joint flight to the moon with Russia.  Does that make sense?  Inter Continental Ballistic Missile Data and science would be shared with them.
 So then you ask yourself.  They are propagandized as our greatest enemy at that time and we are sharing that with them?  But at that time you also had the U.S. in Vietnam.  We were told we went their to stop the spread of Chinese Communism?  
But what is Communism?  You work in that dam factory.  That factory pollutes the living environment.  You pay them slave labor.  They sell into the U.S. cheap goods like a drug dealer first gives away free drugs?  Communism never ended in China?  The threat of it never ended?

So why do you have leaders in the U.S. siding and supporting foreign nations rather than attempting neutrality?


Okay here it comes.  What I wanted to say about George Bush but didn't.  The younger of the two stated his father was the greatest man he ever knew?  Somehow Americans really don't care that the younger advocated torture?  You can't get any more unconstitutional than that.  You can't get any more satanic or horrific than that.  And that right there is what ties in the commonality that all of the above have with one another.  It is the answer big enough to fit the question.

I didn't think he was a great man.  I thought he was part of something that didn't belong here.  Every time one of the above loses an election I get a sense of relief.  But the sad part is that people like that have a cult like following.  So where do they come from.  Estimates are that 17 out of a 100 have some form of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  What type of leader does that cater to?  One that has no concern for the truth.  Because in a true world the lame fool that contradicts themselves left and right doesn't earn any money or maintain wealth.  And we should not even need to have a meritocracy for that principle to hold true.  So what is that cult following?  It is really simple, "I vote for him because I know he is a crooked shyster just like me."  Other than that none of them have ever been able to tell me why they like those individuals as leaders.  It is like the king on the chessboard has a hollow noggin.

"Who are you voting for?"
"I am voting for the guy with the hollow noggin because he is just like me."

And women have confidence in that type of guy to, because some of them have that hollow noggin too.  Same reason as the males that vote for them.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

So Bush is stated to have regretted sending men off to war in the Middle East.  He also always wanted to be a painter and then painted pictures of men who were in the war.  Is it just me or do you see a self serving spirit of alcohol at play there?  Kind of like a hippocampus that isn't connected to any other brain part and is the consistency of a stale doughnut? 

Do you know what the best medicine for the country would be?  To take away the medicine of alcohol from all of the above. 

And I like the book of Leviticus in the Bible where the God tells the people that if you don't obey his commandments you will end up being vomited out of a country he lead you to anew. 


Leviticus Barred the Walleyed from serving the Sacrifice to the Lord behind the Veil 12 07 2018

Leviticus Barred the Walleyed from serving the Sacrifice to the Lord behind the Veil 12 07 2018

That is right the word Walleyed is used in the Bible!

I didn't even know that the word had a meaning other than the fish named Walleye.  But the fish likely got its name from the medical condition in humans!!!

An eye with a bluish white iris or opaque cornea.

It can also refer to an eye that turns outward from the nose.

I have asserted many times that when you look at the photographs of people who have committed crimes a great percentage of them are WALLEYED.  Meaning one eye turns outward from the nose.  It also has a medical term for it, but Walleyed is a lot easier to remember.

In Leviticus absolutely no freaks were allowed to serve that sacrifice of meat!  None!  LEV 21 16:23

In the Bible in this book it also states that those who commit incest and male homosexuality should be killed.  And the law reads a lot differently.  It reads that THE DEATH WAS CAUSED BY THEMSELVES.  It also said that the Jewish People were not allowed to be Seers or Mediums, it used specific terminology.

"A man or woman who acts as a medium or fortune teller should be put to death by stoning; they shall have no one to blame but themselves for their death."  Leviticus 21:27

And after all that the wording of Leviticus is rather specific too.  It says if you fail to follow my commandments you will be flushed out of the nation that I led you to as if you were vomit!  It actually used the word vomit!  LEV 20:22

Also a priest shall not have a bare crown of the head.  Lev apparently blamed that on themselves, probably is true for some reason.  I have often speculated that a man who performs cunnilingus might be more susceptible to oxidation of testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone and that being the cause of baldness.

And who was Molech?  This one is interesting.  The word means MILK KING!

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Thursday, December 6, 2018

I don't like Photographs of Women asserting their adulthood with a drink in their hand 12 06 2018

I don't like Photographs of Women asserting their adulthood with a drink in their hand 12 06 2018

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Monday, December 3, 2018

Humor 12 03 2018

Humor 12 03 2018

I saw a sign that read all you can eat Taco's for ~$10.00 and thought to myself, "I think I have had enough Tacos if I spend $5 for them anywhere."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Quote 12 03 2018

Quote 12 03 2018

"You can't hide something from yourself."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is a Closet Full of Clown Car Midgets sharing a Megaphone 12 03 2018

"The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is a Closet Full of Clown Car Midgets sharing a Megaphone."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Haven of Truly Antisocial People being the Precept of thinking about people in Business Terms 12 01 2018

The Haven of Truly Antisocial People being the Precept of thinking about people in Business Terms 12 01 2018

And that right there forms the framework of the crux for undoing itself.


I would think that it would infuriate a wealthy businessperson that their child was born good for nothing.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Women Voting Rights, Work Experience and Marijuana Legalization 12 01 2018

Women Voting Rights, Work Experience and Marijuana Legalization 12 01 2018

I believe that in States where Marijuana was legalized it was become women voters voted for it.  I would contrast that to the idea that women voters supported the Eighteenth Amendment and Prohibition.

So what is the difference or shift?

It is the Corporate Legal work environment isn't it?  That wrench your life and soul to enrich a Corporate King takes its toll on women and that is why they want the substance to use?

