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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Psychiatrists Who Speak out about Schizophrenia are Ostracized 02 16 2013

Psychiatrists Who Speak out about Schizophrenia are Ostracized 02 16 2013

Why because it is a cash cow in so many ways!!!

It was the exact same way in Nazi Germany when anyone questioned anything!  You were not allowed to speak out against the government.

Because psychiatrists and others working in the mental health field who speak out about Schizophrenia as being a medical fraud are ostracized and lose their jobs it tells you something about the true nature of it doesn't it!!!!

The proof is in the protest!  In other words you wouldn't think there would be any protest against rational inquiry but the fact that there is protest against members who speak out is proof that it is a great fraud!

About the only thing those psychiatric drugs do is prevent the person who is taking them from using their own higher brain functions.  Ask yourself what the vile nature of a person who would do that to another person would be? 

I mean who would care if I use my higher brain functions?  Why would any human being care if another utilized there own higher brain functions?  The proof is in the protest isn't it!

People who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia are not the ones on this earth that need to have there brain activity examined.  Those who protest against them are!!!!  We need to help all those who would seek to protest individuals from utilizing their own higher brain functions.  We need to determine what we can do for them!  People who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia have already had their minds and brains examined to every degree possible and nothing has been neither found nor proven to suggest that they are different than a normal human being.

Maybe we need to test all those who would protest other people using their own higher brain functions to see if they do indeed have their own higher brain function.

I can tell you what the solution to all of this is.  Children who show themselves to be mean in grade school and high school are going to have to be removed from the classroom and given a label that describes them as not having the capacity for higher brain function.  Is medicine the answer for them?  There might not be anything that we can do for them because they might not have congenitally developed to have their frontal lobes connected to the part of their brains that controls and is responsible for higher brain function.  They are stuck.  But what could cause such a problem like this?  I think alcohol might play a part.  But it also has an element of both hereditariness and family tradition.  I can also tell you that they are the most miserable people on the planet earth.  And people like this are very prevelant in our society; so any movement to destroy this fraud will be met with great protest.  The only way that it can happen is if a foreign country stands up for the self reliant or a religous organization such as the Catholic Church denounces it altogether as medical fraud.  Otherwise everyone who has told and fostered this lie and fraud is subject to felony conviction!  And there are quite a few!

A poem about it goes like this:

Enjoy your lives you evil shrews.
Because a lot of sacrifices were made for you.
A lot of sacrifices were made for you!

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