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Saturday, March 30, 2013

If Barrack had had his way ~160 years ago concerning Guns all blacks would still be slaves

If Barrack had had his way ~160 years ago concerning Guns all blacks would still be slaves 03 30 2013


Because no-one would have had any to free them with.

So who is this man that doesn't know the plight of Black Americans in United States History???

Who is he?

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You're On Your Own 03 30 2013

You're On Your Own 03 30 2013

"I am not going to do anymore political writing, Barrack knows who the beasts are and so do you.  You're on your own!"

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Question of the Day 03 30 2013

Question of the Day 03 30 2013

"Where did you learn to only be happy by hurting others?"

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Nick Wilcox Body Found 03 30 2013

Nick Wilcox Body Found 03 30 2013

How could he have gone in where he did and them not find him right away.

How could they not look right close to where he was missing from and see if their was signs the ice was broken right away?

What was the water temperature that day he went missing?  Was the river frozen over?

What would an independent autopsy say?  Is the water in his lungs and body that from the Milwaukee River or was he just dumped back in it three months later?

How could divers not have found the body.  The other day as I was running on a treadmill I watched a television show where divers in a river could even see a alligator in the weeds!!!!  They shined a large light and they could easily see everything they needed to in that river.   Divers should have been able to find him if he was in the water right there not far from where he is alleged to have gone in.

A diver might also benefit from a handheld sonar imaging device that he can hold in his hand and point in all directions to see what is there. Even in the most brown Milwaukee River water ever.  So another one of my inventions just gets patented by a sleazy law firm by someone else.  Hooray for the new Pope and his fight against poverty. Pope you know what they are as well as I do!

I have had people try and throw me in a river before and I can tell you that you will not know what the face of Satan looks like until it is too late for you to do anything about it!

There was no excuse for him not being found!  None!  And whoever we paid to dive for him was either ill equipped or should not have been paid or the body was not there at the time!

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In Response to Report denounces Willams Officers in the Milwaukee Journal

In Response to Report denounces Willams Officers in the Milwaukee Journal

So part of the reason for the dismissal is the Prosector predeciding the outcome of the case for the Jury?

And the other part of the dismissal is the Prosecutors, defacto belief, that he could not be tried by a jury of his piers.

Both of these hint at corruption.

The first issue is flat out wrong.
And the second is the most damning.  So you don't trust that a called in jury of the Public will find them guilty?  Who are you kidding?  The protest outside the Police building is undeniable evidence you are wrong!

As for a Jury of his piers?  I know exactly where you got that idea from because I wrote it concerning myself right here in this blog.  But the point is that if you were to bring in decorated police veterans who risked their life for the community and were never accused of wrongdoing, even then you could not make that statement in dismissal of the case that you did.

We need a Corporate Axe man in our Milwaukee Judicial system.  Someone that has the power to clear cut fire the whole administration.

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Thomas Paul Murphy



Barrack knows that there are highly responsible gun owners in this country and he is calling on them and their responsible minds to help!!!!

I got it!

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The Problem isn't the Guns 03 30 2013

The Problem isn't the Guns 03 30 2013

The Problem isn't the Guns, it is the uneducated, low IQ, Criminal mind that is prevalent in our society.

That is the problem!

And because that is the problem you cannot create increased gun laws that would further victimize those of us who are victims of that problem.

What else is the problem?  There is not one American that believes that either Barrack Obama or Nancy Pelosi or Fienstein has the ability to discern who the real dangers to our society is today!  They all look like odd personalities that lack true insight to me.

The second Amendment isn't something for a little black boy to fool with! If he wants to address the violence and lack of intelligence in the inner city black neighborhoods that is one thing and it is indeed a separate issue.  Is he trying to tell the lone war veteran living in the inner city that he cannot have an AR-15 to protect his home from a rush in of burglars and rapists? 

Barrack doesn't get it because he did drugs himself!  And for some reason he has the confidence to try and indoctrinate our entire population with his cool culture beliefs?  America isn't going to put up with that!

The government has not gotten it right in the past and not a one of us has the confidence that they will in the future, so you do not touch the second amendment.

We should have never touched the 19th amendment that created prohibition either.  Why?  Because we have generation after generation of beer drinking and drug using swine from it!  And that is the problem. 

When Barrack tries to be a police officer, he cannot be a general police officer regarding guns and the United States because it limits our rights!  He needs to address the individual issues where guns were used and were a problem.  But no one wants to do that because they are not intelligent enough to analyze the psychological problems and their causes.  They don't get that right and they never have.  Who needs to analyze the cause of a problem when you can just medicate away the pain and thinking of it.  There is no work involved in that is there.  And that is just the kind of government Barrack likes, one where no one has to really do their own work.  Look at what has happened in the United States, play like basketball, what Barrack likes to do, has replaced the idea of work for young inner city black kids.  Barrack you ought to go become a public school teacher in the inner city for a while and report back to us!  That poverty in the inner city leads to crime and drug use.  The children from those families are extremely difficult to educate!  Barrack that has nothing to do with guns.  As a matter of fact they need to protect themselves from those who are in gangs or stronger.

