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Monday, February 11, 2013

In Response to the Catholics Church’s Cemetery Scheme to pay abuse victims

In Response to the Catholics Church’s Cemetery Scheme to pay abuse victims

Yeah this is an odd scheme.  But you need to read more into this.  In a recent article in the local paper it said that they have found lost or was it previously unknown insurance policies that they will vigorously pursue for payment.  Very, very odd.  Divinely inspired priests would not buy insurance.

This sounds like a gift or financing of the activity by the Dark Tea Party.  Why?  The soul of the beast benefits from the molested souls of men.  They can see and take your whole life’s future.  And hence have near perfect information with regard to stocks and even sports team betting.  But they can't do it without sexually molesting boys.  So indeed the activity supports the unfairness of the industry.  You think I am writing in delusion?  You have to be kidding me, who would even conceive of doing these horrible things to boys?  The word for a person like that is Satan or beast.  And per the Bible Satan is said to be able to read  men’s minds and has no soul.


Finding never before known of insurance policies?  That doesn't sound right to me.  You might like the idea that you will be paid.  But it will do nothing to bring the activity to an end.  You should really be thinking in terms of exposition and how you can create a better world for children of the future who will be like you.  You want to prevent this from happening to them.  Does it mean a takeover of the Vatican and the Catholic Church by those who were abused, that sounds fair to me.  This is such a horrific crime that there is rational to execute those who participated and colluded in it.  You are going to find out that the Bible and the Word of Jesus Christ has an entirely different translation than what you were taught to believe.

And I am going to tell you one more thing.  A CEO often skips out of Dodge or resigns his position as CEO when he knows a company is going bankrupt.

So if indeed the Catholic Church is going bankrupt those who colluded in the Satanic crime will indeed try and loot away all of the assets in a scorched earth policy.  Interpol or the Italian Magistrate need to see that doesn’t happen.  You do not retire in luxury from a scheme like this, you get to lead the lowest means of life.  You are lucky if you don’t get hung by a rope on the street lamp.  And that was indeed the message in the Popes statement in his resign speech, that religious figures will require suffering.

What is the Catholic Religion?  It was an offshoot of the Jewish Religion that protested the most horrific form of Government by the satanic in the world- Rome.  The Jews in Israel are getting wise to Religion being a form of Government to and have stated that Israel will have its own Constitution.

In the United States Religion as a protest to freedom has undermined one could defacto be considered one of the greatest religions ever conceived of, The Constitution of the United States

What does this tell us?  That there are those who live in the United States that do not really believe in the Freedom and Right of People.  If you don’t believe in the Constitution of the United States- GET OUT!


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