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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Desperate Odd Eugenics 02 07 2013

Desperate Odd Eugenics 02 07 2013

1.       Judaism was a form of Government.

2.      Catholicism was an offshoot of members of Judaism and a belief that shaped Governments.  In fact it was the subtle form of protest that defeated the horrific Roman Empire.  We have been duped by the History books for far too long.  The Roman Empire was not holy and it was not something that should have been glamorized in the history books.  It was the breeding ground for a psychotic race of people that have plagued human existence ever since.

3.      The Constitution is therefore a religious document that abdicates personal responsibility.  Every time the Constitution has been attacked it has been a defeat of humanity.  Including when the amendment the created prohibition was repealed!

4.      What is the Government of the United States today?  Desperate odd Eugenics.  Or DOE for short.

How did it get this way?  It happened in the wake of WWII. The elite class of the United States needed to maintain their wealth status as well as the cognitively challenged by alcohol power structure.

So how did they do this?  They figured out a technological way to prevent human beings that were leaders of schools of thought of the cognitively challenged by alcohol to keep from being able to think or believe in themselves.  They did this so that their lesser offspring would not feel sad about themselves every miserable day of their MCAMR lives.  MCAMR stands for Mean Case of Adaptive Mental Retardation, and they look just like everyone else.  I have to wonder if the Neanderthal ever really died off, it is said that he loved and cared for his family,  then I have to wonder if I am really one myself, and what I have defined to be the MCAMR is really just what it says’ it is in comparison.  Has this been the hidden history of the world and the satanic?

So how does Desperate Odd Eugenics work?  That idiot kid thinks like a monkey so they try and seed its intelligence through horrifically torturing a human being and creating a schizophrenic.

The 2020 Olympics should be held in Wisconsin?  You have to be kidding me!  Wisconsin was at the forefront of the Eugenics movement that inspired Adolph Hitler.  And there are indeed remnants of that evil belief in torturing others for improvement in Wisconsin today.  A human being is not a template that should be manipulated by technology to the detriment of other human beings.  We do not or rather should not promote the use of steroids, nor the forced medication of those who are more intelligent than other human beings.  But the legitimizing of the Schizophrenic was a Eugenics movement that just carried forward from the horror of Nazi Germany like a boat that never had to portage on merry way stream.  I like the sound of that merry way stream.

Just think of the American Eugenics movement this way, what can a parent do for their child that comes home sad every day from school because it can’t think for itself like the other children?  Their parents can and do go to every extreme to make them happy, including giving them hope by indoctrinating million dollar salaries for professional athletes.  But absent intelligence they end up running for a touchdown in the wrong direction of the field, so they have to give them the belief system whereby they have the confidence in themselves that they are intelligent people.  How do they do this?  They use a technology that was admitted to be in existence by Colonel John Alexander of the United States Military to torture the souls of human beings with.  They augment their animal intelligence via the use of active denial systems.  It works like this, they use them to listen and interject on the thoughts of other people with so that dumb jock learns from a human being just as if they are an extension of their human soul.  Then to prevent the dumb jock from being depressed because it would have to continuously hear those thoughts in order for them to maintain the stolen soul or intelligence the active denial systems are used to prevent the person they have targeted for human mind harvest to be prevented from being able to think.  How do they do this?  They have developed the technology to cancel out the electrical impulses of human thought via the use of discreetly attenuated magnetic pulse.  And they have figured out how to modulate that magnetic pulse via a microphone.  Think of it like giving a monkey that capability to scream at a human being and their thinking all day long.


1.      Nikolas Telsa did indeed invent this partical beam technology and marketed it in Europe pre WWII.  That is a long time ago.  He was indeed an elbows drinker with what we can term upper class of the east coast.

2.      Marconi ran in and reengineered all of Nikolas Tesla’s technology including a great understanding of the amplitude that would be needed to incapacitate and kill a human being, (He figured this out from the lab work that killed Niels Bohr?)  Marconi was an Italian Fascist that was in league with the Nazi party and part of the Axis forces. 


What does this imply with regard to the East Coast Elite of the United States?  It implies that they were Nazi Fascists too!  And indeed we denied a boat load of Jews from entering the United States after Adolph Hitler evicted them.  Not only that Adolph Hitler was inspired by the work of Eugenicists in the United States.  So we were in league with Nazi Germany?  Doesn’t make sense.  Here is how it does.  The United States stopped the subjective mandatory sterilization of human beings right after the Supreme Court ruled that if you sterilize Blue Collar Criminals you also have to Sterilize white Collar criminals!  Bang somehow we neglected to inform Pearl Harbor that the Japs were coming and we entered WWII right afterwards of this decision.


Who does the whole Eugenics thing?  Those who cannot stand their own human nature and seek to change it.  There is something that they cannot be and it irks them to high heaven.

They also indoctrinated the false belief and medical fraud of the creation of the Schizophrenic via the use of this technology to keep themselves happy.


So it makes the lacky alcohol fetus happy?  No there negativity and resentment of humanity lessens everything we stand for in the United States.


You might think that I am a racist.  No I am exposing the worst form of racism in the history of the world.  I do indeed like all people.


This is what I saw.

I have also heard that the United States provided this technology to Japan post WWII.  Why did they need it?  Think about it, they eat raw fish.  That is a no, no in the Bible.  How and why?  How, “Thou shall not eat of the flesh with the lifeblood still in it.”  Why, Because likely compromises the human being genome and results in Satanism.  AKA  a mean case of adaptive mental retardation.  God knew this a long time ago.  That Viruses are indeed forms of DNA that can negatively influence the creation of human beings.  So you have the mind of an animal that seeks rage against other human beings that can think?  So the MCAMR have to do something about them don’t they?  Psychiatrically medicating schizophrenics was never done for the life benefit of the Schizophrenic it was done for the benefit of the MCAMR race that made them mentally ill.  It is like believing that when you graduate from school that if you don’t kill your teacher you won’t be able to remember anything!!!!  Isn’t that sick!  But that is what they are.

At a certain age Lucy can’t hear herself think because her thinking was never hers in the first place, so they have to do something to keep her happy.  That Eugenics movement also includes sending her source of thought off to war.  And the technology is used overseas to kill United States soldiers in what amounts to a well framed suicide!

Nice people with the best interests of humanity and United States involved and perpetrating this or more to the archetype of a Mean Case of Adaptive Mental Retardation.


“God blessed the child who has his own.”


Here is a picture of what one of these devices looks like.



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