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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Justin Bieber Drives Too Fast 03 28 2013

You see that 100 mph is the clue here.  When I was a young man that just got my license I knew from drivers education school that if you went that much over the legal speed limit ~ probably 25 mph where Bieber lives that the Police could take away your driver license, impound your car and put you in jail!  So why doesn't the law apply to Bieber?  Are we supposed to believe that his singing is so good that he gets an exemption from the law?  His whole name sounds like a phonetic based marketing campaign Just In Beaver?  Like he is supposed to be the new Leave it to Beaver?  So indeed the American public is supposed to believe that his singing is so good that he can break the law?  What is wrong with California?  Drivers have seemed to slow down, and today's young drivers are awful!  But this does not set a good example to them!  What happens when a child is run over in the cross walk because they drove like Just In Beaver?  I once watched a television show and a California police officer was on it and he also said he was a part time actor!!!! That is a conflict of interest in a town with look at what talent money can ('t?) buy!  There should be a law in California whereby Police Officers can not also be actors.  The theory is that they are granting special treatment to stars in exchange for a spot on a show!  It would also seem to explain the rampant drug culture in California.  After they ban police officers from being actors then they can make the new recruits watch those old episodes of Dragnet to learn something.  They are very sobering.  There hasn't been a sobering police drama like Dragnet was.

My raspy scat on track number 4  "A Who Wa Wa Who" of CD "That Tom" is a good Surf Style song for you Californians.

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