Are you trying to tell me that Barrack grew up poor?  How many of us believe that anyone who grew up in Hawaii was poor.  Barrack doesn't talk like a poor black boy does he.  He doesn't get the problem.  Has Barrack ever tried to manage a black teenager at his first job?  Try that in an exercise of futility.

And how are you going to create jobs for those who can't be employed?  Tell me how you solve that?  Are you trying to tell me that guns caused that black child not to be able to learn in school?  You have to be kidding me!  Maybe if there is a little black boy who is being coerced, (it means forced Barrack) to take drugs at gunpoint or prison muscle, we give that little black boy a gun to "Fend off" the bad element of our society.  The right to Bear Arms means that we can have anything we want to protect ourselves.

That drug dealer has the mind that is the equivalent of an Animal.  It wants to give your good child drugs because it is insanely jealous of its thinking mind!  That is what has ruined this country!

Barrack why don't you tackle the issue of the mind of the drug dealer as an animal?  Are you going to come out and say there is no proof in what I am saying?  Barrack you are said to have done community work in Chicago.  Did you sell drugs there?  Were drugs peddled through your black churches?  Honest to God it is like Bush and the Texas border and illegal immigrants again.

Barrack hails from Chicago where he went into communities to do work and now Chicago likely has the most gun violence in the country.

That mind of an animal preys on the mind of human beings in every demographic in our society!  It resents the thinking mind because it itself-  it does not have its own soul.  Barrack are you trying to make the claim that all black people do not have their own soul and that is why we need gun control?  Even I don't believe that!  There are good black people just like there are good white people.  That is not the issue.  The issue is that there is an element in our world, that hates the thinking person just like the collective satanic or Devil loathed Jesus Christ!  Talk about that Barrack!  Because our Constitution, and the second amendment, is there to protect us from all insidious forms of the Devil.  Most Americans who are truly educated understand that anyone who poses a threat to our Second Amendment rights has something bad up their sleeve for us!  We know the nature of that filth just like the founding fathers did.  That second amendment is there so that no one can EVER CHALLENGE GUN OWNERSHIP  IN THE UNITED STATES. Barrack was elected and took the oath to protect the Constitution.  To try and defeat the Constitution is an impeachable offense.  The second amendment is indeed part of the Constitution. 

Barrack if you wanted to break whiskey bottles, burn tobacco fields and shanghai all the drug dealers and child molesters in this country I would have absolutely no problem whatsoever with that.  But when you say you want to take away our guns so we can't defend ourselves against a problem that is not being addressed every single American should be livid!

I want to say that if a person has an IQ of 15 they should not be able to have a gun.  But whose fault is that they have that low IQ?  Can we say that our Government or lack of Government policy prevented them from learning?  Does the unintelligent person pose a threat to the rest of us?  Some unintelligent people are just plain good people so it can't be said to be true.  And you can analyze most types of people in this same way.  The bottom line is the criminal element has been allowed to flourish in our society to the point that it wants to make the rules and tell everyone else what to do.  There is no one that has been able to put that criminal element in its place.  And the television is the worst influence on our society in terms of propagating the criminal element.  Barrack if you wanted to pull the plug on every opinionated commentator that would be okay with me too. 

All that I would need to watch on television are the science shows, the hunting and fishing shows, and the craft making shows and cooking shows.  We don't need anymore of those baby bib talkers.  They do not belong on television and should have never been allowed to influence the public.  I also don't need your glorified punk actor crime dramas.  I also don't need College sports.  That is an oxymoron.  It means a contradiction.  Let me explain it, College and sports are two different things!!!!  College is for education so you can get a good job and sports is for play.  What happened with education?  Everyone graduated and realized they didn't work with honest people!  What happened with college sports?  It became a satanic money game!  It drew the money of the alcohol idiots children to the Universities!  It became more important than education.  What most people don't know is that the beast does not want the thinking man to be educated and successful based on that.  Why?  Because it poses a threat to the beast.  So indeed you do have college professors that will subjectively create negative expectations for the non-satanic thinking son.  It is their favorite thing to do!  Do I dare say the mind of Satan does not belong in the field of education?  Do I have to elucidate what religion the beast is of?

And look at what happened in England when they cracked down on the Irish Republican Army?  There were so many Irish boys molested in Ireland by Satanic Catholic priests from England that the Church's are empty today!  The Irish got wise to that evil nature that posed as religion in  a long dress didn't they!  It hasn't happened in the United States.  Barrack is that what you are trying to prevent?

