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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Inventions Needed 02 28 2013

Inventions Needed B 02 28 2013

Why on earth can't they line a galvenized metal garbage can with a layer of plastic like a plastic garbage can is made out of?

Is the reason being that it would be waterproof and last forever? It could indeed be lined on the inside and outside.

Every single one of those plastic garbage cans that I ever bought cracks.

How easy it would be to clean out a plastic lined galvanized garbage can. Not only that, it would make an excellent rain barrel. In addition it could have a foam insert that would prevent expansion of ice in the winter from cracking it.

Many people do indeed have problems with ice slicks that form after snow melts off the roof and freezes on driveways! The winter rain barrel solves this problem.

It could be made so that the layer of plastic did not make it prohibitively heavy.

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Inventions Needed 02 28 2013 Fish Paint

Inventions Needed 02 28 2013 Fish Paint

A paint that flakes off like a fish scales rather than cracking and peeling. As it is sprayed on it forms a layers of fish scales. Nothing can indeed penetrate underneath the scale.

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New Blog The Psalms of David

The Psalms of David

When I was a boy and at various times in my life I asked my father what Jews believed in. He answered me that Jews believed in the Psalms.

When I was a boy in Catholic school I was told that the Jews did not believe in Jesus Christ a Jew but David as their Savior. The name David itself means the blessed one. So what indeed made David the blessed one?

David is indeed credited with writing over 3000 Psalms. What is a Psalm? It is a song or poem to be sung to God. What a beautiful thing to do! To give children a framework with how to talk to God. Without this framework fo Psalms that indeed praise God Children might indeed talk or sing to God in a disturbing manner.

It is said that there are only the Psalms that are written to be called Psalms. But that is not true. If one were to analyze the content and verse of the Psalms in the Bible might one be able to update the psalms with regard to modern times? It would be done using the same structure and ideas in the ancient psalms but in order to reflect known knowledge of relegion?

In order to do so one must read and understand the original Psalms. And if indeed a person has voices that rudely talk to them in their heads and distract them from earning a living based on their own skill sets as implied by the Parable of the Talents in the Bible, then one has every right and duty to write their own Psalms as to how those of lesser inteligence are to talk to them non-verbally?

So as I am reading the Psalms I see that I like what I read. Then who is it that believes they can talk to a God without reading the Psalms or prayers. Are there indeed Jewish children that are taught to talk to God without reading the Psalms- in a chaotic manner designed to confuse, defeat and subvert the will of God?

Interestingly enough the Bible clarifies what the term "They" means for the reader. Every Schizophrenic that has ever gone to see a psychiatrist is questioned about whom they mean by they. Not only that they are riduculed and the use of the term "They" is used to diagnose them as mentally ill. Those, they are those that the Psalms are addressing with regard to their manner or living, moral conduct or wickedness.

Psalm 2 of the Bible

The writer of this Psalm is stating that the King of Israel at the time (That means a human being) is the representation of God on Earth. So this is indeed not Jesus Christ because Jesus was not a Government leader of Israel. So here right of the bat it is believed that there is no seperation of church and state. This is a declaration that the Political leader of the nation of Israel, a King of a Monarchy?, is indeed also God!

Why was it done? How else do you get the unruly to behave without punishing them if they do not have the fear of God? In other words if you do not fear me, do you fear me if I am God? It is really someone giving themselves or granting themselves the rule of dictatorship over a population. That person is being granted to have the right to rule as if he were God?

Why does one need to call themselves a God? What does a person need the title of God to do that they otherwise would not have the authority to do?

Psalm Number 3 gets very funny after reading and understanding Psalm Number 2

Psalm Number 3 is written by David. And it is written as if he is running for his life from the people of Israel who rose up against him!!!! So indeed DAVID did have the same problem that Jesus Christ did!

I don't know if I have to read any more Psalms than that to understand Jewish belief because I agree with it!

Psalm Number 4

Psalm Number 4 uses the phrase "You People" It is a Psalm by the Jewish God David. Interestingly enough whenever my father got mad at my mother and I he would scold us with the term "You People." My father has been dead for over a year as of today 02 28 2013 and as I read that phrase in order to understand beliefs he is right back with me! A tear comes to my eye.

I ask myself how these were sung as songs? What melody did they have. Have the Jews indeed preserved the melody of the Psalms?

Verse 5 in Psalm Number 4 states, "Tremble and do not sin; upon your beds ponder in silence." That means I am trying to sleep so do not talk to the Lord anymore. I did indeed develop what was labled to be schizophrenia through one entire year of sleep deprivation while I lived in Chicago and worked as an Associate Equity Research Analyst. Interestingly enough when I was in high school my humanities teacher made an emphatic point as to how those who torture people do not like it when they go unconsious. Indeed there is a song from the Talking Heads that has the lyrics about keeping a baby up all night. And it is indeed known that was is termed Schizophrenia is caused by sleep deprivation. I once heard a Jewish neighbor say to me under her breath as she was walking away from me, "Were keeping you up all night!" You get used to it, and indeed you just figure out that if God wanted you to die you would die and you just nodd off to sleep with those of verse 9 of Psalm 4.

The writer of the Psalm also states, "The Lord hears when I call out!" That means don't bother me because if I get angry at you others will be too!

Offer fittting sacrifice. That means give me something highly commensurate for all this time you are bothering me from earning a living.

Interestingly enough if you offer a burnt piece of meat to the Lord he can indeed cut off the burnt part and eat it in his tent. The burnt offering makes a good wrapper. I mean inside the meat is cooked good and you are going to cut off the outside anyhow.

In verse 7 they want to know what the Lord, as we have already come to realize is a human being, looks like. But then in verses 8 and 9 they go back on it and say he is better than those that drink wine. That the thoughts of him let them sleep securely.

(It is best that you have a Bible handy when you read this or should I write more of the Psalms I am speaking about?)

The last verses of Psalm 4 (7-9) for congruity to writing.

7 Many say, "May we see better times! Lord show us the light of your face! (We already know that the living God traveled and slept in tents.)

8 But you have given my heart more joy than they have when grain and wine abound. (This is indeed denegrating alcohol!) (Add this to the Bible and Alcohol.) It is a statement that the intleect of the Lord is better than those who drink alcohol at parties.

