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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Free Cure for Morning Scratchy Throat and Sinuses 03 21 2013

Free Cure for Morning Scratchy Throat and Sinuses 03 21 2013

I discovered this one serendipitously as I was holding the unplugged toaster over the sink and fishing out part of a piece of toast, that came from the end of a loaf of bread, that got stuck in the toaster!

As I peered into the unplugged toaster through the eastern light of the morning sun I realized that I found the heat rising from the still heated electric coils pleasing to my sinuses.

I might indeed unplug the toaster every morning after I make my toast and breath in the hot air.  It is free because I make toast every morning to eat with my bowl of oat meal.  Not only that it leads to a good habit of cleaning the toaster every day and therefore having less of a fire hazard.  Crumbs can build in the bottom of your toaster to the point whereby a fire hazard is created.  To clean the toaster I usually removed the bottom tray and shake the crumbs out over the sink.

Background of Belief: There have been medical devices designed and patented that super heat the sinuses with a blast of steam.  It is the hot air that kills those cold germs.

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