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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Contrary to the Republican Belief System with regard to Wall Street 03 19 2013

Contrary to the Republican Belief System with regard to Wall Street   03 19 2013
Contrary to the Republican Belief System with regard to Wall Street tighter regulations and a promise to be relentless with regard to corruption on Wall Street lead to a recent record high on the Dow Jones Industrial Average!  Why because investors have greater confidence in a well regulated and policed stock market!  That is just common sense; but it was the antithesis of Republican Administrations and the recent eras they dominated. 

For the same reason that Republicans wanted and made financial markets unregulated they also are proponents of smaller government!  The slack oversight of the Republican ideology and the failure of the constituents of the Republican Party lead to record fraud and crime in our banking sector!  By my last glimpse of the headlines Banks have paid fines over the toll mark of $60 billion dollars; that was enough of a hit to send the U.S. into a Greater Depression- but it didn't because people like me who believe in what it really means to be an American will not have our spirit defeated by Bottle Mutts!

It just never ceases to amaze me what the Republicans have been negligently wrong about!

To reiterate; more regulation and the promise of stricter oversight has just created new highs on the Dow Jones Industrial Average!

Of course just like Reagan you will see every form of mal-attribution and self credit taken by the Republicans for the New Highs!   Why because they can't stand it when someone who deserves to be  successful is successful! It is a child like behavior that was never disciplined out of them! An accurate metaphor being, "Even though they did not win the trophy they hold it up high as if they did!" The fact is that everything they do amounts to an obstruction of the Government; and they are being defeated!

What are you likely to see next?  You will see Republicans uncovering major crimes of fellow Republicans in order for the Republicans to send the hay up in the air in an effort to defeat what appears to be the harbinger of a new era of prosperity! People of that ideology should be screened for that mentality or lack of it and prevented from serving in public office in the United States of America!

And one nail in the coffin; that $60 and running tab of fines that the banks have paid is conclusive evidence that even with the limited liability structure of corporations (which are really miniature monarchies) the people of this ilk can not make a living and play fair!  Even with limited liability they can not make a profit and play fair!  All current and former bankers and their family lineages should be prevented from working in the United States again! We would be better off paying them a small stipend and giving them food stamps and shelter!  That is not communism; that is addressing the reality of a feeble mindset that masquerades as something it isn't in our society!

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PS.  These are the same people that tell us that everything that has been proven bad for us is really good for us, including cigarettes and alcohol.  Why?  Because they couldn't live a natural day of their miserable lives without consuming them themselves and selling them for profit to the American Public!  I repeat- they could not live a day of their natural miserable lives without them!

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