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Friday, February 15, 2013

Quotes of the Day 02 15 2013

Quotes of the Day 02 15 2013

“The organized power of mental slavery now controls our State and Federal Government.”


“We send all of our mined metal to China in scrap so we have to mine more in Wisconsin?”


Television and Violence

“For all of the violence of television it has never provided you with a moral as to why mean people are mean!” – They don’t have the capacity for higher brain function.


A College Education implies a progression of knowledge I think as I look as say, “You can’t even do simple tasks!”


“What did you do to all the nice girls?” 

“You made them all into men didn’t you!  Just like Jesus Christ joked about Apostle Mary!”

“They didn’t survive!  You gave them drugs didn’t you!”



Diabetic Defined

“A needle marked wimp.”


“Somebody came to fight me, got beat up and now they are mad!”


Robot Head’s philosophy of intelligence and class, “Go suckle on Bubbles; it will make you smarter.”


What does it lead to?-

“The constrained vocalizations and sentences of a chimpanzee!”


The instinct of a money changer;

“What he tells you on the phone has no legal implication.”


World hunger;

“There are 1000 seeds in a packet of lettuce seeds and they are good for ten years if kept in the refrigerator.”  Loose quote from Wisconsin Public Radio guest author  “Square root gardening.”  Mel Bartholomue (Sp?)


“I have my two dollar packet of lettuce seeds and you are not going to starve me to death in a greater economic depression!  Satan- you will lose in America!” Thomas Paul Murphy



My thoughts on interview commentary by Alert Jack (Sp?) on his new book, Phantom Hitch Hikers and other Tall Tails.

The fact that Winston Churchill was indeed a confirmed member of the druid society adds a complete knew perspective to World War II.

Druids have an affinity for trees as their belief and liked to have wood around them at all times.

Is it to always serve as a reminder that they themselves are monkeys when compared to men?  Does the belief create a greater or lesser sense of responsibility with regard to the human race.  And indeed the Free Mason’s are said to be very similar to the druids in some manner.

Druids were the goons that preceded organized government in Great Britain.  In today’s parlance they would be considered the equivalent of what you see on the zombie poster targets at the rifle ranges.

When Winston Churchill declared victory after WWII he gave the two fingers up and three fingers down symbol.  That is the Druid secret sign!  It was misinterpreted either intentionally or not to be a V and a symbol of victory.  It wasn’t!  So the fact that it was the Druid Symbol is like a child gloating that it just got away with something very bad that he himself incited in some other secret way!  You can not convince me of anything different than that.

Druids were known to take a man out in the forest and restrain them.  After that they stuck a knife in their chest and were thought to be able to read their future from it.  Has this indeed translated in modern history to men molesting boys?  Adolph Hitler is rumored to have a small penis.  Do modern druids molest boys so that they can read their futures in the same way? 

And indeed it has been confirmed in Africa by a school that found a boy raised by monkeys, all the monkey that also has an affinity for trees likes to do is reach out and molest other monkeys.

72 names of Gods in the Jewish Religion.

Without bearing any hatred towards you in any way, you know that I am right about this don’t you!  Was Hitler’s anti Poland propaganda pictorials and stout polish men emasculating men?  Yes it was.

Are paintings of the English and Irish Conflicts- of English men emasculating and raping men?  Yes they are!  Can we call that druid behavior?  And not only that does having an affinity with primates that live in trees, ie the druid society, imply a lack of higher brain capacity.  A lack of higher brain capacity equating to the majority of the human soul?
Did Ireland, America, Germany all go to war with Great Britian at some time?  Yes!  And we very well know why the United States did.  Although that is something they will try and obfuscate in the history books.

What would something that lacked higher brain capacity and has an affinity with trees fear more than anything else?  Guns!  That is indeed why it is a guaranteed right in our Constitution!  On the flip side, do those who lack higher brain capacity seek to destroy and kill those who have it and should they not be allowed to have guns based on that?  Not clear.  But depends on what type of person they are.


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