Everyone of those child molesters should have been executed.  Every red blooded American knows that is a crime deserving of the death penalty.  But your liberal wealth and your Republican slime don't want to go there because it means less of them.
 Our second amendment says that we have the right to keep and bear arms.  That means that we can have anything that we want, per my interpretation!  That amendment is there because the founding fathers knew very well how quickly those who should not be in power in our country, the British at the time, could insidiously take control of us! 

What we have is drug freak nation and the offspring of drug freaks, (including alcohol) and that is what poses the greatest threat the world has ever known.  Why because we have the most powerful army in the world.  And we have a known drug user at the helm.  How did he get there?

Look at Barracks face when he says he didn't forget those children?  Look very carefully!  He has an ulterior motive!  Replay that video footage!!!  He looks like the Cat with Canary feathers in his mouth.  What is he doing?  He is inciting civil unrest!!! That is against the Constitution and an impeachable offense!!!!

Barrack your great ideas should not include erasing the great ideas of great men that came before you were elected.  It doesn't work that way.  We don't need someone like you trying to rethink what has already been proven to be valid and true for the land of the free!!!  Step down.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Employee Files 03 28 2013 Update #1

The Employee Files 03 28 2013

There ought to be a permanent national database of Employee Files whereby anyone unsatisfied or insulted by any employee or anyone working in the United States can log in the exact behavior of that individual.


Consumers need to be able to spend their money more carefully.  And to be quite honest there is a lot of immature and spoiled behavior that we shouldn't have to put up with.

Sure you can complain to the employer but it does very little good.  So why can't we be able to lobby to the United States Citizen?  The description starts off like this, "This is not what I am going to put up with!"

If we can create a Craig's list we can also create an Employee List.  If you want to increase employment in the United States you have to start with credible people who act with integrity, maturity and respect for the customer.

And to be quite honest, are their a lot of people that are working in our economy that should not be?  Yes!  We would be better off giving them room and board than letting them ruin the country for the rest of us.

Many of our business functions today could be nationalized and indeed be more Consistent with the Intent of our Constitution!!!!!!

There are good people out there, they just got stepped on by those who never should have been allowed in the country.  We could evict them but they would just come back to haunt us or cause trouble some where else in the world.  So indeed the best thing for them is well articulated public humility!!!!

I want to be able to say, here is what this person really is and this is how they act, and let the whole entire world be able to see it!

And such person will only be allowed one response to each separate written complaint, but the writer can respond in perpetuity with regard to the employee.


And if an employer is playing games with an employee such as making the employee believe that he has the same rights as the other employees and then allowing other employees to do what is against the rules without punishment and then punishing the employee that acts like the other employees, then maybe that employer doesn't get a lone as easy.

Create a list of the bad employers.

1.  Maybe they won't get loans.  (They wouldn't from me if I owned a bank.)
2.  Maybe they never make their way into politics.
3.  Maybe they never find their way into law enforcement or the criminal justice system.
4. Bad neighborhoods turn good.
5. And the credit rating of the United States would become excellent and far better than it is today.


And if;
1. Your kid is giving or selling drugs to other children,
2. You are pointing at your neighbors child and commanding your black lab to kill.
3. Your child is a bully and molesting other children.

Then maybe you forefiet your right to own a home in the United States.
That would likely prevent any further mortgage crisis.

And if, Your wife gives birth to a child;

1.  With downs syndrome,
2.  Is gay and seeking to touch and feel other children of the same sex.

Maybe it is your fault and you lose your right to have more babies, (maybe even that one.)

That would be the best means of population control.


And if your state or community made a law that was against the Constitution of the United States (Whether you knew it or not) then very simply it cannot be recognized and any laws it subverted or superceded must be enforced. 

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He Wanted Just One More Taste 03 28 2013

