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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Update #2 The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Quote #3 of the Day Ordinary Time 02 19 2013

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Quote #3 of the Day Ordinary Time 02 19 2013: Quote #3 of the Day Ordinary Time 02 19 2013

"You can't pay someone more money (in order) to make them a better diplomat."

Ronald Reagan pulled a bit of a coupe as he used Iran Contra dealings to win the Presidential Election.

Ronald Reagon asked the question, "What if we were under attack by an alien race."  I believe he used it as a means to justify Star Wars Defense.

But maybe the better question Ronald should have asked would have been, "How could we be better diplomats if we met with an alien race."

Carter indeed made peace in the middle east and after Reagen defeated Carter the United States no longer has its integrity in the world does it?  No it doesn't!  He did not win through integrity!

So indeed our foreign policy has not been one of diplomacy it has been one of fear based confrontation, domination and meddling.  The Republican and walled off mansion democratic policies have been the opposite of Diplomacy.  In fact the whole government process could be termed Contra-Diplomacy.  And a multi-decade history of the United States as being the Ronald Contra-Diplomacy era. 

What is the definition of Diplomacy?  It is the art of conducting negotiations.  What is the opposite behavior that has been fostered throughout our Government and propagandized on national television?  Rudeness, disrespect, unfair competition, insult and cannibalizing of human talent!

Who raises a child like that one has to ask?  That is the mentality of a taker and not a diplomat.  A taker has to take because they cannot produce.  A diplomat seeks to negotiate.  The taker principal is the exact opposite of what sustains a nation of the free!

You cannot pretend like you are conducting yourself in a respectable manner while doing just the opposite.  You can not act (Ronald was indeed a former actor) as if you are a Diplomat and have the product of diplomacy.  What you get when you try and act the part is a facade nation prone to reproach? Ronald Reagan and his own constituents was the equivalent of the Alien race that should be feared because of this very ideology!

Think of Ronald Reagan charging after windmills with a joust.  Think of all his minions defeating clean energy throughout the decades since their acting politician indoctrination by him.  Acting commander in chief means something that is the antithesis of acting!  But back then when the phrase was coined acting meant a derivative of action.  If it was thought to contain the connotation of acting that would indeed have been another subversive influence on the foundation and structure of our country!

Diplomacy is indeed the nature of peace.  And diplomatic skills are not skills that can be stolen.  You cannot act as if you are a diplomat and be a diplomat.

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