9 In peace I shall both lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me secure


Psalm 5

In Psalm 5 accredited to David you see that he is backpeddling again on calling himself both Lord, God or King! It reads like he is in deep 5417. That he is about to be executed.

Then in verse 5 David is stating what the Lord should not do to him.

Verse 5: You are not a god (lowercase) who delitghts in evil; no wicked person finds refuge with you;

Verse 6: the arrogant cannot stand before you.

Verse 7: you destroy all who speak falsely. Murderers and deceivers the Lord abhors.

I like this next one Verse 10: "Their throats are open graves; on their tongues are subtle lies." There is a lot of subtle and yet highly profound meaning their.

In these next versus David is indeed redeclaring that he has lost the power over his people. That he is indeed powerless.

Verse 11 Declare thgem guilty, God; make them fall by their own devices. Drive them out for their many sins; they have rebelled against you.

Verse 12 Then all who take refuge in you will be glad and foreever shout for joy.

Verse 14 For you, Lord, bless the just; you surround them with favor like a shield. (In this verse "14" David is indeed trying to appeal to rational minds. David created this Psalm as a means to evoke the rational minds of people. It is indeed a call of repsonsiblity to them! To base thoughts of action on sound morals.

Psalm 6

This is more of David indeed pleading for mercy and also telling them that they face vengence from the Lord.

Psalm 7

In this Psalm it appears that a Benjaminite named Cush is after David!

Psalm 7 Verse 2 Lord my God, in you I take refuge; rescue me; save me from all who pursue me,

Verse 3 Lest they maul me like Lions, tear me into pieces with none to save.

This would indeed seem to be a reference to the Roman Empire and them sending people to dye by the lions? Is the meaning here that David of Israel fears being thrown in a lion ring? Does the Benjaminite Cush indeed keep lions like this?

Verse 5 If I have repaid my friend wih evil- I spared even those who hated me without cause-

(After that first hyphen David is indeed remembering that he was a good man! is the exact same thing I experience every day- those who hate me without cause. Jesus Christ did indeed have the same problem- he was hated without cause.) I am starting to believe that the Jews hated other people without cause? It reads like the frantic thoughts every schizophrenic experiences when people get mad at them and they try and reason why!

Verse 6 Then let my enemy pursue and overtake me, trample my life to the ground, and leave me dishonored in the dust. (Here he is saying well then go ahead, (it is also very similar to what Jesus Christ said with Turn the other cheek.) God ahead and kill me for the life of me I can't understand what I did wrong. By the way many of the feeble minded in the world use that exact same defense! But you can tell by reading these Psalms by David that he is not one of those.

Sections III and IV contain a beuatiful and what seems to be very sincere defense. They are not the words of a bad.

Verse 13 Seems to imply that David has been taken captive and is calling for God who has bows and sharpened arrows to come and get him.

But section V of Psalm 7 is the most telling

Verse 15 section V Psalm 7

Sinners concieve of inequity;

Pregnant with mischeif,

they give birth to failure.

(This is every thing I am always saying about THEM. That they drank alcohol and got pregnant through and that is indeed the nature of satan it is not like what we traditionally consider normal it is failure! Jesus called them Yowsabouts!


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How to Make a Caesar Salad 02 28 2013 Update #2

How to Make a Caesar Salad 02 28 2013

1 Heart of Romain Lettuce
1 T of Mayo
3 Sardines ( I used Sprats from a small Russian Grocery store)  They come in a can like sardines.  Don't use smoked ones because they cause prostate cancer.
Pinch of salt.

Wash hands thoroughly and touch nothing but food.

Start the water running in your sink at a temperature you are comfortable rinsing at- slightly cold.

Rip off one leaf of lettuce and quickly rinse it off under the tap water.  Fold it in half rip it in two and another two and through it in the large mixing bowl.

Repeat until whole Heart of Romain Lettuce is Gone.

CORRECTION: The actual method is to cut off the whole base that holds the leaves together. Fold in half and rip that in half each leaf after rinsing.  Three pieces will go into the bowl- two ends and a folded in half and almost broke middle double section.  Then drain the water out of the mixing bowl before sadding dressing.

Put one tablespoon of Mayo into a small coffee cup.  Put three Sprats in the cup too.  Add a pinch of salt.  Take a fork mash up the sardines and mix them with the other ingredients.

Add this to your salad bowl.  Take a leaf from the salad bowl and wipe out the cup with it and throw it in your salad bowl.  Toss it all around with your clean hands until all leafs are coated and sit down and eat.


Preparation time?  VERY VERY FAST.

Alternatively you can also add  pressed garlic to the dressing in the cup.  About every other or every three salads.

I once bought three hearts of lettuce for $.99 cents.  That is $.33 for the salad lettuce.  The canned sardines are more expensive.  You can hope to cover them in a plastic bag and put them back in the fridge until you use them again but have not had much success with this- don't eat salad every day.

Also you can add spices of your choosing to the salad and other common salad ingredients.  Those crunchy chow mein noodles work very well.  Sliced Vidalia Onion rinsed in water and crunched with rice vinegar is also a good ingredient.  Sometimes a good crouton or throw some bread crumbs on taste good too.  If you buy a tomato you can use half on the sub recipe one day and half on the salad the next.

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I did not have the Sprats today so I used a clove of pressed garlic, a tablespoon of mayo, a pinch of salt, a pinch of Galangal, and a pressed chunk piece of pineapple as my dressing.  Not too bad.

Future Law 02 28 2013

Future Law 02 28 2013

Any person who is found not to have their own human soul or higher thought capacity will not be allowed to have a CONTROLLING amount of money.  You can't have it because you won't do any good with it.