He Wanted Just One More Taste 03 28 2013
This is what a soldier said he wanted to do to his trailer park like girl friend and did just before he blew his brains out with a military rifle in a movie.
Interestingly enough Jesus Christ was said to like to kiss the Acoula of Mary just before he had demons he could exercise and took the cross for.
Is the basis for this seemingly mal hormonal or genetic hormonally altered state of mental illness revealed to us from God in the Bible when he made the statement, “Though shall not eat of the flesh with the life blood still in it,”?
Interestingly enough the Villages of Sodom and Gomorrah that God destroyed believed in the sexual pleasure called Luxuria!  None of the men were men their anymore accept Lot and his son’s that we are to assume through detective like thinking were taken from him and raped.   They were all Gay for Lots son’s.  And from what we learned of Lot he was a very capable and talented person with many skills.  So indeed the homosexuals of those Luxuria cities sought them to rape them.  I talked to a woman just yesterday.  She had some involvement with the Boy Scouts but no longer does.  She said she had no problem with Gay’s in the Boy Scouts.  I told her that I did.  And my reasoning is outlined above.
What modern science has proved through Genetic research is that there is a very strong basis for the validity of Gods law and indeed my hypothesis with regard to Gods law.  What we have learned is that we have many strands of DNA that remain dormant in our bodies and unexpressed.  Eating of the flesh of a beast with the life blood still in it just creates more non-human strands of DNA in our body. Combine that with the hormones of a different sex and it spells great trouble for the fate of the human race.
Advocating either homosexuality or Cunilingus is indeed a form of racism against men.  And indeed what has our popular television told us?  That Italian men really know how to please a woman.  That means they like to suck on the fishy hole.  They are also said not to be able to build safe boats, they are the source of crime families and the criminal mind by definition is a feeble mind, and they promoted the wine to the rest of the world and indeed defeated prohibition in the U.S.  Alcohol being another source of mal- development of the feeble mind; science has proven that.
One final point.  When I was in college I knew a guy.  I won’t say we rented rooms in the same duplex.  But one night he picked up the most raunchy of women.   She was kind of stout shaped you know like someone might like to characterize a butch dike softball player.  She had the raspy voice of a beer drinking hussy.  There was all this high pitched moaning coming out of that room.   The next day I asked him what was going on in there.  He said, “I was eating her out,” with a grin on his face.
All well and good.  But my friend was never the same after that.  Indeed he exhibited personality traits one might consider to be moody, hormonal and irritable.  It was as if he became that beast of a woman.
Most college kids have about dozens of different roommates during their time at college.
In summary that, Just one more taste “male?” creates a racism against men.  And there is strong scientific evidence that supports my belief.  Not only that the foreign genetic and hormonal influence is likely to lead to transgendered souls.  And a transgendered soul is a lost soul or soulless person.  And what do they resort to in order to survive?  It is my belief that the voices that men and women are tormented with in their heads do indeed come from the biologically transgendered people in this world.  And that resonant voice only creates more transgendered humans or humans that do not sustain the human race.  The Bible comes out and calls a certain race of people in this world the Beast.  We will let it serve to put the burden on the beast to solve the problem of its own nature for the sake of the rest of us.
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Justin Bieber Drives Too Fast 03 28 2013

You see that 100 mph is the clue here.  When I was a young man that just got my license I knew from drivers education school that if you went that much over the legal speed limit ~ probably 25 mph where Bieber lives that the Police could take away your driver license, impound your car and put you in jail!  So why doesn't the law apply to Bieber?  Are we supposed to believe that his singing is so good that he gets an exemption from the law?  His whole name sounds like a phonetic based marketing campaign Just In Beaver?  Like he is supposed to be the new Leave it to Beaver?  So indeed the American public is supposed to believe that his singing is so good that he can break the law?  What is wrong with California?  Drivers have seemed to slow down, and today's young drivers are awful!  But this does not set a good example to them!  What happens when a child is run over in the cross walk because they drove like Just In Beaver?  I once watched a television show and a California police officer was on it and he also said he was a part time actor!!!! That is a conflict of interest in a town with look at what talent money can ('t?) buy!  There should be a law in California whereby Police Officers can not also be actors.  The theory is that they are granting special treatment to stars in exchange for a spot on a show!  It would also seem to explain the rampant drug culture in California.  After they ban police officers from being actors then they can make the new recruits watch those old episodes of Dragnet to learn something.  They are very sobering.  There hasn't been a sobering police drama like Dragnet was.

My raspy scat on track number 4  "A Who Wa Wa Who" of CD "That Tom" is a good Surf Style song for you Californians.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Questionnaire for Supreme Court Candidates 03 27 2013

This questionnaire was emailed to the correct email addresses of Justice Pat Roggensack and challenging candidate Ed Fallone.

A Questionnaire for Supreme Court Candidates 03 27 2013
A member of the Supreme Court has to make many very important decisions; as such they have a duty to the public to inform them where they stand on issue before they are elected.  Any legitimate candidate to the Supreme Court would in all fairness seek to inform the public what their opinion is and the basis of it before a vote is taken.
Below I have listed what I believe are important issues facing our Government and Judicial system that a Supreme Court judge is like to face.  I would like to know your opinions on the matters.

