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Friday, March 1, 2013

Scalia is on to Something 03 01 2013

Voting and Citizen Rights Issue 02 26 2013

Scalia is on to something.

"How can you be a Citizen entitled to vote in a country while being a Citizen of someone else's mind?"

The truth is that if you are a Citizen of someone else's mind you cannot also be a Citizen of a country and entitled to vote.

Not only that if you are a Citizen of someone else's mind what right do you have to influence public policy with regard to the influence of campaign donations or lobby money?  None.  Why not?  Because you have instead chosen to be the Citizen of someone else's mind rather than the Citizen of a Country!

You can either have it one way or the other but you can't have it both ways.  And if it means that you denounce a religious belief and practice the sooner you do it the better to retain your rights in a country, as a citizen, entitled to vote.

This has more widespread, worldwide implications, than you could ever imagine!

Believe it or not some Black people are indeed citizens of others souls in our country.  You cannot be a citizen of someone else's soul and also a Citizen with voting rights in a Democracy.  Why not because it is a contradiction to democracy.  Did black people learn this from the German Jews of New England who fed the Eugenics literature to Adolph Hitler?

Anyhow those people in our society that "ATLAS" such citizens are labeled schizophrenics.  What the heck do you think Amos (?) of the Bible was taking the podium about when he ranted and raved about how he was the God of hosts?  He was sticking up for people who had had their souls stolen.  You can also read the same into the mocking voice of the Bible in the Parable of the Talents, when she brags who can have the skills and who she can take them away from.  The bottom line is that it has been proven that we are not as smart as we were 2000 years ago! And this shaving of knowledge from the intelligent of our society is the reason.  The victims are indeed labeled schizophrenic.  And the health care costs related to creating, yes creating, the mentally ill, far outweighs any income or benefit to society that was claimed by the Citizens of another's soul.

You cannot be a Citizen of another's soul and also maintain citizen rights to vote in the United States.  The black people who were indoctrinated into this should have known better because they are essentially creating slaves of those whose souls they are citizens of!  You didn't like it so why did you do it to other people?

Indeed it is not a black white person issue it is far more widespread than that.  It is a, those who have the capacity for higher reasoning versus those who have abandoned that right and become dependent minded to them.  The Bible calls the latter, Sloths and Yowsabouts.

I am not a racist, I am exposing the most horrific form of racism that has ever existed in the history of the world.

What you are seeing in Washington State with nuclear waste leaking is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to the future liability to the human race that has been created by those who have very strong verbal ability but should not be able to vote because they are the citizens of someone else's sou- against that persons will.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

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PS. Most great minds think best with minds that think like them, are respectful of them and also know the value of cooperation and when to listen, when to offer an idea or new point.  No man is an island.  And likely the best a brightest people to work with are those who are of like mind.

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