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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Class Action Lawsuit Proceeds 02 26 2013

Class Action Lawsuit Proceeds 02 26 2013

All Class Action Lawsuit Proceeds and future lawsuit proceeds of similar manner should go directly into a Government Account awaiting distribution to class action members.  The proceeds should indeed be handled independently from the lawsuit itself and the handling should be done by a Government agency.  Such agency could be created with failsafe protocol regarding distribution of such proceeds.

This eliminates the sitting on the nest provision for law firms.

It also draws honest men and women into the legal profession.

It might also be a requirement that lawyers working for the Government have no ties to law firms whatsoever.  A background clearing process would be required.

Also the legal fees for class action lawyers should be kept to a minimum and standardized value.  A lawyer who works on a case for one year should not recieve more money than most people make in their entire lifetime or multiples thereof.

As a matter of fact all legal fees should be capped.  This would bring honest men/women into the profession and also eliminate many sources of corruption.  Should a lawyer really make a choice to defend or not based on money?  The decision should be more based on whether or not he believes in the merit of the case?  What does this prevent?  A buy your way out of jail and back into the business of corruption economy.  It would effectively take the wind out of criminals sails.

And what about related party lawyers?  If it can be proven that the defendent is guilty and the lawyer bears guilt along with him; then the defense lawyer goes to jail too?  Assuming the brightest legal minds in today's standards, are made part of a family to evade or lessen the issue of capped lawyers fees.  And this would indeed that all of a lawyers personal assets be registered every year so that under the table money issues could be caught.  Would this not increase the value of the American dollar and the Abraham Lincoln penny?

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