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Monday, February 25, 2013

Who Really is God 02 25 2013

Who Really is God 02 25 2013

If you have ever studied the Hebrew language you realize right away that it is like you are walking along on an ancient path and naming and talking about the things as you go.  Much of the language has a basis in what things sound like.  (Onomatopoeia)

To read it is just beautiful because you make that connection to ancient history very quickly.

So we are walking along a path and who is God?  God is Good!  The ancient Hebrews saw someone who was GOOD and said so.

It is just that simple.

But more to the point what you have to understand about Who Really is God is Who can never be God! 

The ancient Hebrews are walking along a path and they see a person that they know is a bad person are they ever going to call that person Good or God!  No it will never happen.

This bears a lot of significance for those who seek to climb to the highest levels of Corporations as if they can be worshipped like someone who is Good.  It is  very unlikely that ancient Hebrew's would ever walk a path and stop at the house of a corporate executive of today and say Good or God.

Why not?  Because in the sincerity of creation in the language their was no element of deceit or lie or false labeling.  Languages cannot be created as words being used to falsely label it doesn't work;  accidents happen because of it.

In other words they are not going to say that man who is torture people is Good or God because it would not be Good for themselves to do so.  You say that man is Good or God and your children then are not afraid when they should be and pretty soon you are done.

And do the Hebrews of today know who is good and who isn't?  And more importantly what does it imply about oneself if one states that one person is good or god?  (They are phonetically about the same and moreso if you listen to the dialect of an Israeli.)  Two young Hebrew girls are walking along in a scary world and one says to the other Good or God as they see a man, they know that they can trust him.  And more importantly what does it say about the personal nature of their life experience?

And I do indeed believe that who was good and god and who wasn't has a lot to do with the story of Adam and Eve from the Bible and who ate the rotten fermented fruit from the apple tree that fell on the ground by the snake.  And there is a great basis in our world today that alcohol influences people to not be good.  But what I am getting at is its impact on conception and development in the womb.  Specifically I have to ask if it does not prevent a connection from being formed within brain development with regard to the frontal lobes and the area of the brain responsible for higher thinking and reasoning.

Where the ancient Hebrews able to see what such a person looked like as they walked along the path and did they warn us.  Yes they did.

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