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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eviction Marriages 02 22 2013

Eviction Marriages 02 22 2013

Surprise, surprise- you married a Mean Case of Adaptive Mental Retardation!

Is that the reason that some people were not supposed to marry other people? Because they knew right away that nobody would be compatible with one?

Have the rules been laxed to give people a chance? Who really makes out in this? The divorce lawyers and the legal system! And they are themselves MCAMR's! So indeed they created a breeding ground of potential income by promoting the MCAMR belief system!

What are the statistics on divorce today?

At least one half of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce!

That is four times the rate of 50 years ago. Which means that only 10% of all marriages from 50 years ago ended up in divorce.

Can you imagine marrying a man and every once in a while he is looking off into outer space? He is indeed seeing through the minds eye of another human being when that human being is doing something very extraordinary! You married that man and now you realize that he does not have his own soul!

What you will also learn is that because of this he will be very irresponsible and won't really care about you or being faithful to you. And the same principal applies directly to woman!

So people might want to know who has their own soul in this world and who does not before they commence dating them! Rather than get stuck with a very unhappy person! A person that just wanted you because he saw through the same eye's his granny taught him to see through- that you liked a woman like the one he then married!

That is a gook!

You probably never hear stuff like this in divorce court,

"I didn't know Bilbert didn't have his own soul! I felt gypped when I found out!"


"I just thought he was the strongest guy in High School! I didn't know he was dumber than molasses and kept all his mostly womanly feelings bottled up inside. He either cried all the time or was abusive to me!"


"He was mean to me!"

"And when he wasn't mean to me all he did was sit there and look straight ahead with his eye's glazed over!"

"Rather than being independent minded and responsible he was always trying to be the notion of somebody else. That's it rather than be something he tried to be someone else!"

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