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Picking a New Pope 02 28 2013

How can we expect the next Pope, as chosen from a group of Cardinals by a Group of Cardinals who were complacent with horrific crimes by the Church to be any better than he was.  I swear I would like to take an aircraft carrier over there or better yet a Navy Destroyer class ship.  That is right, and I will give the orders to open the cannon door hatches and let loose on Vatican City?  What is that like Cartoon World for the Satanic who claim religion?  In business and that is what the Catholic Churches actions amount to, they often hire outside the firm when the company is chock full of useless sycophants and here is what Jesus a Jew of the Bible would call them and I have trademarked the term in Wisconsin ----   YOWSABOUTS.  Jesus was a Jew and the Catholic Church was right there with Adolph.  I knew an Italian (They were part of Axis forces too.  He was mentally retarded.  I washed dishes with him at a restaurant I worked at while in High School.  The owner wanted us all to be nice to him.  He was very scared.  He would just stand there and glare at everyone.  All he could do was open the guillotine like door to the industrial washer and close it.  He would just stand there glare at you if you told him to do anything else.  What’s the point?  If they were stuffing Jews or Schizophrenics in the gas chambers today he would stand there and glare at them as they were going in- no questions asked.  And the members of the community would say, “At least he has a job?”  I have to wonder, with the propensity of the Italian American to be involved in organized crime in the United States- are they all like the dishwasher or the fascist Italians of the Axis forces?  Because one has to resort to a life of crime it does indeed mean that one cannot compete fairly with the sons of men- that is an indication of mental retardedness.
I would tell you of a black boy I worked with too but don’t have time.
The Germans have their beer the Italians push the wine and alcohol back on America and forced us to repeal the 18th amendment and the kids come out like that!  The blacks have their good ole ripple too.  They got it from the Catholic Church when the Moors (blacks) invaded Europe?  The funny thing is, there are not too many blacks in Europe.  The seemed to have gone away at the same time the Burial Groups or first corporations came into being.  Where are all those blacks buried in Europe?  You know as well as I they all got black jacked over the head and buried by the Italian Burial groups (corporations.)  And what happened after that?  We had the rise of the Health Care industry in the United States to the detriment of the United States Citizen.  We also had the rise of health insurance.  All we really need to be insured against are those selling us the insurance. 
But if a concurring force of war concurs Europe and you at some time off them one by one- is that really genocide?  Bottom line concerning that- I live in my home and don’t you bother me.
And one of the most recognizable pieces of propaganda artwork in the world is Jesus Christ offering everyone a glass of wine.  Read your Bible more carefully than that with what it really has to say about alcohol and what Jesus meant at the last supper.  It has not been taught correctly.
What is the first thing those castle babies and are born in a pile of beer mash realize?  They figure out that they do not have higher thinking capacity and then seek to be accepted by the religious criminal order of our society who splits the souls of the children of men so that they can hear their thoughts.  And then the Adolph’s of the United States Elite figure out that they cannot stand to hear all that thinking that isn’t theirs anymore so they create the Eugenics movement to sterilize those who have higher thought capacity- children of men.  They feed that literature to Nazi Germany, the Castle league finds a figurehead Adolph Hitler and the Pope was right there with him.  Then you have Germany split.  And the rise of the pharmaceutical industry as a means to lessen the burden on the mind of the beast who was not raised to think for itself during childhood but believes it can as an adult and he gets to victimize the son’s of men and put them on medicine.  Read the Gospel of Nicodemus with particular attention to the motivation for killing Christ as well as the scene whereby one of the beast sons thinks he is actually smart like Jesus.  

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PS. The secret reason that the Elite molest children is that they do so to make a connection to that mind that they hear thinking!  In complete monkey ape jealousy they want to own those thoughts!  Why because they are devoid of the capability.  They have a mean case of adaptive mental retardation.  That is why every child molester of any age should be put to death!

I am not a child molester.  Do I worry that I could be reborn to somehow be one after I die and therefore I would not want to be put to death right away for being a child molestor?  No.  If for some reason my soul was put into some whiskey mash womb and I was part of that creep race and put to death right away for doing so.  I would still come back because I believed my body would be restored like the Catholic Church says?  I would not want to live my lifetime with that guilt on my mind anyhow.  Who would?  Maybe a monkey that looked like a complete normal human.  And if you believe in reincarnation it means your soul is reincarnated into a new body.  My soul does not change.  So I know that I could not be born a child molester unless of course I was in a whiskey mash whores womb- and was born that way.  Go ahead put me to death then- if that is what I am reborn to be. If you don't have your own human soul you will not be reborn into a human body.  It is one of those apples and oranges comparisons they like to use inappropriately in the financial industry.

Do you know what people that hate those labeled schizophrenic want to do to them?  They would put a wooden box of your height and width at your front doorstep and say to you in their proud Italian moxy- is that clear enough to you?

You think that I am lying about the glares, leers and behavior indicative of mental retardation and dependent mindedness to a schizophrenic?  Take a video camera and join me for a shopping trip to the Ethnic Grocery store that puts the cigarettes before the produce.  Any grocery store that sells cigarettes should lose their license to do business.  Can consumers sue the stores that they bought the cigarettes at after they get lung cancer.  The strongest legal precedents that there are support that, same goes for alcohol and cirrosis of the liver, fetal alcoholism, diabetes and indeed breast cancer.  You won't own those grocery stores in this country because you were indeed breaking the law. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quotes of the Day 02 27 2013

Quotes of the Day 02 27 2013

"Time is meaningless, I get up and I trudge."


"You'll grow up to be called boob."


"Don't let your great thoughts fleet away from you."

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Armageddon Now 02 27 2013

Armageddon Now 02 27 2013

Everyone will be sick and dying of cancer while the freaks who were born blind, mutated and cognitively impaired are happier than ever.

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The Catholic Church 02 27 2013

The Catholic Church 02 27 2013

The Catholic Church should be:

1. Anti Gay Marriage (The Jewish God of the Bible Abhorred it, no if's and's or buts about it.)
2. Excommunicative of Gay Priests.  (Like it or not these are odd men that have the souls of women.  Ask yourself why they have a transgendered soul and if that is the future image of what humanity should be.  In Biblical times the aides virus would have been called a plague!  So who is spreading a plague like wildfire?  Gay men including Gay priests?
3. Excommunicative of Child molesting priests (and recommendation of prison sentencing from known evidence within the Catholic Church.

All of this is transgendered soul influence of the Satanic in our world.

And I will give the Catholic Church a break if the Satanic did indeed infiltrate the ranks of the Catholic Church.  But the Catholic Church needs to come out preaching against Satan if the world is to survive.  It is all there spelled out very clearly in the Bible.