1. Tax Exemption of Charitable Status.  What do you feel constitutes an instance where the charitable status of a charitable organization comes into question?
2.  How much proof do you feel the district attorney needs to bring a price fixing case with regard to groceries to trial?  For example why do you feel that a two grocery store chain monopoly in a city charging $6 for three hearts of romaine lettuce whereas it only costs $.99 in another city is not prima fascia evidence of price fixing?
3. The issue of Gay marriage is often brought up in politics and it is mentioned in terms of the Bible. As you well know as a matter of court procedure witnesses are sworn in to tell the truth by putting one hand on the Bible.  Can you site instances from the Bible that either prove it is allowed or isn't?'
4.  Many politicians appear to be citing civil unrest, in my opinion, what do you feel qualifies as citing civil unrest as your interpretation of the Constitution?
5.  Do you feel that modern scientific evidence with regard to the health and safety of consumer products, such as alcohol and tobacco, is a viable reason to take judicial measures with regard to them.
6.  The founding fathers of the United States came here to escape religious persecution and hence it is the basis for much of our Constitution.  What do you feel that means?
7.  There have been accusations in the public eye that psychiatric medications bear some responsibility in mass shootings.  Do you feel that they play a part?  Do you believe that a medicated defendant is an honest defendant?
8.  The Clean Water act has been a law for quite some time but it has not been adhered to.  How do you seek to ensure that laws created are adhered to and not just an appeasement?
9.  Empirical Evidence is very similar to hindsight?  Do you feel that empirical evidence is a valid method of making decisions?  In your point of view when do you believe that empirical evidence can be applied to decision making?  In other words how can you ensure that your point of view with regard to empirical evidence is objective?
10.  Issues regarding Health Care often come up in politics.  Do you feel that it is a valid construct to fail to protect the American Citizens with regard to products and also make a business out of treating them and selling them health insurance?  If not how would you seek to prove that it is unconstitutional?
11.  Women are said to have a one in three chance of getting breast cancer today.  The use of cell phones is widespread and there has been some implication that EMF from them contributes to cell phones.  But more importantly the drug trade has flourished in the United States through the widespread use of cell phones.  Do you feel that the risk to society of cell phone usage might outweigh the benefit in some instances and if you do how could it be mitigated?
12.  Abortion is also a hot topic on the Supreme Court. Autism is also said to be at an epidemic level. Do you feel that a parent should be forced to either keep a retarded child or put it up for adoption?
13.  Laws are often created and then misapplied.  I would indeed argue that the Constitution has been misapplied.  Do you feel that when laws are created that there should also be contraindications in them to keep them from been misapplied?  Forward thinking with regard to how they might be abused?'
14.  Judges often base some of their opinions on the character of members in the court.  How would you characterize the personalities of the lawyers in our judicial system?  You can split your answer between defense and prosecution if you would like?
15.  Do you really feel that the commercial sale of alcohol and tobacco is constitutionally legal in light of current evidence?  How do you feel that the sale of alcohol and tobacco conforms to the spirit of the constitution?
16.  Jesus Christ made a statement with regard to his persecutors, he said, "They know not what they do."  I interpret that to mean that he was saying they did not have the capacity to make decisions based on their own free will.  Do you believe in free will?  What would your opinion be of a race of people that did not believe in their own free will?  Should we be greatly concerned with those who do not live on their own free will?  For example in the mass at Catholic Church they make the statement that one can sin in their thoughts?  Do you interpret this to mean that they are sinning against those who do not live by their own free will?
17.  There are some 46 million Americans on food stamps.  Do you believe that there is a preference of hierarchy with regard to issues facing the United States?  How would you address a preference of hierarchy in order to get a nation back on track?
18.  What would your opinion be of expanding the death penalty to include all child molesters?
19.  In spite of drugs being illegal they are highly prevalent today.  Do you believe they should be?  Why do you believe they are?  What can you do about it?
20.  If you were to discover that there was a race of people that were thirteen times more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators of it would you take steps to see that they could not arm themselves in defense of themselves and own guns?
21.  If you discovered that a religion intentionally abused a race of people and deprived them of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness what would your legal remedy be for the victims?
22.  The Supreme Court recently ruled that it is okay to lie.  To me that defeats the nature of the whole judicial process.  What is your feeling on the ruling?
23.  What role do you feel that money should play in the political process?  Do you feel that you have the merit to compete in an election without raising any money or spending any?  If you answered yes, how would you seek to make that the norm?
24.  Initially a company was only granted corporate status if they were found to serve the public good.  That is not the case today.  Do you feel that in some cases the Corporate Status of a company should be reviewed and possibly denied?  State your opinion.
25.  What are your opinion on environmental pollution and its general effects on human health and reproduction?
26.  Are you in favor of pollution control measures that actually seek to address pollution?
27.  How do you feel financial markets can be better regulated in fairness?
28.  How would you define usury?
29.  What do you feel the requisite IQ level for a Supreme Court Judge should be?
30.  Do you feel that public servants should be subject to the highest standard of personal conduct?  If so would you legislate drug testing for them and also make laws with regard to them drinking alcohol?  Do you feel that drinking alcohol furthers a profession?
31.  What do you feel are the most important issues facing the Supreme Court?
32.  Do you feel that it is in the interest of justice for a Candidate to the Supreme Court to receive large donations of money?  If so, why?  Should not opinions be more objective than what amounts to the buying of an opinion and the ability to transform it into plausible Constitutional legalese?
33.  If you found out that a religion intentionally abused a race of people what would your legal remedy be for the victims?
34.  Have you read the Bible for comprehension? If so have you found references or evidence of racism against men by women?  If yes please list.
35. Ronald Reagan made the odd comment about, “What if we were attacked by an alien race?”  And again witnesses in a court of law are required to take a sworn oath with their hand on the Bible.  How do you interpret the Bibles references to, A. “The Satanic not having their own soul,”  and B. “The Satanic being able to read the minds of men?”

