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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Next Generation Military Assault Rifle Successor to the AR-15 02 21 2013

Next Generation Military Assault Rifle Successor to the AR-15   02 21 2013

The next generation military rifle will be able to fire rapidly like a machine gun but the mechanism will have to be made differently so that it is more accurate at long range.  This means that the bullet must be fired from a fixed bolt.  In order to make it also fire rapidly like a machine gun the extraction mechanism has to be made differently.  The extraction mechanism and the loading mechanism will be similar if not in a relay fashion. 

What will make the extraction mechanism different is that the back of the cartridge will grabbed around the collar at two spots with a crane like pliers head fitting that has two ~3/16" arcs located opposite each other when extracting the cartridge.  The power to the extraction mechanism will initially be independent from the gas system of the gun on the first few shots.  In other words a pneumatic cylinder will be located on the left side of the gun.  This pneumatic cylinder power the extraction mechanism.  Initially the cylinder can be charged with gas via a hand operated pump or a mini CO2 cylinder.  Post firing the gas from the barrel relay port will charge the cylinder.  The cylinder will be fault tolerant valved.

This would indeed allow a fixed bolt gun while at the same time incorporating automatic firing capability.

In addition the extraction and loading mechanism will be able to be manually operated.
The cartridge to this gun will have to be much larger than the .223 because we will not be looking to maim as a strategy of war will we be looking to decimate enemy populations quickly.  At least a .30 caliber but more on the lines of a good ole 3/8th bullet a .375.

Also I have contemplated a stacked magazine structure located in the aft section, on the side or under the barrel.  Much like how shotgun shells are stacked in receivership.  This would allow more of a slim profile like your bolt action rifle.

We have not done very well with the .223 in war.  In is more of a toy used for ethnic cleansing of our own soldiers.  It was designed to be an aircraft survival weapon.  And only the mind of a woman would send a U.S. into the battlefield with one of those.  Your current engineer could sit in a dark room for the entirety of his life with his jar of mommas Vaseline and never be able to design a working model of that.

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