Does the Catholic Church believe in what good can be derived from the Bible or does it believe in fostering a Satanic vision of humanity from the Bible.  There are two ways to go on the issue.  Just like there are two ways to go on the three issues listed above.

I am not racist against gay people and this is not hate speech.  THE GREATEST RACIST IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD ARE THE SATANIC WHO STEAL THE SOULS OF MEN AND WOMAN.  THE MODERN TERM FOR THEIR VICTIMS IS SCHIZOPHRENIC.   Jesus Christ is said to have fought demons at the end of his life; that is exactly what he had too.  He angered a lot of evil people on earth!   It has never been proven that the brain of someone labeled schizophrenic is different than a normal persons.  Should people who are the citizens of someone elses soul also be termed citizens of a country of the free and allowed to vote.  Let's see.  The land of the free means that you are guaranteed rights, the short list of them is Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Should a race, creed or religion that deprives United States citizens of these rights as a matter of Religion be allowed to vote in this country.  No!  Why not?  Because their very nature conflicts with every document written that founded this country.

I am not a killer either.  I am just trying to change the world so that the Satanic are disempowered from stealing souls, the country becomes fair again, and peace to the world.  It means exposing the Satanic at every level of our society and nothing more than that.

And if someone gets pissed at a criminal that was exposed for being a criminal the person who exposed the criminal did indeed do the right thing.  The responsibility falls on the criminal to not be the criminal and repent in every way possible in order to allay the concern.  It is like everyone in the country objecting to slavery in the south.  The south did not give it up and hence they inciting the civil war; not the true human beings that protested the notion of slavery.

Those gay people are created when the satanic drive men and women from their souls.  The victims are labeled Schizophrenic.  And the children born all over the earth have either his torn out soul or the soul of the beast woman that tormented him independent of what physical sex they are.

There may be other reasons why people are born gay but they all relate to satanic activities too; like modern everyday air pollution poisions, alcohol, drugs.  All these things screw up infants and lives.  But why hasn't the Catholic Church preached hell fire speeches against them?

The Bible tells us that at some point God will be done with all churches.  If you are a church you don't want that to happen, so you better get on the right bandwagon.  You are not going to be able to pay for all those lawsuits.  You might get more attendence if you start preaching the truth about Schizophrenia.

Catholic Church- I can't do this alone!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Class Action Lawsuit Proceeds 02 26 2013

Class Action Lawsuit Proceeds 02 26 2013

All Class Action Lawsuit Proceeds and future lawsuit proceeds of similar manner should go directly into a Government Account awaiting distribution to class action members.  The proceeds should indeed be handled independently from the lawsuit itself and the handling should be done by a Government agency.  Such agency could be created with failsafe protocol regarding distribution of such proceeds.

This eliminates the sitting on the nest provision for law firms.

It also draws honest men and women into the legal profession.

It might also be a requirement that lawyers working for the Government have no ties to law firms whatsoever.  A background clearing process would be required.

Also the legal fees for class action lawyers should be kept to a minimum and standardized value.  A lawyer who works on a case for one year should not recieve more money than most people make in their entire lifetime or multiples thereof.

As a matter of fact all legal fees should be capped.  This would bring honest men/women into the profession and also eliminate many sources of corruption.  Should a lawyer really make a choice to defend or not based on money?  The decision should be more based on whether or not he believes in the merit of the case?  What does this prevent?  A buy your way out of jail and back into the business of corruption economy.  It would effectively take the wind out of criminals sails.

And what about related party lawyers?  If it can be proven that the defendent is guilty and the lawyer bears guilt along with him; then the defense lawyer goes to jail too?  Assuming the brightest legal minds in today's standards, are made part of a family to evade or lessen the issue of capped lawyers fees.  And this would indeed that all of a lawyers personal assets be registered every year so that under the table money issues could be caught.  Would this not increase the value of the American dollar and the Abraham Lincoln penny?

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Voting and Citizen Rights Issue 02 26 2013

Voting and Citizen Rights Issue 02 26 2013

"How can you be a Citizen entitled to vote in a country while being a Citizen of someone else's mind?"

The truth is that if you are a Citizen of someone else's mind you cannot also be a Citizen of a country and entitled to vote.

Not only that if you are a Citizen of someone else's mind what right do you have to influence public policy with regard to the influence of campaign donations or lobby money?  None.  Why not?  Because you have instead chosen to be the Citizen of someone else's mind rather than the Citizen of a Country!

You can either have it one way or the other but you can't have it both ways.  And if it means that you denounce a religious belief and practice the sooner you do it the better to retain your rights in a country, as a citizen, entitled to vote.

This has more widespread, worldwide implications, than you could ever imagine!

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PS. Most great minds think best with minds that think like them, are respectful of them and also know the value of cooperation and when to listen, when to offer an idea or new point.  No man is an island.  And likely the best a brightest people to work with are those who are of like mind.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Academy Awards Night 02 25 2013

Academy Awards 02 25 2013

When Seth McFarlane (sp?) sang the song "We saw your boobs." referring to all the women in the audience that went topless for a movie scene the camera men focused on the ones being sung about.

And as it did many cringed in their seats in disgust.  It made them very uncomfortable.

But the fact is that they did indeed do it.  And they did it for money no differently than that stripper who kicks over your bottle of beer when you don't tip her.

If God ever wanted to judge the whole lot of the women in the movie industry he just did so last night!

Why?  Because not a single one of them got up and walked out!!!

It is worth repeating.


Does it bear significance as to how they got their in the first place?

And more importantly in my point of view it sends a terrible image of what a woman has to become to make it in the movie industry.

At first when I saw that I thought it was inappropriate.  But when you think about it in the terms I just stated above you realize it sends a great moral message to the people of the United States.


How can Steven Spielberg (Sp?) be a Scientologist???  He made such heart warming movies!  How can he be part of that organization?

William Shattner (sp?) reminded me of someone sitting in what is called a high chair.


I watched a movie the other day.  It was a black and white movie.  What I noticed was that the dialog was quick and the movie was filled with it from the first minute to the end. 

