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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is there a Conspiracy to keep Photovoltaic Cells off the market 03 14 2013

Is there a conspiracy to keep photovoltaic cells of the market.

I talked to an electrician the other day and he told me that to b certified as solar panel installer that there was a course people had to take. it took 9 months and cost $300 a person or a total of a 1000 per person.

But he told me that a lot of electricians took the course and then the pv association said that they would not honor that course.

Do you know what i said to this man?

I said, "You only need to know three things to install solar panels. The electrical work, how to work on the roof safely and how to make sure that the roof doesn't leak after you are done."

He then told me that it is the same with Electric cars that you have to be certified in order to work on them.

I told him that if he ever has worked on cars he knows what happens when you are loosening up a battery cable with a wrench and it accidentally crosses terminals. Then I said if you do that with an electric car you won't be working on the next one. The implication is that you will be electrocuted and dead!

I told this man that photovoltaic installation should be a required part of every single electricians capability. If you are an electrician you are certified to install them.

But I started to wonder why the Photovoltaic Association would not honor the course the Electricians took.

If you are installing solar panels yourself remember that once you unmask the solar panel the pair of DC wire leads from it are live and can kill you! They are that strong in electric power!!! They provide that much energy!!!

1. Could it be that the solar companies did not want to honor the warranties if they weren't installed by company reps?

2. Could it be that a couple of old cronies said that they did not want to be electricians if they had to get up on a roof? So they nixed it!

3. Could it be that your wealth class will go to great lengths to prevent solar energy from becoming a reality? Could their be an element of a British plot to overthrow the United States in this? If you think of some India Indians being confidants to the British Government during the occupation of India then you start to wonder if they did not bilk and ruin Solyndra on that basis? Why? It would be bad for the business of British Petroleum. I believe the executives of Solyndra were India Indian in nationality.

4. Free heat and electricity from the Sun? What would the satanic do all day if they did not have a cause to be mean to people for false reasons? They would indeed become exposed for what they are if ample electricity where available from the sun. They thrive from being mean to people in the same way that the devil loathed Jesus Christ. For no apparent reason the general public would ever be able to figure out.

5. If I am write about all this the next thing you will see is Great Britain come out and pretend that it is the worlds greatest savior by inventing an electric car that gets the equivalent efficiency of 250 miles per gallon.

6. But here is the real reason why we haven't had widespread adoption of solar energy. Once that panel is installed and it is "Unmasked" those wires are direct current live and can kill you. So it is one of those pansy mother concerns. And indeed their would be plenty of hung over installers being killed. So many in fact that they would seek to ban solar energy just like they want to guns. If you think you don't need a gun if the Brits take over you have no idea of the horrors that the British did to the Irish. One was a feeble minded insanely jealous satan and although highly verbal had the intelligence of a mean beady eyed chopping mouth chimpanzee while the other was the Archetype of Jesus Christ the good shepherd and good shepherd Jew.

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