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Sunday, March 10, 2013

This Rifle Should Have Been Standard Military Issue

Was Kennedy assassinated because the military in Vietnam was issued the AR-15 and told not to shoot the Vietcong as they came down the path from Chinese territory?

A war like that can only be considered to be a collusion of the Satanic in power in each country. 

A Vietcong Soldier could take two steps over the border shoot an American and then take two steps back and sit in a lawn chair?

What kind of fickle thinking is that?

Did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot Kennedy because he objected to this?

That might indeed be the motive for it.

But when you think about it Oswald had put himself higher than Kennedy (in the office building) to make that shot; just like a Viet Kong coming down the hill would shoot at U.S. soilders or at least the same analogy in terms of positioning?  That is a statement?  Did Oswald shoot in the direction- from the North?

The .308 Rifle should have been the standard issue.  With a snipers barrel.  Like the one at the link below.  It should have also been standard issue in the middle east.

Click here to view a larger image
Mossberg 100 ATR Bolt Action Rifle .308 Win 22" Fluted Barrel 4 Rounds Mossy Oak Brush Camo Synthetic Stock Matte Blue with Scope Base
What should be standard issue in the future is a semi auto .308 with a locking bolt!!!!  The locking bolt is better for long range.
As much as I like Kennedy I have to ask if the fact that his family came from alcohol runners that defeated Prohibition if he was not indeed Satanic.  Because of that family history in alcohol running and going at odds with the FBI did he have ties to organized crime?  What do we know today?  All those organized criminals know who the other factions are; so they did then too.
That fickle thinking with regard to where you can shoot a known enemy soilder is indeed an indication of a satanic mind.  And if one has a mind like they then they can be considered in cahoots with every other person in the world that has a mind like that.  My guess is that that mind is created from the influence of alcohol on conception and fetus development.  Kennedy being from an alcohol family would have had one. Alcohol likely prevents the connection between the frontal lobes and the area of higher reasoning in the brain to be developed.  Who knows?  Maybe there is a way we can help people who are that way today?  That is what medical science should have been studying for the past 6 decades not legitamizing the zombification of human beings who have the capacity!
And one more thing Alcohol and drugs should be strictly prohibited in the military.  No soldier should have been allowed to use them.
And one final point.  If U.S. Citizens started to stream into Canada like Mexicans did under the watch of George Bush..... Canada would have never put up with it!  They would have shot them all dead!  The Canadian Government would have declared that an Act of War!!!!  But not Bush.  In fact the legacy of Bush's education initiatives have created children that do not know the least bit of history or the significance of it.  And what does that lead to?  The most spoiled children with bad attitudes that you could ever imagine; just like George Bush the third grade drop out with Satanic dislexia.
Don't get too mad at me for saying that about Kennedy.  It is the first bad thing I have said about him and it relates to an understanding that I have developed over time.  That type of mind often does not know how it is being mal-influenced.  And indeed Russia was pointing Microwave weaponry at the CIA at the time.
And when Ronald Reagan put forth the Star Wars defense he did so not to bring down enemy missiles but to create the mentally ill out of those who had higher thinking capacity.  He was satanic too! Russia strongly objected to the U.S. and Star Wars because they knew it would work!  What is the theme of Star Wars the movie?  It is that of a boy whose spiritual father is one that was a good man but became demonized. So indeed Ronald did not even get the right name for defense correct.  What Ronald created could be considered a weapon to use against one step above human beings.  Your elite that he hobbnobbed with cared nothing about children.  They are a byproduct of a nights drinking just like a toilet at Milwaukee County Stadium is.
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