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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crime Families in Wisconsin 02 07 2013

Crime Families in Wisconsin

You either don’t see their faces at all or they look like they are leering and jealous of customers.  That is not a happy employee.  Your own family members think working and living with you is a living h311.

We had to make the restaurant inspection business ineffective just so you could stay in business.

We also had to repeal the 18th amendment because.

1.       You couldn’t compete and resorted to crime.  (Is your natural nature one of mental illness that you support through the escapism alcohol provides.)

2.      You couldn’t be happy without alcohol.

3.      Your wives would be miserable without alcohol and would never stay with you!  (I also find it very interesting that Milwaukee was once considered the beer capital of the United States and it also where the first motorcycles were produced.  In other words you all drank and the men had to have a means to get away from the wives and sons on the weekends.)


Everything about your presence in Wisconsin has lowered our standards to that of a third world country.

Even your own families cannot stand the sight of you nor the offspring of your family that are candidates for them to marry.

You resent the intelligent and responsible adult human being like he is a species greater than a human being!  That is the lie that the ancient fathers of religion sold to you to!  There is no legitimate or legal way for you to get around that reality is there?

Son’s and daughters in your family are driven to be gay because of the horror of you!  Your projected hatred voids them of the concept of traditional man and women love in marriage. 

Like a cat toys with mice to teach its young you also have to create unfair advantages in our world in order to make you offspring happy, and your criminal influence appears to have encompassed the entire state of Wisconsin and the nation in criminal control.

You like to claim to run establishments that are upscale businesses but that isn’t true.  Most of your customers do not look elite, they look at act like wealthy criminals who resent the day that they were ever born.

Most people who make it through college on their own think very little of you.  To them you represent a blight or obstruction that have been forced to get around to live semi productive lives.

You want your children to believe that they could be successful at any activity and branch out in life but they nature of your anti-competitiveness tells everyone including them that it isn’t true.  You don’t belong in Wisconsin or the United States and you never did.

You want your employees to believe in themselves but we both know why they never can and never will.

Some people would give every drop of their blood to see you leave Wisconsin and the United States altogether.  It would be very interesting to see what country would accept you!  If you have so much to contribute to society you would think they would be recruiting you away?  Get serious no-one likes you, you’re a great burden everywhere you go.

No-one that you truly respect, admire or idolize has ever liked you and never will!

You don’t care about the health of the people that live in a state or this country.  If  a health club wanted to obtain new members the first thing they will see and notice is your MCAMR (Mean Case Adaptive Mental Retardation) son’s and daughters there to ruin the experience for them.  And that increases the health care costs in the United States tremendously. People don’t exercise because no-one likes to be around a spoiled child in the body of an adult.  But you have had your fingers buried in health care till between the Government and the citizen for far too long and it is another source of ill gotten profits for you!

I thought it was just a phenomenon with men.  But I also see how your daughters represent the most sick headed and spoiled element of our society.  Any honest American seeking to get themselves in shape would be revolted by the presence they are greeted with never more than two seconds after they enter the front door, of really any type of business controlled by you and populated by your ilk.

Do you know you what the standard method of flirtation of your daughters is?  The belief that acting like a heathenness spoiled brat is cute.


Do you know what your popularity on television has amounted to?  It is always the same, finding a commonality with the audience by legitimizing less that human being situations as something they should not feel guilty about.  It is really a feeble expression of your helplessness in life isn’t it!  You like that more than anything- the belief in futility!

That is right, you pandered to the American public time and again that they do not nor should not feel guilty about exhibiting less than the least common denominator of human behavior. (And you made billions from it!)  Why did you do this?  Because you do not feel comfortable around people that seek to step above that level.  Why not?  Because you yourself cannot compete at the standard of humanity.  It is unattainable to you because of the nature of your intelligence and the way you were raised.


How did you get ahead in this world?  Through who you know, not what you know.  And we look around today and what do we find out?  You don’t know anything and never did!  You wouldn’t ever have the strength of character or courage to admit that though.  Why not?  At best everyone of you has the mind of a female animal!

How old are you?  60,70,80 and you have the personality characteristics of spoiled brats; spiteful, rude, mean and jealous.

The Bible calls you Gods favorite children because of this.   It goes one step further though and you don’t want to each what it really say’s about you and where and how it is written, it calls you, “The Beast.”