I was told by a caller promoting a candidate for the Supreme Court that Tuesday is the day of the election for a position on the Supreme Court.  I have sent this questionnaire to both candidates.  If I do not get a response, I will still vote, but I will indeed write myself in on the ballet.
And if you do answer my questions I will publish them; just as a Supreme Court Justice publishes his/her judgments.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Monday, March 25, 2013

I look at a picture of Developmentally Disabled Adults Dance

I look at a picture of Developmentally Disabled Adults Dance

I look at a picture of Developmentally Disabled Adults Dance and I want to ask my neighbors why they weren't in the picture?

There is an underground economy in Milwaukee that makes $80,000.00  a year for every one of these developmentally disabled persons that they take care of!

Do you know that they have modified FM radio transmitters to torture the souls of good sons from them in order to teach these people?  Colonel John Alexander of the United States military first told us of the existence of Synthetic telepathy in 1991.  And that does indeed mean the use of radio type equipment to drive people insane with.  Why do they do it this way?  Because their is no other way to handle them.

The office to the special education system of Milwaukee is two doors down from my house.  And there is a snot mouthed baby sitter who works nearby who works in special education.  I have been confronted in public by adults who are receiving $80,000 a year for taking care of these children.   What do they want me to do?  To go home.

They figured out how to make a gold mine out of that $80,000. a year.  And who are those developmentally disabled kids?  They are the children of wealthy alcohol users and abusers!

I first realized this many summers ago when they were having a picnic on regular weekdays in Cahill Park across the street from where I live.

Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.  It is perpetrated by Jews who are not Jews.

The saying, "No Genius is free from the teachings of madness."  Is not true in that it implies that in order to be a genius you have to be driven mad.  Just the opposite is true, every attempt is made to drive the geniuses mad in our society in order to discredit them, they would have been a genius without the teachings of madness.  And geniuses should be free from the teachings of madness in the land of the free!

There is a great problem in our society that creates people like that and it is never addressed!  Why not?  Is it a matter of religion?  And more importantly if a satanic minded person were to adopt a normal baby what else could they do but teach it how to think like an annoying retard?  If you don't have your own human  soul how can you be allowed to adopt children?

There are $46 million Americans who are on foodstamp's and gold mine faction of our society isn't one of them.

What is the purpose of the Developmentally Disabled Adult dance?  So that the Developmentally Disabled can get married and have children that they can't raise themselves with funds from the state?  That is how a country runs out of money fast!

It is absolutely ridiculous!

Do you know what type of economy we have today in the United States?  It is the Bartenders Daughter Economy!

I'll give you a hint.  The first generation of developmentally disabled have very strong intellects and verbal ability.  The second generation no longer looks like a normal human being; their facial features are quite different.  The third generation?  The third generation cannot exist on its own nor can the second.  It is questionable whether the first actually could either.  If they could there would not be those of us who have higher IQ's that are made to hear the voice of the beast in our heads!

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Correction: The first generation of developmentally disabled often have beady eye's and mean personalities.  We could call them type A's.  And type A's are known to have psychotic personality features and do very well in the mini monarchy corporate environment of limited liability.  The first generations of developmentally disabled in the United States were very quick to grant themselves the business structure of limited liability.  Why?  Because there is no other way the beast can compete in the United States and prosper if it has to respect the rights of real people!

Here is a Gun Law We Need 03 25 2013

Here is a Gun Law We Need 03 25 2013

English is the official language of the United States.  If you can't speak English you should not be able to own a gun in the United States!!!!

History has proven that as soon as a country tries to adopt a dual language structure that countries government fails.  Why?  Because it destroys the Unity or a better word for it is UNION!

That is all there is to it!!!!

I also want to say if you have the IQ level the equivalent of a Down Syndrome patient and it is not a temporary IQ or an IQ created through the use of Non-lethal weapons on you then you should not be able to own a gun in the United States either.

What becomes the issue with that is who is really intelligent and who isn't.  The only way to figure that out for certain is to give two test subjects problems to solve and see who can actually solve them.  For instance, if you gave a politician a series of problems to solve and they evaded the issue of solving them then you have proved that they are not intelligent?  "We gave you a problem to solve and you took the cowards way out,"  or "You were given responsibility over the people of this city, state or country and you took the cowards way out?"

In serving your public duty did the solution you implemented not address the issue and create a future liability of more problems?

What should the language of the United States be?  English.  But not only that the language of the United States should be pragmatism and the ability to solve problems without creating a future liability of more problems.

And here is the one you are all going to hate.

If you are the citizen of someone else's soul and deny it to the country then you are not a citizen of the country and therefore can not own a gun in the United States, for you cannot be a citizen of someone else's soul and also a citizen of a country in this manner.