I watched another movie, the other day from the other day :), and it had a voice over by the director of the movie telling about his point of view of the scenes.  This movie is more the nature of the modern movie; visual imagery trying to represent something.  Lots of visual imagery that is made to look like artistic movements of human form and action.  It never makes the grade in my mind.  What is missing?  Maybe the point of the director is to trust the images of what you see in the world.  Trust the validity of the gestalt of what you see.  Okay all well and good but many movie goers come out of movies like that and they do not have the intelligence to figure out what you meant.  And even when you try and explain it yourself you just don't get it right.  The modern movie industry needs to rise above their own emotional blockages.  What does this mean?  The dialog explains that well crafted visual imagery without ambiguity.  You don't leave the meaning up to the subjective interpretation of the weak minded.  You do not allow the will to decide how it sees things and whether or not recognize what it sees on its emotional register.

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Who Really is God 02 25 2013

Who Really is God 02 25 2013

If you have ever studied the Hebrew language you realize right away that it is like you are walking along on an ancient path and naming and talking about the things as you go.  Much of the language has a basis in what things sound like.  (Onomatopoeia)

To read it is just beautiful because you make that connection to ancient history very quickly.

So we are walking along a path and who is God?  God is Good!  The ancient Hebrews saw someone who was GOOD and said so.

It is just that simple.

But more to the point what you have to understand about Who Really is God is Who can never be God! 

The ancient Hebrews are walking along a path and they see a person that they know is a bad person are they ever going to call that person Good or God!  No it will never happen.

This bears a lot of significance for those who seek to climb to the highest levels of Corporations as if they can be worshipped like someone who is Good.  It is  very unlikely that ancient Hebrew's would ever walk a path and stop at the house of a corporate executive of today and say Good or God.

Why not?  Because in the sincerity of creation in the language their was no element of deceit or lie or false labeling.  Languages cannot be created as words being used to falsely label it doesn't work;  accidents happen because of it.

In other words they are not going to say that man who is torture people is Good or God because it would not be Good for themselves to do so.  You say that man is Good or God and your children then are not afraid when they should be and pretty soon you are done.

And do the Hebrews of today know who is good and who isn't?  And more importantly what does it imply about oneself if one states that one person is good or god?  (They are phonetically about the same and moreso if you listen to the dialect of an Israeli.)  Two young Hebrew girls are walking along in a scary world and one says to the other Good or God as they see a man, they know that they can trust him.  And more importantly what does it say about the personal nature of their life experience?

And I do indeed believe that who was good and god and who wasn't has a lot to do with the story of Adam and Eve from the Bible and who ate the rotten fermented fruit from the apple tree that fell on the ground by the snake.  And there is a great basis in our world today that alcohol influences people to not be good.  But what I am getting at is its impact on conception and development in the womb.  Specifically I have to ask if it does not prevent a connection from being formed within brain development with regard to the frontal lobes and the area of the brain responsible for higher thinking and reasoning.

Where the ancient Hebrews able to see what such a person looked like as they walked along the path and did they warn us.  Yes they did.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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A Few Statements on the Environment 02 25 2013

A Few Statements on the Environment 02 25 2013

Money should never be the main issue as to why we do not protect our environment.

Anyone who believes otherwise was a victim of it a long, long time ago.

Nor should people who have a vested financial interest in businesses that compete with clean energy have ever been allowed to obstruct the effort in any way.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Question of the Day 02 25 2013

Question of the Day 02 25 2013

"Is the love of money really the hatred of work?"

To work means to think doesn't it!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quote of the Day 02 24 2013 We can't have a man President

Quote of the Day 02 24 2013 

"We can't have a man President because as soon as his term is done that thing with a the woman's mind takes over, ruins everything he started and makes it look like it was his fault."

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A Group Calling Itself 02 24 2013

A Group Calling Itself 02 24 2013

Did you ever notice that the media always reports terrorist events by using the phrase "A Group Calling Itself."

That is very interesting terminology. 

1.  It has nuances of people are not allowed to give themselves names. 
2.  We have the power to name ourselves and not them.

Analyze a little bit further, the ability to name things is the power of God from the Bible isn't it.  So indeed to proclaim who can give themselves a valid name and not is indeed to assume oneself a God.  To deny people the ability to form a group and give that group a name is indeed the assumption of the power of God.  It is really saying those people do not have a human face when you say "A group calling itself."  It is reserving the power to name to yourself.

It is never;

1. A group calling itself the Catholic Church molested boys.


2.  A group calling itself our Government failed to regulate alcohol and tobacco and now the innocent taxpayer has to foot the bill for diabetes and cancer.


3.  A group calling itself our responsible elected officials failed to have oversight over the nuclear industry and now we have irradiated water off the coast of Japan, in the Water supply under Waukesha County and now highly like Radioactive contamination of the Water supply under Washington state.

4.  A group calling itself our government failed to prevent mercury from contaminating the world water supply and now fish are unsafe for human consumption.

5. A group calling itself our government had no real concern for educating the American public in a traditional manner and now they can't and don't want to work.

6.  A group calling itself our Law Enforcement and Judicial system failed to further the profession by preventing drugs from becoming widespread and now their children are born with mental retaradation.

7.  A group calling themselves concerned parents said that we could not use the term mental retard because it hurt their feelings and now we are all governed by a race of monkeys.

8. A group calling itself our government failed to keep unheathly foods off the market and now mental retards are common because of the candida infection.

9.  A group calling itself our government failed to quarantine aids patients, a deadly plague, because that group that called themselves our Government were all sodomites themselves!

10.  A group calling itself the worlds oldest relegion (WOR) for short failed to allow the truly talented and truly educated to flourish in our society and in doing so incited civil unrest.

11.  A group calling itself a politcal party found a figurehead to support a hidden agenda and pulled a coup on the people of the United States.

12.  A group calling itself an orphanage (school or blue collar trade) taught boys to steal all they could.

13.  A group calling themselves a Union prevented people that they did not like from working (because of the female emotions they had for them like jelousy.

14.  A group calling themselves the Eugenics movement sterlized leaders of their schools of thought and created modern psychiatry as a front for the same movement post WWII.

15.  A group calling themselves the Republican Party lessened the function of Government to the degree that they could compete and profit in unfair, unsanitary, polluting, crime ridden, drug pushing methods.

