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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Jews Ought to Have Their Own Bible 02 05 2013

The Jews Ought to Have Their Own Bible 02 05 2013


Many different countries have their own version of the Holy Bible.  It seems that the translation and meaning differ from country to country.  For example the King James version would be different than the Russian Bible.

Not only do the Jews need to have their own version of the Bible but every group in the world that claims to be a religion needs to have their own version of religious text available with no secrets kept.

Why?  For one religions are granted charitable status in the United States; as United States Citizens we have the right to know the beliefs of those who are granted tax exempt status.

We also need to know what kinds of activities are condoned or not condoned by religion.  For example Catholic Priests molesting boys has been condoned by the modern Catholic Church in their defense of it.  We know from Catholic teachings however, that God would not divinely inspire priests to commit this action.  Nor have we heard members of the Jewish Faith admonish Bernie Madoff for taking $50 billion out of the United States Economy and sending us into a Greater Depression.  I say Greater Depression because for some reason Financial Scholars do not like you to imply another Great Depression.  It is one of those prickly points the try and validate on Financial News Network television while in the meantime $50 is taken out of the American Economy to the benefit of whom?  We don't know.  So if we are not to fear for and try and prevent a Great Depression because of nuance of semantics that there was only one Great Depression.  Then we are forced to use the term of preventing a Greater Depression.  Do you understand the proactive meaning and implication?  It is like the independent contractor who comes to your home and tells you everything is included in the quoted price and then as he starts to root around as he does his job he contemplates additions to the bill with well thought out justifications.  He knew those justifications all along and also he he was going to charge you more but did not tell you because then he could not charge you more because you would not have hired him.

It would be good for people to know what religions believe in.  It would also be good for the Jewish Religion.  Why?  Because they have been evicted from more than 113 countries in the history of the world.  Maybe a little self policing is needed in terms of what is Orthodox and what isn't?  What behavior is condoned and who indeed should be excommunicated?  Some could indeed argue that because of his lack of oversight the Pope should be excommunicated?

You are free to practice religion in the United States.  Religion should be a good thing right?  So there should never be a reason to keep secrets within it.  And for instance if you know of the existence of an evil archetype operating in your religion that has not been defined and revealed to the general public of the world you owe a duty to the world to relate that information.   You also owe a duty to your people to relate that information; no matter what religion you believe in.  Why?  You don't want to be victimized by that same evil archetype either.

There ought to be a comparative chart on what various religions believe in; including all anomalies.  There used to be more telling information but it seems to have had its meaning diminished in terms of importance.  In other words how can you proclaim to teach from the Bible while at the same time denying the complete literal beliefs and teachings in it?  This is done when the teachings and meaning apply directly to you and you don't like them.  Religion was not meant to be a place where those who could not be successful in the world, for various reasons, found a safe haven or brethren.

The earliest Religions were really templates of society or Government.  So hence we have a little bit of a conflict when different forms of Government vie for what...we could then consider the best Religious document in the History of the World- The United States Constitution.

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PS. The word Jewish actually means blessed one.  I believe the origin to have come from people believing that those who had a seizure were blessed.  I tend to agree with that theory.  What I don't agree with is a broad interpretation of the Blessed One to include those that are mentally retarded.  That belief would lessen the standard of humanity over time.  Do you really want to stand up and say I believe a mentally retarded person will become President of the United States someday; like you do every other type of person, except one.  And what would that one type of person be?????

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