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Chemical Shyster World 03 25 2013

Chemical Shyster World 03 25 2013

How can you force parents to keep a newborn deformed child or make them put it up for adoption?
How can you force them to keep a child they knew will be mentally retarded?

Downs syndrome?  That really means a step "Down" race on the evolutionary scale doesn't it?

Doctors and scientists  (and for that matter God) have always known the true causes of diseases and it is in the names of the diseases themselves.  That is why they are named what they are.  It has to do with a principal I might call the fate of the liar or criminal.  It is like an anything that they say can and will be used against them.  When one creates one like a good questioner can easily make you tell another lie to cover up the first lie.  Then what happens in a court of law is that the person say's they want to change their testimony.

Who want's to admit they have a skull of pork and beans?  It is not the same person that looks at their child who is more than a little off and thinks, "They are as normal as I am!"

What is one step down on the evolutionary scale to the human race?  It is a primate isn't it!

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The Milwaukee Journal Truth Meter 03 25 2013

The Milwaukee Journal Truth Meter 03 25 2013

There is no other way to say this,  you can neither make it through Grade School, High School or College with the belief that you can take the middle ground on a True/False test!

If those reporters had properly learned the grammatical function of question marks and exclamation points HALF of them would not have found careers in journalism and our economy would be more true and sustainable.

When examining the statements of politician they are either a liar or are being truthful.   The liars usually didn't say anything because they knew that there were Journalists in this world that could readily expose them.

A reporter needs to be able to recognize a lie from a truth and a liar from an honest person.  The job of the Journalist is not to assign a degree of guilt for the lie but expose the lie for what it is and the motivation behind the lie.  Your story in your journal should be, "What was that motivation for the lie?"  Not a statement that gives a liar a passing score?

How nice to be able to write a column in the paper that does not serve to root out a liar.  On a truth meter one lie means a failing reading!  If you understood the nature of scientific instrumentation you would have no doubt as to the reason that is true.  The gas company comes by your house and uses a meter to find out where a natural gas leak is.  The Milwaukee Journal steps in and indoctrinates us with an opinion about the lie and your house blows up because the meter reader read the gas meter like the Milwaukee Journal wants you to read its truth meter.

What are they getting at?  That Politicians and Journalists can not help it if they lie so they do not have to conform to the same standards one would need to pass a test in grade school?

I think you would make more money if you wrote with exclamation points and question marks?

Here is a start, "Why would anyone say or write something like that?"  That would form a more true basis in Journalism.  The next question you ask yourself is, "Who should hire anyone who would say or write something untruthful?"  The next question is, "What are the best jobs in the land of the free for those who write and say things that are untrue?"

The good son of the good parents does not make it through school by lying!  And economies are not sustained by lies!  So the next question the Milwaukee Journal reporters have to ask themselves is what lies exist in our society today that do not sustain our economy or democracy.

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PS.  I have to ask, "Will the Milwaukee Journal one day end up calling itself the Waukesha Journal?"

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guns sold at Gun Shows 03 24 2013

Guns Sold at Gun Shows 03 24 2013

What if a person needed to hand the seller a piece of paper that he filled out online of some kind.  Or what if the permitting process was changed to where one applied for a permit for a long gun or a firearm online well in advance of buying one at a gun show.  Then they would be issued a permit to buy a gun at a gun show.  They would receive a receipt from the Gun show seller.  They would mail this back to the office that issues permits.  And the gun seller would mail his portion that the buyer rendered to the office that issues permits.  The office would match the two together and that would be that.  The person buying the gun would have to fill out the background check online.  And enter verifiable data.  This system could or could not be broadened to traditional sellers.

The Gun seller at the show would be required to verify the permit by asking for an ID.  You know what else could happen.  The gun seller would be required to have an Internet link whereby he could immediately validate that the permit is valid.  He would not be able to search for others.  He would be required to obtain a validation CODE from the website.  To do so he would have to enter his Firearms dealer number and his name.  

The permit could expire after one year and have to be reissued for $5.

And maybe you don't even get in the door of the gun show if you cannot obtain the permit?

It is a start to address the issue of guns falling into the hands of repeat criminals and crime gangs.

Once the two pieces of ownership are matched up at the office the gun owner might even be sent a little card saying he lawfully owns a gun bought at a gun show?  It might help him some way in the future?  It terms of transferring the rights if he wants to sell it or something; just something to have?

And maybe he can indeed by issued permits for five guns, A Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzle Loader and two handguns?  So that the law is not defeated as being cumbersome and unprofitable to the gun seller.

The law is there in place for a reason.  Therefore there should not be a loophole that defeats the initial reason the law is in place.  I mean most of us who would buy a gun at a traditional store are not the criminals so why should it be made easy for a criminal.  And if a criminal can't get a gun than a criminal can't get a gun, that is the law.

And if there are people who go to gun shows that just like to trade guns then they might freely apply for a permit to sell their gun in advance so there is no funny business in the parking lot.