16. A group calling themselves the Republican party allowed illegal immigrants to stream across our Texas border until our judicial system became bogged down and inneffective because of them.

What the Group Calling Themselves never really want people to know is that they never want people who have been labeled and named and stigmatized by them to be schizophrenics; to know that they are really normal and in fact much more than YOU-MANS!

I could go on and on with this by it is time to have breakfest.

Copyright  2013 Thomas Paul Murphy


Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Blog: Workers Bill of Rights: A Workers Bill of Rights

Workers Bill of Rights: A Workers Bill of Rights: In this blog I will attempt to address all issues a worker in the United States might have with regard to their rights that are guaranteed ...

Inventions Needed 02 23 2013

Inventions Needed 02 23 2013

Large frozen waffles the size of pies and slim line low profile toasters to go with them.


Those dinky freezer waffles are not very filling.  A guy likes to eat one about the size of a pie to the start a hard days work.

Not only that, there is tremendous opportunity to create nutritious value in such a waffle.  For example it could be made with barley flour and flax seed in it.  It could also be nutritionally enriched.

No man really likes to go to that toaster the second time after he has eaten two of today's small freezer waffles;  It would be best to have just one large waffle.  One large waffle should cost no more than one dollar and they could be available in packs of three; each individually vacuumed sealed- none of this freezer burn and waste issue with many of today's freezer foods that aren't eaten completely right away.

And the slim line waffle toaster that I envision would have the cooking plane horizontally orientated.  And no other waffle manufacturer or waffle oven manufacturer could make the waffles or toaster unless the cooking times were standardized to those of the original equipment.  In other words no more of the issue where the toast pops up not toasted and you put it back in until its burnt.  As a matter of fact all bread and toasters should follow the same standardization schematic; in other words you just put the dial on the color that corresponds to the same cooking color on the label of loaf of bread and you don't have an issue.  No more of the issue is the toast done or not and is it now burnt.

And all toasters on the market ought to be able to cook the densest slice of bread to browned surface in just one toaster cycle.

And you can call it the King Thomas Waffle.  But you won't, as always you will disavow any knowledge of the true origin of the idea; for it is anathema and heresy to assert ones business rights in the United States of America today.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Next Generation Military Assault Rifle Successor to the AR-15 02 21 2013

Next Generation Military Assault Rifle Successor to the AR-15   02 21 2013

The next generation military rifle will be able to fire rapidly like a machine gun but the mechanism will have to be made differently so that it is more accurate at long range.  This means that the bullet must be fired from a fixed bolt.  In order to make it also fire rapidly like a machine gun the extraction mechanism has to be made differently.  The extraction mechanism and the loading mechanism will be similar if not in a relay fashion. 

What will make the extraction mechanism different is that the back of the cartridge will grabbed around the collar at two spots with a crane like pliers head fitting that has two ~3/16" arcs located opposite each other when extracting the cartridge.  The power to the extraction mechanism will initially be independent from the gas system of the gun on the first few shots.  In other words a pneumatic cylinder will be located on the left side of the gun.  This pneumatic cylinder power the extraction mechanism.  Initially the cylinder can be charged with gas via a hand operated pump or a mini CO2 cylinder.  Post firing the gas from the barrel relay port will charge the cylinder.  The cylinder will be fault tolerant valved.

This would indeed allow a fixed bolt gun while at the same time incorporating automatic firing capability.

In addition the extraction and loading mechanism will be able to be manually operated.
The cartridge to this gun will have to be much larger than the .223 because we will not be looking to maim as a strategy of war will we be looking to decimate enemy populations quickly.  At least a .30 caliber but more on the lines of a good ole 3/8th bullet a .375.

Also I have contemplated a stacked magazine structure located in the aft section, on the side or under the barrel.  Much like how shotgun shells are stacked in receivership.  This would allow more of a slim profile like your bolt action rifle.

We have not done very well with the .223 in war.  In is more of a toy used for ethnic cleansing of our own soldiers.  It was designed to be an aircraft survival weapon.  And only the mind of a woman would send a U.S. into the battlefield with one of those.  Your current engineer could sit in a dark room for the entirety of his life with his jar of mommas Vaseline and never be able to design a working model of that.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bullying is Done by the Beast 02 20 2013

Bullying Is Done by the Beast 02 20 2013

(PS.  If Barrack Obama wanted to do one good thing for this country he would buy national air time on television and have the movie promoted by Stand for the Silent titled Bully broadcast so everyone could watch it!)

I would encourage you to publish this.  I bear no shame for being bullied!

Do I highly identify with the voices of those children I heard on a section from the movie on Wisconsin Public radio?  You bet I do!  I was stabbed with a pen in the back of my hand just like that child says he was.  I have a lot to say about bullying!!

The Beast does not do its own thinking and never has, that is the reason that it bullies other children; out of frustration for not being like them or able to listen and learn like them.

The Bible tells us of the Garden of Eden but what it does not tell you is that what was evicted from the Garden of Eden; Adam and Eve were actually the beast! They were indeed human.  But what you would think of as being most human today is really the person that evicted them from the Garden of Eden.  The Bible implies that the reason that the beast cannot think for itself is because it ate the rotten fermented apple fruit, ie Alcohol.  The Beast has always been with us in the history of the World since the Garden of Eden.  And to be fair to the person that kicked them out of the Garden of Eden;  who would want to kill their own children; better to evict them than kill them, when they have the inability to listen and act like good human beings?  So what did the beast do after it was evicted from the Garden of Eden?  It adapted so that it did not have to think for itself.  If you don’t have to think for yourself you can’t be evicted from a Garden of Eden again can you?  Why not?  Because nothing you do will ever be your fault because you did not have to do your own thinking. 

What is the personality type of someone who bullies other children and what do they grow to become as adults?  I classify them as a mean case of adaptive mental retardation or MCAMR.  When they become adults they will still not want to do their own thinking, and if you bullied child lives through all that and that long the next thing that is going to happen is that adult is going to hear the mental and technologically artificially created voices of the beast in its head!  Why?  Because they are indeed the only link that the beast has to humanity!