The only way any of us are going to survive is if your males get a D mark on the forehead?  And the females a more polite D on the wrist?  We already have the technology and capability to determine who the beasts are in our world.  Yes we did figure that out but the revelation of it will never happen and because of this all technology progress in the United States has been greatly obstructed.  And a different technology that is used to destroy the responsible of the human race will indeed be the end of all of us.  How?  It is like the guy who keeps shaving his head until one day he realizes that he can’t grow it again if he wanted to!  You have created an environment of pollution and waste in the world that will prevent human beings from being born.  Was it your belief that one day you would act responsibly?  What a great delusion of yourself you have been allowed to maintain in belief!


Who was it down from Chicago that said you would do the impossible?  Was it Michelle Obama or Rahm Emanuel that said that?

You did the impossible already.  You legitimized the marriage of those who carry a deadly plague, when in reality they should have been quarantined a long time ago!

Why did you legitimize this?  Because you are such a failure in our world that as a father figure you have to go to great lengths to keep your screwed up family members happy- including putting the lives of all human beings on earth at risk!

You have not contributed anything great tour society and you know it.  Nothing of greatness came from you because you do not think in terms of greatness.

You think in terms of coveting and then subjectively taking the ideas of the great in our world.

Your think that being a man means to threaten those who are.  Your males do not have the souls of men and they never did!  They think like and are guided by what amounts to the whims of evil hags!

It is a good thing for this world that you started bothering me because I had no problem with you until you did!  And there are a lot of people in this world who would give their lives in a heartbeat to see you and the horror that you do unto others gone!  It doesn’t make any sense to evict you because you would just regroup.  So we are going to have to discredit you!  You will bear the mark of the coward for the betterment of humanity.  And you will be forced to get it!  And you better stop and ask yourself if there is anyone in this world that loves you and will miss you because if you resist you are likely to be killed in the struggle.

Do you think this is a deranged belief?  No, no it isn’t it is straight from the Bible the religious text of the entire world that we, or most of us were taught to live by and believe in.  Do you know what the Bible say’s of those who get the mark?  You will be the forgiven ones!  That means those who are not forgiven or get the mark will be killed.  So you are going to want to get that mark.  Forgiven and 666 the mark of the beast mean exactly the same thing, but for now I will not tell you why or how, I will wait and see if you try and repent and redeem yourselves.


What happens when we allow the criminal minded to flourish?

1.      Communism and slave labor.  Communism is really tyrannical government.

2.      Then in power emotionally retarded start victimizing and killing others out of jealousy and in genocide.

3.      Living conditions that no longer support human life.  (The bald guy that shaved his head and is no permanently bald phenomenon.)


The aid’s virus is thought to be a monkey virus.  There has been no responsible action to stop the spread of it.  In fact the opposite is true, by some well thought out logic, in his study?, Barrack Obama decided to say gay marriage is okay!  Here is a man who had a dead beat father shoving that down the face of the American public.  He has indeed condoned the behavior that has led to the spread of the deadly plague virus.

What are you going to do when that monkey virus creates “Children” crawling out of your women’s wombs that look like hairy Chimpanzees?  Are you going to have love them as you do mentally retarded children or are you going to take an axe to them right away?  I know what you will do already.  You will love them because they are your cognitive equivalent and creation.

You have taken the world back in history to simplify your own living.

Okay so you believe the aids virus is not a big deal?  Do not the weakened immune systems of these people and already viral compositions of their bodies create the proper incubation environment for other viruses and plagues?  Yeah you didn’t think of that did you because that would be responsible thought and you are void of that capability.


When was the last time you saw an employee that didn’t look miserable.  In fact everyone on television today looks miserable!  You would say that I should enjoy it just for that fact, but that is why I don’t enjoy it and neither do a lot of people enjoy watching projected misery.

As to your small business employees:  You would beat a human being that your raised to be a monkey because it acts like a monkey in front of a customer!  Read that sentence over and over why don’t you!

Can you think of any other country in the whole entire world that has the prevalent element of White Trash that the United States does?  You have never offered any solutions to this, just that you or it is a reality we must coexist with.
Do you need to worry about Barrack Obama and Shapiro of the White House killing American Citizens abroad?  No.  Why not?  Because he is killing them in the United States already.
Did I write any of this?  Did I want to is the better question and the answer is no.  I just want to be free.
Here is how one sings after they have been hit by one of these weapons.
Buy track number 17 to always remember.
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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