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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More Blessed is the One Who Can Write 02 05 2013

I have always sought to be a great thinker.  Why?  Because "talk" is used to manipulate.

Manipulation is not a social skill it is an antisocial skill.

Many people would assume that great talkers are great writers.  It isn't true.  Why not?  Because they are only great talkers because they need to manipulate for a poverty of great ideas!

Great talkers are not considered great talkers because of literary quality.  What makes a great talker a great talker has to do with non-verbal or literary traits- presentation.

Have you ever heard this construct, "We don't have a great policy but maybe we can present it in a good way?"  It means you couldn't think to write a good plan so instead you seek to talk as a matter of manipulation.

And what are we told to believe in today?  That verbal ability is a key to social skills.

I don't agree, the correlation from the heart is no more present in talk that in writing or silence.

Social skills involve emotion- human emotion.  "Social" has its word origin from society.  Talk is used to manipulate opinion and that is indeed antisocial?

What am I getting at?
We understand what you mean when you write something; when you put it to ink.  And if we need to question we question.  But when a person say's very little with great verbal skills we don't really know what they mean because they have left it open to subsequent interpretations.  The politician who wrote nothing, got elected and then proceeded to ransack the place.  People like that have their own constituencies of supporters because they are in the same fear boat with them.

It is a little bit trite but you have likely heard the expression, "I know what you said but I don't know what you meant."  In this case you have a person that cannot adequately express themselves verbally and yet wants you to believe that they have!  That is manipulation.  Or alternatively you have a person that did not have the ability to understand what was said on the level that it was spoken at.  Or alternatively you have a person who spoke the words as a matter of insult to define the listener as unintelligent- again that is a source of manipulation.

Then you have another whole  class of people in our society and it is the lawyer who was the great talker and figured out how to manipulate on paper so that the not so great listener or reader is lost in terms of meaning and indeed manipulated.  Here is where many in our society who thought that all they needed to be was a great talker find themselves at a disadvantage.  The lawyers make up the legal documents that are followed by our judicial system.

The other day I watched part of a Sean Penn movie I believe it was called Son of Sam.  He indeed played a mentally retarded character that somehow had a young daughter.  It is very implausible that a mentally retarded person would be allowed to have a daughter, so what was the movie getting at.  I watched how Sean Penn acted out the part in the movie.  When he was questioned by a social worker he gave what is called an invalid reference.  He was indeed lost in a world of Beatles albums in his thought process.  I had to really ask myself if indeed somehow the theme of the movie was that the Character of Sean Penn could not talk and think because their was another person in his soul that coveted his thoughts and sought to manipulate them so that he looked to be in wasteland world.  Maybe the analogy does not imply directly to the character in the movie, but in terms of that one scene of maybe a minute or so taken out of context it appears to be a true representation of the reality of some people who are diagnosed as being mentally ill.  What am I getting at?  I knew a young woman who worked as a legal aid.  This was when I was in high school.  She told me that every single lawyer she met was neurotic.  It was not until I was in Business School and work afterwards that I learned that some children are raised on the souls of other people.  They develop great verbal ability from the interplay of horror inflicted upon the souls that are demonized for them.  The victims of such demonization are labeled schizophrenic.  And we all know that the story called A Beautiful Mind.  Why was it termed beautiful?  Was it because of its great mathematical ability?

Think of it in terms of a hidden race trying to be one step ahead of a chosen soul they are with in order to discredit it as they attempt to believe they can become it?  It never works out per that intention because you cannot become something that by using a method that is the antithesis of that something.  An evil person cannot become good by defeating a beautiful mind.  It is therefore a delusion with regard to personal motivation that is caused by jealousy and desperation?

What am I getting at?  The verbal ability of some people is crowded out of their beautiful minds.  But do they indeed still have the capacity to write?  The Bible says, "Blessed is the one who reads aloud."  Does it mean this because it implies that those who are part of the soul of another human being learn and understand better from hearing the words as they are also learning how to read them?  It is something along those lines although I did not adequately express it.  How about this one, blessed is the one who reads aloud but more blessed is the one who can write?

Why?  Because writing allows more of a definition of words and human meaning to be learned by the mind that seeks the advantage of early verbal ability.  Hopefully it forces a hidden race to become more responsible people?

"Blessed is the one who reads aloud," is from the last chapter of the Bible; the Book of Revelation.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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