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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Suicide Rate in the Middle East and Snipers 02 07 2013

Suicide Rate in the Middle East and Snipers 02 07 2013

What Commander in Chief could live with this on his conscious?  Bring them all home today Barrack.

What legitimate CNN news host could live with this on his conscious without bringing in a 4 or 5 star general and vehemently interrogating him for an answer as to the cause?

With regard to the sniper who was killed by the war veteran.

1.        Post Traumatic stress disorder people are not themselves.  That adult self was shocked from them in the battle zone.  And you do indeed wonder who has it now? What is the point?  He comes back from the Middle East half done in.  That means he was likely demonically possessed when he killed the sniper.  That is indeed the way of the satanic to make a criminal out of a victim of soul theft.


2.       Snipers are a different bread of solder they go out in the woods or battle zone alone. I had a business professor at UW Milwaukee who was a former sniper in Viet Nam.  He had kind of screwiness about him.  One has to wonder about friendly fire.  If there was a man serving in the Middle East and he knew that solders did not die by enemy fire but by what amounted to friendly fire he might have indeed suspected a sniper. What is my point here?  How do we know all of those solders died by suicide?  How do we know the bullet to their heads did not come from a sniper?  Do you know what the decorated sniper reminds me of in this case?  The nature freak that thinks it can live with the grizzly bears and it found in their pile of 5417.


3.       Change of point of view. I have been hunting with people who just looked like they have gone screwy in the head.  Once a guy fell back behind me on the path and looked like he was about ready to fire upon me.  That is a different breed that somehow wants to blame everyone else for all their lives problems.  When in reality they are the cause of them or the way they were raised.  I can give you a little background on him, his mother gave his sister a book of witchcraft to read while she was in High School.  Her boyfriend burnt a cross on their front lawn one Friday Night and yelled devil out of the car window.  And the mother told us that a Jewish woman told her that she was definitely Jewish.


4.       Here is a man who was in an environment where people are killing themselves every day.  He comes home to the United States and is faced with a person who he might believe is very good at playing the most dangerous game in the Middle East.  I cannot discount the validity of his personal experience and how it related to him at that moment.  Some of us who have been around psychotic people can indeed sense when something bad is about to happen.  If this man who killed the sniper and his friend sensed that?  Or did he not sense and act on the impulse of the thought of another person that demonically possessed his soul?  And I can tell you through the wholeness of my heart I want to hear the stories of other soldiers who benefitted from the snipers in your face treatment.  We know for a fact that the Middle East is for some reason a killing jar for U.S. servicemen in terms of suicide.  Did this soldier freak out and think that the snipers treatment program was a U.S. version of that?


There are over 200,000 homeless veterans in the United States and the VA only has facilities for 12,000 of them.  Bull5417.  I drove through those VA grounds in Milwaukee and I can tell you that most of those buildings on the hilltop are vacant!  Bull5417!  This is subjective genocide!

The first scene that we saw in the IRAQ war was an United States Apache Gunship destroying a U.S. tank command unit through friendly fire.  That was a message by the Satanic to the Satanic of the United States and the world in my humble opinion.

You want to earn your news stripes?  I have never seen one of you ask questions with heart on television.  I would like to see you grill a 4 or 5 star Middle East General on what is going on over there!  I don’t care about some distraction affair I want to know about those U.S. boys.

Do you know what is even more odd?  How come we are not seeing parents and girlfriends protesting that their loved ones are in service in the Middle East?  I know what you are thinking, they never believe that their husband or son would commit suicide, what if that is still true, but there is a technology that facilitates them committing suicide?  Don’t say that I didn’t tell you so.

Barrack wants to be able to kill Americans overseas?  I really don’t want to live in a country with a commander in chief that does not express concern over the lives and health of these young men.

Do you know what everyone used to say?  Support our soldiers support our soldiers.  How come we do not see Support our Veterans?  200,000 of them are homeless.  Many of them have alcohol and drug problems that they developed in the Middle East WHILE SERVING IN THE UNITED STATES MILITARY!  That indicates a criminal command structure.  There are no if’s and’s or but’s about it, that is all it can be!  Those commanders cannot be said to earn their stars or stripes when this is the result. Many of those veterans are diagnosed as mentally ill when they are really traumatized.  So you have to ask yourself what business’s benefit from all of this?  Healthcare, Insurance, Funeral services, pharmaceuticals, the list of the sicko’s that profit from this is much larger than that.

The question becomes, “Home come when you bring them home they don’t have a home?”

And then the question becomes where is the American honor and integrity in all of this.

Is it just me or is this a very important issue that is being ignored by our religiously controlled or ancient tribal government controlled media empire. 

You can call me an odd black sheep because I say it is important.


I worked at a firm in Chicago in 1991.  It was called First Analysis and was located on the 96th floor of the Sears tower.  They couldn’t stand me.  Under their breath they would insult me.  Do you know what the favorite insult that the President of the firm said about me?  One day he said, “This guy is not one of us.”  And another day he thought it was funny, something to joke about, that I had, “Heart.”  I know what they difference is between you and me.  My thinking is based on love and caring and that is called heart.   Your thinking is based on causing pain in the souls of other people for money.  I have always thought the same exact thing about the Investment business after my experience in it, “These are people with a mean case of adaptive mental retardation!”

Stock brokers had a nickname it is called the customers man.  What does it really mean?  That they are good for didly.  Jesus Christ would call them Yowsabouts.  The greatest investment ideas do not come from within the bricks and mortar of the Investment Houses they come from the souls that are lost to the customer’s man.  I am not the first person on the face of the earth to know and believe this.  When you look at the definition of Vampy on Wikipedia you will find that there is someone that equated the customer’s man with a Vampy.  What is a Vampyr?  It is a type of person that does not have their own soul and draws life from the disembodied eggs and seeds of human beings, if you want to equate that with the term Semite, so do I.  And all of that is indeed consistent with the definition and references to the Satanic in the Bible.

I am relaying the validity of my personal experience to you. I am 46 years old and I am throwing punches off my back foot as I am going down, one of them is going to stick.


And after all that, I can tell you that I am not a racist.  I like all people.  What I believe is that there has to be a reason in desperation or adaption to life with others that people resort to that evil behavior.  It has to be like something about themselves that they cannot help.  They would just offer that they are different by explanation.  Maybe they like to see the world out of others eyes rather than their own?  I accept you if you are this way, but we should not have to accept acts of criminal behavior by you.  Your problem should not be so great that you find you have to survive among the rest of us?  If it is maybe we will come to love you even more, like a parent loves and cares for a retarded child more than ever?  See, don’t I offer you a peaceful solution?

I have been around a long time.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

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