So you think that you are a lesser person because you were molested by the beast?  I’ve got news for you!  The term Yankee comes from people just like you in this country who would put up with that.  I got more news for you, when the Celtics fought the beasts in war they stripped all of their clothes off and came running at the beast full naked and defeated them.  Why?  Because just like a dog or monkey goes straight for the groin the beast is preoccupied with the groin of people because it knows there is something that makes it different than what we traditionally know to be human beings.  The beast cannot be one so it seeks to destroy that which is!

Because the beast does not think its own thought it does not think of new thoughts or ideas!  And that is why the revelation is so important; the beast isn’t concerned about preserving humanity and does not think in the same terms as loving and caring for a family as you do!  The beast just wants to be recognized and seen in the world as something that is better than you!  Just the opposite is true and the beast bears the greatest shame in the history of the world.

The Bible tells us in the Book of Revelation about the nature of the beast.  It uses a cryptic reference to the Book of Wisdom when it gives us the same of the beast.  The name of the beast is indeed from Chapter 6 Verse 6 Word 6 of the Book of Wisdom.  The book of wisdom tells us that the name of the beast is FORGIVEN!  The beast is indeed that which was FORGIVEN when it was evicted from the Garden of Eden rather than being killed.   Back to the Book of Revelation it tells us that in order for the beast to be forgiven it must bear the mark of the beast!  And it could either be 666 or the word Forgiven on the hand or head.  But it seems kind of odd to give someone a mark on the head that says’ Forgiven?  If you forgive someone do you have to mark them?  What is the point?  There are people on this earth that do not think for themselves.  They do not have their own soul just as Satan in the Bible is described as not having his own soul.  The Bible also tells us that Satan has the ability to read men’s minds.  So how does Satan read a Man’s mind?  By bullying him!  Does it imply that only those who were bullied are the true men in the world?  Whether it does or not I can tell you that it is true to large degree.

You don’t want your child to have to go to school with the beast?  I don’t blame you!!!!!  I will not have children until the beast has been generally recognized for what it is and kept from bullying your children!

When you are older they will want you to go on medicine because the beast that did that to you can’t live with the conscience of the act and the active conscious person of your more than human higher thinking capability soul!

The beast gets a free ride in life and it should not be that way.  The Bible agrees with me to, and says that the last will be first.  Do we have the technology to determine who does not think with their own soul?  I believe that we do.

Nobody, including me wants another halocost or even to incite one.  The Bible tells us that there are Jews who are not Jews!  So it is not a matter of religion it is just a matter of what type of state of mind you have and if yours is your own.  Believe me you would know if you did not have your own soul and heard the exact thoughts of someone else.  That is very different from hearing voices that distract you from earning a productive living with your own skill sets to support your own family.

The beast will live off of the soul of your masturbated semen, so if you become celibate in that way we all will defeat the beast.  The beast turns pale white and looks sick when that happens!  Also when you masturbate the beast builds up a greater affinity for your individual human thought.  Don’t and you prevent it from doing so!  But the fact of the matter is that you have every right to and also have what I feel is more than the right to be the ones to marry and create your own happy families.

I can tell you exactly what your child is going through if it is bullied.  Those 5417 kids will be talking rudely about him all during school; as if they know what he is thinking!  Revelation- the beast or Satan if you will as defined in the Bible does!  That is not a delusion.  When he gets older the same thing will happen in the workplace.   If you ever believed in the Bible for just one moment; believe in that.  Believe in that even if you don’t believe in any part of the Bible! 

The beast has become very smart at hiding its identity to the world, what it seeks to do is all listen to the same mind and narrow the list of victims down so that it is not caught victimizing as an adult!  So in effect if no one who knows and should speak up the beast can hide using the good personality of that one person’s soul!  The general public would never figure it out because no one would believe that one person!  That small one percent of the population one persons are labeled schizophrenics!  They are created through attrition by the beast!  If you compare the cost of society of treating a victim of the beast to the money that the beast has made from their stolen souls you realize that the beast never earned one Abraham Lincoln Penny in its lifetime!

It is a hard reality to face and live with.  I was first told of this when I was a boy and rescued another boy that was being molested by a bully.  The boy I rescued told me the next day, “I want to tell you a secret for what you did for me.   All Jews are mind readers.”

The Bible tells us that there are Jews who are not Jews.  Also I am not a racist, I like most Jews.  However I will assert the rights of everyone who is bullied in this country and also made mentally ill.

The beast are both the bully’s of our society and those who also listen and live off the souls of those who were bullied and demonized.

You are just like me concerning bullying by the beast!  You can’t conceive of how someone could be so mean to another person!  It is unconceivable!!! The fact that it is unconceivable will lead you to the process of deduction all your life trying to figure out why some people are that way.  I just think of them as being Mean Cases of Adaptive Mental Retardation! (MCAMR)

The beast has created a society whereby behavior that mimics that of animal ability are the highest compensated professions. Why?  Because believe it or not those highly paid sports professions were created so that the beast would not become depressed as a child because it can’t think for itself!  They had to give it something to look forward to!  We need to take that incentive away so that the beast has to sit still in school and listen and be respectful of other children!  And there is a lot like this that we can do with regard to the beast in order to straighten out our world before it is too late.

Your bullied child is not the one that is different, the beast that does it is!

All of my Biblical references readily verifiable.


Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Update #2 The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Quote #3 of the Day Ordinary Time 02 19 2013

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Quote #3 of the Day Ordinary Time 02 19 2013: Quote #3 of the Day Ordinary Time 02 19 2013

"You can't pay someone more money (in order) to make them a better diplomat."

Ronald Reagan pulled a bit of a coupe as he used Iran Contra dealings to win the Presidential Election.

Ronald Reagon asked the question, "What if we were under attack by an alien race."  I believe he used it as a means to justify Star Wars Defense.

But maybe the better question Ronald should have asked would have been, "How could we be better diplomats if we met with an alien race."

Carter indeed made peace in the middle east and after Reagen defeated Carter the United States no longer has its integrity in the world does it?  No it doesn't!  He did not win through integrity!

So indeed our foreign policy has not been one of diplomacy it has been one of fear based confrontation, domination and meddling.  The Republican and walled off mansion democratic policies have been the opposite of Diplomacy.  In fact the whole government process could be termed Contra-Diplomacy.  And a multi-decade history of the United States as being the Ronald Contra-Diplomacy era. 

