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Monday, February 4, 2013

News Items worth Noting 02 04 2013

News Items worth Noting 02 04 2013

"The Milwaukee Journal today titled Root River Site may let Waukesha return water to lake"
About 5/8 through the piece I read this with regard to Waukesha,

"The city would stop using deep wells drawing radium contaminated water from sandstone if the request is approved."

Whoa!  That is the story right there.  It is like a child not admitting to exactly what it did wrong until the child has been interrogated by a parent and tries to gloss in the importance.

The question is, is that radium naturally present or was it put there?

If it was put there how did it get there?  Who is to blame?  That is the story. 

Second news item.
The lights go out in the Superbowl Stadium after the Baltimore Ravens take the lead by a long shot in the first half.

Yeah electrical circuits have a problem with overheating when they are switched on and off during the half time show.  It is heating caused by the start surge.

But to me it also reads that maybe someone who laid house odds on the San Francisco 49'rs was trying to ice the Baltimore Ravens during the second half.  I have seen this in Professional Sports before where the injured player lies on the field forever and the team that was behind is able to regroup and find its wind.  There is a difference though between artificially created stop of playtime and necessitated stop of playtime mid game.

One would have to assume that the lighting system had been put to the test in practices for half time concert and other events played their in its history and had met the test.

I mean you don't pop the circuit breaker in your panel at your home without knowing for certain why it happened.  And you don't undercapacitize (sp?) the grid for the Superbowl Stadium.  It is negligence.

I am glad the Baltimore Ravens prevailed and won.

And mid game I asked the question who wins no matter what the outcome of this super bowl?  The easy answer, Harbaugh- the father of the coach from each team.

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