Now that sounds like a more respectable way to run a gun show, and it does not seem like it would be to cumbersome to the trade and sale process.  Or take too much time away from it.  Those guys like to talk history and features too.

To make the system foul proof it would have to be separate from traditional sales.

If he murdered his wife or son then he should not be able to murder any more?

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I actually believe the gun violence problem comes from the influence of alcohol and drugs and our propaghandized, profitable and ever so popular television culture.  So how about to fund the program all violent movies that have grossed a certain amount are taxed?  As for the Alcohol we need prohibition fast.  No criminal can ever be considered safely reformed when alcohol is legal; it can't be done.


I have problems with the current gun laws; and indeed I am not certain with the exact wording to some of these issues.

1. Some people who live in Bear country would seem to not be able to live in Bear country without a gun, regardless of circumstance.

2.  If the crime that the person committed was a felony but they did not use a weapon, or well you know, there are different types of felonies and maybe a white collar criminal might need to protect themselves with a gun? 

3. Just because someone is involuntarily committed does not mean that they should not be able to have a gun in my opinion.  In this modern age of technology people can be remotely influenced through active denial systems, synthetic telepathy, electromagnetic radiation, scalar waves and psycho-energetic weapons.  So that it is not a good determination.  I also believe that Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud ever.  So I would indeed hate to see people who are 13 times more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators of it not be able to protect themselves.  The mentally ill have property to protect.  And believe it or not there was a time in the history of the United States where one German Psychiatrist of the Eugenics movement was advocating that all schizophrenics and every member of their family be sterilized.  That is indeed the movement of the fascist satanic mind.  This country was founded on a belief diametrically apposed to that.

4. A soldier risks his life in war to save his country and then is not allowed to have one?  That doesn't make sense to me.

Benjamin Sebena and Candy 03 24 2013

I suspect that candy is to make the taste of the “Abuse” they did to him better?  In the community that I have lived in all my life, Whitefish Bay,  I know of at least four older brothers that abused their younger brothers; two forced felatio and two sexual molestation.  So that type of person is more prevalent in our society than we might have imagined.  Might those prison officers who were fired deserve more than just firing; something called criminal charges?  The public deserves the right to know the meaning of that!
Also, how can he defend himself in court if he has recently been traumatized in prison?  That is not a fair trial.  That is not due process.  And I want to know his exact motive for his, alleged, killing of his wife; not watered down or prepared statements by his lawyer!  Adulterated and washed statements do the public no good!  We deserve the truth, the whole truth and not a Voodoo medicated reasoning.  No-one wants to see the defendant in a medicated stupor!  Something, however maladapted, drove him to kill and we deserve to know what; meaning- the nature of it.  Is he being coaxed to not say what he believes because the lawyer is telling him it is a poor defense?
What am I getting at?  I have seen nuns turn a blind eye while some children are sexually molesting other children at Catholic School; to me that is the nature of the beast in both cases!
And with regard to satanic corruption in our judicial system I know of at least one attorney for the district who had a beast of a woman as a girlfriend!  That is prima fascia evidence of a conflict in our judicial system!
However sick and damning of the defendant we need to know of the defense from his mindset.  And if indeed, from this un-drugged perspective, many persons- defendants, tell the same type of story again and again than we have indeed been misled by our judicial system.  It indicates that there is a problem that has not been addressed!  And because it would be well known time and again in our judicial system it indicates a collusion to prevent justice.  What am I getting at?  You can’t address a problem in terms of prevention and solution if you are misled as to the real premise of the problem.   You can’t prevent murder if you hide the emotion of the actual cause of it?  Or, it takes longer to put together what seems to be a uniformed patterned jigsaw puzzle from the pieces when you don’t know what it is supposed to look like because you don’t have the box top?
Is it right to make a defendant look more docile than he actually is by giving him medication?  Is that a crooked defense?  Or does it really serve to hide the true nature of his rage from the eye of the public; something we needed to see and hear so would could understand it in terms of prevention?
So what is the nature of the beast in our society?  The scheme always works the same; the girlfriend looks at you funny; as if in some form of envy you don’t understand and then her boyfriend appears out of nowhere and makes threatening gestures to you; and all along you were just minding your own business life the tortoise trying to win the race of life.  The FBI was the first to hint at the nature of this secret with the phrase, “What is the most common motivation given for murder?”  - “He was looking at my girl!”  The actual depth of that statement is the start of this paragraph.

I find it hard to see how a piece of candy constitutes preferential treatment?  I would have to do research on if drugs are prevalent in prisons.  But would it be out of the question to take blood tests of all prisoners every year to see if they have drugs in their system from the time they entered?  And if they did the Warden is barred from working in a prison in the United States for life?  Same goes for drugs in the military.  Candy?  It doesn't make sense, doesn't seem substantial.   There is more to whatever it is.  And this is written without any other knowledge of the circumstances of the crime he is alleged of committing as reported to public.

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