What is the definition of Diplomacy?  It is the art of conducting negotiations.  What is the opposite behavior that has been fostered throughout our Government and propagandized on national television?  Rudeness, disrespect, unfair competition, insult and cannibalizing of human talent!

Who raises a child like that one has to ask?  That is the mentality of a taker and not a diplomat.  A taker has to take because they cannot produce.  A diplomat seeks to negotiate.  The taker principal is the exact opposite of what sustains a nation of the free!

You cannot pretend like you are conducting yourself in a respectable manner while doing just the opposite.  You can not act (Ronald was indeed a former actor) as if you are a Diplomat and have the product of diplomacy.  What you get when you try and act the part is a facade nation prone to reproach? Ronald Reagan and his own constituents was the equivalent of the Alien race that should be feared because of this very ideology!

Think of Ronald Reagan charging after windmills with a joust.  Think of all his minions defeating clean energy throughout the decades since their acting politician indoctrination by him.  Acting commander in chief means something that is the antithesis of acting!  But back then when the phrase was coined acting meant a derivative of action.  If it was thought to contain the connotation of acting that would indeed have been another subversive influence on the foundation and structure of our country!

Diplomacy is indeed the nature of peace.  And diplomatic skills are not skills that can be stolen.  You cannot act as if you are a diplomat and be a diplomat.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Quote #3 of the Day Ordinary Time 02 19 2013

Quote #3 of the Day Ordinary Time 02 19 2013

"You can't pay someone more money (in order) to make them a better diplomat."

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Quote 2 of the Day 02 19 2013

Quote 2 of the Day 02 19 2013

"I bet you could train a group of ten monkeys to play basketball five on five.  And that they could indeed beat the best basketball teams in the world.  And yet this is one of the most highly paid professions in the United States?"

What is the point or moral?  Shouldn't the highest paid functions in our society be those that could never be accomplished by an animal?  Wouldn't that foster a more responsible and true human race?

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Quote of the Day 02 19 2013

Quote of the Day 02 19 2013

"One thinks like a man and the other like a Lucy who want's the assembly line to work her way!"

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Jews Proved Jesus Christ was a God

The Jews Proved Jesus Christ was a God
How do I know Jesus Christ was a God in spite of what the Jews said about him?  The complained that he healed  on the Sabbath!  That means they claimed that he had the power to heal.  That means they were completely convinced of it!  The power to heal is indeed that of a God!  The proof is in the protest!
So he was King of the Jews!
So why crucify him?
Out of a rich son’s jealousy of him?  Such son my say, “He is a wandering peasant and I am not going to put up with that?”
The word resentment comes into play to.
Jesus cannot be said to do anything wrong and yet was the subject of hatred.  That is very analogous to schizophrenics being 13 times more likely to be the victims of violence than the perpetrators of it.
It seems in world history after the crucifixion that a fallacy of being nobility as a matter of hereditariness was created.  This has always led to bad ruler-ships that victimize others; just as they do.
A good leader can articulate and write the reasons for contemplated actions that rational minded people agree with.  A bad leader is just the opposite.  Reading and writing English are basic skills that rational minded people easily master.
The rational mind is one that draws from its own experience and from areas of its own higher brain function.  The rational mind is a characteristic (or trait) that differentiates man from animal.  You know you don’t have one if your mind is reflected in thinking to or from those you have abused or those who have abused you!  The belief in the irrational mind of oneself has been the failing of religion.
The Constitution is a rationed minded document because it articulates in writing a Government structure free people and citizens rights rather than verbally expressing falsehoods of veiled negative emotions!
Waif Ideology is- I believe in such as such because it allows me to maintain a delusion about myself.  This leads to a society of non working mediocrity.  It is a product of the irrational mind and leads to the choice of false and betraying leadership.

You might like this song===>

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Psychiatrists Who Speak out about Schizophrenia are Ostracized 02 16 2013

Psychiatrists Who Speak out about Schizophrenia are Ostracized 02 16 2013

Why because it is a cash cow in so many ways!!!

It was the exact same way in Nazi Germany when anyone questioned anything!  You were not allowed to speak out against the government.

Because psychiatrists and others working in the mental health field who speak out about Schizophrenia as being a medical fraud are ostracized and lose their jobs it tells you something about the true nature of it doesn't it!!!!

The proof is in the protest!  In other words you wouldn't think there would be any protest against rational inquiry but the fact that there is protest against members who speak out is proof that it is a great fraud!

About the only thing those psychiatric drugs do is prevent the person who is taking them from using their own higher brain functions.  Ask yourself what the vile nature of a person who would do that to another person would be? 

I mean who would care if I use my higher brain functions?  Why would any human being care if another utilized there own higher brain functions?  The proof is in the protest isn't it!

People who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia are not the ones on this earth that need to have there brain activity examined.  Those who protest against them are!!!!  We need to help all those who would seek to protest individuals from utilizing their own higher brain functions.  We need to determine what we can do for them!  People who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia have already had their minds and brains examined to every degree possible and nothing has been neither found nor proven to suggest that they are different than a normal human being.

Maybe we need to test all those who would protest other people using their own higher brain functions to see if they do indeed have their own higher brain function.

I can tell you what the solution to all of this is.  Children who show themselves to be mean in grade school and high school are going to have to be removed from the classroom and given a label that describes them as not having the capacity for higher brain function.  Is medicine the answer for them?  There might not be anything that we can do for them because they might not have congenitally developed to have their frontal lobes connected to the part of their brains that controls and is responsible for higher brain function.  They are stuck.  But what could cause such a problem like this?  I think alcohol might play a part.  But it also has an element of both hereditariness and family tradition.  I can also tell you that they are the most miserable people on the planet earth.  And people like this are very prevelant in our society; so any movement to destroy this fraud will be met with great protest.  The only way that it can happen is if a foreign country stands up for the self reliant or a religous organization such as the Catholic Church denounces it altogether as medical fraud.  Otherwise everyone who has told and fostered this lie and fraud is subject to felony conviction!  And there are quite a few!

A poem about it goes like this:

Enjoy your lives you evil shrews.
Because a lot of sacrifices were made for you.
A lot of sacrifices were made for you!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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