The fact that you can't do the same job as men without needing that substance points at inequality.

But that isn't really what I am going after in target.  I don't like the Limited Liability Corporate concept.  I don't like women using drugs that causes disease and birth defects.  I don't like women or men being stressed out like that in order to feed an inhuman machine.  I don't like the unhappiness it creates here.

So what is really going on?  We are attempting to compete with foreign nations on everything on our fair basis whereby they do not have fair basis of production in their own countries and it is dragging the people of the United States through the God Damned Mud!  It is the Corporate Limited Liability Divine Right concept that makes it all look like everything is equal sports.  When it isn't true!

And look how the Jolly Hielaman gets his way!  Make our country go through hardship via that competition until everything that should be considered illegal is legal and he bears no accountability for the money he takes from the public.  Sell a cancer causing cigarette that kills people you are really just taking money from the public and killing them at that same time.

You people want to label someone like me as being antisocial, when in reality I am of stronger moral and righteous principal than those who can't see the above or are duped by it or settle for it as being?

Another tool that the woman stressed out and using substances wants to say about men in order to prop herself up and gain more rights than them, like pot?  Say someone that talks down to them in a lecture manner is really antisocial?  And then go smoke some weed.  I have reasons I don't like people that I don't like.  Most people do?  I believe that I should never have to take the time to articulate the reasons I don't like someone because the reason that I don't like them should not be allowed to exist.  (meaning brain birth defects from alcohol leading to all manner of ill behavior.)

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Basically I want to take away the wealthy retards legal shield.

Women in Politics and Voting 12 01 2018

Women in Politics and Voting 12 01 2018

Are women voters more likely to be duped by an evil woman (with a hidden agenda) that is a political candidate vying for office and vote for her naively; more so than a bonafide man would be duped to vote for her?

And here is a really good question for some newspaper reporter making a lot of money with a lot of time.

Have women politicians in the United States on average sought to deceive the public more so than men?  I believe that to be true.  But I believe if we had real men in Politics it would be even more true!

A real man doesn't say, "Look at all the shiny new buildings with my name on it, too bad we don't have places to house the homeless veterans.  Too bad we can't find money for that effort."

Or how about taking a poke at a mayor or county executive, "Look at the billion dollar stadium I take credit for being built and the new skyscraper I helped the creation of.  Now. Now. Now. It is just too bad we can find or have money to feed those homeless.  That is the individuals problem not mine; their leader."

Here is another straight power jab I thought of.  A county executive on the public payroll seeks to have a new skyscraper fully constructed in Milwaukee so that when he buys a $3 million dollar home the transaction isn't noticed?  Where the money came from isn't brought into question.  The query of that falls in the shadow of the much larger building.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

The Concept of Religious Operations in your nation really acting on the behalf of a Foreign Government 12 01 2018 updated

The Concept of Religious Operations in your nation really acting on the behalf of a Foreign Government  12 01 2018

Our Founding Fathers knew of this and attempted to protect us against with the Separation of Church and State in the Constitution.  Also with the provision of a President not having to undergo a Religious Test in order to become President.

So how could you tell?  The MONEY FLOW!  There should never be money flowing out of our nation that was collected by a religion to a headquarters in a foreign nation.

Also there should never be a concept which has its basis on foreign government divine right operating in your nation that serves to transfer money out of your nation.  And that concept that exists is the concept of the Limited Liability Corporation.  It is really the equivalent of Divine Right and is transferring money from our nation to make other nations much more massive and powerful than us.

We also see it with politicians supporting religious views in Government and not really being able to explain that viewpoint; not even in the simplest manner.  Has the question of, "Why do you believe that?" truly been able to be answered by them?  Okay what does that amount to?  Again it amounts to Divine Right, meaning I don't have to be accountable to the public for "Whatever Reason" in this case a religious basis that they can not articulate.

Can we therefore say that a religious insurrection into the United States made the Communist Country of China and economic powerhouse?  Yes.  But our leadership will never see it that way.  They would squirm by the seat of their pants to understand it and failing that use that unaccountable double talk that is common today to dismiss.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy


Lets say that a Currency Futures market was set up and those who profit to the extreme from that world wide system might live in the U.S. or might have dual residency.  That would be the religious concept of our Nation and form of Government really being the equivalent of that of other foreign nations?  An imposed delusion upon the U.S. with the impetus to for that same faction to lessen the U.S. to prove it being true?  When in fact the Constitution has the right to set the value of foreign currencies in the United States.  It means we have the right to say what foreign nations are worth in terms of exchange.  It means that when a foreign nation has been found to compete unfairly or corruptly with us... a loophole where we do not have to pay them!  Has it occurred?  You better believe it.

And are you trying to tell someone that is cursed by the voices of demonic retards in his head that there is a race in this country has more money than other races here because they deserve it; you can't sell me on that idea concerning me when that is true.  It completely invalidates the concept of one currently defined race being better than any other.

What is a schizophrenic?  They are a member of a currently undefined race that is superior to those who were born of sour grapes (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Brain Deformation).  "All men are created equal."  It means we don't bow to the whims of those who worship a queen.  It means, "Listen bud you worship a queen, you act like a woman, and you are a dictator,.." did the Constitution define some men as being unequal?  Initially it only gave blacks 3/5 votes and women none.

I really need to ask the question, and I do believe in women's rights, you can see that by what I wrote of the women who was sexually harassed while working at Planet Fitness...but if women had never been allowed to vote would our country be in much better shape today?

Were women for the 18th Amendment more so than men?  Probably?  I think of my Grandmother breaking the alcohol bottles my Grandfather hid and him eventually dying of Prostate Cancer.