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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jesus Christ Was Not Resurected 02 22 2103

Jesus Christ was not resurected 02 22 2013

If he was at least four things would have happened.

1. Those who got the 20? bars of silver would have said they were cheated.

2. The Jews who were paid the bounty of 20 bars of silver would have searched for him to get another 20 bars of silver for him!

3. Pontious Pilot would have asked for his money (20 bars of silver) back; because Jesus was not really dead!

4. Judas would not have killed himself; because he would not have had the guilt for what he did to Jesus Christ.

Post Script:  Is it fair to say that if he had been resurected the world would not have lapsed into the dark ages?  Is it also fair to say that it was his poetic justice that brought plague to the world every four years for the crown of thorns placed on his head on the cross a poetic metaphor was created by God in that the plague is indeed known to be contained in bugs that resided in the thatched roofs of the houses?  The thatched roofs being an analogy created in a poetic metaphor by God for a crown of thorns?  Need you no more proof in God than that?
There is more that could be said here.
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